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Dan Savage, America's only advice columnist, answers your sex questions and yaps about politics. To record a question for Dan to be answered in a later podcast, record your question and send it to Q@Savage.Love, or call 206-302-2064. For a much longer version of the show, with no ads, visit and get yourself a subscription.

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  • Southerngui54
    Love Dan!!!!!
    Ideal husband
  • Dr Bobs freind
    Wow and thank you.
    I have read Dan’s books and have always admired him. So glad a friend recommended This Podcast. Thanks Dan. I thought I knew a lot, but this is eye-opening. So refreshing and beautiful. Your knowledge and care is inspiring.
  • Gryphons stutter
    An all time great
    I came across Dan Savage as a columnist in The Stranger when I started UW in 1990 (yikes!). I am so grateful that he is still rocking real and direct advice after all these years!!!
  • Bilas Peles
    Great show — between the ads
    Informative, witty, and entertaining show — between the many ads. Typical American show, i.e., tonnes of ads interspersed with top-class content.
  • e rn
    Sad but true
    Been listening to this podcast for at least 7 years….it was awesome until the last year or so. I have struggled to make it thru the last episode or four.
  • Discovery Bill
    Best podcast ever! No matter the subject!
    Love Dan, his advice, and his world view!
  • ChadWSU
  • DickeyDonnely
    Oracle of Oral
    So much more than sex advice, it’s life advice! Funny, opinionated, and always thoughtful—Dan’s perspective can help anyone live and love better.
  • Epiphany>!
    Magnum guests ???
    Why list the magnum guest when it’s not in the actual podcast? I listened to an episode waiting for the interview with the guest I was interested in. A half hour in I find out that’s a separate subscription thing. I thought it was misleading, there’s no mention in the into that the gusts listed aren’t actually on the show here. I was disappointed I wasted my time and didn’t even enjoy the 33 minutes of show i heard
  • RyanCShowers
    Unfckably bad
    As a gay man, this pretentious loser doesn’t represent me.
  • Mphilly120988
    April 1st episode
    This was unfunny and borderline cruel. Why on earth would you take the serious calls of your listeners (i.e. CUSTOMERS) and make fun of them. It came off as elitist and condescending. Worst of all, it wasn’t funny at all. You both came off as jerks.
  • Flameonyou
    I like to listen for the hilarity of the subject matters. Dans responses, even more so🙄 how he takes some of these topics seriously?😆 Wish a lot of these sexual kinks were still taboo, naughty, dark, fun and not over analyzed.
  • nprfanforever
    Most important podcast of the decade
    Dan Savage is doing God’s work saying what needs to be said and making the world a better place.
  • happenstance76
    Used to be one of my favorites
    Long time magnum subscriber- just ended my auto renew for the first time. Find myself fast forwarding the extras & a lot of the pod because it’s boring and tedious.
  • all the nicknames are taken009
    Re: Bonus Episode April 2, 2023
    Re: Bonus Episode on April 1st Long-time listener here. I get that you may have done this episode as a “practical joke” on this occasion for April Fool’s but if so, there was literally nothing funny about it. I decided to stop listening after listening to Dan’s responses to the first three calls because the diatribe of condescension just because too much. This podcast is supposed to be informative and entertaining, right? Not voyeurism of Dan Savage punishing listener for what he seems to deem stupid questions.Not only were his responses entirely unhelpful and patronizing but the pattern of condescension to some listener calls over time has become cringe worthy and honestly feels like an embarrassing glimpse into Dan’s misplaced sense of superiority and the ugliness living inside of his mind. Treating so many of these listener calls as if the callers were stupid, especially in such a public way, speaks volumes about Dan rather than embarrassing the callers as he seems to intend to do when “roasting them.” It’s just gotten dark, Dan. I know you’re going through it with your injured shoulder but cope, my man. Or don’t record the episode at all if you’re going to be this vicious to some of your callers. Or just pick different listener calls to answer where you’re actually answering the question and not just cutting the person down to size. Honest feedback, man. It’s not healthy to be this vicious to people, let alone so publicly. And I’m not just talking about this particular episode. I hope you give it some sincere thought and don’t just discard this as criticism. All the best.
  • babblingbrrok
    generally love the show
    re: special April 1 episode. don't give up your day job. comedy isn't your forte. sorry.
  • Awesomeblomms
    4/1/23 Show
    Dan & Nancy, you’re both awesome. Admittedly, it took me until about 18 mins into the show to realize… April Fools 🫣🤭🤣👍🏼
  • Paradoximoron
    Thanks for the bonus episode!
    That was so funny! You made my day. I think ads might have been the best part. Meotard! LOL!
  • elibandiçoot
    Dan Savage is the best
    I met him at the live recording w/ Stormy Daniel’s shortly after the Trump scandal. I really love the true to self approach of giving sound advice. Reality is the podcast is great and the questions asked are wild. I really appreciate every contributor. Ig: @tennisinstructorsf__ Having fun-chill vibes and love u Dan 💜
  • evsky
    Degrees of Dicktitude
    After avidly listening to/ reading Dan for years, I finally felt the need to write and thank Dan for positing that perhaps just perhaps, at least some of the young models dating Leonardo DiCaprio (a story that has passed over or under my particular radar) might have just possibly been the first to tire of the affair . I’m 57 and never been as hot as I’m sure those women are but for some reason felt joyful vindication. Thanks Dan!
  • Sagdcnnvc
    All the episodes disappeared :(
    Where did all the episodes go???
  • player4616
    Big oof.
    Dan Savage encouraging CIO in both human babies and dogs? Eww. He’s all about the latest sexy research but clearly not brain development, attachment, or necessary nurturing for healthy babies. Gross.
  • andrea mapel
    Super cringe advice on anything trans/nb/etc
    Dan Savage needs to stop taking questions he isn’t qualified to answer and direct people to folks who are in closer proximity to expansive gender experiences. Pretty dismal attitude and likes to make fun of basic liberal behavior while being one himself. Not heartwarming, honestly embarrassing
  • Rob P H
    Don’t overlook this podcast
    I do not always agree with Dan Savage but I will say that I do 99% of the time but then again no one that I like and respect I agree with all the time. I’m such a spec for this land it’s ridiculous. This is one of the best podcast on sexual relations for anyone to listen to even though it is pointed primarily to the heterosexual audience everyone can learn some thing from this podcast even if you are a thoroughly highly sexual person he’s interesting is poignant he’s to the point and I’m glad there’s someone like him out there in the world
  • Tweety_411
    Hooked since 1st listen!
    Without any exaggeration whatsoever, I could listen to Dan’s podcast all day and night. Thank you and keep up the great work, foxy zaddy Savage ❣️
  • CharlieGrape
    This show is my sex and relationship bible
    I wish this podcast was sex Ed for everyone
  • Bchils
    Thanks for a great podcast
    This amazing podcast really delves into all the sex and relationship stuff that you have questions about and Dan is not afraid to voice his opinion about political issues that we need to know about
  • mofo_Tdac
    Great pod!!!
    Thanks for this insightful and entertaining pod. I listen every week, and am working my way through all the older episodes. Can’t get enough!!!
  • brother-dan
    95% of the shows are great!
    5% are good. Not a bad ratio. I subscribe to a lot of shows but only a few do I listen to the day they come out and this is one of them.
  • fmtiggie67
    Dan & the Savage Love Cast are Fabulous!!.
    This is a fabulous podcast! I actually work hard to make sure I don’t miss a single episode. In the beginning I went back and listened to all the time episodes from the beginning (back before you had to be a Magnum subscriber.)
  • YoginiLoka
    A refreshing and much needed podcast
    Dan Savage is my favorite podcaster by far. After binging on dark and twisty true crime all week, I look forward to his new weekly episode dearly and find it to be my favorite episode of anything I listen to each week.
  • mikehelig
    Tried to give him a chance but it’s become a political diatribe every episode. Also a little hypocritical of him to be so concerned with Covid but then also advocate for having dozens if not hundreds of sexual partners.
  • JJJJ8686
    Just can’t do it…
    Stopped listening to Dan a couple years ago, but decided to give him a chance again. I enjoy listening to the caller questions and thinking about their perspectives. Unfortunately, Dan has basically turned into the Rush Limbaugh of the left. (FYI I’m very left leaning politically.). I stopped listening again because instead of feeling inspired, informed, and empowered, I feel angry, despondent, and anxious. I truly believe he has no interest in issues of social justice. Much like the talking heads of Fox News, he uses fear, anger, and toxic masculinity to whip up outrage and chaos.
  • meganeggroll
    I have been listening to this pod cast on and off for a few years. great to listen to in the background while i'm working.
  • VeronicaSusan
    An exotic culture.
    When I listen to Savage Love I feel as though I’m visiting an exotic culture. Fascinating.
  • alisonbabula
    This pod made me GGG
    And if you don’t know what that is- take a listen with open ears, mind and heart.
  • V. Herrera
    The first podcast I listen to on Tuesday
    I look forward to Tuesdays because this is when Savage love drops. Glad the sex success stories are gone or mostly gone.
  • Louie@@
    I like this show and have read Dan’s stuff for 15 years. He has helped me broaden my originally sheltered perspective, and helped me understand LGBT/kink vocabulary. I don’t like when he tells people to “just move,” when he acts like every city has the link scene of Seattle, or when he acts like having hundreds of sex partners is totally normal and everyone is doing it. Too many ads, he wants you to pay for the premium
  • Exelixii
    Lifelong lessons
    Not only has Dan's advice made my relationships stronger, its so good that I often find myself quoting and referencing him when advising other people on their relationships as well. His experience speaks for itself.
  • realsupergirl
    Dan rocks
    Just want to put in my vote to keep the sexcess stories. I love them. I’m also a mental health therapist who has quoted Dan Savage to my clients many times.
  • D1111111346111
    Amazing show
    Dan, love the show for years now. I agree with others though, not a fan of the success stories!
  • HGLucky
    All ads, a few q&a’s.
    This podcast has been less and less about people’s questions and more about the ad reads and Dan’s 8-10 min rant at the beginning of each episode. Now there are “success stories” that take up even more time. It feels like 60% ads and crap, 40% content. Unless you’re willing to pay for the premium version, there are better options now.
  • Katze41
    Can we talk less politics?
    Love the show. I will continue to listen, but I get so tired of politics. Though I agree with much of your thoughts, this seems like the type of show that listeners could go to to have fun talking about sexuality and exploring new things without the drag of having to talk politics. Lots of love to you, Daddy’s Bunny 😏
  • buffalobrow
    I have been looking forward to this podcast every tuesday for 9 years!
  • Laurel Paliatina
    By far the most spot on ,intelligent and helpful breakdown to navigate relationships of all kinds effectively.
  • L$idb@ckcpl
    Great podcast but it’s fading
    I’ve been listening for 5-6 years. Terrific advice podcast and Dan is hilarious. However the show has gotten a lot less sexy over time. It used to consist mainly of bedroom topics which is why I originally subscribed. Now the majority of topics are either very depressing family questions or the pandemic.
  • Curious Sexual Explorer
    Love Dan
    Totally love this show. Just the right mix of sex and advice. Heck I’m even interested in a tushy toilet now! 😂 Keep up the good work Dan.
  • scwjesuswept
    Not a fan of politics but his advice is pretty good
    A lot of people with strange fetishes call in. Can you put all the older episodes back up? Follow my social medias guys. My Instagram and my tiktok is sonnywalters2001 and my Twitter is sonnywalters_
  • Miles Lewis artist
    Excellent Advice - With A Somewhat Dysfunctional Messenger
    This podcast is extraordinarily helpful and enlightening when it comes to sex. I've listened to it for many years and it's been a great tool. Dan has long had a tendency toward hard-line positions and has found himself entangled with the Right and the Left. He's a "cultural Catholic" and maintains a lot of stringent moralism. I think that this occassionally gets him into approaching subjects with less compassion and more detachment than you'd expect from what is often a super-sharp analytical intelligence. Savage Love is ultimately a great humanistic podcast and Dan has undergone some major conceptual adaptations while creating some awesome neologisms. Let's keep listening. Dan, keep evolving! :).
  • Qui Tam
    Informative and hilarious
    One of two podcasts where I pay for the premium version. Dan is so smart and thoughtful. This podcast blows my mind on a regular basis. And it's funny.
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