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Lifelong brothers, Seth Meyers and Josh Meyers ask guests to relive childhood memories, unforgettable family trips, and other disasters! New Episodes of Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers are available every Tuesday.

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  • knitmaniac
    Don’t miss this Podcast
    You had me at Seth! Then I listened to Seth and Josh interact and I was (am) hooked! The amazing summary is Josh’s Lyrics summarizing the guest’s visit to well known songs! You guys have made it to my fave podcast playlist 😜🫶🏻
  • Michele_1L
    Family Trips - Andy Samberg ep
    Love this podcast AND I have a comment for this particular episode. I had no idea how else to get this bit of silly information to you, so hopefully one of the 2 Meyers gentlemen will see this…. Regarding “poo poo gas”: my family also frowned on the word “fart” for children so instead my niece dubbed them “hiney (sp?) burps”. Which I think is fantastic and we still use that term 30 years later. Keep up the great work …. So much fun to listen - although I do very much miss Strike Force 5 :(
  • tonsOplum
    Corrections rules
    I only followed this show because I am a jackal thirsting for Corrections to never end. Figured a good review would make Seth happy and motivate him to keep thrilling us on Friday
  • Tina oc
    Meyers brothers one of my favorite podcast
    I have been listening since the beginning wondered if you ever thought of interviewing the Long Brothers. Justin Long and his brother from “life is short”
  • tree topper234
    Paula & Janine - gimme more!
    Hilarious and interesting episode. Could have listened to you all forever. GREAT SHOW!
  • Shannon Fenton
    Love this podcast
    I’ve never written a review for a podcast before, but you guys feel like family. I love your guests, I love your questions, I love the joyous wander down memory lane this podcast brings. Would love to see the zoom/video you guys record. Listening to the Will Forte episode now and wishing I could see all of your faces through the stories. Also—-the Julie Andrews episode is ICONIC. Thank you for making this show!!
  • BirdGMom
    Julie Andrews
    This episode was magical from start to finish!
  • Shells248
    Nostalgic fun
    Love this podcast! Reminds me of trips when I was a kid. My favorite episode is the one with your parents. I grew up in New England and loved hearing the four of you reminiscing. Can’t wait to hear who’s next!
  • Kec3250
    Perfect mood booster
    I’ve enjoyed this podcast so much that I’m going back and listening to all the older ones. They are heartwarming, giggle worthy and the perfect foil for the negativity of the news. So relatable! Interesting observation: a lot of their friends who are also comedians are children of educators.
  • TSD220
    Great podcast!
    We listen to this as we travel around the states on vacations and trips to see family. We love the rapport between Seth and Josh and they have had some great guests. Two of our favorites are Jeff Daniels and Phil Keoghan..Which brings me to our great idea. Seth and Josh: you should absolutely do The Amazing Race together!! With Josh’s love of all things outdoors and Seth’s aversion to the same, you two would be the most entertaining pair they’ve had in years!!!! PLEASE CONSIDER IT!!! 😁
  • Unbridled
    Self indulgent
    It’s a fun idea for a podcast but is consistently uninteresting. The Meyers brothers overestimate their charm and often the guests get less story time.
  • njBeachYOGA
    Great stories and terrific hosts!
    This is my all time favorite podcast, I always laugh and it holds my attention with the great conversations between Seth, Josh and the guests. The family trip concept is really interesting and brings famous guest into a relatable place. I love the questions at the end if interview and am asking my friends those now :)) You guys have motivated me to put the Grand Canyon on my do soon list! Props to your cool parents too for raising siblings who enjoy each other,
  • Gibbstter
    Fun Times!
    Very funny and interesting! Listening to this podcast just makes my day every time. I especially love the songs, Josh, fantastic!
  • brad sanz
    Seth - go to the Grand Canyon!
    I discovered and fell in love with this show in the last couple of weeks, and it’s been a joy to listen as I’ve been painting my house. It’s brought back a lot of memories of my own family trips and all the hours spent in the car with a dad on the verge of losing his temper at the kids, a mom on the verge of losing her temper at dad, and my brother and I on the verge of physically harming each other. My key advice is to Seth. Please go to the Grand Canyon. Even the South Rim (the touristy part) is incredible. You don’t have to stay long - just get there during golden hour, take some family pictures, hit the gift shop, and head back to the hotel. I promise it’s worth it. You might even see an elk in the parking lot. Your kids will love it. Keep up the great work - and thanks for all the great songs, “Weird Josh” Yankovich.
  • Fuzzyannie
    Love these road trip stories
    Please have Amy and David Sedaris on!
  • Tumblruser1245678556
    i love road trips and i love the meyers why is everyone hatin on this podcast guys its great another thing to correct
  • LilHyzy
    Wonderful podcast
    I already watched Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, but this turned me on to yet another late night show. I have so enjoyed seeing Seth more, and gradually learning whose voice is whose. Watching the YouTube episode with Zach Woods, and I really hope they eventually do make/offer merch!!
  • mollyfitzzzzzzzzz
    love these New England brothers
    I also grew up in Manchester, NH and just listened to the Patton episode. When Seth mentioned having assemblies with jump ropers and yo-yoers to tell kids to not do drugs it unlocked a memory that I hadn’t thought about in years 😂😂
  • seraphita
    Finally I got my dream traveler!
    Yay for Amber on the pod making me laugh so hard with you guys. Every story was hysterical, but I especially loved the sneeze/snot story bath time adventure. I have read both of Amber and Lacey’s books and can’t wait for the next one❣️
  • SlyTaken
    Great but…
    Josh is too much of a tightwad about keeping the conversation “on track.” Let it wander! That’s where the fun is!
  • Abynawml
    Really loving this podcast
    After watching a few Late Night family thanksgiving shows, I had a feeling I would like Seth and Josh talk about family vacations. The brothers have talent for coaxing funny moments from their guest’s memories. Seth is allowed to wander off topic with the guest. It’s Josh’s job to know when to reel them back in to the family station wagon and the vacation story. I love when they talk about the same places I’ve been with my family , like the Delaware beaches and New England. And I always crack up when they tell funny bits about the parents. One of my favorite things to do with my brother and sister is laugh over memories of our parents interactions. Jeff Tweedy singing the jingle and the song parody at the end is hysterical - what a nice parting gift for your guest! Thank you Seth and Josh. And Seth, please also keep doing late night’s Corrections. A superb blend of silly and clever. 👌🏼
  • SariFlauna
    Well done Meyers Brothers!
    This is a really fun listen, love hearing the relatable childhood stories. Also, Seth, we don’t allow screen in the car either!! Read or look out the window, its good for ya! :)
  • evy dillon
    My new favorite podcast
    Every episode makes me laugh & smile. Seth & Josh are great interviewers which makes for interesting conversations. The song at at the end is the the cherry on top 🍒
  • MA2CA
    Patton Oswalt
    Guest, Patton Oswalt, is annoying not funny. FYI, many people do like salt water taffy.
  • ABlu222
    I also loved cows for a period in elementary school and decorated my bedroom in black and white. And then after a few years was over it and to this day my family gives my cow presents. I’m 44 and deeply regret the cow phase. 🤣 Love the show!!
  • Ofhsjdjdj
    Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?
    You guys are funny, and talented, and wholesome. So wholesome. Conversations with the guests are entertaining. It’s just the 20 minutes of banter each episode where we get to hear about how involved your parents are, and how connected you are with your social circles, how you get to pursue your hobbies with such vigor, how well adjusted and cared for your kids are, and—of course—how you get to take family vacations (and friend vacations, and solo vacations). I don’t begrudge you your success, and perhaps I am a bit jealous of the opportunities that have presented themselves to you (not everyone can pursue those opportunities to their fullest as you both have, it requires drive and ambition—but not everyone gets a chance to even try), but your reality is my fantasy. I guess I just can’t connect with the stories told from people who live like this. There’s a chasm of wealth and opportunity separating us—this podcast is the whispered picnic conversation that echoes from the other side of America. The side where they get to go on picnics.
  • Shamugun
    The Songs!!!
    Love the show but make no mistake…the songs are the pièce(s) de rèsistance! Please keep them coming. I especially loved the Kristen Bell one.
  • BasicB31415
    LOVE - more women please!
    My favorite podcast — would love more women and/or diverse guests! There are so many episodes with white dudes at this point.
  • AmyCeleste22
    Great podcast!
    Listened to 8 hours on a recent road trip and I’m hooked! Blown away with the songs that wrap up each episode. So talented! My favorite episode was Hillary and Larry. Amazing family
  • Magpie Jinx
    Tweed couch
    All episodes are great but episode 39 is special. Pretty sure it’s the first time Josh’s fiancé is referred to as simply Mackenzie, as opposed to “my fiancé, Mackenzie”. But,…. “Debbie, the dog”…Good job, Poshie. Love the pod; great listen ESPECIALLY the song at the end. While listening to the conversation I’ll try to guess what parts of the conversation Josh take from the interview to set to music. Small pleasures… Thanks for this, Meyers brothers!
  • scfee18
    Love the show!
    Was surprised about the explanations of the nicknames. Truly expected it to be from early childhood and not being able to say the names. Hahaha but seems totally fitting. ❤️Love the show, your family stories are hilarious.
  • Hagginthe1st
    Pause Episode
    I love the show, but if I pause and try to restart later, it won’t play. I can’t always listen to the whole show in one setting but I’d like to go back and finish.
  • RhTsch
    You had me at Grand Canyon
    I love this podcast-!!! I look forward to it- & please never stop the end song. Always Brilliant I’ve had some fun road trips .. but alas. I’m an only child, so I couldn’t bite off chunks of back rests, Remaining silent in the backseat doing needlepoint in a smoke filled Jeep. Never stop sharing. Or in my dads opinion never stop at a rest stop.
    A joy of a podcast
    I’m grateful for this lovely addition to my podcast rotation. I love the brotherly rapport and the thoughtful interviews across a range of entertaining guests. It’s clear how much thought goes into this and yet it feels so organic. I don’t know if any of that made sense- I just enjoy every episode- even the ones that go off topic. Thank you and please keep this going!
  • Bethbroc
    Brother of John Mayer?
    Seth, I could’ve sworn you said you’re John Mayer’s brother!🤪
  • Hopskippy
    The Very Reason for Podcasts to Exist!
    Love these guys, and their brotherly rapport!
  • LurkingJackal
    Grammy Winner
    The song for the Kristen Bell episode deserves an award.
  • n gf da s
    One Star
    1,545 reviews with a 4.9 cumulative rating, but none of which you can see but the first 20? And of course they’re all five star? I wrote a one star review just now. It will be interesting to see if it sticks. Podcast, much like the nightly show, is milquetoast at best. Nothing enduring or interesting about either of these two dudes.
  • 03232009
    Where has this podcast been!!
    I am late to the game, but I am OBSESSED!! I’ve been binging all of the episodes while driving to and from work, while I cook dinner, while I go on runs, and I must seem like a lunatic to whoever is watching, because I am constantly cracking up. Love the pod, Meyers brothers!
  • RobEastID
    In My Head
    I love this podcast. I consume a select number every week. This one, Fly on the Wall and Smartless are in the top tier. There was another favorite that left us all too soon … glad the strike is over but I miss the Strike Force Five. (Hit sound effect here 🎤) The way I know just how deeply this one is implanted in my brain happened the other day. I was humming a tune nonstop and my wife asked me what it was … da da doo da, da da da doo doo da. All day.
  • Flubber13
    Great Listen
    The show is very entertaining and funny. So many great stories especially from the Meyers family and fans. All Josh’s song are great. Would love to relisten to them all in one place. Really loved Paul Dano’s!!! Keep it up!
  • rancidfrt
    Release the songs
    The absolute best! I want a playlist of all Josh’s songs now.
  • GoPann82
    A Pleasant Surprise
    This podcast is such a pleasant surprise to me. It’s basically two very nice people conversing with another nice guest about nice things. In an era where incivility and dispute dominates public discourse, it is both a pleasure and relief to listen to engaging, sincere, and, of course, humorous anecdotes about times past. Being about their age and having also grown up in New England, I find the program very relatable. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone longing for the unity, decency and civility of yesterday.
  • hjpatc
    Loved Sarah!
    Thoroughly enjoyed Sarah Silverman!
  • Soon-to-be RN
    It was pure joy listening to the episode with Sarah Silverman. I live in Manchester (born in Concord, too, Sarah!) and I love all you funny people from our state. Maybe comedy is just what we need in this mostly cold, then briefly, uncomfortably hot, part of the country. I also tried to cruise Elm St a couple times, but we would end up hanging out in the Dunkins lot on South Willow. That phase didn’t last for me. I feel like I could go on forever about all your references. Also, I worked at Bickford’s and even met and got a picture with Adam Sandler at the Second St Bick’s during a Super Bowl weekend when the Pats were playing the Steelers. I wasn’t even working there anymore. Just drinking too much coffee. He was very kind. I wish I could share the picture! Great show :) Katie B
  • Strange/unusual
    Laughter and the feels!
    Such an original podcast with a wholesome concept! My husband wishes I would shut up about the Meyers’ brothers. Can you guys also explore celebrities born and raised outside the US, be fun to explore similarities and differences socially and geographically! Great job guys!
  • Trashook
    I ❤️ Sarah Silverman
    Great episode.
  • Too busy to waste time
    Keep ‘em coming!
    Just keep being yourselves! Can count on laugh-out-loud moments, which are desperately needed. Keep ‘em coming. Thank you!
  • Special K Bird
    A delight!
    Love the childhood memories of the hosts, Seth and Josh, and the nostalgic stories of the guests. A perfect comedic pick me up!
  • Bentleyk9
    Entertaining and wholesome (though is an occasionally PG-13/R way)
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