Uncanny Valley

When anyone asks Audrey why she moved to Alaska, she tells them for a fresh start. But a lot of the people in Alaska are hiding from something. And Audrey is no different. When she journeyed to Alaska, she found something even more dangerous. Maybe we feel the uncanny valley because long ago, we had to fear something that pretended to be human. 

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  • def not kin
    Avid Podcast Listener
    This show is amazing. Absolutely in love with the character interaction and the mystery!
  • beardednurse13
    Tried this out…. Got hooked on the very first episode and finished it in one day. It is an amazing show with great characters and a story that makes you feel for them. Can’t wait for the second season.
  • yo stepmomma
    I’m trying - hopefully I won’t miss anything important bc I have to skip pass Izzy’s talking parts 😩 her voice sounds so forced and aggressively cheesy
  • Fitmom916
    SO good
    I binged the whole thing in one workday and was sad when there wasn’t anything new to listen to. Can’t wait for the next season
  • capaychica
    Almost great
    The story is good and mostly well done. But what’s with Izzy? She sounds like an older woman trying to sound like a younger woman, but completely overacting and inappropriately cutesy through the entire series. It really brought down the quality of the show.
  • Bluee!
    Next season
    Where is the next season ?
  • clooneythescourge
    Fresh spin on a classic sci-fi trope
    Really original spin and take on a classic sci-fi story. Well produced and acted. Great sound engineering. Can’t wait for season 2.
  • yoginibambini
    Incredibly gripping story! One of my all time favorite shows! So creative and creepy.
  • Begelll
    Super fun
    Great podcast, really enjoyed all of it. Can’t wait for season 2. Good job 👍🏻
  • bagnew92
    Good start
    The whole main plot turns into the sub plot. Drama where there should be more horror elements. All over the place. Annoying characters.
  • amazed1009
    Izzy’s voice grates … omg it’s so shrill
    The story is interesting but Izzy needs to tone her voice down! So shrill! Finally listened to the last episodes. Says voice still grates. The end was a disappointment. Don’t make sense seemed disjointed from the mystery and suspense of the beginning.
  • Mama Rachel1
    I LOVED this series!
  • MusicSusanna
    Trying too hard
    This whole podcast tried too hard. From all the different storyline, characters and over acting. Izzie the “friend” is annoying as sin and between the missing brother, the ability to speak to ghosts, then the monster and then the stalker. Way too many things happening. I’ve heard better acting on other podcasts.
  • gwenniek
    Wasn’t sure but
    I was HOOKED after the first episode! I can’t wait for the next season!
  • Moiriss8
    Great story
    At first it was a little confusing cause it was bouncing back and fourth. But I enjoyed every single chapter. I hope there’s another season.
  • beebekind
    None chilling and beautiful
    Beautiful. Haunting. And so well done. I felt transported to that sleepy little town where a harsh alaska winter isn’t the only thing out to kill its inhabitants.
  • DustMePink
    LOVE IT!!!!!
    I have only listened to the first two episodes so far and I’m so hooked!!!!! I been sending it to everyone I can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of the episodes thank you for your hard work and amazing talent 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Ok quick update now that I have finished all of it listened to it in one day that’s how much I liked it. Izzy was my favorite I see a lot of other ppl not so much but I loved her. The stalker guy made me far to angry 😡 especially how he spoke to her. I liked how the story all pieced together I think you all did an amazing job and I can not wait for a second season hope it’s as good as season one and better 😁😁 Thank you for an (my opinion) amazing podcast definitely in my top five 5️⃣🥰🥰
  • thatonekidlkelly
    🧍 or 🐻
    Season 1 beautifully tackles the infamous question “would you rather be alone with a man or a bear?” Except the bear is a monster. And STILL the safer choice.
  • joke3555
    It’s okay
    Yes, Izzy’s voice is annoying, but Cody’s is much worse. And in the age of technology, social media and cell phones, why didn’t Audrey put cameras in and out of her home and then give her manager a pic of Cody so she would know who to keep away from. And then no backstory as to how/why Izzy is bound to Audrey and inside her? I just don’t get it.
  • Stratguy666
    Great show, but the Izzy character is unbearable
    The show is spooky, well written, and very well mixed. But Izzy is poorly acted and distracting. The jumps from great acting to this character are tough. A real shame.
  • Cjblues112
    Good show, despite the need for a good male character
    Good show, but it paints most guys in a poor light. The only male characters with more than a couple lines, were a stalker and abuser, OR just an abuser. Then you had the drunk that was good for a few lines, the Realtor who gets immediately murdered or the bartender with 2 lines that had nothing to do with the story. Good show otherwise, kind of intriguing
  • Boopbeep235
    I was Iooking forward to this podcast but the character, Izzy, ruined it immediately. Her voice made my head and ears hurt. Skipping this one.
  • Aileenc83
    Binged it!
    Definitely kept me interested, listed over 2 days while I was spring cleaning lol. I really liked the flashbacks each episode; they make you think and then realize “ohh that’s why this or that happened.” Yes, Izzy’s character is “annoying”, but I feel like that’s exactly how a 17 year old girl would act if they were stuck in the way Izzy is. If she was written differently, I don’t think it would make sense for that character to exist at all. Also, the way the creature spoke was super creepy. Loved it.
  • TheApexHippo
    Why is part of the show missing?
    I am so interested in this story but the episodes are shortened and missing key sections of the story??? I have purchased realm but yet it still isn’t giving me the full episodes? They randomly cut off and run ads mid sentence and then cut back to a completely different point in the story???
  • Sparkey54
    Terrible main character and lame villain
    The main character is awful and really a terrible person. The villain is weak and so unbelievably awkward. I can't tell if the guy who worked on her wheel is the villain.
  • Mimofosho
    I was def in a rut where I literally couldn’t find anything to listen to and it was making me crazy!! This is SOOO GOOD!! I was hooked within the first few minutes!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and I absolutely can’t wait for MORE!!! Yas Yas yasssss!!!!
  • Louisa Lorenzo
    Love it!🔥🔥 can’t wait for season 2!!
    I cannot wait for season 2!!!! LOVE THIS ONE!!! I literally check on here every day to see if a new episode has been released! Thanks for this one 🔥🔥 Update: HOLY COWWWW so good! The cliff hangers are killing me!!!
  • nicafromnowhere
    Can’t get past Izzy
    impossible to listen to the Izzy character, poorly written and poorly acted.
  • Doug&Ali
    Uncanny valley is a great escape!
    Great, likable & unlikable characters. I enjoy my long car rides so much more listening to this story!
  • Atpjun
    Good podcast
    It’s a great story. Like other reviews have said. The Izzy character makes it hard to listen to, her voice is too high pitched and she sounds and acts younger than 17. I hope they fix it next season.
  • Gigglestom
    Cliff hanger!
    Oh no! When does season 2 come out? Love the podcast and can’t wait for more!!
  • Sam Raven
    …tell me someone takes out Cody. Please.
  • aarmenta82
    Love it!
    This is so good! I highly recommend listening
  • blusterbrain
    I love the soundtrack! (Izzy annoys me)
    1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE KATHARINE SEATON’S sound design, score, original music and audio production. It gives depth to this production which otherwise rings a little shallow and inconsistent. 2. I experience the voice characterization of Izzy as too abrasive, obnoxious and cartoonish for the subject which is legitimately horrifying. 3. Psychotic stalkers ARE creepy, ghostly, predatory monsters even when they have non-authoritarian voices that sound so gay friendly and upwardly mobile. 4. Where’s Alaska? Great production! Keep going!
  • Sexy beast123333335555
    Loves it
    Really great storyline, audio and production quality. I love it. Thanks and can’t wait for season 2!!
  • Delyeon
    I’ve been on the edge of my seat the entire podcast. I hate that I’m so early and have to wait for the finale. Definitely gets me through any activity.
  • Rebecca.riot
    Trigger warning: Stalker
    The story and characters are so good. Except for Cody. Cody is a creep cop stalker and gives me sooo much anxiety and rage. Paranormal Alaska setting, awesome. Cody, I want to face frontier justice, like one of these weird zombies take him out or something. He has to go though.
  • Colton Loulias :)
    DWM for the WIN
    I LOVED The Hidden People so thought I’d give this a try, and DWM does NOT disappoint. Fantastic writing and character building. Great job!
  • KallenbergS1
    Such an awesome and terrifying experience . Can’t wait for more!
  • Thatokgurl
    Love! 😍
    Great characters, awesome sound effects, so far so good! Looking forward to the rest of the season! So much creepiness!
  • VaStarr27
    Fantastic storyline!
    Can’t wait for season 2! Really enjoying this unusual storyline and characters!
    So good
    Pacing, effects, and STORY!
  • seatbelt07
    I love this show so much, it has everything I look for in horror! Also, I actually disagree completely with all the Izzy hate-reviews. I love having Izzy’s character instead of just hearing Audrey’s internal dialogue. Also for the people complaining that she’s shrill or childlike, etc., she died as a *teenager* AKA a child. Wouldn’t change a thing about this show besides needing more episodes immediately ♥️
  • Archaoman
    Perfect guy to hate
    The stalker gives me the creeps and is by far the worst.
  • RunRedRabbitRun
    Finally another great podcast
    It’s taken me a while to find a good show again and I was sucked in as soon as I pushed play. Can’t wait for season 2!
  • Zombie couple
    Good writing!
    Love this show and my friend and I keep talking about how we’re always dying waiting for the next episode! Keep it up!
  • MaverickAbundance
    Very well done in every way! I can visualize the locations, people and I’m on the edge of my seat! Please consider putting the episodes out weekly. Or put out all of the episodes for people who Subscribe and pay the monthly fee. Thanks either way! I like to binge. 😁
  • HOO R U
    Izzy ruins this show
    This could be a really great show if it wasn’t for Izzy. I had to stop listening.
  • Jamie Cheval
    Great story! So good!
    I listen to a ton of podcasts and this one is SO good. Great voice acting, intriguing story, interesting characters. I can’t wait to see where the story goes. It’s going to be hard to wait for more episodes!
  • katsuery
    Izzy character not for me
    Had to stop listening because of the Izzy character - felt so much like a caricature and couldn’t get myself to continue listening to that acting.
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