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Reporting and analysis on the inquiries, trials, and criminal probes facing former President Donald Trump. From the Jan. 6 insurrection and Georgia election interference, to the ongoing question of classified documents - and beyond - host Scott Detrow, political editor Domenico Montanaro and legal experts dive deep every week to explore the news inside the courtrooms and the stakes for American democracy.Support NPR's reporting by subscribing to Trump's Trials+ and unlock sponsor-free listening. Learn more at

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  • gw5k
    Traumatic, at this point.
    I have been catching up on episodes. All of the analysis is meaningless. Nothing really matters any more, right? SCOTUS granted immunity. Everybody is calm and laughing about Trump’s ridiculous legal arguments for immunity.
  • goodvsevil
    Make Aileen Cannon Accountable
  • Chase Merrell AZ
    Try harder
    Please put forth SOME effort to be bipartisan. We all pay for this
  • itwasntmesir45
    Defund NPR
    The fact that my tax dollars are going to these awful liars is theft. They are biased and DO NOT represent anything fair and balanced and don't deserve a frigging penny from us anymore. No!
  • person #48201
    Lies lies lies
  • tonrot
    Great topic. Wrong information.
    It is very frustrating to listen to this podcast because it conveys incorrect information. For instance, the district courts decision on presidential immunity in the criminal case is described on the podcast as based on the former president acts being not part of his official duties as president, but instead as a candidate. But that is not at all what the district court said. The district court said there is no presidential immunity whatsoever from criminal prosecution. In a separate civil case against the former president, the court of appeals made the distinction between presidential acts and candidate acts in the context of civil presidential immunity, but that is not what the case before the Supreme Court now is about. Also puzzling if the claim that every day of delay now means a day of delay in the trial date. Also not true. In fact, the trial court held the trial date firm.more over, the petitioning of the Supreme Court for review before separate court opinion is described as something no one saw coming. Everyone saw it coming who is paying attention. And those mistakes are all in the first five minutes. Do better. 5/11 tried again today. Ugh. Jed Shigarman has strong opinions but lacks knowledge of basic undisputed facts, including that there are 3 predicate crimes that provide foundation for felonies (he thinks 1), Cohen was convicted for violating fed campaign laws for this very transaction (so it isn’t a state deciding the payment violated federal law), and that jail time might not be likely but it is not impossible like he thinks (it is the opposite: possible).
  • history_of_hip_hop
    News with both sides
    If you want both sides Trump news, this is the podcast for you, because as God knows, Democrats mst be held account for Trump’s crimes.
  • Lulu1298
    Get your facts straight
    Your reporting has repeatedly said that Trump’s penalty was reduced by the appeals court. That is FALSE. Trump’s bond amount, only, was reduced by the appeals court. The overall appeal to the half a billion judgment has not been ruled on. Your reporters lack legal knowledge and experience. Please get the facts straight. I am an avid listener but the reporters are inexperienced and you need someone with deeper legal understanding and experience on this podcast. The details matter.
  • RSS1234567890
    5 simple questions for Trump supporters
    If someone, not Trump, a person of color, a woman, someone in the LGBTQ community who’s for birth and gun control was accused of only 1/2 of the charges, would you want them in the White House? If Trump is innocent, why delay the trials where he could immediately to clear his name? Do you honestly believe that a multimillionaire has anything in common with you or understands your daily challenges? (You’re mad about the price of eggs while his family is buying islands from foreign governments) Why is he the only one saying he’s innocent while the rest are calling this a political attack? (Kinda like a murder who says “You just don’t like me!”) If he did nothing wrong, why does he need immunity?
  • Burchp
    Thank you
    Thank you for taking time to do this.
  • TheMovieGal
    Make a Better Effort to be Nonpartisan
    While I like that NPR is doing a show dedicated to these trials, please make more of an effort to be nonpartisan. Having a guest comment that she’s “rethinking her life choices” because Ron DeSantis agrees with her on a legal point is not a good look, nor what drew me to this podcast. I think the public want more of the legal explanations and nuances behind these trials rather than hearing one side’s repeatedly characterized as “dumb.” Make that one improvement, and this is a slam dunk.
  • Mauitwin
    Straight to the point!
    Love it!
  • Masonic Home
    NPR needs to be defunded! Trump is telling the Truth, NPR is part of the machine telling a false narrative!
  • ThorLCLFMC
    Poorly Done….
    ….by more lies about a man that gave up his entire life of luxury to be ridiculed by every left-wing progressive on the planet. NPR is sadly a tax funded resource who want the constitution completely eradicated along with the other communists!!!
  • Tassiegirl01234
    We have much needed more focus on this issue above and beyond occasional snippets in news and obviously biased podcasts filled with hyperbole. Two established journalists with restraint and integrity are here to explore the legal and fiscal ramifications of Trump’s crimes - I’m looking forward to hearing more.
  • megan471
    Stop it! I cannot believe two of my favorite podcasters are doing a weekly podcast about one of my favorite news topics! You made my morning and I can’t wait until next week!
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