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Hosted by Kai Ryssdal, our leading business news radio program and podcast is about providing context on the economic news of the day. Through stories, conversations and newsworthy developments, we help listeners understand the economic world around them. Marketplace makes sense of the economy for everyone, no econ degree or finance background required. Marketplace doesn’t just report on the numbers, we take it deeper, adding context to what’s happening in the stock market and how macroeconomic policy can affect you and your business. Monday through Friday, our team speaks with a wide range of industry professionals– from small business owners to Fortune 500 CEOs, Marketplace breaks down complex topics related to business and the economy without industry jargon and over complicated explanations.

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  • svrnclv
    Top notch!
    I know Scott Galloway was only on to promote his book but he dropped more good knowledge than any think tank “academic” you’ve ever had on the show.
  • Anonymous11.88
    Pandering and ungrateful
    I’ve been a daily listener for nearly a decade and am truly disappointed in the slide in content quality. As others have mentioned, it now panders to one viewpoint and has taken on being a social commentary rather than a market-driven podcast. The only time I hear of real business news with true analysis is during “The Numbers” and that’s only perhaps 45 seconds. I’m truly disappointed.
  • Tim Le9
    Quality has recently dropped - more anecdotes than data
    Awesome! Kai gives a great perspective on what’s happening in the world and a primer on the economics news of the day. Update: however recently, the reporting/journalistic quality has declined. Often it feels as though there is a pre determined narrative that they want to tell, rather than reporting what is actually based on the numbers. A number of stories have solely become based on anecdotes rather than support by facts and data like they used to be done. Now there feels to be a lot more opinion than facts/data unfortunately which is what I really appreciated about the show before.
  • Nelly9797
    $400,000 salary a year, who?
  • BHD #10
    Glass half full vs half empty
    Please be more objective and report the news and stop taking sides. I’m a MarketPlace investor, because I believe in NPR. For the past year, the news I heard were mostly “glass half empty”, gloom and more gloom. Please interview different people who have opposite viewpoints. For every issue, there are usually two or more perspectives, so we should hear from all sides. It’s so tiresome to hear people just piling on the same issues. Thanks.
  • Tla2008
    Update to an old joke....
    God decided He was finally fed up with the human race and decided to end it for good. Headlines the next day: The New York Times: "God says world to end tomorrow; story and analysis on page B11." The Wall Street Journal: "God says world to end tomorrow; market to close early" Marketplace: "God says world to end tomorrow; women and minorities hardest hit."
  • papahuff
    Smart and clear
    This used to be a great podcast. You could always count on Kai to call people out if inaccurate. Now this has changed. His latest discussion where he says all white men are doing fine so congress won’t act is just not true. There are many white men I see every day without work, losing homes, filing bankruptcy etc. using rate does not give anything to you in total numbers. In total numbers more white me are worse off now than any other group. A lot of help is needed in our economy for all groups and all groups should get needed support. Needs to quit sensationalizing and care about everyone in need.
  • Clarisse Gomez
    Awesome Podcast!!!
    Kai, host of the Marketplace podcast, highlights all aspects of business news and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Chad-Dillard
    Listen every day
    My news source. Love the team and have become so much smarter!
  • mat tel
    Excellent podcast to further people’s economic knowledge
    Excellent podcast to further people’s economic knowledge
  • Shirley Jones nickname
    Hi 👋 was the afternoon day hope you’re well and
    Hi hope your day was great I was just wondering what you doing tomorrow morning and yes yes you’re having to come home 🏠 night y and
  • moving on-missu
    Schadenfreude - bad karma
    Shocked the host enjoys bad economic news, actually cheered unemployment claims. Not sensitive to people only his politics. This program left business and economy focus and is more political - it’s just lost its way. Maybe Kia would be more sensitive if it was his job. Job losses are not good news for anyone. Shame on you.
  • tlot90
    Best business news
    It makes business news digestible for everyone. I’m a long time listener, and I’m smart every day I listen. And Kai is the best
  • rucknuck435
    Declined in value
    No longer economics. Now soapy human interest and data free. More People Magazine, no longer The Economist. I am out.
  • K---91
    Well Produced, Left Leaning, Keynesian
    This podcast is very well produced. The host has a wonderful speaking voice, and the transitions between segments are very well done. It’s a great podcast for those who want to hear the left’s perspective on the economy. They constantly push the DNC’s agenda, and they only view the economy through a Keynesian lens. So I’d encourage supplementing this one with podcasts that lean right or show the Austrian school of economics.
  • murphdogg1979
    Great program! Been listening for years and they always cover the most pertinent economic news and topics! Also great interviews!
  • Tomanyusernamestoremember
    Too woke, too repetitive
    I used to listen to this program a lot but rarely make it past 10 minutes now. They will talk about the same subject every day for months. Lately it has been some version of how our current economic structure impacts minority communities every single day for three solid months. I’m interested in the subject but that is just too repetitive when a world of complex economic issues need to be explored.
  • Alexman6$61of1
    Could not be more left
    Kai and molly, could you at least pretend to not be hard leftists? It ruins the show for even a moderate like me. Just because you are a freaky far left liberal does not equate to you be smarter than everyone, so try to lose the smugness as well. In addition, you and your associates really do feel the need to apologize for being white. Common cut the crap and give me some unbiased news for once...
  • jhmontgomeryjr
    Liberal bias
    When did Marketplace turn into another MSM mouthpiece for the Dems. I used to love it’s factual, limited political editorial report on business news. Another sad example of partisan politics taking over every aspects of “new”.
  • Larry from Chesapeake, VA
    Great program!
    Really enjoy the program. They say you’re never too old to learn. I’m 67 and I’m learning a lot. So thank you! Lawrence Everett, Chesapeake, VA
  • bessiejulia
    Don’t know what I’d do without it!
    Been a long time favorite of mine and lately it’s become vital to make sense of the quick and unpredictable market and economic changes lately. I love the human element they weave to make economic policies and changes so relatable - from rural farmers to small business owners to museum leaders to bar and bank employees. Phenomenal story and economic news reporting with a bit of humor to boot.
  • zxcfrtgggvgfsfhj
    used to like it more
    The left leaning stuff is annoying. I used to really like this show and learned a lot from it. Over the past years I notice I don’t listen as much as I used to.
  • Justin1182
    Excellent Coverage
    I’m humored by the negative reviews stating that Marketplace has a left-wing bias because of negative undertones at a time when 10% of Americans are unemployed, real interest rates are negative, and the federal government is mailing checks to nearly every household in the country. Reality is, this is a global recession and financial markets are not in sync with the economy using historic metrics. I’m sorry if this has distrusted your FoxBusiness/CNBC dream. Marketplace skips the day-to-day up and down sensationalism found on other networks and analyzes the macroeconomic data. At this particular juncture in time, most of that data is negative as one would expect during a recession. Welcome to reality folks.
  • SteveX69
    Pilots learn to trust their instruments
    Yes some time you want to trust your feelings. But when the numbers show you one thing and the president says something else you should trust the numbers. This show is not left leaning. It’s like the artificial horizon that pilots use.
  • Coolperson1701
    Biased, but still interesting
    I remember a few years ago Kai would say that this show supported objective journalism, but it’s safe to say that has been thrown out the window. Additionally, this show carries a depressing tone, even when there is an upside in the economic news. I know life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, but I know for sure there have been a few good things going on in our economy. I still listen because I find the interviews with average Americans to be pretty interesting even though they mainly support the overall liberal narrative. I like to listen to different perspectives, so this is the podcast that I listen to when I need a liberal perspective on the economy.
  • Badnewsbeard
    Coverage accessible to all of the working class
    I understand why people think this show has a left leaning bias but it does not. The general media in America has been pushed wide right by conservative media outlets and big corporate advertising influence to news outlets. This show regularly talks about small business and economies relating to people other than straight white men, and that makes it aware of reality and not “left leaning biased.” If we want to affect positive change in this country we need stories from everyone’s America. Wish I was in a position to donate money to the show.
  • One Of Many Readers
    Formerly Good
    Have noted over the last four or five years an evident bias toward the left which pervades choice of both its choice of stories and its substantive reporting.
  • shaky10Handicap
    Started great and now extremely disappointed
    I have been listening for about a year and a half and used to look forward to listening to the podcast on the evening commute because it was informative without a political spin. Ever since the onslaught of the pandemic, it has become increasingly left leaning (I consider myself a moderate Democrat) and any semblance of good news reported from the economy or anything else they decide to report on is spun into a negative. Sadly unsubscribing...
  • P atrician
    Coverage for more than the .1%
    Some of these other reviews really make me wonder what world these people are living in.
  • Max L's Mom
    Makes my COVID day!
    Love the variety and focus on everyday people (rather than just the “have”s like most market-focused media)
  • Little Aloe
    Epic podcast
    Love it!
  • mk92071
    Sometimes abysmal
    Sometimes it’s an ok show - something similar to a Bloomberg/NPR hybrid. But boy, there are times when the analysis is so bad, I feel like I probably shouldn’t be a listener. Take it all with a grain of salt.
  • Go Canes !
    Race and Gender
    I have been a listener for at least a Decade. Used to tell young folks to listen , because unlike so many Business Shows, Marketplace would not focus on the Stock Market, but on how Business interfaces with our everyday lives . Stories about Race and Gender are important, but they seem to be the complete focus on Public Media for the last couple of Years, and since they are covered all day, I hoped that Marketplace could stick more to Business, but alas, the same Race and Gender drumbeat now too.
  • Arouskova
    My favorite podcast
    My favorite podcast by far. Love your work. Keep going. We love you!
  • CP's Dad
    Too Political
    Used to be a great podcast, but it really became political over the last few months.
  • AppleiTunes27
    I agree with Fish41
    Hands-down my favorite podcast. Kai, Molly and Kimberly are super smart and have such great insights. Several right-leaning listener-reviewers seem to be disgruntled about the fact that Kai gives his two cents every once in a while. Those brought up solely on Rash and Trucker insist on having their limited thoughts reverberated back to them. I listen to both sides and make up my own mind. Open-minded listeners can stick around as we don’t mind learning from these veteran journalists. Thank you, Kai, Molly and Kimberly. You’re the best!
  • SD92152
  • flyjbh
    Used to be so good.
    This show used to be so good but it has become so anti-Trump that it’s hard to listen to. A liberal sounding board is not a good strategy..... it’s the Economy stupid.
  • Flippy246
    I’m done
    Their true colors came out today. Too much pandering to the liberal agenda.
  • Strongbow73
    Something different
    I’ve always enjoyed Marketplace until the recent daily dose of White Shame and increasingly social justice theme. Of late Marketplace never fails to disappoint. I rarely make it through if I start it at all based on the show description.
  • jaj0510
    Used to be so good
    Looked forward to Marketplace every evening for several years but have finally had to unsubscribe. It used to be a great view of the day’s news through an economic lens. Unfortunately now it has been tainted with the “I’m right and everyone else is stupid” attitude of Molly Wood. Kia used to be an unbiased balance to this attitude but it appears he’s falling down the left leaning trap as well. So disappointing.
  • Jas-1&a2&a3
    Kai is a bit to liberal for my taste
    I really like Kai, yet his liberal bias taints his stories. I’d rather hear the news and decide myself
  • araybould
    Black capitalism, then and now
    Such a good episode! Aired on Aug 19,2020 Thank you for this one, I really learned a lot.
  • Anie Hazard
    Make Economic Issues Easily Digestible
    I have loved this show for a while now. I am not an economics person but this show has really showed me how the economy affects everything and how everything affects the economy. I love the reporting and all of the contributors. I have learned so much from listening! I really appreciate their in depth stories and basic economic information. This is my favorite podcast. I also love all the other Marketplace shows too! Make me Smart, This is Uncomfortable, etc.
  • EllieBoBelle
    Great, quality show.
    I think that during this pandemic and in the last few years we have seen a very sharp division in politics and policy. Unfortunately economics is involved in politics so you will hear about it. If you want to hear about just numbers and take away the human aspect of the economy than look somewhere else. There is a social aspect in the economy that this show explains and expands on. The economy is about people as well as money, stocks and numbers. Inequality and fiscal policy impacts the way our economy develops and impacts people every day. Those who complain the show is too left leaning are refusing to embrace these issues that economists have refused to really focus on.
  • nkhtoday
    Left leaning? I wish it was!
    Kai tries to stay factual to the point of never criticizing our crazy president. But I’m glad that he keeps out of the political fray as much as possible. If you think this is left leaning I have a bridge to sell you.
  • F'lessen
    Done with Marketplace
    Until recently knowing this show (and apparently all of APM) is political left leaning wasn’t really a problem since they didn’t focus on “left concerns” all the time. It has increasingly focused on either China, black ONLY economies and any chance they can take to paint the current administration and Senate in a bad light regardless of if it is deserved or not. I already stopped listening to the other programs but today, I finally got fed up with Molly (standing in for Kai, but he’s not any better) blatant anti-Trump stance in what should be impartial journalism.
  • Taffuri
    Political forsure but still good.
    This show is good and I enjoy it. It is definitely politically left leaning but if you know that and just listen to the show with that in mind it is good.
  • Denny100ehctixvevfr
    Used to be a good POV with a left lean. Now it’s all woke all the time.
    I’ve been patient with the ever more left leaning narrative but I’ve reached my breaking point. Kai used to offer an educated but left-leaning viewpoint to my own as he described the market events of the day. I enjoyed balancing that against right-leaning news. I usually found the truth somewhere in the middle. But Kai and the contributors and editors of this podcast have stretched the news to the left so far that it no longer represents honest reporting of reality. It has become delusional in the pursuit of being “woke”. I’ll miss your cheery personality Kai, but I’m unsubscribing.
  • Baffled and Perplexed
    Love the show, the host is too self satisfied and smug
    I’ve listened to marketplace for many years; way back to the days of David Brancaccio then David Brown all the way to the present with Kai Ryssdal. What once was an incredibly informative and relatively neutral reporting of business news has become a platform for Kai to espouse his opinions and offer self satisfied, quippy observations. Since the pandemic struck, I’ve literally stopped listening for fear of getting nothing but more but the same. Kai, I understand the stock market isn’t the economy. It’s time to move on to facts and objective reporting. This isn’t platform to advance your interest where your personality becomes more the story than the facts themselves. The show is great, the host should move on.
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