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Take a fact-based journey through the cosmos. Tune in to hear weekly discussions on astronomical topics ranging from planets to cosmology. Hosted by Fraser Cain (Universe Today) and Dr. Pamela L. Gay (Planetary Science Institute), this show brings the questions of an avid astronomy lover direct to an astronomer. Together Fraser and Pamela explore what is known and being discovered about the universe around us. Astronomy Cast is supported thru

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  • Myrric
    This Podcast Will Leave You Misinformed
    This podcast is not one I would recommend to anyone, much less anyone who is very much interested in learning more about space and space adjacent topics. The conversations are framed very poorly and can in turn mischaracterize the subject matter at hand, leading to people likely coming out with inaccurate understandings of the topics discussed. In particular, there’s an entire episode dedicated to solely the side effects of renewables. It’s was incredibly disingenuous and disappointing to frame the quote-unquote “complicated” topic of climate change by only discussing the side effects of each piece of renewable energy. A proper discussion should evaluate the pros and the cons to come at a holistic understanding of the subject at hand. This podcast just doesn’t quite do that though and mishandles some of the subject matter, in turn misinforming people. Some of the talking points used by the podcast can be dangerous, and are perpetuated by climate change deniers. -Why would we only focus on the side-effects for any given thing, most especially for renewables? -Do the benefits still outweigh the cons? -Are things being overstated or not? For starting off by qualifying the topic as so “complicated” the podcast takes a particularly uncomplicated stance and effectively just serves to misinform listeners.
  • Matocaster
    Pretentious podcast run by a clear narcissist.
    The host (Fraser) seems to think very highly of himself. Mostly pointing out in small ways that he’s better or smarter than you. As a graduate with 2 masters degrees in engineering, and one in astronomy I can tell you he’s not. He’s simply a pretentious narcissist whom seems to love to interrupt his co-host, (also pretty chauvinistic) and make the show about himself. Not much critical info here, pretty cringy to listen to lately due to his blatant narcissistic and unfounded arrogant displays, If you’re into astronomy, you can do far better for sure.
  • P.TwoBears
    Great for non-scientists
    I’m just a mom, and definitely not a scientist. But I absolutely love this podcast. Keep doing what you’re doing+ Science for the People!
  • BruiserAndElle
    Favorite Podcast
    This podcast is the one I always look forward to the most. I really enjoy the dynamic between Pamela & Fraser, along with the depth & relatability with which they treat each topic-those often seem to be treated as mutually exclusive, but Astronomy Cast has found the perfect habitable zone. Matt G.
  • MinnesotaFrank
    Cut the drama
    Did I just hear Pamela go on an “oh poor me” extravaganza about how all her holidays are wrecked for her and her family by NASA’s scheduling? The program actually got to about 8:30 before she got around to the first one that occurred ‘during’ her career (in grad school).
  • Mizzourah20
    Great space and astronomy podcast
    Wonderful conversation and topics. Keep doing what you’re doing. Love it and no complaints.
  • IDSgt56
    A new drinking game. Every time Fraser says “right,” you get to take a shot. You will be trashed by the end of the show.
  • Eftwood
    Outstanding Show
    Terrific conversations on the stars, space, the physics of the universe, and the science and engineering of how humanity gains its knowledge.
  • Cleverhanz
    Condescending, rude, broadly unlikeable hosts complaining about funding and politics. Just because we can’t see you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be embarrassed.
  • Brys070
    She opened the show talking about leaving America seemingly for “social justice issues?” It’s an astronomy podcast lol. What an absolute clown opinion.
  • drh9447
    Phenomenal podcast! Informative and entertaining. Treat yourself and give them a listen.
  • Northwestwood
    What’s Astronomy Have to Do with Politics?
    On multiple occasions, the hosts decide to speak on their politics and show their liberal bias. I listen for astronomy; if I wanted to listen to politics I would’ve subscribed to a different podcast. This is a joke. Unsubscribed.
  • dis blood runs preeeet
    Best regular astronomy content available
    I’m extremely grateful to have found this podcast. I’m a layman who has always loved astronomy and took all my science electives in astronomy and physics. Anyone can understand the conversations without a technical background, but it still manages to be complex and in depth enough for an interested person with a basic background in the field. Listen to it.
  • Gmoney.
    Just found this podcast the other day and WOW! I love the content and it makes me feel like I’m quietly sitting in on a meeting about what’s going on in the world of space and science exploration. Working my way from the early episodes to current. I’m really happy with the chemistry between everyone. Very friendly and the conversations complement each other’s intelligence about the topics talked about.
  • jLuisZamora
    In all of the episodes I’ve listened to, the audio is horrible. It’s as though you’re forgetting you’re speaking into a mic.
  • sweet toooth neli
    I really like this podcast because it’s like my little secret lol its so interesting because they talk about things on a deeper level also nobody really knows exactly how much i love this so nobody would ever tease me about liking science and so its just sooooo amazing it’s cool how their content is bizarre and so intriguing.
  • Cjdjdkskskslsksndffff
    Great podcast
    Really enjoying this, I’ve been looking for a podcast about all things Universe for ages, and finally found one! Very interesting
  • iraqidinarfan
    Do we have the technology to make artificial gravity on the moon?
  • Agent J.....
    I look forward each week for this podcast! Pamela and Fraser have a fantastic rapport as they discuss varying aspects of the universe and our place in it. Can’t recommend their podcast, YouTube’s, and twitch channels enough!
  • willshatter82
    Astronomy made fun
    As a casual astronomy fan Astronomy Cast has great discussions that keep you interested. Great for experts and casuals like me.
  • FlyingDutchmen7
    Good content. Terrible audio
    Good content for the average listener, but they really need to even out their volumes.
  • PiscesFish
    Where has this podcast been all my life??
    Thank you for your dedication!
  • app review 1990
    I love this cast
    Keep doing what your doing this is awesome I love it!
  • MaxGravy
    Best Astronomy podcast!
    Fraser and Pamela create one of my favorite podcasts. Be sure to check out the ‘raw’ versions of each show on their website. They include behind-the-scenes banter and listener questions not included in the official releases.
  • SPD_SuperNerd
    Best show for astronomy!
    Could you please do a podcast on quark stars? Also the differences between neutron stars, quark stars, and strange stars? Are strangelets a real thing or just a “quark” of the math?
  • X1metalsmith
    Pure joy
    This is one of my favorite podcasts! Can’t get enough! Go science!
  • 1+1-1=1
    Astronomy Cast is Excellent.
    Remarkable how Dr. Gay is able to explain even subtle aspects fo physics and astronomy in a clear and understandable way even without video. Most similar information services are video only. I greatly appreciate being able to learn from this podcast without sitting down to watch. Update 2019. Still true. I listen all the time. Even back episodes are useful. I just joined patreon to support the show.
  • Mikeybre
    Best science pod cast out there
    started listening in high school.... continue 10 years later love it love it love it
  • Lucky coins
    I love how I can listen to this and learn fun astronomy facts and news at the same time. This podcast has increased my knowledge, intriguing to listen to, and have me new ideas for observatories to visit.
  • generic carbon based life form
    Outstanding podcast
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I am trying to catch up to current releases as I am still a few years behind. The hosts have great voices and wonderful chemistry, they cover a huge range of topics that relate, sometimes tangentially, to astronomy.
  • Gandalf the Alien Grey
    100% Awesomeness
    Great content on the latest astonomical science and space missions and entertaining dialogue from both hosts. I love this show!
  • han2010000
    Best Podcast
    I adore this podcast. I listened to it when I took an astronomy class and it helped me SO much. I love listening to it now because it helps me remember all the cool and freaky stuff about space.
  • fuitynewty
    Awesome Show
    Really really great show! They talk thoroughly and interestingly about science, physics, and astronomy. A great way to learn more about the world around us. **ONE RECOMMENDATION** it would be so awesome if you guys could organize the podcasts by season! I am powering through all the episodes from the beginning, and it stinks to have to scroll all the way to the bottom of a 500 episode long list.
  • Bass setup
    Great Show...Far Too Much Time On Commercials
    This was such a great show but as time went on I learned far more about Caspar mattresses than about astronomy each episode. Shame really.
  • burnbizzle
    Excellent topics covered well
    Good overviews of interesting and timely astronomy topics. Occasionally I hear few errors on items that are a bit outside their areas of expertise but in general it is on point.
  • AsterixisHand
    Long intro
    It takes 5-6 minutes of talking to actually get to the podcast. And the co host is extremely redundant. Fraser: good radio voice and easy to understand. Co host: can’t keep a consistent distant from microphone and whispers half of her phrases. If I turn up the volume to listen to her extremely dynamic tonalities I get blown out when ever Fraser talks.
  • SaggitariusA*
    My favorite podcast right now. Great chemistry between the hosts. The topics, and Dr. Gay is incredibly knowledgeable and articulate in covering each one.
  • SquietPaw
    Fall Into Space!
    The most likable people in the universe tell you the latest in the universe... what’s not to like?!
  • K9Rush
    Little astronomy
    I listen to the show yesterday and I had very little astronomy and it was talking about science-fiction and Stargate SG one I’m rambling on nothing about astronomy come on if you’re going to call yourself an astronomy podcast stay focused on astronomy please
  • Lovelobster
    The smugness is overflowing
    I listen to this podcast only for comedic value. I’m sure the hosts have good intentions, but I laugh at how self important and smug these people sound as they explain their interpretation of life. It’s only worth two stars.
  • twEditor
    Dumbed-Down Astronomy
    While I love Dr Pamela’s beautiful speaking voice, and Fraser Crain’s quirky style, this is Dumbed-Down Astronomy at best. They go too far in trying to make the science palatable and drop a great deal of real content in the process.
  • Hartkid
    Perfect for Backyard Astronomers!
    This podcast is the perfect springboard for backyard astronomers. There is enough detail in each episode to give you a good understanding of the topic, and it fuels your curiosity to dig deeper in the topics that interest you. Frasier and Pamela are such kind and fun tour guides to the cosmos. I can’t recommend it enough!
  • buttonwillow9
    Good info
    ...but I have unsubscribed. I can’t bear another minute of the cutesy interplay between the hosts and I’ll scream if I hear them mispronounce Charon one more time.
  • HappyPaint
    My Mum counts this as school
    Me mum counts this as school it’s so good
    So very informative.
  • YouHaveNoFreeWill
    This show rocks
    Love it! This show inspired me to get a telescope and get in to astrophotography Keep killing it.
  • Bill Smyth
    Very happy with this. I have been listening from the beginning.
  • Gregy1111
    Amazing!! My favorite.
    I’ve been listening for past couple years, but when they started doing their update episodes, I finally took note of all their older episodes, which are great! I went back and started from ep. 1 and am working my way through. I credit this podcast with getting me re-engaged with my love for science.
  • Dandrobium
    Frasier and Pamela do a great job making astronomy and space science understandable and interesting.
  • Brooke25**
    I love this show!! I’ve always been interested in astronomy but I’m not an astrophysicist so it was difficult to find a podcast with subject matter that I completely understood. This is definitely it! They give great info thats easy to understand!
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