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Lifelong brothers, Seth Meyers and Josh Meyers ask guests to relive childhood memories, unforgettable family trips, and other disasters! New Episodes of Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers are available every Tuesday.

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  • Colejm
    Song parodies ruin an otherwise perfect pod
    Seriously. The songs are awful.
  • cmdm
    seth just talks about himself…
    barely lets guests talk and he’s BORING! i tried but just can’t take it…
  • Andrew Del Vecchio
    Josh is a Killjoy
    I was a weekly listener until I just couldn’t deal with Josh’s negativity anymore. Can’t deal with his toddleresque annoyance that people are talking about SNL or something he was directly involved in. As long as you still talk about family trips within the episode why’s it an issue? I enjoy Seth and Josh together, they have a wonderful brotherly dialogue that reminds me of me and my little brother… but god help you if the guest talks about anything that isn’t a family trip and ONLY a family trip, because get ready for some grade “A” Josh pouting. An SNL reference may result in a mini tantrum.
  • Juleshajek
    Best episode so far!
    I’m not even going to go back and figure out which one used to be my favorite-but Bobby Canavale and his solo cross country trips are gonna be hard to beat now. And THIS podcast is one that made me start missing music!
  • John in L.A.
    RSVP-ing to Josh’s wedding
    Josh, wanted to let you know that, despite my not having been invited (oversight), I will not be able to attend the wedding. I’m sure it’ll be awesome, more than mere inches shy of a nerd-tastic fantasy football get-together. (To be clear: My plus-one remains a maybe.) Oh, also - I LOVE this podcast. It is variously fun, smart and laugh-out-loud goofy, it traffics in nostalgia from the pre-internet time I grew up and includes your hilariously charming parents. (I’d say they’re like the Norm’s wife Vera of the podcast but they periodically show up, so that ship has sailed.) Aside from the disappointment all of Patriots Nation shares in your not having joined our NFL family (#sixrings #TB12 #um…nowwhat), there is nothing that DOESN’T recommend this wonderful, heartwarming show. Shout it from the mountaintops, whisper it across the plains on a cross-country drive NOT to the Grand Canyon: This is the best, most entertaining, re-listenable podcast since Smartless. Thank you, Josh and Seth, for welcoming us into your family of family trippers. P.S. My Family Trips Ballot: As much Lorne as you want, introduce Tweedy or don’t, Light Brights rock and count me in for “Don’t care if you go off-trip, no matter what Josh and the parents say, God love ‘em.”
  • Dr. Nomecat
    Favorite song, yet! Though I don’t listen in order, lol.
    Bobby Carnivale’s is your most genius song, yet, imo. Well done! So Elna hung out in Russia in the car bomb 90’s…cool. So Elna hung out in Russia in the car bomb 90’s… cool. Probably a journalist should write a story about that, or something. Especially since, “Mormons are notoriously CIA.”
  • JudyMonkeyFace
    What a Great show! What a great listen! Absolutely fun, informative, inspirational! I just got lost in the stories and wanted to hear more. Thank you for this podcast it really makes me think of the trips when we had 5 people and so much camping gear crammed into our station wagon that we couldn’t move and heading for Yosemite. Love those memories, Love this show!
  • CassieSruiz
    I’ve been enjoying the fun and nostalgia of the family trips pod. So many great episodes stir warm memories. Bobby Carnivale is a treasure. I was surprised when he was describing the trip to MONTREAL. I was expecting to hear about his family’s experience in a quaint French speaking city. Instead, he described Niagara Falls which is 7 hours away in Ontario. I guess this just added to the silliness of the episode. Thanks Seth and Josh for creating a show I look forward to each week. I love the stories and the songs at the end of each episode.
  • beat*rice
    Frat Boy Illusions
    This series has adult content like sexual assault and alluding to sexual assault. I have issue that they are persevering a family trip with near assault of another.
  • AnotherPodcastEnthusiast
    Save the date vs. wedding invitations
    Why are people responding to a save the date for a wedding in 2025? STDs don’t require a response, only invitations do.
  • rebtabko
    Fun pod — with the BEST podcast ending
    No annoying list of producers’ names … just Josh’s brilliant, funny, original song that encapsulates the show. When will they be released as an album? 😏
  • Jim157362
    This is my favorite listen of the week!
  • Oreocookiedog
    I say it the French way! ( I had a million yrs of French classes). I tried to order one at Starbucks and they could NOT understand me! Then she finally said it the American way. You are not douchie!
  • LauraLeo5
    Absolute joy to listen to!
    My favorite Podcast. The relationship between Seth & Josh, their parents & their fantastic interview style with all guests. Love it all! Feel a kinship having lived in Pittsburgh, now in MA. One of 5 kids & have a great story of a road trip from MA back to PA involving the 7 of us in a tow truck with the driver.
  • Seth Head
    More women!!
    If I could bottle the feeling I get when the theme song comes on, I would be a happier and more relaxed person. Would like to see more non-men guests like in the beginning!!
  • Strange/unusual
    Laughter and the feels!
    There’s no world in which Seth and his wife feed their kids McDonald’s…. Great podcast though!
  • retcase
    Alex Edelman
    I loved his interview even though you didn’t touch enough on family trips it was so fascinating!
  • Kr1314
    Great show
    I really enjoy the show and I don’t mind when guests get off track. It’s fun to hear about family strips but I really like the other stuff too. Relax about being so on track….
  • Girly Grl 2003
    Drinking with Momma Meyers
    I would love to go day drinking with Momma Meyers (or boat drinking or vacay drinking or any kind of drinking really). But I would have to pretend to drink more than I actually could. Reason is: I shudder at the thought of looking like a complete light weight in front of Momma Meyers. I have to at least have the appearance of holding my own with her, just out of respect more than anything.
  • bettybites63
    Family Trips with the Meyers Bros
    I’m a tad late to the party, but holymotherofgod is this podcast WONDERFUL. The Leslie Jones episode had me crying. The brothers play well off each other and they’re actually *interested* in their guests. Funny, smart, and often silly. So glad I found it!
  • Hagginthe1st
    Pause Episode
    I love the show, but if I pause and try to restart later, it won’t play. I can’t always listen to the whole show in one setting but I’d like to go back and finish and it never lets me!! Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? It doesn’t happen on any other podcast I listen to.
  • Gratefulmudshark
    Jeff Tweedy
  • Ann Opinion
    Lots of laughs but...
    Love to listen to the show. It always makes me laugh. But...if the story in the Joe Koi episode about Josh taking a woman's airplane seat and telling her to move on isn't a judgment...but I've been on the other side of that behavior when a man took my airplane seat just because he wanted to...need I say more on that one? Thanks for a fun podcast and the laughs.
  • coldandnervous
    Jo koy? Was matt rife busy?
  • nickname: dontHave1
    I can almost tell their voices apart.
    As a direct result of listening, I am now randomly putting my hands up and saying, “ Guess I shouldn’t have buried my glasses.” So thanks Seth and Seth’s boy, who said such a brilliantly funny thing while walking around the beach. Josh’s wrap up parody songs at end of each episode are also priceless.
  • The Real Lucy
    So Fun!
    This podcast is such a blast! A bunch of funny people telling funny stories about traveling…I mean, what could be better? With every episode I am reminded of some crazy or wonderful thing that happened with my own family in my own childhood. What a gift!! Thanks guys!
  • emb_bk10
    Josh - Check out Troutbeck for your wedding!
    Love the podcast. Josh, check out Troutbeck for your wedding. It’s awesome and sounds like exactly what you’re looking for. (no affiliation other than I was married there!)
  • splicehater1234
    So much to love - added comment
    I could go on all day about this but will try to sum up. I am so grateful for this podcast to get me through my Seth withdrawal during the strike. Seth, you are so smart, funny, clever, unique, etc. And Poshy - the songs at the end (especially the TSA/Boston song and Neutron Dance) are inspired and hilarious!!!! I just love those songs! Keep it up, please, gentlemen. Ok I just finished the Jenny Slate episode. I laughed until I cried while driving to work. Great stress relief. When listening to the Key West story, I was feeling hopeful about Josh’s song at the end. It did NOT disappoint. Perfection, Josh! I just love you both! Ok I just finished the Johnny and Elna episode. So entertaining. Great callbacks, Seth! Josh - the song at the end. You are quite a wordsmith!!
  • LDimen
    GHreat post pod songs
    The highlight is Josh writing a song based on the the episdoe. Winner so far, Love Shack with Stephen Merchant
  • AlwaysRising
    I feel I would be remiss not to tell this joke after listening to roughly five minutes of snail stories. A guy is sitting at home and hears a knock on his door. He opens the door, looks down, and sees a snail. The snail says “Hi, would you like to save $200 a year on your cable bill?” Filled with rage, the guy kicks the snail down the driveway. Two years later. The guy hears another knock at his door. He opens the door, looks down, and sees the snail. The snail says “What THE %*#! was that about?!”
  • Niki_Wood
    Love the brotherly comradery
    More Frisbee content ;)
  • rlsmyrick
    Regular civilians?
    I love this show and really love the whole conceit, however, I would love to hear from regular folks on the street. I have some great trip stories, and would love to share. I’m sure it’s a bit narcissistic to think that anyone would enjoy hearing my stories, but I do have some good ones. I think it’d be fun to hear some random people, too. And I totally agree with the person that posted that Ben Schwartz should be adopted by the Meyers!
  • oakboundbooks
    the hairstyle lately adopted by Seth Meyers
    on his boring television program indicates he’s under the totally delusional impression that he’s a big Hollywood personage with a sparkling personality and clever observations, sharp wit that made him SNL’s best writer and reciter of faux news in the show’s history. These two put doorknobs to shame in the category of world’s most boring things
  • ErikinLA
    More Ben Schwartz
    Please consider adopting Ben Schwartz as a Myers brother so he can be on every episode of Family Trips. What a joy he was. Also, with all due respect to Josh, please don’t stop the SNL stories or Lorne Michaels quotes. He’s like family and we want to hear it. Thanks
  • Eric Eckenroad
    Stay on topic
    So basically they try to get guests to talk about family trips but then they go off subject for a Long time before going back to the original topic . But over all Seth and Josh do a swell job and very enjoyable but sometimes way too long introduction. Seth chuckle is the greatest.
  • DKrooz
    WORST PODCAST to try to sleep to
    I recently started listening to this podcast from the beginning and was up until four o’clock in the morning bursting out with laughter. Josh’s songs at the end are so freakin funny. I’m a New Englander who grew up with five brothers so everything is pretty relevant except for Seth’s complete lack of outdoorsmanship and that football team they like. I would give you guys ten stars if I could. Thanks for the laughs and the love!
  • Maeve 830
    I feel so badly for Ash
  • Mywywy
    Best Song so far!
    I’ve been listening since the beginning. Just finished the Jenny Slate episode. One of the best shows about vacations because she’s funny and family stories were great. Josh’s closing song was the best one yet!!! I don’t know how he does it?! They are so clever, well written and well sung. Don’t skip the songs!
  • Heber’s wife
    Jenny Slate episode best one yet!
    Great podcast! This episode had me laughing uncontrollably! The closing song was hilarious! Thank you for making my day!
  • Jill of WI
    Pee your pants funny!
    I love this podcast! Always enjoyable and funny. I listened to the most recent guest Jenny Slate (love her) while walking my dogs. I laughed out loud so many times, physically stopping bent over laughing! I’m sure my neighbors think I’ve lost my mind.
  • knitmaniac
    Don’t miss this Podcast
    You had me at Seth! Then I listened to Seth and Josh interact and I was (am) hooked! The amazing summary is Josh’s Lyrics summarizing the guest’s visit to well known songs! You guys have made it to my fave podcast playlist 😜🫶🏻
  • Michele_1L
    Family Trips - Andy Samberg ep
    Love this podcast AND I have a comment for this particular episode. I had no idea how else to get this bit of silly information to you, so hopefully one of the 2 Meyers gentlemen will see this…. Regarding “poo poo gas”: my family also frowned on the word “fart” for children so instead my niece dubbed them “hiney (sp?) burps”. Which I think is fantastic and we still use that term 30 years later. Keep up the great work …. So much fun to listen - although I do very much miss Strike Force 5 :(
  • tonsOplum
    Corrections rules
    I only followed this show because I am a jackal thirsting for Corrections to never end. Figured a good review would make Seth happy and motivate him to keep thrilling us on Friday
  • Tina oc
    Meyers brothers one of my favorite podcast
    I have been listening since the beginning wondered if you ever thought of interviewing the Long Brothers. Justin Long and his brother from “life is short”
  • tree topper234
    Paula & Janine - gimme more!
    Hilarious and interesting episode. Could have listened to you all forever. GREAT SHOW!
  • Shannon Fenton
    Love this podcast
    I’ve never written a review for a podcast before, but you guys feel like family. I love your guests, I love your questions, I love the joyous wander down memory lane this podcast brings. Would love to see the zoom/video you guys record. Listening to the Will Forte episode now and wishing I could see all of your faces through the stories. Also—-the Julie Andrews episode is ICONIC. Thank you for making this show!!
  • BirdGMom
    Julie Andrews
    This episode was magical from start to finish!
  • Shells248
    Nostalgic fun
    Love this podcast! Reminds me of trips when I was a kid. My favorite episode is the one with your parents. I grew up in New England and loved hearing the four of you reminiscing. Can’t wait to hear who’s next!
  • Kec3250
    Perfect mood booster
    I’ve enjoyed this podcast so much that I’m going back and listening to all the older ones. They are heartwarming, giggle worthy and the perfect foil for the negativity of the news. So relatable! Interesting observation: a lot of their friends who are also comedians are children of educators.
  • TSD220
    Great podcast!
    We listen to this as we travel around the states on vacations and trips to see family. We love the rapport between Seth and Josh and they have had some great guests. Two of our favorites are Jeff Daniels and Phil Keoghan..Which brings me to our great idea. Seth and Josh: you should absolutely do The Amazing Race together!! With Josh’s love of all things outdoors and Seth’s aversion to the same, you two would be the most entertaining pair they’ve had in years!!!! PLEASE CONSIDER IT!!! 😁
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