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Get the latest Apple news and views from the top names in Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad journalism.Records live every Tuesday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.

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Recent Reviews
  • Mr. 346
    Pro CCP drivel.
    Delivers useful tech information tainted by patronizing and political snide comments. I guess be expected from a show from Colleyforneeya.
  • derkcir
    Love the show
    Love the show but as others have mentioned sometimes the hosts can go on way to long to make a point. I think Andy’s argument is always that the price is to high for whatever the product is... Also I wonder if Renee can hear or is he just that insensitive that he starts talking right in the middle of someone else’s point. Many times right in the “middle” of someone’s sentence he will just start talking. Anyway I can put up with the clumsy conversations for now because I love the subject and mostly like the hosts.
  • techaesthetic
    Whoever does most of the talking needs to keep his mouth shut and let the others talk. That being said, to all the other bad ratings talking about leaving the politics out, f off, y’all are terrible ignorant small minded conservatives whining about white males feelings get hurt 🤦‍♂️
  • Bacillus
    Politics cram-fest
    Don’t need a podcast to tell me I’m the problem because of my race and gender. Totally done with the Twit network after 12 years of listening.
  • DarthChrisChris
    Get woke, go broke
    I’ve listened to this and other twit shows for over a decade. It used to be great. Keep your woke talking points to yourself and cover technology. Unsubscribed :(
  • LlDoone
    For a tech podcast there are too many stereotypes made about white males mostly in a snide or disparaging way. You wouldn’t make comments stereotyping blacks, women or any other race, sex, or ethnic group. And you would cut off guests who did make such comments about these groups. Time to have one standard about appropriate behavior to all groups. You can encourage inclusion of under represented groups in tech without the snark about white males.
  • ruffoj926
    Fun Show. Smart Guys.
    This is one of my favorite podcasts, and one of the only ones that I have been listening to nonstop for nearly a decade. I stick with these guys because they are very smart and very fun.
  • capn ch
    The crew are getting kind of obnoxious
    I like the analysis and tech knowledge and have listened off and on for over 10 years, but I’ve really started to become annoyed by the crew’s personality quirks lately. I guess you’re supposed to excuse gooberishness from tech people, but between Leo doing some childish voice every other minute, Andy constantly chuckling at something that wasn’t a joke, and Rene cutting in on top of someone to make a pop culture reference, I can’t help but want to turn it off. Lory and Alex are the only recent regulars that I could stand to be in a room with for more than 5 minutes.
  • --**
    Very well informed speakers on Macintosh
    Great to listen to, sometimes nitty gritty, other times it’s light hearted but always comes from Mac-centric knowledge based guests😃
  • farhaddad
    Congratulations For Leo
    You’ve passed the American silliness test. Quote from episode 755: “What a product called Woohoto hahahaha” then making fun that the color of the product color is written in Chinese! Yeah man! There is other languages than English (That isn’t even your language) in this world! Silly man! Kudos for Mr. Alex for ignoring your silliness and keep focus.
  • French Camp 49er
    Andy’s got to go
    This used to be a great show but Mr. Ihnatko has became plain vile with his constant political interjections. I come here to listen to tech, Ihnatko seems to have become nothing but a mouthpiece for his political beliefs. Stick to the tech and dump Ihnatko. Can you get rid of Andy, he is bring down your show, you have barely any left you didn’t need to lose anymore listeners
  • CMK4211
    Been listing since 2010
    Look I know there are so many Mac Podcasts out there and I have tried many of them but I always come back to MacBreak Weekly for the analysis and fun banter between the hosts.
  • brailletchr
    Mac Enthusiasts
    I never miss this podcast. I consider it as a must-see podcast about Apple and Macs.
  • Dilbertiii
    All good except Andy
    This is the best Apple show...but, Andy is NOT a Apple fan and I grow weary of his Apple bashing. I listen to an Apple show to hear good about Apple, not to hear Andy go on and on with his negative comments about Apple!
  • Pious Renegade
    Better moderation needed
    The show generally is fun to listen to and informative, and it’s great that the panelists are not Apple partisans. Instead they’re just users with their own loves and beefs with Apple products. That said, it would be really nice if Andy could collect his thoughts before he speaks. He’s become downright unlistenable, and I find myself skipping past his 3-5 minute diatribes. It’s become so bad that I can’t regularly listen to the show anymore.
  • DJBokChoy
    Love it
    Thank you all for my favorite tech talk!
  • jazzagemaven
    A New Favorite
    Just discovered this podcast. It has become a new “must listen”. Andy and Rene bring great insight and humor to their observations, and make complex technical issues easily understood. Looking forward to much fun listening in 2001.
  • ijoemonaco
    Andy is the best!
    Keep up the political commentary.
  • Take America back
    Less tech more politics
    Hardly any tech news more politics. Makes the show boring. We don’t care about your political views
  • runedigi
    Let Andy talk!
    Stop interrupting
  • Timaaa
    I don’t mind Andy bringing social repercussions to the conversation when it comes to tech talk. Common sense would tell you it’s obvious, and actually the whole cast does it. However I don’t appreciate Andy’s constant frugal light he puts everything in. We know new tech isn’t cheap but we want to know about it and too much time is given to 5 year old purchases in bulk on Ebay that is “ just fine “. Also Anker on Amazon should pay for his continued ill advised touting. It’s not great stuff especially their crappy headphones.
  • nother app user
    Informative, but long-winded
    The shows cover an amazing breadth of light-hearted, to in-depth news. But mostly its content is directed to the ‘pro-sumer’ or ‘consumer’, with less technical context than other podcasts. Its fun to listen to, and Leo has decades of experience and more podcasts than I can listen to (he must be recording all-day long to get these shows out). This is one I continue to listen to and find fun and informative. Yet, I listen to others for a more technical or design focus.
  • e.joe
    Long time listener
    Seems like someone was added to a hate list... tech and politics go hand in hand especially with the current policy some governments have against others... and our global economy. I for one value all opinions including Andy’s. Keep up the great podcasts 😬
  • Tash core
    Too long
    longer I think they’re so Long.
  • fecklar
    I can’t take Andy anymore
    I can’t take Andy Inhatko anymore - his pretentious view on tech is bad enough but his non stop diatribe about politics and business, as if he is an expert on either, is too much to take. I wish it was more Lori and Renee - and please bring back Alex Lindsay. More Doc Rock and less Andy. Please.
  • sfrs322
    I think Andy is a genius, and in that genius he often trips and stumbles over his own thoughts. Due to that, sometimes is very hard to listen to. To compensate whenever he speaks… Which tends to drone on and on. I set the playback speed to 1/2. It sounds like he’s drunk and it is the best thing ever. It makes when he speaks a lot more tolerable. Other than that love Macbreak Weekly been listening for years!
  • Subant05
    Muzzle Andy
    Just listened to iPhone 12 coverage. Can someone muzzle Andy. I had to scrub 3 minutes of audio to avoid Andy speaking gibberish. Everyone else can keep their comments and responses to short and concise statements. I don’t know what’s wrong with Andy, but it’s like his brain has diarrhea and his mouth can’t control the flow.
  • YakovYavitz
    Comrade Andy.
    I listen to the podcast to take a break from politics. Please Andy...... restrain yourself! tech, not politics.
  • MDPilot
    Love Tech - They show their ignorance with politics
    Every time Andy Inhatko is allowed his political screeds and show a his naivety to how “DC works” it a huge distraction and causes me to just abandon the episode. It’s becoming quite annoying. I’m missing Alex Lindsay from the crew because at leader when things trend political he could shut down Andy’s misleading and intellectually dishonest screed by being in a little nuance rather quickly. It’s best that Leo just stick to what they know instead of things they think they know.
  • TeamMiner
    Unsubscribed from my last TWiT Podcast
    I was a fan of the network from the start and have been watching Leo and the gang from the original Screen Savers days, but all this network is just politics now. I’m not some right wing crack pot mad at their “leftist agenda”, I just want my tech podcasts to be about tech. Further, regardless of political party I am sick of the hosts constantly bashing the United States. I am sad to say it but MBW was the last TWiT podcast I could tolerate and now I have unsubscribed from it as well. Sad to see this once great network deteriorate.
  • Jbarron4
    Mom politics
    Listen for tech not politics
  • 453006mac
    I have tuned in for years. But as others have said! Andy has to go or be controlled. I have worn a groove in my scrub bar fast forwarding thru the relentless babbling. Constantly talking over other guest. Most just give up and stay silent. Poor Alex doesn’t stand a chance. Show should be limited to Leo and two guest. Way too much talking over people. Leo has also gotten to a point of interrupting guest way too much. I usually watch on YouTube and just scrub thru Andy. But as others have said. He can go on for several minutes. Maybe Leo can find a job for Andy? Will continue to watch and just keep scrubbing or listen only in a pod cast and use the fast forward button. Shame to have a bionic mouth ruin a great show.
  • Jon Carlson
    Love/Loved the show... Stop the politics.
    I’ve listened for years, I really enjoy the variety or insight from everyone. I hate to say though, that Andy’s injection of political opinion has made it hard to listen for the past couple years. I have noticed the effort to keep it in check more recently, but if it didn’t happen at all that would be great. Getting back to the roots of Apple and Mac would be ideal. Thank you.
  • SteadyNH
    Politics and Fake News
    I am canceling my subscription because of the political commentary that the host and guests insist on inserting. It doesn’t belong on this show. And, they are idiots when it comes to political issues.
  • HailstormX
    Love MBW! But Its time for Andy to Go!
    I still listen to the show but Andy drives me crazy... talks way too much to make a simple point. Doesn’t add much to the show. Half the time he’s talking about all the google devices he uses... I’m glad the podcast app has a Thirty second skip. But it’s sad I have to usually push the button 3-5 times to get thru Andy’s drawn out explanations. Other than him they usually have a great panel. Alex and Rene are great and Leo is always fun to listen too. Drop Andy or put him on your google show would be a better fit. 5 Star podcast when he’s not on.
  • Joel the Gerbal
    Increasingly Negative! :(
    I’ve listened to this show off and on since it started, maybe 10 years. However, I have a fading desire to continue listening, not due to content, but because the host is increasingly negative and clearly anti-Apple. I don’t want him to be a “yes man,” or “fan boy” either, but what is the point of listening to a show about a specific company, when the mostly beats up on it?
  • sgeoris
    Getting harder to listen to
    I think he is fundamentally a nice person but I’m finding myself skipping forward whenever Andy starts on one of his rants....he just goes on and on, never getting to the point, stopping in mid sentence, changing how he wants to make his point....very frustrating.
  • R. Mansfield
    Best Apple-based Podcast available
    I’ve listened to this show from the beginning. If I only have time for one podcast each week, it’s going to be MacBreak Weekly. I feel like these folks are friends even though we’ve never met in person. Let me make a statement about all the negative comments in these reviews regarding Andy Ihnatko. There has been a coordinated effort to write negative comments about Andy by the extreme Apple fanboys. Andy does not buy into the idea that to discuss Apple products, you have to be using all of Apple’s products. Andy’s big sin: he uses an Android phone. So what? The negative comments about him have become personal and I say, “Shame on you,” to all those who would stoop to ad hominem attacks. Grow up. What MacBreak Weekly delivers is HONEST commentary about Apple products and news. I can recommend no other podcast more highly.
  • Martin Ellingham
    Andy lost his fastball.
    Andy’s time has passed. Rene and Alex have the information. Andy, post Chicago Tribune, does not have much to offer compared to Rene and Alex. Leo’s rotation strategy may be a step toward phasing out Andy. Leo cut Dick DeBartolo from the schedule and Dick had much more to offer than Andy does now.
  • Speed00kills
    This show improves 10 fold if you drop Ihnatko
    Andy Ihnatko makes this show horrible. He stutters constantly giving me anxiety. He’s uncomfortable to listen to.
  • I can't believe it is this bad
    Podcast would be better without Andy
    I feel better knowing how everyone feels about Andy. Unfortunately, Andy is not a good reporter on Apple or anymore about it. I feel he is either too poor and/or cheap to keep up with technology in general. He alway talks about how things were or should have been but never how things are now. And he always throw in his politics when it is not needed.
  • Macclone
    Time for Andy to go.
    7/14. Andy can’t speak one sentence with out stuttering. Sad.
  • FiveStarDreams
    Please let Andy go
    I always enjoy hearing Alex, Leo, Lori, and Renee but please let Andy go. His anti-apple topics and endless rants bring down the show.
  • fahlman
    I Remember Why I Quit Listening
    It had been years since I last listened to MBW, but with Apple’s announcement the Mac was switching to Apple Silicon, I thought it would be a good time to see what the MBW gang had to say. I was immediately reminded why I stopped listening: Andy Ihnatko. His blathering is worse than I remember. I stopped listening halfway through the episode and it’ll be a long time before I listen to another, if ever.
  • qtrim
    Great show, but...
    ... Poor Andy just does not have any sense of coherence any more. Drop him and the show will be better and shorter.
  • trs63
    Thank God for Alex
    No one else has any business, legal or common sense.
  • milesa3
    Throttle Andy
    Or at least turn off his mike after 25-30 sec....Please!!!!
  • AndrewSims89
    Too Much From Alex and Andy
    I love Leo and all of his shows on the TWiT network, but Alex and Andy talk way too much. I can’t believe how much time has been spent on Alex’s online talks. It’s one thing if it were every once in a while, but it feels like every week he goes on a rant about the talks, and for some reason Leo encourages this. And then there’s Andy, who as many other reviewers have said, needs to talk way less. It’s crazy how some people can be so unaware of how annoying they are.
  • jndassaro
    Great show beware of trump trolls
    Apparently trump supporters got upset because the hosts simply stated what the rest of the nation is observing. That triggered the “you know who’s”. Anyway, this is a great show and I have been listening or watching Leo for two decades I think now.
  • Jbairdjr
    Can’t leave out politics
    Tried to listen to Tuesday’s episode for an escape from politics and learn about tech. I used to listen for an escape from everything else. But that’s impossible.
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