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Lifelong brothers, Seth Meyers and Josh Meyers ask guests to relive childhood memories, unforgettable family trips, and other disasters! New Episodes of Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers are available every Tuesday.

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  • Jsniccum
    Funny, Smart, Concise
    If you’re looking for a great podcast, this one has it all: Smart conversation, stupid conversation, embarrassing family stories, celebrity guests bragging about their vacations while simultaneously feigning modesty, and two hosts who can hold a conversation without interrupting every two seconds. Love the New England sensibility. My new favorite podcast.
  • AnotherPodcastEnthusiast
    Poshie’s Pet Jealousy—PRICELESS!
    Replay the Milly Bobbie Brown episode where she talks about having eight dogs. Josh’s audible gasp of jealousy that someone could have that many dogs is what I listen to this podcast for. At their best, they listen and evoke great stories from their guests.
  • Casselease
    The Song Tho
    After laughing at loud at the song for the third time, I was compelled to come here and give a review. Podcast is good too.
  • SRCC19
    There Are… Songs!
    I miss Corrections, so I started listening to these out of order. Then, I listened to the users’ stories and found out that there’s a song at the end of each one! Bonus! Clearly, I wasn’t paying enough attention the first time around. 10/10, please keep this up after the strike ends!
  • Tyler durden1
    Josh’s songs
    I would pay for an album of all of Josh’s closing songs from each episode. Please make one. Also… great podcast guys…. Makes me laugh every time. One more thing… I live in AZ, and the Grand Canyon is…. eh…. ok. It really is just a giant hole in the ground. But everyone should see it once to form their own opinion.
  • Bawblez
    Love all the Meyers, but some episodes are rough
    Seth and Josh are awesome. It works when the guests stay on topic about their childhood family trips. However, not been a fan of the recent celebrity guests telling unrelatable stories that feel out of touch due to their wealth/fame. The constant name dropping/bragging gets tiresome. The parents were the best guests, and also Colin Jost.
  • Starbuck3614
    Better Help?
    I really enjoy the podcast, but I am very concerned that you chose to have Better Help as a sponsor. This is a company that has been fined millions of dollars for breaking privacy laws. People are able to get partial refunds due to Better Helps’ illegal actions. I don’t understand why you would recommend that your listeners use a company that has been investigated and fined for hurting their clients. Either you and your staff are not vetting the sponsors you recommend to your listeners or you know about Better Help being fined millions for hurting their clients and you chose to recommend them anyway. Their fine print said they couldn’t guarantee qualified, licensed professional therapists, and that it was the clients’ job to verify the supposed therapists. The “therapists” are limited to a word count when responding to clients after which they are not paid. How are people going to get good therapy from a “therapist” who is always worried about his/her word count? If your employer uses Better Help, the employer can choose to purchase private employee information without the knowledge or permission of the employee. Content creators who have turned down Better Help sponsorships have received threatening communications that if they don’t accept the sponsorship, Better Helps’ lawyers will sue them. I realize money is tight during the strike, but I hope you will consider not making money by recommending that your listeners use a company that has been proven to have hurt their clients.
  • swv7384
    Love everything especially the songs
    Love this podcast but the songs at the end make it especially great.
  • CheekygirlsMom
    The Meyer’s family is the family I want to vacation with
    I drive about 45 minutes each way to work, to a job that is eh. So it’s important to me to listen to something that will either pump me up for the day or take me away after a dull day of paper pushing. To stumble on this podcast has been the best thing ever. All the episodes will make you laugh out loud or make your face hurt from smiling. My absolute favorite episode is the one with the Core Four. The poor, poor coffee table is probably my favorite story and I love that it comes up in other episodes. Please. Please. Please make a podcast with a Daddy boy and Mommy girl.
  • Juleshajek
    Fabulous Podcast!
    I’ve really enjoyed each episode, but I wanted the Kristen Bell one to go on and on! Not so much trip related, but “Everybody gets a sweatshirt” is my new happy things in life saying! Julie Hajek Monrovia CA
  • RyanM-SF
    A Favorite Podcast
    Thank you to Seth and Josh for this very fun and entertaining podcast. Fun to hear you talk to people and go down memory lane for some fun and at times terrifying stories from guests or listeners. Keep up the great work. Hope you find someone to go to the Grand Canyon with you Josh. Seth and I will be just fine somewhere else. ;)
  • tolkienfan2021
    This podcast reminds me of childhood, like watching The Sandlot or The Goonies, except in a podcast. And I love Poshy and Soofie and who they are. So happy they are good men, and husbands and father (and will be father for Poshy).
  • Charliecruz
    A great podcast families!
    This is a great podcast to listen to with parents, or adult siblings. This podcast reall brings out some great memories of family trips of our own! Oh, and does Scolins have a podcast I can listen to?
  • RoxYourSox1
    The humor, the stories, the SONGS…
  • jamien440
    Rating this to say that the song Josh wrote about Kristin Bell’s family trip deserves a freaking Grammy
  • Psyched2knit
    Josh’s songs nail it!
    The podcast is delightful. They are warm, positive - off the cuff and so great to listen to. At first I thought Josh’s song recap at the end was going to be horrible, but they’re really the best part of the show. ❤️❤️❤️
  • NEK1970
    Family Trip IS a trip!
    I love this podcast, the easy banter between brothers and the interesting guests and the stories they tell about the highs and lows of family trips! Relatable and laughable.Don’t forget to listen to song at the end where he recaps the entire episode in music. So good!!!
  • Smurfkisser17
    Perfect! Keep it up!
    I love it. I love anytime Josh and Seth are together talking. Bring Hillary and Larry on for an episode?!? Omg! Daddy Boy and Mommy Girl knocked it out of the park!
  • cagey_01
    I can tell the voices apart :-)
    Love these eps. I’ve been a longtime fan of Seth’s. And thanks to Josh’s superb parody songs, I’m a fan of his now too. (The Kristen Bell one was so good!!). Great guests, great hosts, great hosts’ patents.
  • Let's Make Change
    Loved it, but it’s become over done already
    I don’t understand why Kristen Bell was on telling a story she had already shared elsewhere and was noted on social media. This episode was redundant and leaves me concerned now about what’s to come.
  • StephP82x
    They’re so funny and the banter between the two brother is awesome. Great guest so far!
  • splicehater1234
    So much to love
    I could go on all day about this but will try to sum up. I am so grateful for this podcast to get me through my Seth withdrawal during the strike. Seth, you are so smart, funny, clever, unique, etc. And Poshy - the songs at the end (especially the TSA/Boston song) are inspired and hilarious!!!! I just love those songs! Keep it up, please, gentlemen.
  • SpenceNew52
    Amazing podcast
    Such a great listen! Worth it for the awesome and hilarious song at the end of every show. Impossible not to smile while listening to this one!
  • CC*206
    Soofie and Poshie RULE!
    Hilarious and the closing songs are absolutely genius (especially Pete Davidson and Kristen Bell episodes).🙌
  • DorotheaV
    So much fun!
    The only podcast that I will listen to episodes more than once, they are so genuine and funny. Gonna binge with family (husband-wife-teen daughter) on drive to Burning Man this week. Wondering when we’ll take a “relaxing” vacation….
  • fromnoweare
    Timothy Olyphant
    The Olyphant episode was the best yet. Funny, poignant and weirdly informative. Looking forward to Tapper, but will be difficult to outdo.💖
  • rikiracer
    I just found this podcast today and have already binged three episodes. I love this format and subject although they do go on tangents. The best part is the customized song at end of the episode. Always good for a laugh.
  • km0645
    Family goals
    A reminder that delightful, well-adjusted, well-brought-up people can also grow up to be creative talents. It doesn’t have to be forged through early trauma or family baggage. I don’t know much about either of the brothers but I ended up binging all of the episodes because they are just so clever and funny and made me happy. Kudos to their parents for creating such a wonderful family.
  • Queen of The Mae
    Laugh Out Loud! 🤣
    All these episodes are so good but I lost it when the brothers Meyers added boing sounds to every celebrity friend Jake Tapper mentioned on the 8/15 episode. Genius! Thank you lads! 🙌🏻
  • jsheti
    I was laughing so hard!!!!! Thank you!! Conan’s podcast is my favorite, but I think you are going to be in 2nd place now!
  • gtewks
    Surprisingly boring
    I liked watching Seth Meyers late night show, but this is pretty far below that in terms of entertainment and quality. Honestly his writers make him way more interesting than he is in reality.
    We miss you and LATE NIGHT…speedy strike resolution for all…GRAND CANYON is really really worth it—- esp. North Rim which has much cooler temperature. (The Trailer Hitch broke)
  • ALeonaH
    So glad I found this podcast!! I was really missing LNWSM, so hearing Seth is a real joy and Josh is a fun addition, esp his songs at the end. Josh’s songs are THE BEST part!!! Love the stories. Love the vibes!!! 🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾 keep ‘em comin!
  • NLC0429
    So much fun!!
    The Meyers’ are great storytellers and hosts. The episodes are funny and relatable. Great find!!
  • mike69430
    Unexpected hoot
    What a find! I just added this to my library thinking I’d give it a quick listen, but I was riveted with the family vacation stories and how much do I want to hang out with this family. Mom stories were good. The dad anecdotes were entertaining, the Myers brothers are funny although I can’t discern who’s voice is whose. The nicknames are fun. I am just really enjoying this and I want every episode to have the parents involved. I haven’t even listened to any other episode I just want to re-listen to this one! Especially about the Relais Béchamel Marmont hotel. * trying to unhear the Stand By Your Man recording though
  • Ariel2387
    Grand Canyon
    I made it all the way to the Colin Jost episode before I realized the question about visiting the Grand Canyon was not about Niagara Falls. I heard Grand Canyon. I pictured Niagara Falls. And I didn’t know you could take donkeys up and down Niagara Falls. And didn’t know so many celebrities were flying over it. I am now all caught up. Grand Canyon. Got it.
  • BunnyHugger75
    Lovely Listen
    I have been so enjoying the pod. The dynamic between you two is great. You make me wish I had a sibling!
  • annehrico
    Make sure you listen all the way to the end!!
    Such a unique and interesting way to learn about celebrities, through memories their childhood family trips. Make sure you listen after the guest signs off for an original and amusing song about the interview!
  • EeveeShipper2000
    Best laugh of the week
    People at the gym must think me mad as I grin and laugh on the treadmill. Seriously happy to discover this charming podcast. The Josh and Seth brotherly love is sincere and funny. The concept makes the guest’s stories more relatable. Cherry on top: I hated “having to ski” as a kid so greatly appreciate Seth’s sentiments on the activity.
    Love the show!
    Thank you for normalizing men saying’I love you’ to each other.
  • LJ0821
    Seth Fix During Writers’ Strike
    Love the new podcast Seth and Josh! It feels like I’m sitting in on a conversation with you two and a friend having a blast—so much fun! Never miss an episode. Helps during the writers’ strike. The writers’ work is valuable and vital to the industry and they should be compensated fairly. We don’t want an AI “ A Closer Look”. We miss you Seth. Love hearing Josh. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • E6B6_y
    The best time
    Hilarious! I laughed so hard! Thank you!
  • tap9152
    This podcast is so funny! You can tell the brothers really have fun together and love one another. I listen every morning on the way to work and it puts me in a good mood. The guests are hilarious, especially their parents! Hope this podcast is on for a very long time! 😀
  • The beauty of having a mind
    Chebeague Island
    Life-long Mainer here! Never in my *more than 40 years* (much more) - never have I ever - heard it pronounced *sha-big* island. It’s Chebeague Island - pronounced *shaBeeg* here. Ayuh
  • Sachutchins
    Best Ever
    I literally laugh out loud! Smart and funny.
  • KCsunbum20
    You did it
    The Dire Straits John Oliver song was genius. Made my day. Keep it up.
  • LHMI9692
    Core 4 Family Vacations and Old Family Vacations
    Love the podcast! I needed to laugh this summer and I do now-out loud, sometimes waking my husband snoring next to me. LOVE Josh’s songs-so creative and fun. I was more like Seth-my family took a lot of vacations. When I was 6 yrs old my parents had the genius idea to travel with 3 other families in cars from Michigan to San Bernardino, CA to visit family. They dressed all 6 girls alike so they could find us and 2 boys that had far more freedom. Then the next best decision they made was to camp to save $. When we were tenting, yes, we stayed in a tent each night, somewhere in the southwest our parents were all playing cards at the Pavillion and a rain/wind storm came through which turned out to be a tornado. The tent blew apart sending us kids running soaking wet in our pjs to find our parents. I’m also a mother of two boys who are great friends and when I woke them for school and one said I don’t feel well I’d let them stay home, we’d stay in our Jammie’s all day and I too would run to blockbuster to get movies. We coined it pajama day. (Yup, I’m Hilary!) We are a core four and often went skiing. My son convinced us to bring a friend to Loon Mtn when he was 12 then proceeded to snowboard off a 14 foot jump and dislocate his elbow so I had to ride in an ambulance through a snowstorm for an hour then in the er they slightly sedated my son and asked me to hold his other shoulder down while they proceeded to reset his elbow back in place. The friend skied the next day with my husband and younger son. When the slopes closed we packed up and drove the 7hrs home. That was our 72hr trip. Another ski vacation my younger son had just graduated from ski school and was skiing with me at the time while my older son and husband were having fun snowboarding together. My younger son did not enjoy skiing and so halfway down the Mtn proceeded to take his skis off and promptly throw them. The skis went careening down the run over to the left side of slope into a deep ravine and landed in the river. I had to take my skis off, climb down the ravine in ski boots and collect the skis. We continued our way down the run walking while he picked up twigs and various items throwing them at trees out of frustration. The poor trees, at least he knew better than to aim at me! I carried two sets of skis down. Walked us right to the trolly and back to the condo. We have since had great fun and adventures into their young adulthood. Ty for making me laugh😂Lisa from NJ by way of MD, VA, MA and MI. Go Blue!
  • ppppppppppp777777777
    Love this podcast!
    I miss watching Seth on Late Night, so I was so glad to find this podcast. Seth and Josh are very funny together and the guests have been hilarious. Josh’s songs at the end always crack me up! Great show, keep it up.
  • SR-CH
    Love this pod
    I love listening to the nostalgic tales all the guests and the Meyers duo tell and will never think of Colin Jost again without picturing him with a mouthful of car seat headrest. For the record, I would gladly clean up the spills the Meyers Brothers’ parents apparently leave all around the house. They sound like awesome people and they obviously raised a couple of hilarious kids. Thanks for the funny stories, Meyers brothers!
  • sillymesemily
    Love it!!!
    Great palate cleanser in between my murder podcasts.
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