Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing


Five-time winner of Best Education Podcast in the Podcast Awards. Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing and feed your love of the English language. Whether English is your first language or your second language, these grammar, punctuation, style, and business tips will make you a better and more successful writer. Grammar Girl is a Quick and Dirty Tips podcast.

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  • l love it but l want an update
    A new favorite
    I like your job. Keep it up!
  • Fuzzyscout
    Good Content; Annoying Presentation
    I like the content presented in this podcast. The topics are explained well, but I am about to delete it, and stop listening. The presenter’s speech pattern of extending and trailing off the last part of each sentence causes me to grind my teeth, and they really are getting worn down.
  • @SongDuck
    Quick & Dirty podcast
    As a professional songwriter & lyricist, I’m always interested in podcasts relating to words, writing, and grammar (although writing lyrics breaks many grammatical rules). Grammar Girl answers questions from listeners. I have emailed her several times and always received a friendly, personal, and helpful reply.
  • Anonymous 124
    Love this podcast
    I love u grammar girl
  • makfan
    I have listened to this podcast for ages. I always learn something, and there is a great mix of practical, technical and whimsical in her explanations and stories.
  • CurtisFinney
    Great Podcast
    I love listening to Mignon. I learn a lot and I enjoy the sound of her voice and the way she speaks and enunciates words. I also like that she recently pronounced Mackinac correctly.
  • nautimind
    Love Grammar Girl 🥰
    I’ve been following Mignon for years. I appreciate her clear enunciation and varied modulation of her voice, and the thing I like most is that she's the first to call mea culpa on herself, then follows up with the correction. The English language is one of the most difficult to master. It demands constant study. Thank you, Mignon, for being a stable host of this sorely needed podcast.
  • justkaty
    It’s fine
    I like the information and the length. However, the host’s reading voice is exhausting. It doesn’t sound natural and is difficult to listen to.
  • emily minerva
  • GTyoungblood
    Previously “Lost in accent” Now a technical question
    I cant create a new review? This is annoying. So let me prefix my old review, lets see if it works. You may remember me as the Air Force guy who was plagued by catching accents as if they were a cold or flu. Just being exposed to an accent would make me speak in it. So here is a non related question for you. Maybe you previously spoke on this. “What is the most technically correct language?”. Let me give an example of one that isn’t extremely technical, but I also only learned it by trying to teach myself. This non technical language is Korean. While I was stationed in Korea, I wanted to take every Korean language class I could get. Alas, we were too busy, so I attempted to teach myself from an English/Korean dictionary. The only thing I managed to do was give myself a first grade reading level (at most) and can read and write in Hangul (korean alphabet). One of the language specific things I did learn from a few of my local friends (and yes, I did pick up their accents 🤪). When speaking korean, and when you are speaking to someone, (nouns?) are assumed. I discovered there is an awful lot of assumptions being made. For the life of me I cant remember a good example, but there was a lot of assumptions going on. So what I’m asking is this, which one is the most exact? Where nothing is left to assumption, but facts are paramount. (i.e. if I ask you about your podcast, i would be assuming the podcast that this review is about. VS when I soeak about your podcast, I would use its name, not assuming you only had this podcast. “I love your Grammar Girl podcast!” In Korean it would be “Love Podcast”, the ‘I’ and ‘your’ and ‘grammar girl’ all being assumed. Full disclosure, my wife is Korean, and she has been a naturalized citizen fo well over 30 years. But her English is very hard to understand, and I am acting translator all of the time 🧐🤓😎 Your podcast is the only non-tech podcast I listen to. I stumbled upon it completely by accident while searching through I.T. related podcasts. I'm glad I found it. I hope to improve my English skills in both speaking and writing, I'm horrible. Especially horrible for being born and raised here (I know, should say reared here, but I find that too pretentious). I have a question for you. Is there a term for this ability I have? Or maybe it's a condition, or a malady? When I'm exposed to foreign accents I pick up that accent very quickly and begin speaking in it, without knowing I'm doing it. For instance, I'm retired US Air Force. I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath, England, in the 1990's. While there, three other technicians and I went TDY to RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland to repair one of our F-111's that made an emergency landing there. While sitting in our hotel restaurant, three locals came to our table and asked if they could sit with the 'Yanks' they 'heard was in town'. We had a great dinner with them and spoke on the many differences between the U.S. and Scotland. My co-workers kept giving me evil looks. Finally one of them grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me close and whispered, "STOP IT! You're going to piss them off!" I had no idea what he was talking about. One of my co-workers spoke up and apologized to our guests. He said, "Sorry, we don't know why he keeps doing that." "Doing what?" One of them asked. "Faking your accent, of course." All three of the local guys started laughing really hard. "We thought he was a local boy! We din na know he was a Yank too!" Similar episodes took place in Turkey, Spain, and Korea. I get mistaken for a local wherever I go. I think it has to do with growing up in San Francisco as a kid. I lived there until I was 13 yrs old. I had friends from more cultures and backgrounds than I can count. You might say we lived in the immigrant district (My family immigrated there from Florida).
  • Texas WEEI Fan
    Keep it up
    Love it. Thanks
  • So incredibly slow !!
    Is there a chance for a zero !!!
    I’d love to listen to the show but men that voice, and the tone!! Just NO!!!!
  • athirkell
    You Will Learn Something Interesting About Written Language
    This show is entertaining for lovers of the written English language. There is lots of useful information about style guides (Chicago vs AP, etc.) and evolving practices in journalism. I enjoy the short snippets on familects, words invented within a family group. A sweet example is “huggle,” meaning a combined hug and snuggle time.
  • J La' Drew
    Migon Seriously, You had to drag politics into this podacast??
  • Doc lady
    Oh that voice
    Is it Valley Girl? Not sure what it is but it is annoying to listen to when the end of every sentence is two notes down from the previous. And so scripted. Loosen it up and maybe speak a bit faster? I can’t usually get through a full episode, much as I want to.
  • honeylovesugar
    Voice is good
    I really like this podcast. The host has a great voice, but I think she has a habit of depressing the end of her sentences. If she could deliver sentences without adding flair to the end, it would definitely elevate the experience... The content is so enjoyable, and her voice is actually nice, but going down an octave at the tail of every sentence is a lot. I really need the help with my grammar, so I’m gonna try really hard to keep listening!
  • trianglechoke
    Cripes, look up syncopation!
    Love the content, but the repetitive undulations of the host’s voice make you seasick. Relax lady! Read less and just talk.
  • jd_wright
    Informative and fun
    Always a treat to listen to!
  • millyitaly
    Helped me for act prep LOVE GRAMMAR GIRL!!
  • SuperFatBiscuit
    Great robotic content
    Probably great info, but her cadence is horrible.
  • Brooks Mara
    love the books but
    her speaking voice & delivery is so robotic and odd, I can't listen to it
  • marketpop
    ... Ann Landers
    Face it...American are just not that bright.
  • LMoEarner
    Grammar usage on Grammar Girl
    Hi, GG, listening to episode 711, in the Blinkist advert, i was confused by the arrangement of words. Please comment on something you said(read?). You said you were "...supposed to read a biography of someone who changed the world this week." I listened, and wondered, as the current news doesn't offer anyone who really changes he world, such as world leaders, celebrities. I heard you say that whoever changed the world did so this week. Your intent, i suppose, is you read the biography this week. I trust you and question myself. Please clarify.
  • Sunkist:-)
    One of my Faves!!!
    I’m a grammar geek. Love these short, sweet episodes. I love the mix of linguistics and history. I’ve learned so much as I listen to this podcast en route to work (30-minute commute).
  • D. J. Keller Williams
    My all-time favorite podcast because I was a Grammar Geek growing up, and I still probably am. It’s so refreshing to listen to Mignon talk about the English language, keep me in line, expand my horizons, and make me laugh. Especially in this day and age (should that include hyphens?), when messaging and social media feel like they’re destroying our ability to write. I’m playing catch-up by listening here in Atlanta nonstop both at the gym and while driving until I’ve gotten through 2017 and 2018. Thanks for the great podcast. I absolutely love the familect stories. But who exactly are Aardvark and Squiggly? Is this a cultural reference I’m not aware of? Or just names you like to use in examples?
  • JajaTang
    Daily habit
    Binge-listening to grammar girl has become a daily habit. It’s very informational and educational. I love the bits about word origins and familex (sic), but the parts about correct word usage and other grammar rules are really educational. English is my second language, so writing is a little difficult but listening to grammar girl daily has helped me a lot.
  • Superstar111122358372
    Racist leaning commentary
    What in the world is black American English? The English that you refer to has more to do with socioeconomic status and education than it does with race. If I listen to white poor and uneducated people speak English and then decide that is white American English it would be just as ridiculous.
  • lupepa
    Grammar girl pod
    Very well done
  • Iambic12345
    Such a fine show
    Thank you.
  • SmilingTexan
    Good for grammar information; bad political views
    I used to like listening, and I was able to ignore the obvious left-leaning, liberal political views expressed in a few episodes. But when you have such an obvious fake scientist as "Bill Nye", who has abosolutely zero credentials in real science and call it a science episode (ep: 691, 'Science Rules with Bill Nye'), I have to draw the line. Unsubscribe, and I won't be back.
  • LakeView 67
    Well worth it
    These shows not only educational, they are downright entertaining. There is always some tidbit that I walk away with. I highly recommend subscribing to this.
  • Jackie Albers
    Writing style guessing game
    Very engaging podcasts. I am almost always learn something new. Lately I have been trying to guess who wrote the article Mignon is sharing based off of the different writing styles. She has a great team and I really enjoy listening.
  • Michigan Dave 12
    Excellent Resource as Well as Entertaining!
    I've been a long time listener to Grammar Girl. As a teacher and aspiring writer, I always learn something new and find something to inspire me. I like to listen to GG while I'm on my morning walk. It gets me ready to write when I get back home.
  • Spycituna
    Robotic scripted reading
    I am only leaving this review because I would love to give this another try later when the delivery of the message is improved. Maybe other people don’t mind that she just reads from a script the whole time, but I personally find it very difficult to follow when the delivery doesn’t sound conversational or natural. It’s like a cringe-worthy presentation someone makes by completely reading every word, word for word, of very text-heavy PowerPoint slides. I feel like if you’re going to be in the podcast space, you need to up your game. Because this is the first one I’ve come across so far that sounds this stiff and I’ve listened to more technical topics.
  • Baseball Stat Wannabe
    Defenestration > Fenestration!
    I write very few reviews, so it takes an exceptional podcast -- good or bad -- to move me to write. This has been one of my "must listen" weekly podcasts for a decade now, so it is well worth your time. It is one of the few parts of my weekly commute that I look forward to! One of Minon's personal remarks was about the phrase "the defenestration of Prague," which was coined to commemorate people being thrown through a window in 1618 at the start of the Thirty Year's war. Imagine my glee to be watching "Building off the Grid: Lake Superior" on the DIY channel when the architect / owner, after finishing installing windows and moving on to the cabin's siding, talked about horizontal, wind-driven rain being a concern for the "fenestation and building wrapping!" Yes, I learned a vocabulary word AND was able to recognize it again!! Thanks!!
  • Marathon1234
    Fun, accessible, and nonjudgmental.
    Mignon Fogarty obviously enjoys linguistics and her style helps to share that enthusiasm with her listeners. I’ve listened in the car for a few years and love this podcast. I’m just a word junkie, not a linguist or professional writer, and find it to be just as thorough as needed for any given topic with examples that make everything clear. It’s the perfect length: never so condensed that I’m left scratching my head trying to remember grammar terms from high school English and never so long that new episodes back up in the feed until I find the elusive time to really concentrate and catch up. Plus it’s a welcome, non-political break from the dozen other podcasts in my feed chronicling the collapse of our democracy!
  • Victor In LA
    One of the most “Original” podcasts out there
    As the English language (and grammar) are going downhill and fast, this podcast sheds light on grammar, key words, phrases, meaning of words, application and usage to understand and communicate better. The content is niche but high quality and very original. Give the Grammar Girl a WELL deserved listen
  • Highjhffhjjjgffghh
    Great info and entertaining
    Grammar often gets a bad rap of being a dry and boring subject. Mignon keeps it interesting and educational in a reasonable amount of time to hold your attention. I had never known that some languages have different words for different shades of blue. In North Carolina many of us regurly use two different words for when referring to certain shades of blue - Carolina Blue or Duke Blue.
  • craigmische
    Good Content, Hard For Me To Listen
    While I found the content interesting and helpful, I unsubscribed because I found the speaking style too hard for me to listen. I believe it is called “vocal fry”. That is my only criticism and I feel a little bad expressing it as Grammar Girl is positive and helping people better themselves.
  • Ridley182
    Love it!
    Very informative show! And fun to listen to.
  • Danny_2013
    Recently, sightings report a character with an uncanny resemblance to a certain squiggly wearing chocolate all over and a funky looking Christmas sweater. By the way, this is one of my favorite podcasts of all time.
  • TheSindelK
    A Smart Podcast
    As my boyfriend said when I introduced him to Grammar Girl on a road trip, “Thank goodness, a podcast that doesn’t treat you like an idiot!” I enjoy the variety of grammar topics covered.
  • SM in US
    Quick and Engaging
    Every week I look forward to Grammar Girl’s short dives (most are less than 15 minutes) into word usage, rules, and a little history. Mignon reads widely across these topics so you don’t have to! Her podcast is really easy for general audiences to follow but so informative that even listeners who are well educated in grammar and etymology will still learn new things. Advice is always smart and practical, never dry or stodgy.
  • swims_like_a_fish
    Informative Podcast
    I nearly always learn something new! Or it confirms an idea that I have. Would love to hear one on “bold-faced vs. bald-faced” I’ve always thought it was bold, but 2-3 times I’ve heard it as Bald in presentations or podcasts. Could I have been wrong all this time?! Grammar Girl, please help!!
  • madman1311
    Definitely worth the listen
    Grammar Girl is amazing! I started listening because I'm a high school English teacher, but now I listen because each episode is supremely interesting. Every time I listen, I learn something new! I've also discovered myself referencing segments in conversations with friends and coworkers. Everyone should listen to Grammar Girl!
  • V_Walker
    How many languages DON’T use numbers?
    This podcast entertains while informing. (Learn about “middle voice,” for instance.) In my (most recent) favorite, I learned that not every language uses numbers! How does THAT work in a culture? Mignon can tell you. (10/11/2018)
  • lisa7688
    Political Slant
    Why does a show on grammar need to have a political slant? I enjoyed the show for quite a while until I got tired of the political jabs.
  • Carol from Kentucky
    Change of pace
    Grammar Girl is a great break from intense podcasts on current affairs. It’s relaxed, pleasant and interesting — a sweet mix of linguistics, history and advice on communication in English.
  • fishingsavage
    Grammar Girl is great!
    GG is a fantastic way to learn about language.
  • Plugh
    One of my favorite podcasts
    For just a few minutes a week, I get a wealth of useful information on grammar and related topics. G.G. is always upbeat, competent, and makes interesting a subject that none of my K-12 teachers ever could, despite my enthusiasm and curiosity for the technical aspects of the English language. I listen during my commute through the California coastal redwoods.
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