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Hosted by Kai Ryssdal, our flagship program is all about providing context on the economic news of the day. Through stories, conversations and newsworthy numbers, we help listeners understand the economic world around them.

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  • avm1406
    Kai is addictive
    Listen for both intelligent insights and Kai’s inimitable style of presenting.
  • Jakobeson
    Keep politics out
    Look, you have great facts. But as i say but the way you enterpurate them are definitly on the lefist perspective. I just like my neuatral facts.
  • Just Another Random Matt
    Became too political
    This show used to focus on interesting financial and economic discussions, however it has shifted into a leftist political show disguised as an economic podcast. Disappointing.
  • Opinion97
    Impartiality Please
    It’s not surprising that deregulation has given our economy a boost over the previous administration. Although I’m by far not a fan of the current administration, I do feel that I need to give credit where it’s due and at least acknowledge the reasons for these gains within the economy over the last 3 years. I only wish Marketplace would do the same and not let their bias get the best of them.
  • IMDb Pro Subscriber
    I guess if facts are biased?
    Kai & Molly both break down what’s going on in our economy in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. Seeing some people complain about bias... I guess if the facts don’t support your man in the White House, you might not like it, but that’s on your confirmation bias.
  • brain on steriods
    My Favorite
    This is by far my favorite podcast. It is great information reported in a clear concise language. It’s also just entertaining!! love it
  • Mv2asu2000
    Love the info in a way we can understand
    Kai seems super nice so that’s awesome but they also do cool stories I’d have never guessed. Then I can goto cocktail parties and recant these random facts and look smart. :)
  • Zydkihevg
    Cut Out The Leftist BS
    Stick to the facts. According to Kai and the selective group of experts you’d think the US economy was swirling down the toilet instead of setting previously unimaginable records. Your political agenda is embarrassingly obvious. Tax dollars are funding your bleating for crying out loud. Enough.
  • Jmak4man
    Title change needed - Call it PoliticalPlace
    Wow...I used to love Marketplace. Now it seems that the focus is to criminalize people on the basis of (1) relationship with President Trump (2) People who are wise in leveraging the economic cycles to buy assets at low economic activity periods. Truly disappointed in the journalistic integrity and ability to present multiple angles of a “story”. Unsubscribed!
  • Tim Le9
    Great podcast! Always learning a lot
    Awesome! Kai gives a great perspective on what’s happening in the world
  • swuco
    Give us facts not Kys poor humor and opinion s.
    I listen to Marketplace for market facts. Lately it’s all about Ky and whatever is bothering him that day. Please hire another host who is not such an egotist
  • joemac doeintosh
    I’m picky
    Great podcast. Could lose the vocal fry in commercials.
  • Dwilson785
    Love Kai!
    Love Marketplace, love Kai.
  • Kydjfxstjjh;8):-$&5
    Don’t know
    I have been subscribed for several years to the marketplace podcast. I would like to understand why it isn’t posted until at least 5 o’clock Pacific every day, and often not at all. I like the podcast, but it is difficult to regularly receive it.
  • ionproj
    Essential but... technical issues
    My go-to daily show. Essential to my day. Does a great job at distilling the economic news of the day, good rhythm, gets me going in the morning or evening, great interviews, just the right length. Even my teens like it! I would give the show 5 stars except I have frequent technical issues with the podcast on my iPhone podcasting app. This is the 4th time the show unsubscribes itself (just disappears from my feed!). No other podcast does that. Sometimes I re-subscribe, and each show downloads twice. Then I’m figuring out where I left off... I’ve turned off my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app, but issues persist. What’s happening guys? Love the reporting content and style regardless. Keep on!
  • ash876907
    Stop combining TIU with marketplace
    Hey, I love marketplace and I love “This is Uncomfortable” too, but if they’re 2 separate podcasts, then please stop recycling your material. I like new news instead of hearing a story repeated twice. Or I’ll stop listening to one of them.
  • narf2
    Never miss
    I never miss a show. Because it’s not on the radio at a convenient time, I download each show as a podcast and listen next day. One aspect of Marketplace that makes it a stand-out are Kai’s calls to people who work in or own companies that are effected by the market. Great job!
  • Bradley-Bey Cooper
    Wrong show
    Why is the October 1st episode of Marketplace actually playing the latest version of make me smart!!! I need my Kai Econ fix!!! Love you Molly, but I already listened to you...
  • Bay2Coast
    Biased with Lazy Reporting
    Marketplace has become more biased with lazy reporting that lacks substance. New hosts such as Molly Wood are not to the caliber of previous hosts. Wood’s bias is evident before interviews start, which she then turns every narrative into the latest hot button issue to promote fear-based/anxiety media. Not up to the standard of NPR and APM.
  • Mullen7s
    My “go to” podcast
    Kai is my favorite host and the whole staff of the show do a great job of giving in depth coverage to the important economic issues of the day. The show has a great balance between Wall Street, Main Street and government perspective.
  • Jrox7685
    Solid podcast for news and ideas.
    Worth a listen.
  • TinyReview
    I Jujuhhbjvkjtrntrfru
    Too many ads
    I am unsubscribing because I donate to my local public radio, yet still have to listen to the ads on this show because I want to listen via podcast. I also really dislike the way Kai says “this is marketplace.”
  • lrj60
    Trump’s law
    Wow, I am so glad I listen to the marketplace podcast.
  • GoTerps95
    Be more left...
    Trying to get some news about the market, not leftist politics
  • dianamdheart
    I love Marketplace everyday. Today’s perspective on the inversion of the yield curve was right on point. Thanks!
  • azcmurpy
    The best podcast ever
    I have been listening for years. This podcast changed my life and view on economics.
  • WaitsTooLongToReview
    Finally getting around to writing a review
    I listened to every episode for probably 9 months and unsubscribed maybe 3 months ago and am finally writing a review. Love the format, love the stories, love the music, love the info, love most of the correspondents. Unsubscribed because it was just too left leaning and the impending recession warnings despite a strong economy wore me down too much. Hearing the exact same numbers from a jobs Friday report get trashed on Marketplace and praised on NPR raised questions. Listening to the “Trump’s 10 signature economic policy list of 2018” series and tax cuts not being in there was eye opening. It was a thinly veiled trashing of 10 of his most idiotic tweets. Listening to how every good statistic was a blip and every bad statistic meant immediate crash was tiresome. I know there are slow news days but the fixation on the trade war and got old. Maybe things have changed. There’s so much potential here.
  • ScienceMan123
    Awesome podcast!
  • surfsurgery
    Best overall news resource
    High quality economic news that gives you insight into why politics and money happen.
  • Andy1740502625
    Not economic
    Thought I was tuning into an economic podcast but had to sift through the host complaining about Trump if I wanted to get to any real market talk
  • Jvdfjc
    Great information on business that covers many facets
    Kai is great only wish I have is that the transition songs would be in the show notes they are the best beats.
  • Z8HWY8
    Ride home companion
    Marketplace has been my ride share partner on my commute home for months now. Thanks for delving into the nuances of finance, investment, and this crazy beast we call the economy. Very entertaining!
  • Avid listener 1991
    In depth and entertaining
    This is beautifully done reporting. I listen almost every day and appreciate the insights on our economy and what’s affecting it. It’s like sitting down with your super knowledgeable economist uncle at happy hour and getting the download on what’s important that day. Love the content. Love the learning.
  • ccbk
    This is uncomfortable...and wonderful
    The more we can openly talk about finances without fear, shame, and guilt, the better we feel. Loved the first episode, can’t wait for more!
  • yury nedelin
    Make none market please content another cast
    See title
  • sherides22
    My daily source of news
    Love Kai, David, Molly and all the reporters at Marketplace!
  • noname39484883
    Half the show revolves around entertainment
    I used to really like this show and found it informative. Now half of every show is consumed with what’s going on in the entertainment industry. I don’t care about pop culture. I suppose if you want to keep up with what’s going on in the film and television industry it’s fantastic. If you want to find out what’s going on with the markets , business, fiscal policy, find another podcast. I’m about done here.
  • North Jersey Rock Fan
    Great daily information
    They take the day’s news and put it through a different lenses.
  • Gr3tchen
    Amazing, Amazing, Amazing
    SO informative. They interview experts that specialize in each topic they are discussing so it’s not second hand knowledge. It’s the news except it focuses solely on the economy. What I have learned is invaluable. I challenge other reviewers saying Market Place’s reporting is done through a “political lens”- well DUH, the economy as well as financial markets are directly impacted by politics on a daily basis. Everyone is so quick to get offended by news they don’t like when it’s just the truth being reported! Maybe you should be offended by the actual reason/person behind the negative press to begin with. Theres an idea.
  • TX1*
    So sad how this show has slid downhill with the rest of npr. First their weekend show went from personal finance advice to fluff with the brunch thing, and now all the shows have this blatant political lens making them unlistenable.
  • TV113
    Quality has degraded
    Like everything else this show has been damaged by the Trump era. Beats and the choice of frames reflect partisan inclinations. The same basic structure is there but the side stories sell the illusion of impartiality to willing buyers. It’s fine for what it is but add salt is needed and maybe supplement with some Bloomberg in your diet.
  • SmoothSailing006
    Excellent reporting
    I've been a long time listener and look forward to every new episode. Insightful reporting that brings economic & market news to sometimes surprising topics. Very good stuff. Thanks
  • Houston Listener
    Great and informative
    This is a very good podcast. It does not focus on just US economics but also how events around the world can and do affect us here. Easy to understand, with a good measure of wit thrown in from time to time. I have listened since the early 2000s
  • anabnieto
    The uncertain hour
    A very needed in depth vision on yet another the very grey area we normally have more opinions than facts. Needed reporting.
  • ultravioletlights
    Listened every day since 2009. They used to be a great source for economic news. Unfortunately more recently it’s much more bias towards liberal economic policy. They’ll even spin positive economic news as negative depending on who is president.
  • Entropyman
    Long time fan but more to be done
    I have been listening for years. I look forward to each episode like a national serial focused on the economy. I hear Americans talk about the economy in all of its simplicity and complexity. There is a lot to absorb listening to the timber of Americans voices. But why can’t Marketplace post the episodes more quickly or consistently? Some episodes aren’t uploaded until the next day. If this keeps up I may tune out.
  • joeymink
    Marketplace has such a creative, refreshing way to present economic and business news. They clarify how the world’s big money plays affect individuals. I dig!
  • Trepang
    I fine some of the unspecified voices one hears in the background are fake sounding gives me pause to whether or not we are being put on for the sake of production quality. Also some of the women announcers have such a valley girl un-confident way of presenting - it’s quite difficult to listen to. Consequently I’m judgmental as to truth or quality of research in the reporting
  • mirie31
    Thank you
    I love Market Place. I also love the fact that you have featured the Uncertain hour. It’s very informative and mind blowing.
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