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Learn Spanish in coffee-break lessons from the Radio Lingua Network. In each lesson we'll focus on the language you need to know and before long you'll be making yourself understood with native Spanish speakers. Season 1 lessons are for absolute beginners, and the courses increase in difficulty as the seasons progress.


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  • Ade:l
    Not the best
    The words are exaggerated. I learn better using Duolingo and watching shows in Spanish than this. Spaniards don’t sound like this.
  • The Nerdlinger
    Great but Cara ruins it
    Mark is an amazing, thoughtful, and logical teacher. But unfortunately Cara the student ruins the podcast. I’m currently trying to rush through season 2 so I can be rid of her. She never gives the listener time to respond to Mark’s questions so I find myself having to constantly pause the podcast (lest my voice overlap with her atrocious accent). And she is always either laughing or stifling laughter, even when what is being said is not funny or intended to be funny. For example, Mark will go through the full conjugation of a verb and when Cara repeats it, you can hear her bizarrely on the verge of guffawing by the time she gets to vosotros. I wish Mark would redo the first 2 seasons of the podcast but with a better student or no student at all.
  • pdxjordanjay
    “Eso Es”
  • willajs27
    Kara’s pronunciation is so distracting
    She pronounces every word differently than Mark. Makes it incredibly hard to listen to this otherwise great podcast
  • sexyman21436587
    love the episodes :)
  • No learning from unavailable
    I still prefer Mexico Spanish over Spain Spanish
  • CD in VA
    I have been listening for a while and find the show super useful and full of interesting phrases, tips and helpful Spanish-language lessons. Keep up the amazing work, please!
  • Sunsea123sdf
    good good
  • Burdyblue
  • Curteousjonesjr
    Spain Is Ridiculous
    The pronunciation of c’s in Spain is ridiculous. Then to learn it comes from the copy-catting of a royal speech impediment is incredibly pretentious. And don’t get me started “bosotros”, remarkably inefficient. Latin American Spanish 10x better.
  • Bill2412
    Great podcast
    Give it a shot, this will exceed your expectations. Cool way to learn Spanish.
  • Adam T V
    Great Spanish teaching mark
    I love learning Spanish because mark you do AMAZING 🤩🤩🤩 at speaking Spanish. FANTASTIC job MARK
  • RCB94
    Wonderful Spanish learning tool
    I am at a B1-B2 level of Spanish and currently on season 3. I love it. I appreciate all the work put into it. Some of it is too basic, some at perfect level and dime a bit harder- but that’s how we learn. Also this should be only one tool in the language leaning journey. The telenovela is especially fun for me- don’t know if there will be more in the future seasons. Yes, for us in the US- a Latin version would be better- but either way I can’t complain. Would like to try the premium content ( any discounts;). Thanks
  • Truth juice
    I like it
    I love this podcast! I love the slow pace when they speak. It’a so helpful when following along repeating everything.
  • joe11117
    This podcast is an incredible resource. Warm, well-structured, fun, and practical.
  • Panamagurl60
    Great continuation of the series
    Coffee Break Spanish Four continues the story of Rory and Maria on the island of Mallorca. I really like all of the context as well as the expressions used by native speakers. The extended audio is perfect to listen to while walking my dog, and then I can review the transcript to really dig into any grammar or new expressions. Not for beginners but anyone wanting to take their Spanish to the next level past the textbooks. I’d love a season set in Latin America too (for the different accents and expressions).
  • ETrain7273
    A Good Start
    This podcast is helpful if you're a beginner, but don't rely on it to teach you to become fluent in Spanish.
  • nonnymomma
    Love the content,
    This has been SO HELPFUL. I have been looking for something to listen to that would challenge me but wouldn’t leave me in the dust, and this is it! Also, it isn’t boring which is pretty important and rare. Highly recommend!
  • adventure's os Simon's sciene
    Too many ads
    Too many ads and season 2 to season 3 is a too big jump I do not understand the text in season 3 very well because of this
  • Valentino. Fall.
    Great one
    Super great podcast. As I got advanced in the language, I am still relaying on this podcast. Great job and thanks for your help.
  • GMAT Reviewer
    Amazing Tool
    Amazing really improved my Spanish. Perfect for my long drives at work. All there series are great. I’ve tried there other language series as well 😊
  • 佘好好
    Love this podcast!
    I love the podcast.I actually only listened to the first video but this is great.You should try this!
  • lululol55
    Hi, i love this show so much and it’s so helpful! Thank u guys Also i want to follow u guys on instagram but I can’t find ur page.. so help please 😅
  • Ken-FACE
    Love this! But it crashes
    Hi! I LOVE Coffee Break Spanish! I subscribe to their premium package for transcripts and bonus episodes. Recently I am trying to download new episodes and when I go to do so the app crashes and I can’t access them. Please fix!
  • stridge28
    Love this podcast, BUT…
    I love this podcast so far. I’m currently on 1.15. I’ve been listening on Spotify but I really want to use the Apple Podcasts app because it’s what I prefer. I’m not sure what the problem is but when I click on “See All” to see the earlier episode of Coffee Break Spanish, my app crashes. I tried on my laptop and it says Can’t connect. Coffee Break Spanish is the only podcast that does this. If you could look into it, that would be great. Thank you :)
  • Trickaatreat0828
    Very helpful
    Learning and following along with the English rules and Spanish rules is very helpful for me as a person practicing to use my Spanish everyday. Thank you
  • AldoSpyro
    Great resource for learning European Spanish
    I’ve been listening to the “travel diaries” in preparation for a visit to Spain. It’s been a great resource for polishing up my Spanish listening comprehension and grammar, especially for European Spanish (which I haven’t had any prior exposure to).
  • Baerchen123
    Grammar excess
    If you want a grammar lesson, this is your thing. If you want a podcast, then keep looking. :)
  • Megan639
    We need a Latino version
    Let’s be real, European Spanish is only spoken as a primary language in Spain. Latino Spanish is the official language of 19 countries and that’s not even including territories like Puerto Rico. Therefore, Castellano is practically useless for those outside Europe, not to mention, the lisp is just straight up ugly sounding compared to how beautiful Latino Spanish is. Can we please get a practical version of Coffee break Spanish taught by an actual native speaker??? No offense to Mark but his Spanish isn’t perfect and he’s admitted to never even stepping foot in Latin America so how can he possibly teach both versions in this one podcast. Just make another podcast please.
  • Ryry1616
    Fix your lisp
    Mark your lisp is really pissing me off. And i dont need to hear your intro or jingles repedeatley
  • Bennynielsen
    South/Central American Spanish needed
    This podcast is trying to teach Spanish from Spain. While it would be helpful for people in Europe, it’s terrible for people from North America or anyone wanting to go to the areas that have a lot more Spanish speakers. Many phrases in this podcast are not said at all in Central or South American Spanish speaking countries. The pronunciation is also not used in the Americas. It would be like teaching England English to people from Mexico. The wouldn’t understand the differences in a lot of words. Boot vs trunk when referring the the storage area in a vehicle. Or flashlight in America is called a torch in England. A torch in America starts fires. There are more Spanish speakers in Mexico than any other country, including Spain. And the language of Mexico is closer to the rest of Central and South America than Spain. This podcast really needs a sister podcast that teaches the most common dialect of Spanish and not the least common.
  • SpanishLearner2021
    This was AMAZING!
    I wanted to learn Spanish so badly and I came across this. It was AMAZING! I haven’t gotten into 1.02 yet, but 1.01 was SO amazing! You should try this right now!
  • Scakle
    Absolutely top notch
    For an intermediate Spanish liner, you really can’t ask for anything better. I have taken four Spanish classes and listened to many podcasts. CBS is just as good as some of the best classes I have taken in regard to the overall experience and what I have learned. Plus the personalities are very likable. Keep up the good work!
  • JBLeBlanc
    Great progress
    I love that after talking in Spanish, they take the time to explain each sentence in English so you can put things together. When they then repeat the stories I find I am picking it up so much better. Good job!
  • bluelotus15
    Absolutely Amazing!
    I have been trying to learn Spanish for years, and the improvement I have seen in my Spanish after listening to these episodes cannot be matched. The recording and structure of the episodes are very clear and informative. Cannot wait for more content!
  • sevilaxxy
    Cara is annoying
    Marc is great but Caras pronunciation threw me off doesn’t really help listen to someone that doesn’t speak the language it makes beginners more difficult to learn I understand the concept of Marc having someone to learn the language at the same time as his subscribers but that doesn’t really work out it’s better to have somebody native speaking back at you
  • Psblueskies
    Coffeebreak Spanish is my absolutemente Favourite
    I love listening to Mark and crew’s twenty minute session to apprendar Espanol. They are just the right length to learn bits of Spanish on the fly. The vignettes are enhanced by Marks Scottish accent in English and all of the participants high energy. Me gusta!
  • ClintMan310
    Amazingly Informative Lessons
    This is my favorite. The hosts are very knowledgeable about the Spanish grammar as even as an advanced speaker I learn a lot
  • Cliff_787
    Very helpful!
    I enjoy Coffee Break Spanish very much. Mark, the host, is very personable, and I find his explanations easy to understand and quite helpful. Like me, Mark is excited about teaching language and culture and about learning new ones himself, so I feel I’m being guided by a kindred spirit. I purchased the premium version of seasons 3 & 4, and I’m finding the transcripts, explanatory notes and translation exercises extremely useful now in season 3; I’m sure they will be even more so in season 4, when there are no explanations at all on the free podcast.
  • Brasspig
    The Best Resource for Learning Spanish
    I have listened to every episode of the podcast and most of them at least twice. The pedagogy presented my Mark is outstanding while making learning fun at the same time. The recording quality is top notch. I am not sure how this podcast could improve other than continuing to produce more episodes. Thanks so much for teaching me Spanish and teaching my wife how to speak with a Scottish accent! 😆
  • nathan.hirsch23
    I can’t believe anyone has given this less than 5 stars. It’s free. It teaches so much. I just don’t know what else someone could be looking for without spending money. Seasons 1 and 2 provide the building blocks for the Spanish language. From there they take you through multiple different stories in Spanish to practice listening and comprehension.
  • Appley456
    Love Itt
    I really love it because if you start from season 1, which is super beginner (that’s where I am) they really go through each word and I always remember everything!! I love the way they teach and would recommend this to anybody who’s learning Spanish.
  • Marilyn, Piedmont Triad
    Coffee Break Spanish has kept me company a long time and through many activities - driving, cycling, walking, household chores. With a small investment of time, my understanding of Spanish steadily grew. I didn’t have to make time to attend a class or give up a night of the week. I did all four seasons, then moved onto CBS Mag. I’ve just completed the first season of the CBS Travel Diaries and it was perfect for an intermediate learner like me. I understood a lot, but it also stretched me into new expressions. I liked the listening practice. There was also a speaking component. It was just the right mix of old and new material and many ways to improve. I look forward to the next season of travel diaries! Another plus.....I took a break at one point because of a number of caregiving needs in the family. When I was free to return, it was easy to jump right back in, to review where needed and keep moving.
  • tortise not the hare
    Every podcast seems to be the same. They say they are “beginner” however, I guess the term “beginner” has changed from what I’ve always known it to mean. Every “beginner” podcast ends up being 75% fully Spanish conversing or is discussing intricate parts of sentences. To me, beginner means new, as in can hardly say hello in Spanish, so when majority of the podcast is a person speaking 100mph in full Spanish it becomes a waste of time. Where can I find a slowed down, true “beginner” Spanish podcast?! Anyone out there with help?
  • Qstar3
    One of the best Spanish learner podcasts I’ve found
    Season 8 so far has been SO HELPFUL. Picking apart and explaining vocabulary, irregular conjugations and sentence constructs is exactly what I needed in my practice. The content is always interesting as well.
  • Frank1313@3
    One of the best resources to get you started
    If you keep with it you will develop great listening comprehension skills. However, it’s not the only source I would use to learn a language as you need much more than one source, but this is a great addition to a beginner’s arsenal.
  • harshnoisedog
    Excellent podcast
    I’ve been using this podcast since I started learning Spanish two years ago; it’s extremely useful as a beginner and it’s still very helpful now!
  • KamboSlice4
    Definitely love it
  • DDP2009
    Im so glad I discovered this podcast, years after it’s finished, but season 3 is perfect for my level where I feel like I’m challenged but also learning as I’m not in over my head. I love the format, love the cultural information, and hopefully I can pick up a sweet Scottish accent as well!
  • BicycleQueen
    Maybe I should stick with Duolingo
    I want to try this podcast, however I can’t get to Season 1. I can only get Season 7 despite the settings.
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