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Join Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Micah Richards for a new podcast bringing strong opinions on all the latest stories from the world of football.Hosted by three men who’ve been there and done it at the highest level of the game, The Rest is Football combines topical debate with outrageous tales from their careers.The essential new podcast for football fans.

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  • eliodoloro
    Great analysis, annoyingly England heavy
    Listened during the 2024 Euros and was impressed. Actually found it because of the English players whining that they were too harsh. Overall I found these guys to be objective, educational, even-handed, and entertaining - but of course a bit too focused on what everything means for England. Now that the Euros are over, I’m hoping they cover football beyond the English league! I’ll keep listening for sure if they cover football outside of that zone. Hoping for 2025 Euros to be covered too.
  • Visc@B@rc@1
    Acknowledge and accept that your English “stars” are overhyped by the Premier League. They do not see the game, cannot pass, even settle a ball like the Spanish. Your game has evolved but it has a way to go.
  • Throckmorton79
    So much fun! love it!
    These guys just love what they do and just as beneficial to the show they seem to love each other. Three friends who happen to play the game at the highest level just having a conversation about the weeks games.
  • The Bespoke CMO
    Funny, informed, thoughtful , great chemistry between the hosts
  • Jamalumpberger
    I’ve been looking for a good, accurate, and interesting football pod for a bit. Heard about this and gave it a shot especially since I like Micah on cbs. Listened to one episode on the euros and I’m out. These guys are making predications for the round of 16 without realizing that players are suspended. Can you at least do some research? Just real basic stuff that’s infuriating but pretty widespread in this space. My search continues.
  • Andrew of the Keeper's Union
    World Class podcast
    Just want to thank Gary, Alan, and Micah and the production team for a great podcast. The combination of banter and stick with real football insights is wonderful. Also, just listened to Gary’s interview with Kasper. What of my favorite podcast listens ever. Grant it I played goalie so I’m a little biased but his insights about football but even more so about life were incredible. Keep up the world class work.
  • Camoroon 180
    Amazing podcast
    This podcast is one of the if not the greatest football podcast ever, there banter is hilarious and it keeps me entertained and up to date with everything in the world of this beautiful sport
  • Hammering Dancer 81
    Great podcast and I’m (currently) 11
  • Rapall64
    Really interesting
    I’m only 12 years old, but I am absolutely in I’ve with football, this podcast, and the things they remember
  • mattrhames
    Amazing stuff
    My son and I listen to this on the way to his football practice. We love it. Thank you.
  • Aklktl98
    Best football podcast!
    These guys are the best! They have me actually leaving out loud. Their chemistry and personalities work perfect together. Micah is an absolute treasure and his laugh and comments make this podcast and the Champions League coverage on Paramount+ amazing!!
  • SJCB1957
    Ed Woodward
    Love the podcast but Gary saying Woodward is a nice guy had me choking on my breakfast. As a United fan we will always hate (I rarely use the word hate) a guy who on behalf of the Glazers run the club like he was playing Football Manager & run it into the mud.
  • Filapoosis
    Love it
    My favorite sports podcast. Love the insight into the nuances of being a pro. The banter between commentators is hilarious!
  • Robin Latsch
    Honestly the funniest podcast I have ever heard!
  • Jajaganja4/20
    So good
  • Alexis in New York
    Fake shrieking laughter all the time. Nothing in life is that constantly funny unfortunately
    Really interesting but the constant shrieking fake laughter destroys it
  • pftmomemmter
    Pure class
    As an American getting into the beautiful game (soccer), these guys bring me feelings of all the past great sport shows from ESPN and the early days of podcasting a half decade ago. Keep the energy, positivity, looseness, and constant ‘banter’. Thanks for the pod. Who are you guys again?
  • ❤️4CFC
    Best all round football podcast. Has humor, and great stories/personal anecdotes from professionals who have played the game on a high level in different English football eras. Hats off to you gents. Always enjoy listening to the podcasts when commuting
  • Julian Lineham (F), USA
    Brilliant - fun and informative
    Great podcast amd punditry - thanks for the laughs
  • Lukadog
    A yuck-fest of unfunny
    Gary Lineker should check his privilege when he publicly diss’s other football podcasts as “earnest” or generally claim some superiority over journalists who have actual knowledge rather than his brand of trite opinions and observations. Lineker got his job, making huge licensed-payer funded salary that is magnitudes the money of those he disrespects, because he was a footballer and a public figure (ditto his two co-clowns); not because you had the actual ability, education and experience to do the job.
  • Ballerdre
    Funniest Soccer Podcast
    The funniest group of pundits. If you want a good laugh and listen to the game we love, you should listen to this pod. Each pundit brings something different.
  • Docdeb56
    Love the podcast!
    As an American who’s only come to Premier League and then European football about 4 or 5 years ago, I don’t have much knowledge of the history of it all. But y’alls info/insight, not to mention recollections of your experiences, has helped me get a better grasp of it all. It’s so interesting and y’all are so entertaining! And you delve into some tough topics, which I appreciate. My daughter and I are Tottenham fans and were really concerned what Harry’s departure would mean, but jeez! The Spurs are such a joy to watch this year! Happy to hear positive stuff from you in today’s podcast (well, Sundays pod, I guess!). Keep it up! You have a couple of big fans in the USA! —Debra N
  • Abenezar
    The Rest is Legendary
    The podcast without the videos don’t do it justice! If you watch it on YouTube you feed more of they’re personalities! Love hearing they’re insight! Big Meeks as much slander and hate he gets, he balances the new prem era and the older prem era with Alan and Gary his insight as a legend compliments the insight!
  • K.Ahmid
    So so so good
    Fast becoming my fave podcast across any genre. Great insights about specific games, as well as the beautiful game as a whole. But it’s also SOOOOO FUNNY - thanks so much for the podcast, it’s a real gem
  • SPF727
    Fantastic new pod - highly recommend tuning in👌🏻👌🏻
    Gary, Alan, and Micah feed very well off each others’ different perspectives however you see it, whether it be age, position(s) played/tactics, business side of the game, different generations, etc - great to hear their insights in a laid back format where they can maybe let their guards down a bit more from their normal BBC, Sky, Paramount+/CBS coverage takes…definitely worth a listen and great that most have been relatively short around ~45mins or less🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • Andycairns1970
    2 out of 3
    All good apart from the Stat Man. Stealing airtime.
  • 73 Mustang
    Love this show
    One of my favorite football podcasts. I love Micah Richards from his Champions League coverage for CBS in the US. Also really enjoy Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer’s analysis and stories they all tell during the episodes.
  • Scott8872
    Superb new podcast
    3 guys have some really funny stories. Looking forward to more.
  • Kentonkent
    As enjoyable as relaxing on a beach in Mexico
    Recently found out about this podcast and decided to check it out. Solid pod. Some people don’t seem to like Richards but I think the three hosts all work well together. Good football analysis mixed in with their own perspective from their playing days. Quality and enjoyable listen.
  • Delwina
    New Fan
    I'm a 65 year old female ex-librarian who lives in St Louis Missouri. Not your target audience I'm sure. I'm using part of my retirement days to learn about football and I'll be using your new podcast to help me do that. Even though I don't know many of the players yet(I do know who Erling Haaland is, of course) and I get confused when you talk about 4-4-2s and 4-4-3s and technical stuff like that, your wonderful stories provide the encouragement I need to keep trying to learn about this great game! Looking forward to lots of great pods to come. PS I am doing my best to get all my friends to call it "Football" and NOT "Soccer". It's difficult - Americans are a stubborn lot.
  • roland9822
    Great first episode
    I liked the first episode. Former PL players talking about their experiences and giving a great insight to how players may and may not think about situations. I also feel like the host like each other and keep me laughing the whole time.
  • Casnh
    One thing I’ll never understand
    Why in God’s name do the English love Micah Richards so much? He’s on everything. He’s just loud. That’s it. That’s what he brings to the table. Being loud.
  • Fffffffjjkhvc
    I’d subscribe if Richards wasn’t on it. He brings literally nothing….the first couple of minutes were unlistenable. These guys never give the real insight because they can’t. Journo-led pods are far better.
  • CLaidlaw
    OK but a little too cozy and unstructured
    I was excited to hear about this podcast but a bit disappointed with the first episode. There were interesting snippets but overall the conversation was too cozy with lots of opportunities missed to draw out insights. For example, Shearer described how he made his decision to join Newcastle after chats with Ferguson and Keegan but did not divulge which factors led him to join Newcastle. Later he said that winning big titles was more important than scoring records, but was not then asked the obvious question as to whether he regretted not joining Man United. I think it would be better if Lineker would be more pointed and challenging in his questioning. Also, there was too much interrupting and changing of subject before a question had been answered or a topic fully explored. It would be better if someone (presumably Lineker) kept the conversation on track and better structured. I will definitely keep listening for now but hope that this feedback is taken on board. Thanks!
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