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Fresh Air from WHYY, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio's most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, the show features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.Subscribe to Fresh Air Plus! You'll enjoy bonus episodes and sponsor-free listening - all while you support NPR's mission. Learn more at

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  • Java Su
    Not for free
    Love the fresh air podcast, but I don’t love having to pay for it. Bad move from greedy Apple.
  • Positone
    Legend of the interview world
    Most people on podcasts these days were likely influenced and inspired by Fresh Air. Consistently insightful and candid conversations with people worth listening to.
  • mountain_poet
    Let the guests do the speaking!
    Just listened to the interview with Lidia Bastianich, and Terry did what she usually does—talked too much, and told the guest’s story herself before finally allowing Lidia to speak on her own behalf. She tries to force guests to answer the questions in a certain way, making the interview mostly about herself. And her incessant use of the world “like” is incredibly annoying. Dave Davies is a much better interviewer.
  • Proustian Madeleine
    WGA strike: skewed coverage (5/25/23 episode)
    The media love to present the WGA strike as poor little writers vs big bad greedy studios. But do they even understand what writers actually get paid? A lot. “Fresh Air” claims that one writer sold two pilot scripts, is simultaneously working in 3 writers’ rooms (then such writer must be breaching the exclusivity restrictions of his/her contract - being in a room is a full-time gig), and is also working on a feature script - and *still* needing public assistance. WHAT?! The WGA minimum price for a 1-hour pilot script is nearly $100K. And many studios pay *well* above that floor. The WGA minimum weekly fee for a writers room is $7.5K-$10K *per week* for all but the junior-most writers (with most rooms being at least 10 weeks, if not longer, e.g., 20 weeks). And, again, many studios pay well above that floor. PLUS writers have a robust pension and health insurance. If the referenced writer needs public assistance, I’d say they actually need help and discipline with money management. Yes, this is a gig job. But it always has been. And writers know they’re choosing a not-stable gig *for their art*. Otherwise, they could/should be dentists or accountants or - gasp - studio executives instead. Except, oh yeah, then they’d only get paid commensurate to how much they work. And while episode orders may be shorter, the whole point is, there are a TON more shows to write for these days. A TON more. And many more potential employers (e.g., Netflix, with its deep pockets), not just ABC, NBC, CBS, and a handful of rando cable channels.
    I wonder…
    Do interviewees turn down dates with the new interviewers on Fresh Air? The one with Sykes seemed to be all clips from her recent show on Netflix. I’m absolutely sure that Gross did not plan to make herself indispensable, but aside from Dave Davies, these hosts are not very good.
  • bisbee111
    Terry Gross is a gift
    Thank you, Terry. I’ve learned so much from you over the years. Best interviews on radio. The gold standard.
  • Hire ROI for Higher ROI
    New Presenter
    Just heard Tonya Moseley’s interview of Wanda Sykes and she was terrific! I hope that Terry never retires, but having Tonya “on deck” gives me great hope for Fresh Air’s legacy!
  • Arete01
    Fresh Air
    It’s still the best interview program anywhere. Outstanding range of guests and Terry asks simple questions that elicit revealing answers.
  • P_Lar
    So excited for this news! Fresh Air rocks. Addendum: so great to hear the episode with Virginia Sole-Smith. Was very excited at the Aubrey Gordon name drop (bring her on next!!)
  • EllenpdxGirl
    Guest hosts are not the real Gross
    This is one of the most famous npr radio turned podcast shows of all time and the reviews are written by conservative or likely poorly informed or young -age-wise- persons who haven’t done their research. Gross is famous for asking tough and really provocative or brazen questions - look up her infamous awkward but refreshingly honest yet beautifully brutal fresh air interview with gene Simmons who admitted he loves being a rock n roll performer for the sole purpose of having affairs every night he toured/tours and the infamous Lou reed interview, the latter of rude was Just a shell of a person who isn’t much on the inside than in total just a show and nothing more. These interviews with some of the guests will really help you see sometimes how untouchable these legends think they are, but then gross is like “so what’s your answer” and some of these legends were awful being interviewed. And would say something rude as a retort. So mature. Cringe interviews are usually due to the fame of the interviewee and their built in self entitlement. Moving forward, listeners who don’t know the history of Fresh Air do your homework on this multi award winning show whether you’re listening to someone noteworthy or the actual person as the subject of the interview. For instance one of the best flowing interviews and just awesome casual conversation and calm energy em yes throughout was Gross’s interview with Brad Pitt, which was what circa 2008? It was eye opening hearing about his type of acting style where we he eats in almost every scene to make it more natural it’s memorable forever 🥰🙌 Learn about the shows history and mission and point and then speak on it. I’m out.
  • Ginagina Smith
    Jury Duty
    Loved this show!
  • Stitzlein
    Disappointed in NPR
    NPR has become a depressing liberal flip side to the claptrap “feelings over facts” that Fox puts out to drive engagement. With the interview of Virginia Sole-Smith, NPR has fully embraced unscientific, safe space woo woo propaganda that will result in people—especially children—having shorter, unhealthier lifespans. We have a problem with abundance, and it is disappointing that NPR platforms someone like this rather than investigating the American food industry that is literally killing people with sugar and high fat, empty calorie foods. Take a walk, stop eating sugar. And for that matter don’t listen to people who molly coddle you like Virginia Sole-Smith.
  • Fourpointo
    Stale Air
    Fresh Air turns Stale Air
  • jammie mcjammerson
    long-time listener, first-time unsubscriber
    fat-acceptance devotees have blood on their hands. shame on Fresh Air for platforming this dangerous, ignorant garbage.
  • Sky Clad Guru
    Some Episodes Quite Good, Most Terrible
    When it’s good it can be really compelling. But about 75% of the time I wonder who thought the chosen topics/people of the day would be of interest to anyone outside of an obscure, minuscule number of listeners interested in self-absorbed actors, musicians, and authors of extremely biased work. I was so disgusted by the 4/25/23 episode on “anti-fat bias” that I finally had to write a review. The effects of obesity on overall health are a doctor’s obligation to discuss with their obese patients. Sparing hyper-sensitive individuals’ delicate sensibility regarding their obesity is not a primary care physician’s first obligation, it’s working to bring their patients to a place of better health and enlighten them about their whole health picture. I couldn’t believe this author was given a forum on this show. Very disappointing. I’d like to hear an interview with a cardiologist (or any of a number of other medical professionals) who would disagree with this layperson/journalist’s health priorities. Seriously? “Don’t tell me I’m too fat, it might upset me. I’m here to see the doctor but I don’t want to hear about my overall health.” Catering to this degree of delicate, overly-triggered listeners was finally the last straw for me. This interview was sickening to listen to. Virginia Soulsmith’s remarks made me deeply saddened for the future of our kids and killed the last of NPR’s credibility as a resource for intelligent dialogue for me.
  • evanseesred
    So NPR is anti-science now too?
    It used to be just the right wing news that was floating pseudoscience and giving a platform to non-medical professionals to spread conspiracies on air. Not anymore. Tonya Mosley’s interview with Virginia Sole-Smith should frighten anyone who believes science should not be subject to politics. To argue that the biggest threat of being overweight is the shame of being made to feel uncomfortable in society is such garbage. How about asking a single question pushing back, Tonya? Or how about having a doctor on as well? This person has NO expertise and should not be speaking to a national audience. There’s not enough space to refute all of the baloney that was exchanged in this interview, but here’s the point: If you want to be overweight, great. You should feel okay doing that. If you want to smoke ten packs of cigarettes a day, fine by me! But the solution is NOT to stop doctors from telling you the truth about it’s link to lung cancer. And doctors should feel empowered to tell patients the truth about excess weight and it’s link to health complications. It’s not about trying to be mean, it’s about facts. This is as insane as having an antivaxer on with zero pushback or fact checking. I’m a lifelong liberal but count me in that NPR should not be getting federal funding if this is the approach they’re taking. #BelieveInScience
  • Casnh
    Anne Perry?
    Why would you stoop so low as to have a woman like that on? You treat her crime like it was some youthful indiscretion. She beat a woman to death with a brick.
  • forEmmett
    AR -15
    Gross and Frankel’s discussion of this highly charged topic was void of emotion, propaganda, messaging, etc.. It was as if you couldn’t tell how they felt about the AR-15. It was journalism utopia. By contrast, listen to how R’s describe the “news”. It’s 100% designed to control and possess.
  • ggglw
    How many times do I have to pay for Public Radio?
    NPR asks for donations in fund drives, they ask for our used cars, our estates when we die, and they have us listen to sponsorships/ advertisements. But that’s not enough. Now they’re using a paywall to listen to what was donor and sponsor funded listening. Listening to already produced and aired shows. “Public” seems to be disappearing from NPR.
  • desperately single
    How not to kill yourself
    Once again Terry Gross interjects with her cluelessness and interrupted the guest with her stupidity…god… retire… you’re not representative of forward thinking. But Clancy Martin hung in with a difficult subject.
  • Jmhs693652
    Stop cluttering my feed with subscription only shows
    I get that you’re trying to monetize the fantastic work of fresh air. But you are ruining the listening experience for those of us who do not, and will never subscribe to fresh air plus.
  • n0nickname4me
    This was AMAZING and I cannot thank you enough for interviewing Clancy Martin.
  • ShaSha123
    Brooke Shields
    I loved the interview until the subject of MJ was talked about. To spend the first half of the interview speaking about the hyper sexualization and wildly inappropriate behavior she faced as a child in her career then to not even address the allegations or get her thoughts was very odd. I had to stop listening and was disappointed. I know it’s a polarizing subject so maybe stay away from it especially if you’re only presenting one side.
  • AM7531
    Subscription Episodes Clogging Unplayed!
    I love listening, but please someone make the “subscription” episodes disappear from my “Unplayed”…the only option is to save them. I’m not getting the subscription version & I feel like I can’t manage the episodes when they stay there. Happens in Life Kit too…please NPR. I want to keep listening but this is a terrible user experience
  • Robbiepolitico
    Fascinating interview but not particularly objective
    There are a lot of apocalyptic people and always have been. Would it be appropriate to get on a podcast and say that environmental extremists worried about climate change and won’t have children because they are frightened for our doomed planet should be labeled mentally ill and should be watched by the police?
  • kareykareylou
    Wooh! Terry, thank you for seriously examining the damage caused by evangelicalism. Hearing John Hagee’s voice and bible verses again was hella triggering, but its so important that we examine the political position of the religion. Its not an innocuous institution. And i will probably have one of my old rapture nightmares tonight.
  • Che Block
    What happened to fresh air?
    Limited subject matter
  • Zosine823
    No Longer Relevant
    I used to listen to Fresh Air all the time. Now when the episodes come through my podcast feed they’re only about race, Trump, or some random jazz musician. I have no interest in listening anymore. I’m a leftist and this podcast is too far left for me.
  • dutch965
    Oh how the mighty have fallen
    Just looked at the list of recent topics. Nothing. Nothing looks interesting at all. Used to be something of interest. No longer
  • Carl3man
    Haha pandering to the right, what are you smoking?
  • Project Pratt
    Check Archives. New stuff is absurd. Lost their way.
    “How discrimination and poverty can make you sick.” Perfect example of what the show has become. So called experts that are absolute lunatics pitching their hypothesis as fact. Terri used to have extraordinary guests from all walks of life and political persuasion. She now has left wing nuts with mind numbing misguided topics that are laced with lies in many cases. It’s a shame b/c she has done some legendary work. Pull her G Gordon Liddy interview. Great interviews with people in the movie and music business. She wouldn’t interview G Gordon Liddy today b/c of his politics which says a lot about the belief in free speech. LGBTQ is a small segment of population but on this show you would think it’s a majority. Wake up! PS Dave Davies is excellent but he is limited to moronic topics as well.
  • Sarita
    Terry is still the queen
    The questions are so refreshing. Nobody mixes the “I am so glad she asked that” with “what a surprising and humane perspective she brought in there,” the way Terry Gross does. Flawless.
  • aristole503
    Real liberals are right wing
    The right now cares more about civil liberties than the neo fascist left.. real liberals are libertarians.. if one doesn't believe fascism can come from the left- Ask a Cuban
  • Jshsyshw2937
    Has declined but can always redeem itself!
    Terry is one of history’s most gifted interviewers and a great example of humility and curiosity. Sadly, like much of the world now, she and NPR have become increasingly one sided. We all have our biases, leanings and opinions and it’s not wrong to express them. But could you occasionally feature an interview with someone who has different points of view (politically, religiously, culturally) for a more balanced dialogue? Why so much emphasis on sexuality? If you’re going to push agendas and one sided messages, fine but be transparent about it. Don’t claim to be “national” and “public” if you only cater to very specific viewpoints and sneer at the rest like condescending elites. You’re not winning people over that way. Use your amazing intellect to be fair, moderate and positive about all walks of life, not just those you personally espouse. Most of your listeners adore this show. Please try to appeal to us all. We want to keep benefitting from what you provide!
  • AppleiTunes27
    With the way that some reviewers here rave about Terry Gross, you would think that they are benefiting from her “creative insights.” I just don’t get it. Her interviews are almost always mundane, and don’t get me started on her stupidly awkward questions. The only reason I even listen -sometimes- is because NPR is my go-to station. It just so happens that her show is on in the middle of the day, otherwise I would have nothing to do with listening to her clueless drone.
  • working Class Gal
    Terry Gross MIA
    Terry Gross does few of the interviews these days. There are numerous guest hosts. It would be nice if the person doing the interview was mentioned in the notes so that listeners could have the option of deleting or listening as they choose.
  • blobby the third
    My complaint
    Terry Gross is a great interviewer. No debating. Still, in this climate. I detect a pandering to the right. NPR’s gone too right wing.
  • Andante'
    Fresh Air
    Thank you for providing this Podcast. Excellent! D D H
  • LittleBrownHairedGirl
    Thank you
    Thank you for giving Ms. DuBalle a louder voice! The drag community has so many wonderful, caring people! They deserve all the support they are receiving and way more!! Your show is wonderful and I look forward to listening to more!
  • corydaye
    Terry can make any subject fascinating
    Much like a great teacher can make dry subject matter riveting and thrilling, Terry Gross brings out the very best in her guests. I’ve been listening for decades. With so many of the treasured and most talented people leaving public radio and being replaced by dramatically inferior hosts, Fresh Air remains one bright spot.
  • Eggman3ME
    It doesn’t get better than this
    Terry Gross is the seminal interviewer. She gets the best guests. Asks informed questions. And brings out the best in everyone on the mic.
  • cindymunoz99
    Thank you Mr President
    What a wonderful man. What a beautiful series of interviews. Thank you for bringing this voice of reason to our ears.
  • CarleneWebbBurton
    President Carter
    Terry is the absolute best interviewer, excellent show! Listening to President Carter reminds me of how far our politics have delved into the gutter. Carter will be celebrated as the truly laudable person, leader and human being he has displayed throughout his life ❤️
  • k3.3
    Even if I don’t think Im interested in a topic, Im surprised by how interested I become once I start listening. Terry is a master of the craft with no one coming close to comparison. Even Davies's episode Forced Labor & Rebuilding After Natural Disasters was edge of seat captivating & painfully illuminating. Reading the low reviews is laughable, because it’s obvious that people don’t like when the data & facts oppose their opinions.
  • M.Consuelo.L
    Excellent, Well-Produced
    I LOVE a well-produced and in-depth interview series and this is it. I’m not always interested in the subject matter, but then I just skip the episode. For the most part, though, they’re relevant and interesting.
  • LucusCat
    Recommend this podcast series
    Excellent interviewing skills displayed on this podcast show. Politics lean very left so I avoid most political episodes. However, the other programs are most enjoyable.
  • Goodwork#
    Terry Gross
    It’s time for Terry to retire. Her questions are irrelevant and borderline to a kindergarten consecutively asking ‘why’. She has the most interesting people in the world on her show and then she asks them the most pointless questions. Come on Fresh Air!
  • Uriah82
    NPR these days is sad
    Just like the rest of NPR, this show has become a sad Uber left show full of uninteresting topics. I used to listen to NPR daily and this show semi regularly. I’m a center left type person. But their constant harping on race topics is just tiresome. Enough already.
  • dignan100
    Terry, please break out of your bubble
    Nobody can argue with Terry’s excellent interview skills, but my god this show’s liberal bias has gotten so laughingly transparent and uninteresting. Could you at least TRY to show diverse points of views sometimes? And Terry, Covid has clearly made you so scared of the world and ironically insular. This show has completely gone off the rails.
  • Fairnhonest
    I used to look forward to this show and now each time I click to see the latest episode I’m filled with dread as I assume that it’s yet another episode about Trump, not exactly a ground breaking subject. It used to be fresh topics that were unusual and interesting and now it’s just basically a show on MSNBC…and I’m a liberal!
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