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The year is 2032, and the revolutionary tech company AD LUCEM O.I. has over 10 million subscribers. Their Corporeal Augmented Reality Assistant, or CARA for short, is a massive success. CARA isn’t just another listening device. It’s a virtual assistant, helmed by a live operator, who responds to the wants and needs of their clients in real time – the way only a human can. With an update to this game-changing technology on the horizon, the company’s CEO is poised to capture the fame and fortune she’s always dreamed of. But it is quickly revealed that her determination to “maintain the thread of human connection” might have unintended consequences… AD LUCEM is a nine-episode, socio-political thriller about the ethical dilemmas that surface when the pursuit of human connection blurs the lines between technology and reality.All nine episodes will be available for free, but QCODE+ subscribers get early, uninterrupted access to new episodes. Learn more at Produced by QCODE, Barry Linen Motion Pictures, and SALT with Executive Producers Chris Pine, Olivia Wilde, Ian Gotler, Troian Bellisario, and Joshua Close. Written and directed by Troian Bellisario and Joshua Close. Starring Chris Pine, Olivia Wilde, and Troian Bellisario with Fiona Shaw, Clancy Brown, and Joshua Close.

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  • feyc_1211
    Absolutely amazing
    I completely binged this entire series and a day and a half it was riveting. I totally enjoyed it. I can’t believe this is not a five star. Excellent excellent performance and podcast.
  • I’m still Evo Terra
    Another excellent show from QCODE
    This is excellent work. A plot-twisting story delivered by talented actors. And it's a QCODE production, so there's plenty of no-dialog parts to feed your mind's eye!
  • accessibilityforall
    Content Warning Needed
    This is a riveting story, but it needs to have a content warning included in each episode description. It deals with some very heavy content (SA, child endangerment, etc) that can be difficult for some people to unexpectedly listen to.
  • Duckie.Junkie
    Loved it
    Great listen. Kind of creepy in the sense this could be our future but it was a binge listen for me. Love QCODE
  • twsimons89
    Painfully woke
    Why does every show have to be woke? The villains are of course trump supporting pedophiles or crazy Christians. Just make a good show…
  • gayfr0gs
    Immersive, Brilliant
    I wasn’t expecting much from this, but was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t stop listening. It’s a slow build but then quickly pulls you in. Troian Bellasario will FOREVER have my heart!!!!! She’s so talented (as well as the rest of the cast) and the story is so captivating. She’s truly a genius. (UPDATE NOW THAT IVE FINISHED) I sincerely hope there’s a second season because this was absolutely incredible, I feel like I could listen to this story forever!!!!
  • Thanos Is A Bean
    Wow, kinda similar to blackout. The whole old lady tryna send us back to the Stone Age.
  • LangleyMaxMagpie
    Can't wait for season 2!!!!!!!!!
  • Grnukdndjudn
    Not bad
    Not a bad show, but definitely not great. The premise was cool. I wished they had went in a different direction than they did though, it feels like they couldn’t really think of a good direction to go in so they just decided to throw in something about Phil unknowingly talking with a minor. I would have liked to hear about the release of the cara presence update and all the chaos and different unintended consequences that would happen with that. I did like the characters in this show though. I thought Chris Pine did good, but for being advertised in a leading role, he wasn’t really that involved with the plot. Decent show overall, certainly not QCODE’s best but also certainly not their worst.
  • phylliebee
    Great Story!
    This was a really good story, very engaging and great acting. Some really good plot surprises. I’m hoping for a season 2 please!
  • driven2review
    Super good
    The acting writing and sound design is great!
  • Geumpyhistory
    So glad I stuck it out to the end of E1
    I just finished. I would def listen to a Season 2. I don’t listen to many fiction podcasts, but this is compelling. The first few minutes I almost turned it off. I wasn’t sure if the actors voices were over produced or if they were just catching a stride in audio that can be a very different craft and challenge than a visual medium. The story got intriguing by halfway and quite interesting by the end. Starting episode 2, whatever was wrong with the actor’s voices in episode 1 had been corrected. Would like some kind of chime to separate the ads though. Particularly bc of the style of the podcast—it can overlap and it pulls me out of the story to have to rewind and fast forward to see where the switch back to the story happened. I usually roll my eyes when people complain of ads in podcasts, but yeah this is weird placement and abrupt. It became easier to differentiate as the season progressed.
  • Ahdawnis
    QCODE does it again!
    I love about 90% of what QCODE puts out. Y’all hit it out the park (again) with this pod! Please give us a second season 🔥.
  • Daynegirl
    This show surprised me! The acting even though I can’t see the series is fantastic!!! I’m hooked
  • Zelderoni
    What. That’s IT?!
    I heard the end credits and thought it was the INTRO for the episode. Did y’all end it because of the writer’s strike??? Loved it til the end.
  • Marie99045873
    Excellent show
    I just started the show and I’m on the second episode I don’t have anything bad to say about the show. I think that the acting is outstanding, and I think it’s a very well written script and story. That being said, I know you have a warning on the bottom of the screen about sexual violence. As someone who has been through that, maybe you could put that warning somewhere at the top of the screen before people start listening. I fully intend to keep listening to the story because it is really good. I will have to say that the part where she is sexually assaulted was really rough and I had to skip it. I did not think to look at the bottom of the screen for warnings before I started listening. And that’s my fault. But it was startling and disturbing to hear something similar to what I have been through. I will pay more attention to those warnings in the future. Please keep up the good work and I am looking forward to the rest of the story.
  • evabustamove
    What happened
    Love this podcast. What happened to episode 8
  • ajmcamp
    Where is episode 8?
    Love this show- but why is episode 8 missing? Skips from episode 7 to the epilogue- episode 9 for qcode+ listeners?
  • sandyiod
    What city is this supposed to be in?
    Interesting so far, but why are all the announcements around NYC British? It fully takes me out to hear the MTA and stuff in British accents especially when the actors are all speaking with American accents
  • Mrs. Snavely
    Presence feels present
    Troian has flown under the radar for years and it’s awesome to hear her work here. The acting performances feel exciting and grounded. The script isn’t stilted like a lot of podcast dramas. The news cycle sandwiched with celebrity gossip and the mundane is a nice touch. I’m really enjoying the story and it’s nice to hear a compelling script delivered by something other than forced breathy voices. Love love!!
  • Ayanna from Memphis
    What’s not to like?
    This is one of the best Qcode shows EVER! It should have closer to 4 stars.
  • Benglebert Slaptyback
    So Mediocre
    I love a lot of QCODE shows, but this one isn’t it. Performances are solid, and the sound design is fantastic as usual. However, the plotting is awful and meandering; the stakes of the story are boring and virtually non-existent. The dialogue is absolutely laughable—I had to give up after someone unironically says “Would we be human if we didn’t feel fear?”. It’s especially dumb when it comes to discussing the threats posed by social media, AI, and cryptocurrency, etc. beyond just buzzwords and empty gestures. It steals liberally from “Her” and “Black Mirror” without and of the pathos or intelligence of those shows. Better to watch them instead.
  • Lizzybobizzyfizzy
    Trigger Warning Needed
    Look I love the podcast. However, I believe before each episode it should have a trigger warning. I wasn’t expecting certain topics. Please please please consider.
  • judithgrace1
    Great sci fi story
    I’ve been riveted by the story telling. The acting is really good, especially Torian Belisario, and, in fact, the whole cast is excellent. No spoilers here but I was wondering about Frances and what her role was going to be. The only negative thing is the abundance of foul language. Of course some of it is to be expected in a mature narrative for mature listeners, but this is way over the top. Its becomes distracting. I found myself counting how many more curse words the writers could fit into a 30 minute segment. Don’t think the writers really want a listener’s focus to be on that, rather than listening to the dialog between the characters.
  • FTGabumon
    Started strong then fell into tropes.
    Gave up after episode 6. It ended up that every character except the main character has a dark agenda or flaw to compliment some aspect of the story. And the the flaws / agendas are really not that original for the science ideas being explored. That said I thought Chris Pine did an excellent job, changed my mind on him as an actor.
  • Bustacapulet
    Still ads for subscription edition. Why pay?!?
    There is no avoiding ads apparently. Wish I could get into the story but I am so frustrated!
  • !KolbyDel!
    More episodes please 🙏
    I don’t want this show to end.
  • Nikaya1234556
    You had me in the first half, not gonna lie…
    Started off good but the ending was trash.
  • 341627931
    Good Podcast
    Has kept my intrigued.
  • あるくさん
    Ugh I hate waiting!
    It’s so good! I wish I have an option of paying a little extra so I can listen the next one earlier… waiting is painful!
  • InkyArcticFox
    Early Rating
    Not even done with 1st episode, but it’s too good to not rate early. It’s so good! Worth a listen. 😁
  • CrankyGrrl
    TW-sexual assault; and narration needed.
    Ugh—I could have used a trigger warning for sexual assault in Ep 3. I listen to other, non-fiction podcasts and they’re good with giving a heads up on what the trigger is and instruction on how to work around it (like dropping out at x minutes and picking up at y). It doesn’t diminish the experience at all. Second, I think StellaGrace nails a lot of the issues with this. This is my first fictional podcast and I wondered what it would be like. In addition to what StellaGrace said, I’m a little disappointed to find that it’s produced more like a television show that you’re just listening to, rather than an audio experience, like the old radio shows. It would really benefit from narration in spots. Sound effects in the background are nice but it’s really hard to tell what those sounds are supposed to be all the time. Then there are parts where people are walking around and getting on elevators (?), for example. I don’t know if it adds much to include that; it’s pretty boring to have stretches where there are just everyday sound effects. I thought episode 2 and 3 picked up and the acting in those was especially good. So I’ll probably keep going. (BTW, I appreciate the other user warnings about the not-ad-free subscription. I toyed with subscribing so I wouldn’t have to listen to the ads, but now I won’t waste money doing that. )
  • mollyfn
    Great writing and voicing
    Story kept my attention especially due to the great writing that felt like what actual people would say and do. Imperfect, complicated characters and skilled (obviously) voice acting. I love that this genre keeps getting better and better.
  • laskeyel
    Look forward to it!
    Find myself coming back each week, looking forward to the next release. Recommend listening with over ear headphones or both ear buds!
  • AerialHannah
    Intriguing and well-made
    There are frequent ads, but if you skip those, it’s really good! I listened to the first 4 episodes in one sitting, and I’m keen to know what happens next. The characters are well-developed, and the plot is compelling. MAJOR Black Mirror vibes. The sound production is so good that it makes everything feel super realistic, which is a QCode hallmark. TW for sexual assault at the end of Episode 3.
  • seriouslyenteranickname
    Show shames sex work. Plot is very weak.
  • Jackhowa
    I pay to subscribe but there’s ads?
    Really like the pod!
  • TristenJC
    Qcode is just that good. I was only upset that 4 episodes exist and that’s it. Need more 😩
  • Karsten Lingenfelter
    Love this podcast!!!
    This podcast is amazing!!! The story is riveting and has me on the edge of my seat. The sound design is fully immersive and feels like a movie. I absolutely love Troian and will listen to/watch anything she does. Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde are incredible too!
  • corje77
    Like fr man QCODE Does it again I freaking LOVE THESE PODCAST . Thank I guys for all your hard work
  • eight horcrux
    Really good!
    I am really excited for the next episode
  • rmnovak
    Anxiously awaiting next episode
    Liking it so far. Excited to hear more.
  • digitlbabe
    Ads at the start. 5+ Ads in the first episode. HARD PASS.
    I have been a longtime Qcode+ supporter, but having ads placed in the story should have been told to individuals who are paying subscribers. The monthly subscription included ad removal and this is simply not true. What’s the point of paying for ad free listening if there is an ad when the show first begins and within 5 minutes of the show beginning. I can’t build a connection with a story if FIVE ads play within the first few minutes of an episode. Removing my subscription. Definitely disappointed.
  • Cortney Gilbert
    Like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Blown away by the sound quality and story line. Recommending to all my friends
  • StellaGrace
    Good try but not fave Q Code production
    Normally love Q Code productions, and I appreciate the hard work put into this one but it’s not my favorite. The story is hard to follow and some characters are hard to remember and distinguish between voices in first episode. Could have used more signposting reminders. I actually rewound twice after midroll thinking I had missed something. Some of the acting is strong but unfortunately makes the weaker performances stand out All that said, I hope it does well. It’s nice to see another offering from a company that strives for the best and raises the bar in the audio fiction space.
  • mattsmith0622
    I like the show, but the ads are annoying.
    I like the show so far. Chris Pine is good, the story is cool, and the sound production is great. It’s annoying to pay for QCODE+ and have to be interrupted/annoyed by these ridiculous ads in the middle of the show.
  • DC Vocabulary
    Great but too many f bombs
    What’s with the language? Can you make a clean version?
  • Scott Cal
    Awesome Start
    I rarely listen to fictional podcast and was very pleased. My ADD is actually interested and I hope it only gets better from here.
  • newtgal
    Good story but…
    Enjoyed the first 3 episodes- good story, acting and production. But really disappointed that I’m stuck with a big block of ads in the middle, even though I’m a paid-up Qcode+ subscriber.
  • gu u cv jhgfs
    I don’t like it that much. Not much charm, nor original characterization
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