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Join Dan Miller every week for the "48 Days To The Work You Love" Internet Radio Show. Dan is referred to as the nation's leading authority on work, career and business start-up. This long-running show continues to sit solidly in the top 1% of all podcasts in the world. Dan believes we can all find - or create - work that is meaningful, purposeful, and profitable. 

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  • NRoseK
    You are talking to me
    Long time listener. Most episodes have at least one (or more) pieces of information I can apply to my life right now. Thanks for the community you have created.
  • L. T. F.
    48 days
    Listened for years. Very disappointed with the new ads and the amount of ads/interruptions. Very distracting. Have loved this show and purchased products, now it’s becoming just another podcast, no longer different. Dan your losing your way this used to be unique.
  • Coriantan
    Check your ads!
    I’m not opposed to ads and really like the idea you presented in the 50 companies… Is Planned Parenthood one of the companies you are partnering with?? That was the VERY first ad after your explanation of why you have ads again.
  • tdavies22
    Always a gold nugget
    Dan, I just want to say thank you. I am a long time listener of your show, and I can honestly say that your perspective and mindset has had a profound positive impact on my life. You have helped me learn and grow in so many areas. The way you deconstruct complex ideas and distill them down into practical wisdom is incredible. Every single episode I have ever listened to has at least 1 actionable piece of advice that will add value to whoever applies it. I am loving your wisdom of the sages format! Thank you for all that you do! Tyler
  • nrk1674
    Love 48 Days podcast
    Long time listener and can apply one or more of Dan’s recommendations to my life or refer to someone I know. Highly recommend.
  • JH70706
    I never miss!
    I subscribe to dozens of podcasts but typically pick & choose selected few interesting episodes to listen to. But with the 48 Days podcast I never miss a single episode! Dan Miller is always positive, encouraging, and full of excellent practical advice.
  • WildernessBackpackingAdventure
    48 Days
    Dan has a great heart to share and make us all better and happier people. I never miss his show.
    Favorite podcast in my library!
    This podcast has been a consistent weekly go to for me now for almost 10 years. Dan’s message has impacted my life in some amazing ways and I give him much of the credit for the exciting trajectory that my career is on today!
  • easuccess2
    Learning Plein Air
    48days is has been my go to top 5 podcasts for years because Dan is one of those guys who can change the trajectory of your life. There is no fluff here . Every podcast is filled with positivity and actionable ideas that can help you find work that is purposeful and profitable.
  • RyGuyrlf
    Flying high with the Eagles
    Dan Miller is a class-act, the real deal. As a member of his Eagles community I get to see him interact with, encourage and support other business owners in their journey to work and life we love. I can say from first hand experience that his advice and community really have made a substantial, even a crucial and pivotal difference in my own journey to find and spread my wings.
  • SarahK70
    48 Days will improve your life.
    Today’s episode was one of your recent best (I would say that about each one). I was so enthused to hear Ashley on with you today. I’ll be looking forward to her course as well. Thank you for all both of you do for this community. Is there a link for me to share if Ashley’s new course?
  • malfoxley
    Great show!
    Dan, host of the podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • mpcorley iTunes
    Wise Words Each Week
    Dan’s breadth of experience and wisdom shine through on this weekly podcast. I have been listening for years, and each week, I find his insights meaningful and applicable. I highly recommend this podcast.
  • Aklise
    Always a pleasure
    I look forward to each episode. Very interesting topics and very well spoken. Thank you Dan for sharing!!!
  • TanMoose787
    Weekly inspiration
    I look forward to these episodes every week! And often find myself revisiting older episodes. Dan’s tone and choice of content is always inspiring and helps me start the day with a “go-getter” mindset.
  • Jordan Craig
    Clarity, humor, and stories!
    Thank you Dan for sharing your insight and stories in such a delightful way. Your content is a beacon of light in a confusing workplace landscape. Keep on shining!
  • Singasong3728;718
    A+ Mentor!
    I have listened to this podcast for years and learned so much. Dan has so many ideas and great knowledge. He shares practical, step by step ideas, long term outlook, and has a wonderful attitude about people, life, learning, money, success and failure. Thank you Dan for all you do.
  • David Price 526
    Great job Dan
    I listened to "It might be too for You to be successful" and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am now in a new season of life and exploring new career opportunities and this podcast really helped put things in a proper perspective. Thanks Dan
  • Kiwikbug
    Win the morning, win the day! Win with Dan Miller
    I absolutely love this podcast. With all that is happening in the world around us Dan helps you focus on what you need to succeed each day. There’s always something to glean from Dan.
  • Rubedog23
    Dan Miller is doing the Lord's work!
    Great insight and everyday practical job advice. Compassionate but no BS.
  • Kookiesncream11
    It is easy to fall in a rut when left to my everyday routine or thoughts. A dose of this podcast helps shift my thinking, motivates and inspires me to think differently and take action. If you know deep down inside if you there’s more to life than what you’re already doing, I highly recommend you invest some of your time and take a listen.
  • natecoumbe31
    A weekly dose of much-needed inspiration!
    Dan’s book, “48 Days to the Work You Love”, put me on a trajectory that has led to most productive two years of my life. Each week’s episode is a a prod in the right direction, a reminder that I was put here for something significant. It’s my job to figure out what that is; Dan is here to help.
  • Kent Sanders, Writer
    WARNING: Don't listen unless you want a better life
    Dan Miller's 48 Days podcast has been one of my favorites for several years. I love his wisdom, clear thinking, and inspiration to help you find or create work that you love. There is absolutely no way you can listen to this show without being motivated to do better work and create a better life for yourself. I owe a large amount of my creative success to Dan Miller and his content. Thanks, Dan!
  • aaronashworth
    48 Days is my #1 Podcast
    I have followed Dan Miller since the mid 2000s. The 48 Days Podcast for over 10 years now has been my number 1 podcast I listen to every week. Dan Miller’s approach to life, careers, and entrepreneurship are not only entertaining, but always extremely relevant for the time. I’m a little biased because I have honestly consumed and held onto every book Dan has wrote, stayed up with his online presence, and have bought and listened to much of his audio material.
  • claidheamdanns
    This show is like a virus. No matter what I do, I can’t get it to permanently stop reappearing on my device! I’ve deleted it and unsubscribed, and it eventually shows back up again.
  • RebeccaJenkins
    My Friday morning
    I get excited every Friday morning when my phone tells me a new episode is here. Does every single thing Dan says apply to me? Of course not but so much of it leads to new thoughts, new ideas, and a renewed sense of tenacity to follow my entrepreneurial path. Highly recommend listening to. If you don’t like the few advertisements then simple press the 15 sec forward button a few times and move on :)
  • tkd4u
    I never miss an episode.
    I have recommended this podcast to many people. I always feel inspired after listening. One of my few “can’t miss” podcasts.
  • DH Maverick
    Dan is a R O C K S T A R
    This podcast is the #1 podcast I recommend to friends and business associates. I look forward to my Friday afternoons and the drive home listening to Dan’s latest episode. His experience and advice is ROCK SOLID — you have to be strategic and different to rise to the top of the heap. He is positive and practical with sage counsel. Dan truly serves his audience with incredible value each and every week. 🙌❤️😁
  • BusinessOwnerFreedom
    Weekly Listener
    I have been listening for years. I look forward to the podcast and Dan every Friday. Wouldn’t miss a week!
  • Lady J is so inspirtaional
    A smart investment of your time that bonds your life to deliver higher gains
    Dan's podcast is genune! It is contagious! It is life changing! Dan gives high quality presentations that are filled with diversified resources that may be used to build your leadership, to expand your entrepreneurial spirit and to upgrade your income level. Most of all, he illustrates the life of a great servant leaders who wants people from all walks to live triumphantly in their God given calling. Dan's podcast has added so much value to my life.
  • SusanTW
    Positive inspiration for entrepreneurs & career folks
    I have listened to every episode of the 48 Days podcast and really enjoy it. It took me a while to get used to the content because I felt like I didn't "need" to hear the Good News segments. However, I often find myself sharing the stories with my children. When a curve ball comes, it is nice to be reminded that there ARE good things happening in the world. Dan's business advice is encouraging and on-point. I love that he's willing to take actual questions from listeners and answer them. What a great way to get free expert advice! I have learned so much from all these episodes and share them with my husband on a regular basis. Keep up the great work, Dan!
  • Micburg
    My e-mentor for a decade!
    My favorite podcast for as long as I can remember. I credit Dan’s teachings and exposure to other like minded people for more than doubling my income in these ten years. His goal setting strategies and focus on the seven life areas helped me get more out of life. I have multiple copies of 48days that I always recommend and hand out to friends who are looking for the job they love.
  • Spur Us On
    Perspective and Wisdom
    Dan’s podcast is full of positive stories, strategies, and tools to guide you toward the work you love. Lots of wisdom and a variety of perspectives are offered here. Take a listen!
  • Nengbers
    Went for a 20-minute run and didn’t even get to the content of this podcast. Everything was slow and drawn out. I understand the goal is a 48-minute episode, which would be great if you’re working with more than 48 seconds of valuable information.
  • Joshua.Williams
    Got to live where I wanted, work where I wanted....Dan taught me to MANAGE MY LIFE!
    I first read 48 days to the work you love in Sep/Oct 2008. By applying its principles, I transitioned to a new career and moved from Michigan to Texas; that was just the beginning. We (wife & kids) then moved to our dream location in Colorado. I eventually chose to temporarily move back to Texas for work when severe life challenges came along. However, the wisdom that Dan shares is real and is helping me get my family back to our dream spot... Anyways, I’m about to get involved in the 48 days community to let the iron sharpen the iron!
  • Winston Faircloth
    In Transition? Take a listen.
    Dan is the master of helping people stuck in a career transition see a brighter future. This podcast focuses on listener questions with Dan’s inspiring approaches to their challenges. It is a mix of encouragement and tough love. And with action, anything is possible.
  • 74WIXYgrad
    Good Enough to Rhyme About
    You feel that your J-O-B Is a place where you may want to flee In 48 days Dan can show you the ways To have a career filled with glee
  • JustinBaileySpeaks.com
    Dan is THE MAN!
    If you like to surround yourself with positive ppl, outside the box thinkers, good news, and real practical wisdom... this show is for you!! I tune in weekly and am always encouraged and enlightened by Dan! I also try to have his show on around my kids as much as possible so they can pick up some nuggets along the way! If I could give it 10 Stars I’d do it !!
  • PurpleChips19
    Don't keep your J-O-B, find work you L❤️VE
    This podcast helps you find work you love or create the work you will love. It has inspiring good news and success stories. Also, Dan list many great resources and interviews super helpful people. Help is just 48 minutes away.
  • A-Taylor-23
    My #1 Favorite Podcast!!
    I can't recommend this podcast enough to everyone!! Dan Miller is a brilliant, creative thinker who offers us tons of tips and valuable nuggets of wisdom to help us look inward in order to find the things that truly make our heart sing, then find a way to monetize them. He shares tons of actionable ideas, inspiration and encouragement for anyone looking to thrive in life. Whether you're looking for a better job, or a better life, Dan's the man that will help you get there! This is by far my favorite personal growth /life purpose podcast. A++++++++
  • Cowgirl218
    Love this pod cast
    I listen to many uplifting educational pod casts and this is one of my favorites. The message is positive and makes a great way to start the day. The worst thing about this pod cast is waiting for the next episode.
  • Jamie sling
    Dan Miller is a source of wisdom
    I love this podcast. Dan Miller also brings inspiration and wisdom to every episode.. This is the best podcast on iTunes
  • Julie Anne Rupp
    Not usually my style but I listen every week
    I actually prefer podcasts with an interview style. However, after I listened to 48 Days for about a month, I realized that this podcast more than any other gives me stimulating ideas and helps me to think outside of the box. I have now listened every week for almost a year, and have found that this podcast is one of my priorities every week to help move my life and business in a positive direction. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is looking to move your life in a positive direction.
  • J. Barshop
    Awesome show, highly recommend!
    Dan and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content on how to become a better business leader and (more importantly) a better overall person. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to 48 Days to the Work You Love if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to achieve those big dreams (and live your best life as a result)!
  • Justin Gentry
    For Those Who Want to Move Forward
    Dan's message is both inspiring and practical. I've learned much from him over the years and I'm grateful for his influence. Subscribe to this podcast if you want to move forward in work and life.
  • Snowwmman
    Thanks for the improvement to the show
  • JasonK17
    Great information and insights
    Dan has a wealth of knowledge and helps very successful individuals, yet he can still provide practical and helpful advice for anyone looking to improve their position in the workplace. Thank you Dan!
  • Mac Prichard
    48 Minutes of Always Helpful Advice
    Every week host Dan Miller offers 48 minutes of frank and always helpful advice about jobs, careers, and self-employment. Dan's warm and friendly manner makes this show especially engaging. And the occasional changes in format -- you might get an interview, answers to listener questions or a monologue depending on the week -- keeps this long-running program lively and fresh.
  • ProfLittle
    Practical, spot on career and life counsel!
    Thankful for Dan and his team and the meat they provide in each podcast (and in his newsletter too!). Such encouraging perspective - always learning and growing! What better way to encourage others to do the same?
  • Laura M Moutal
    Inspired to fly higher!
    Dan Miller's podcast is my most played podcast that I have ever had access to...I love it! He has freely shares so much wisdom and insight and the greatest encouragement so needed today and always. I always listen more than once (3-4x) solid applicable strategies and suggestions for whatever your situation may be!
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