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Fresh Air from WHYY, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio's most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, the show features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.

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  • Haddiepupper
    Fresh Air
    Terry Gross is one of the best interviewers to ever live. Broad range of guests and topics.
  • Visen
    Episodes are a reminder to feel white guilt
    There used to be journalism here. Challenges to both sides of the political spectrum. As it is this devolved into a show that pushes divide et impera identity politics and activism. Unsubscribed as a very long time listener.
  • jimboceltic
    I enjoyed this show until Terry Gross let her political obsession overtake the show. 2-3 shows a week are all about her and her beliefs. The show is worn out
  • Uncle Hoover
    Used to be great
    The host(s) used to have compelling guest interviews and provocative discussions. That is in the rear view mirror now. The program wishes to be clearly progressive liberal and the political edge makes me cringe now. Sad how so many formerly wonderful programs and people have to establish such an identity rather than simply be good journalists and hosts .
  • Briard girl
    By far the best podcast. In depth human content thoughtfully presented by the iconic Terry Gross.
  • grimmer59
    Democrat propaganda machine…
    I do enjoy their interviews with people of note, but it seems like it has become a Republican hating machine. Every political interview is extremely unbalanced and slanted to Dems very good and Republicans very bad. Why are Republicans so bad, How can the Dems combat this evil is the gist of most of the questions. Still, Fresh Air is great at helping m to lull me to sleep when nothing else works…
  • we are the neighbors
    Great interviews with Terry and Dave
    I’m a long time listener to Fresh Air. Don’t sweat the hater’s reviews. The Fresh Air team has been performing great journalism for decades. Even when I’m not sure the guest is someone I want to hear from I always learn something when I do listen. Thanks and keep up the great work.
  • wow_disappointing
    I thought I was going to hear something great, instead it turned out disappointing. But what do you expect from NPR?
  • stemandjenna
    Used to Love
    20+ year conservative listener. The show was, once upon a time, incredibly interesting and informative. Now it is little more than leftist propaganda, with zero-absolutely ZERO-interaction with genuinely conservative voices. When one is driving correctly on a one way street, anyone driving in the wrong direction is rightly viewed as reckless and a danger to everyone else. One is well within one’s right to honk the horn and wave frantically at the offending party in hopes of correcting their error. However, if one is driving on a two-way street, honking the horn and waving frantically at the drivers going in the opposite direction, it would be natural to assume, at best, the frantic driver was terribly mistaken about the nature of the road and at worst a sociopath who had come to believe that all roads only properly function in one direction. I hope that Fresh Air can return to some semblance of normalcy as they plan future shows.
  • David in Seattle
    Get your woke filter in place
    She’s a good interviewer and she has some interesting people on but to make any sense of the show you have to listen carefully and filter out the woke propaganda, (of course unless you’re looking for woke propaganda.)
  • XavWasTaken
    Wow this is so awesome
    I love Fresh Air! Best show in the world.
  • say no to podcasts
    Music done wrong
    This is so sped up the music is distorted and the interviewers/interviewees sound ridiculously harried. I heard this originally on broadcast and it was wonderful, but the podcast is unlistenable.
  • Fluffster Normalpaws
    Re Key Bank Ad
    What outsider ding-aling wrote that Key Bank ad text? Please fix it. It’s “THE Hudson Valley.” No one ever says those words without the “The” in front. The phrase, “Key Bank knows Hudson Valley,” says: “Key Bank does NOT know The Hudson Valley.” Obvs the bank is local here & some interloper wrote this garbage ad. It’s nails on a chalkboard. From an eye-rolling listener in *The Hudson Valley.*
  • libhaxk
    Love this show!
    Have listened for years. Felt the need to write after seeing negative reviews. I have appreciated the great variety of interviews. My daughters grew up listening to you in the car and are avid fans as well. Your show is the BEST!
  • Murderhornet1
    Is this not public radio?? Episodes are paywalled after a month or two. Aren’t my taxes paying for this anyways? very disappointing. I will not pay and will never donate to NPR again.
  • mare gruber
    Listened since 70's
    I won't argue that Terri is the best as an interviewer. I've listened since her show began in the 70's. I'm conservative and so disappointed that her show only gives a liberal view to any political issue; and she does plenty. I miss her great talks with writers, musicians and entertainers; without all the one sided liberal agenda. Or how about this? - she interview Bill Barr, and other intelligent, contributing conservatives? I check topics and hear barely a quarter of her shows. Makes me sad.
    Former GOP Operative Interview
    So my take away is that Republicans are all wrong and evil and by comparison Democrats must be goodness and light. WHERE IS THE BALANCE...Can you seriously believe that the Democrats haven't and aren't doing the exact same thing. Didn't they just pay for media designed to benefit MAGA candidates over more centerist Republican candidates. You rail agains Donald Trump but when centrist, reasonable Mitt Romney was running for President, the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that he had it on good authority that Mitt Romney paid no taxes...a patently ludicous statement. When called for proof on his statement by the press he said it wasn't for him to prove or disprove...when it turns out that of course Romney paid more taxes than Obama or Biden, Reed said it didn't matter whether his statement was true or not...only that it worked. I'm awaiting a similar podcast exposing the Democrat mendacity and hypocrisy. If you don't believe it exists you are no better than recently fired CNN Reliable Sources Host Brian Stelter, who along with NBC's Chuck Todd believe that there are no longer 2-sides to an issue...whatever the Democrats want is right and whatever the Republicans want is wrong...DO & BE BETTER!!!
  • Greg Potter
    Can’t ask Adam Schiff a tough question
    Teri - How horrible is Donald Trump? Adam - Worse than Hitler. Teri - wow. That’s pretty bad.
  • Child od the South
    None Better
    I listen to a variety of podcasts. There is no better interviewer than Terri Gross. She’s the best.
  • cooldude8264
    Terry is podcasting
    Basically there would be no such thing as podcasts if it weren’t for Terry and Ira Glass. I inadvertently met her in Philly one Christmas Eve night. Actually I was just dining next to her and got increasingly intoxicated and loud. Cringe! Still technically got to eat with her.
  • cranberry1026
    Fact checking- ignorant Americans
    Russia is not a communist country… hasn’t been since the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. Astonishing that Terry Gross and her NYT magazine guest said this. Please get some fact checkers/editors. You can’t complain about Republican disinformation and then lie just like they do.
  • Musing Matilda
    Fresh Air
    I’ve loved her forever!
  • EKW1960000
    Adam Schiff
    Listened to the Schiff interview. Not surprised. Anyway, a quick suggestion. Why don’t you consider Inviting a guest, Devon Nunez for example, to explore the many ways that Mr. Schiff has overtly lied to the public. His reputation is well-established, and a complete review of his pronouncements would be revealing.
  • Newsies Sell Papers
    Love this podcast
    Terry Gross has fantastic interviewing skills and can draw from a long history of interviews and knowledge to make her episodes fascinating. Highly recommend!
  • youvwho
    Terry Gross. Fresh Air
    Terry never disappoints as a sensitive caring brilliant interviewer. Sometimes I listen even when the topic does not sound particularly interesting. I always come away enriched and grateful that i tuned in.
  • mzpennylane
    Melanie Lynsey
    Producer Ann Marie Baldonado’s interview with Ms Lynsey was a disappointment. She didn’t show appropriate respect for this A list actor. Ann interrupted Ms Lynsey and made insulting remarks. It was upsetting as I been so excited to hear an interview with Ms Lynsey. I hate to write this negative review when in fact I am a fan of Fresh Air and love Terry Gross. Please reconsider putting SMB in this important position for future interviews.
  • a good girlll
    Propaganda, all of it!
  • cassidy525
    Please let listeners know when you are about to talk about spoilers! Better Call Saul is a brilliant show and I don’t need it ruined by this podcast! Why start the interview with unannounced spoilers?!
  • sallygorp
    Longtime listener
    This show used to be my favorite. Now it has swung too far to the left, and I’m speaking as a Democrat. The content is just not interesting. I’ve unfollowed it even!
  • Logan29362016583
    Iio I’ll po I i I I I i I i iuuuuuuu I oil
  • ArtG1965
    Terry @ The Peak of Her Power
    Terry Gross, as any NPR listener knows well, interviews the broadest set of people anywhere and excels in her warm and friendly interview style. Ignore the 1 Star rants which began appearing in reviews circa 2016 from the QANON usual suspects. Terry’s never tried to hide her liberal views, but it hardly defines the show. I suspect she has a long waiting list of guests who are frequently heard telling her what an honor it is to be on her show. They’re right. 👍
  • El Jefec2o
    Retroactive Paywall
    Love this show and tend to stockpile “heavy” episodes for later listening in happy times. That’s been a challenge, lately. Very frustrated to find episodes I downloaded to listen to later removed from my device and put behind a paywall. Happy to donate to my local NPR station and WHYY specifically, but thanks to this I won’t be donating to either this year.
  • 5K10Krunner
    Terry Gross is a legend
    Great guests and great questions that lead to interesting conversations. Thank you Terry Gross, stay well.
  • dignan100
    Terry, please break out of your bubble
    Nobody can argue with Terry’s excellent interview skills, but my god this show’s liberal bias has gotten so laughingly transparent and uninteresting. Could you at least TRY to show diverse points of views sometimes? And Terry, Covid has clearly made you so scared of the world and ironically insular that I just want to take you in my arms and lovingly throw you in the middle of unmasked MAGA rallies for the exposure therapy you so desperately need to get over your smug terror of your own hypocrisy.
  • Fluffhead2022
    Scary Stuff
    Are you the kind of person that wears a mask riding in your own car by yourself with the windows down on the highway? Then this show is for you. Hey Democrats -- stop scaring everyone all the time!
  • Xtinacool
    “Best of” episodes gotta go
    Very, very sick of my feed constantly refilling with the same content from this one pod. “Best of” episodes are a cheap way to force “mark as played” / boost show stats while the content has been tanking. Sad, disappointing, fatally irritating.
  • Meribethcakes
    Re: Chrysta Biltin, says Buddhism is just “magic words”
    I’m not a religious person and I’m not a Nichiren Shōshū Buddhist, but a white woman dismissing their practice of chanting Nam Myogo Renge Kyo as believing in “magic words” strikes me as culturally insensitive. Is reciting the rosary just magic words? Is praying just magic words? What about reading from the Bible, or the Torah, or the Quran? Buddhism is no more a cult or a belief in magic than any other religion.
  • terry, talk less.
    Again...let your guest talk more.
    Listening to the Film Noir episode I see (or hear ) that Terry STILL likes to tell the guest about their specialty. Take the time to develop better questions. Please.
  • MinaFeeder
    Agenda driven content
    Used to be a great show focused on popular culture. Now it seems that guests are screened for their political viewpoint and talk politics instead of their latest book or movie.
  • RobSub
    Poignant topics
    Poignant topics and great interviewers make for an awesome podcast. I love the in-depth discussions and getting the nuances of an issue that you don’t get on so many other podcast. I suspect that the low rated reviews are just a knee jerk reaction because it’s NPR.
  • Shabba baba wing bang
    I don’t even listen to the podcast I just listen on the radio but I love looking at the reviews with one star because I feed off the negative energy
  • milkapet
    SO Enjoyable
    As a 50 something listener, preoccupied with daily life & events, I totally forgot about the incomparable AL GREEN!! I haven’t heard much about him in recent years. Very re-FRESHing to hear the rebroadcast of his interview(s) with Terry Gross. Thank you for reminding us of a true American classic, icon.
  • nanjlamb
    Consistently Great
    What else is there to say?!
  • scared senior
    Fresh Air
    Like show, dislike long litany of staff helping produce show. Don’t these people get paid? Dr. GC
  • golgikanji
    Flight attendant interview
    #5310 Wow, what a mediocre guest and interview. Did someone cancel at the last minute? Boring.
  • nikos
    Fresh Air - the best
    Best most interesting interviews ever
  • nucuplmnjuyh
    Katy Tur episode
    At least check your spelling: "weathering" affect>>effect
  • keadus
    Perfect podcast
    Daily listener!
  • Jaisaunders
  • Tigerlily12345
    Blackwell & U2
    Love Terry and Fresh Air, but in her new interview with Chris Blackwell she makes a serious error. Terry talks about Blackwell branching out beyond Jamaican music and working with British bands- she then goes into Blackwell’s championing the young U2. Please note: U2 is an IRISH band, not a British group, and the members would be the first to point this out. Thx.
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