The Back Row with Jamie Kilstein


Join former atheist and degenerate Christian comedian Jamie Kilstein as he tries to figure out depression, relationships, comedy, and God stuff. This show will make you laugh, feel less alone in your screwups, and hopefully become slightly better people. Expect vulnerability and a laugh or two. We'll see you in the Back Row!

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  • Beware14
    Not entertaining and not funny
    Like listening to 12yr olds talk at lunch after eating too much sugar. I think only reason he has a platform is Tim Ross holding him up. There is no Christian content in this podcast except the pastors that he speaks to
  • Joeympapa
    Authentic Christianity
    Love these conversations. They are real, raw and authentic. I love that everyone is welcome.
  • thinking person222345
    Beautifully authentic.
    Thank you Jamie for sharing your journey in such authentic and vulnerable ways. I think God is smiling, laughing and even crying with you!
  • Ethan, L.A.
    Raw, real, and full of hope
    This pod is a breath of fresh air, especially if you’re trying to live a new life of faith but feeling overwhelmed with all the damage you’re trying to undo. Prepare to laugh, cry, and come away with wings!
  • DA Team Victor
    Real and Raw
    So refreshing to hear a podcast that reflects me and my beliefs. If the rest of the world would be this honest we would all be better off. Thank you so much brother
  • IsaacE52
    Loving the show so far! The episode with Tim Ross was so good! If anyone sees this, maybe consider not bleeping the swears.
  • You Done Messed Up A-A-ron!
    Authentic, Funny, and Truthful!
    I stumbled across Jamie and The Back Row listening to the GB Program. From giving your life to Christ to living life through the Holy Spirit, Jamie presents an authentic, funny, and truthful spiritual walk (lightly sprinkled with vulgarity for emphasis 😅). I’ve shared the podcast with the upperclassmen in my high school ministry as I know it will resonate with them, speaking their language and sharing similar struggles with the temptations of the world. Highly recommended!
  • Karri015
    I can honestly sit and listen to Jaime all day…Being a believer and knowing of God from such a young age, I still relate to so much of what Jamie talks about! TBH the worlds a hard place to live in and this pod made it a bit more fun
  • Melyndon
    Thank you!
    I have been in church my whole life. About three years ago I started going to the body of Church. I found God again, but this recent episode HOLY COW DUDE!! Like you have put into words things I have been struggling with! Imposter syndrome and like I don’t deserve it but also like I can handle this I don’t want to go to God cause just let Him help others who need it more! Thank you!! You have put into words what I have been feeling for three years so now I can work on it and have a TOTAL dependency on God and not a co- dependency. I’m only like 15 minutes in the second episode but I’m so sure you will have me that will open my eyes!! Just thank you for being real, real and questioning!!
  • Aginshaw4
    For the real people
    Jamie finds a way to relate to so many. As someone who has believed in God but not followed Him that entire time, Jamie shows that we aren’t alone. It’s such a relief to be able to grow, support, love, and learn from other people who aren’t pretending we are perfect but that the perfect love of God is possible for us too.
  • petitepati
    He doesn’t seem to have an outline for his different ideas. Maybe he could be telling someone else his story with a conclusion in mind. I understand he is trying to reach others to help them find a way. Storytelling may be more effective and interesting. Everyone gets drawn in with a good story. Best wishes
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