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I’m Mark Goldbridge and I’m here to Save Football.Debate is everywhere but I’m here to put the final word on the biggest arguments in the beautiful game.

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  • Luis21699
    Here since the first episode love the podcast
  • GAVP7
    Great podcast
    I can hear Mark taking about anything he’s so entertaining always has always will W podcast
  • Striker2233
    Great podcast
    Great podcast I like e the game the guess the player
  • AffluentMan
    Premier League XI
    Do an all time premier league XI consisting of players who havent won the premier league. Example Harry Kane, Steven Gerrard
  • XxdeedsxX
    Love the podcast
  • BtstylesLexx
    Love it
    Great stuff from you guys as usual can’t wait for more episodes Fantastic Jingle Will, you guys have outdone yourselves this time. Love you to bits.
  • King Awesome Man
    Great Podcast
    Love ya Marky amazing podcast love the banter
  • ThatsChris4you
    Goldbridge Out
    Gark Moldbridge is the reason to watch!
  • Alijaber79
    Fresh breath air
    Really love the podcast!! Very knowledgeable, and unbiased, speak the truth that no other main stream media dare to do! Keep it up Goldbridge, and Will 👏👏
  • julesabrit
    Not as good as The United Stand….
    Too jokey. Co-host is flat. Love The United Stand, and Goldbridge on TUS, but I can’t get through ten minutes off this podcast.
  • Dev778898
    saving football?
    Goldbridge energy and negativity is too hyper for a podcast and the stupid guy with him who says South Gate is good, seems contradictory to saving football?
  • TTT.......
    Goldbridge’s the GOAT!!!
    Great show but I’m not surprised. It’s Goldbridge! TUS member here
  • BSAM16
    Its Goldbridge. He doesn’t miss
  • kalinaash
    Banger episode, can’t wait for more…. Keep it up lads.
  • PopsFever34
    Marky Marky and the Funky Bunch
    Marky Marky is never afraid to speak his mind. As an American, I can say that English pundits are overtly biased. Yes, it’s obvious Mark is a United Fan, but he is the first to critique and criticize his team when many “top level” pundits either have sympathy for the sides they’ve played for or have the closest takes their respective shows have seen. SCOOBY DOO!
  • Skittles Trea
    Just came out and it’s already one of my main podcasts
    Hold my porridge, we have Podbridge
    Great entertainment fused with real facts and relevant topics to the present. Not shocking, but the podcast accomplishes to keep you engaged for 45 mins straight. They don’t drag 1 topic for ages. Love the sound bites, keep up the good work mates!
  • Hank FM
    Love your content on YouTube. I know you’re a MU fan, as a Gooner myself…I appreciate your unbiased take on the league. Sub for sure!!
  • Ben_slyer
    Top podcast.
    This is an amazing podcast, beautifully done and executed and the topics they raised were amazing, as always pratbridge was amazing
  • Free_-_-Palestine
    Quite enjoyed it actually, had some free time listened to it and actually didn’t regret so, Good one Mark ya prat
  • theclaymore75
    Amazing Show!!!
    Love Mark Goldbridge - his take on the beautiful game is spot on. He is really funny and he is a Manchester United supporter and creator and host of the United Stand on YouTube. Listen - you are gonna love it - I believe it is Nani…
  • skanbrk
    I believe this is a very insightful and entertaining podcast before I’ve even listened to it. Thanks Mr. Bridge.
  • Jmrn19
    Absolutely shagadelic
    Yeah baby, yeah !
  • Sulli is Red
    Goldbridge is on point!
    Love the banter and appreciate Mark’s opinion in all things football!
  • lol gigot
    Love Goldbridge, listening from Guanajuato, Mexico. Finally the goat has arrived to a podcast near you!!
  • Uncle Sad
    Goldbridge is the best
    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and I’m thrilled that it’s finally here!
  • JoeGarcia7
    Been waiting for this podcast! I’m gonna listen everyday at work!! So excited! 😄
  • Amy_Lynne_983
    Love it
    I quite enjoy the dynamic between Mark and Will. I’ll be listening every week.
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