Oddball w/ Amin Elhassan & Charlotte Wilder

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Why settle for more boring analysis and fake hot takes? Get the real knowledge, the real scoop, the real weird and totally unexpected on all-things basketball and more on ODDBALL with Amin Elhassan & Charlotte Wilder.
Daily, Tuesday thru Friday, the funny and fearless NBA insider Amin Elhassan brings his expertise and love for the game to a whole new level with sports writer and analyst Charlotte Wilder to break down the culture and world around the game in ways you won't find anywhere else.

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  • Slnord
    Been a Lebatard listener for a decade, best accompany Pod by far. Love Char & Amin. ❤️
  • Realjosho
    Unsubscribed because of the shot
  • Ivanosky!
    Love it!!!
    They are odd, funny and informative
  • chrisucity
    Great show!
    2 of the best LAF people with one of e best LAF pods
  • Flowerchild346
    Fascinated by these reviews
    This show is terrible. It’s just Amin talking basketball with Charlotte hosting and giving vague opinions that she changes immediately when Amin lightly disagrees
  • ziAKilla
    A+ B-ball show!
    Perfect pair for an almost daily show both hosts are not only brilliant but also very funny! Also the show could be exactly the same but animated and not miss a beat! Maybe it should be attempted
  • Ichablog Crane
    As one of the millions of people who grew up playing basketball and played in high school I am so thankful to have a guy like Amin who dishes out deep insider intel like the fact that the NBA court is longer than "courts at LA Fitness." I hope Lebatard is paying him a hefty sum for that... Any chance he'll let us in on the difference between high school and NBA three-point lines? That would be sick.
  • fdoconnorii
    Hate the name
    Love Amino Acid and Charlotte. I miss the Illuminati, but this show is continuing to find its legs, except on Mondays.
  • Waka101
    Nailed the Name!
    LOL the oddity of this show is super endearing... I joy listen for the awkwardness now...ALSO TALK MORE TIMBERWOLVES
    Currently re-installing my 3rd EYE
    Can’t wait to start catching up on the pods i missed.
  • Mar'd McFly
    Oddly works my dude
    I was a little worried at the start but the show has found its way. Hype me upppp!
  • The Wheelhouse
    Amin solo
    Can we get Amin solo? Or bring back Illuminati?
  • tdjr123
    Charlotte wilder??
    She is horrible, why she with Amin? This makes no sense? She not good
  • dwicker7
    Highly Recommend!
    Amin and Charlotte are smart and funny and make great content. Definitely worth a listen!
  • Dzo415
    You’re my brother
    Beautiful blend of personalities Intelligent quirky folks that love hoops… count me in!
  • Calex411
    Fun and funny podcast
    Always funny and informative. Love the chemistry from Amin and Charlotte. By far the best thing on Lebatard network
  • ballsack1972
    Fun Show
    Listening makes me smile daily. Pure fun and entertainment
  • J.B. Lewis
    Char forever
    Char Foreverever ever ever ever!!!!
  • HawaiiGirl2015
    Great chemistry, lots of fun, interesting stories and interviews, hilarious and just pure feel good. 🤙🏽
  • Vccchvbczxvbbb
    In on anything with Amin. Get Mayes in here too.
  • Chris the W
    Knowledgable but Amin’s Not Entertaining
    Amin does know basketball, but he’s whiny and not entertaining. Thank god Izzy helped put a stop to his awful cornball jokes and movie references. Charlottes great. Amin’s a dime dozen and a dime might be giving him too much value.
  • Cletus Turbrow
    I am rooting for y’all
    I keep listening hoping the show is gonna get better. Will chemistry evolve with Amean and Char? Or is this pretty much it ? I have a lot of time to fill in the Nervous Hospital. Be best!
  • Justin ar
    Amin with anyone works… but wilder is great!
  • TheGreatMensch
    Great teamwork
    I’ve really enjoyed how Amin and Charlotte’s personalities are fully on display in this show. While being entertaining they’re also informing the listener. It’s smart, funny and enjoyable to listen to while doing whatever it is that you do.
  • Big Vondez
    Good stuff
  • woy is a bingo
    You had me at Amin.
    Keep up the great work, I’ll listen to anything that involves Amin! Stay away Woy.
  • Sfuen1
    Good Show
    I like the show but Amin needs to let Char breathe a little. He’s always talking over her and she ends up abandoning the topic to keep things moving. Would like the show to be more of a 50/50 exchange compared to the 70/30 that it is now.
  • AlsFixed
    But great
  • Cbas74
    Most consistent and easy-to-listen show on meadowlark. Give Amin and Charlotte their flowers
  • Earose2011
    Started listening after Amin complained about the show, but honestly this show is awesome. Amin is my guy and I love Charlottes personality and odd-ness.
  • Gjhoosier
    Oddly awkward
    I can’t tell if Amin hates every minute or is always in character, perfect!
  • nostradomous
    Great show
    The vibes are growing on this podcast
  • Cdog280
    A fun listen I hope they do more
    Charlotte and Amin have a good, quirky chemistry. The segments can range from cringe to insightful, hope they get to do more together
  • Lolo13419
    Only going to listen for Charlotte
    Haven’t listened yet but, hopefully she’ll become the star she is destined to be if egomaniac Amino Acid doesn’t ruin it for her. I hope I can stand it.
  • [ Adam ]
    Love Amin & Charlotte!
    Really enjoy this pairing and while I don’t always know what’s a bit or real frustration from Amin they still deliver a good show. Charlotte is a riot and Amin’s basketball knowledge is great to hear on whatever forum he has. Keep the show coming and let these two cook! Watch on YouTube and play the podcast to get the numbers up everywhere!
  • Ccab09
    Great show
    Phile. Charlotte is a star
  • Briggs Brigade (Maulrat87)
    Filling a void that Highly Questionable left. Well done, Amin and Charlotte!
  • HGC65
    I almost subscribed to this show because Charlotte is great
    But Amin is not for me. Nooooot for me.
  • Kanye is Trash
    Good premise
    Love everything Amin does on all his platforms. Just want to hear more Charlotte. Stop talking over her, stop interrupting her, maybe let her take lead sometimes. Otherwise cool show.
  • Zukelex
    Great NBA insider show!
    Amin as always very knowledgeable and Charlotte is very talented journalist!
  • GamaRosado
    Great show
    Love this show, it’s underrated funny
  • xlinkinparkfan
    Comedy Sports Show
    A legitimate comedy sports show.
  • Tam Speyder
    This pod is odd and Wild
    Amin needs to show some range. Char is cool. Appreciate the genuine responses
  • ideal listener
    Charlotte 5 stars Amin zero stars
    Forcing someone talented like charlotte to carry an aging and annoying Amin is unfortunate because she's good at her job and he has all the energy of an incel either about to throw a tantrum or is already mid tantrum. He sounds like he's trying to join up with Whitlock sometimes
  • dparisman
    Great characters
    Wow, making some really fun Content in August is not easy and both of you guys do it. Fun people. Great new addition excited to see what they do during the season starts.
  • Mike Maxwell
    Who’s the one person with burner accounts that didn’t give 5 stars????
  • DJ 🎭
    The title
    The title is awesome Amin….. are you doing a bit?! Is he?! Isn’t he?! Welcome to oddball
  • Babyturds
    You guys are great together
  • Loyal 300
    Theater of the Mind!
    LOVE Oddball! Amin is the man, they need you more on the main show! Welcome Charlotte!
  • lolcoolkidlolXD
    Enjoy the show from one babadook to another!!
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