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Welcome to the weekly podcast of Elevation Church led by Pastor Steven Furtick. To learn more visit our website at http://elevationchurch.org or download the Elevation App. To support this ministry and help us continue to reach people all around the world click here: http://ele.vc/TI55jR

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  • @#$&()'
    My Redeemer Lives episode
    I am in a very low place in my life. A 7 year friendship is ending and I’m heartbroken. After speaking to my sister in Christ, she suggested I spend the day worshiping and praising Christ. I turned to my Elevation Church podcast and just started listening. This particular episode up lifted my heart. When Lisa said if we would look up from the pit we will see Jesus more clearly than ever before and we would not fear pain. I know this pain I feel about my friendship ending is for my good. He will continue to walk with me. Thank you Lisa Harper for your encouraging message. And thank you Elevation Church for being a resource for my walk with God.
  • Grovininthetabernacle
    Feel Good Teacher
    Not a man of God, Della you on feeling good rather than the message of the cross. Always focuses on topical studies rather than taking you word by word through the Bible. Look at this guy’s lifestyle..wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • revup morning
    Can’t get enough
    A friend just told me about this podcast and I went to the beginning and can’t stop listening!!!!
  • Not my battle
    My Favorite!
    This is my absolute favorite sermon. It was the very first one I ever heard/watched on YouTube when I was going through a battle. I did just as Pastor Furtick preached and watched God beat the enemy for me. Since then, every time I find myself overwhelmed by more battles, this is ALWAYS my “go to” sermon. It can pull me out of the deepest darkness and back into hope like no other sermon can. I have listened to it so many times, I can say certain lines on queue verbatim. Thank you, Pastor Furtick, from the bottom of my heart!
  • samanthajoadair
    Please google narcegegis
    I have listened to many, many of these segments. And each and every one, I felt funny. Like the Holy Spirit was nudging me. Telling me this is not right. Please, anyone who reads this, look up narcegegsis. I believe this Pastor could be a man of God. I wish no ill will on him or anything, I just wish he would focus on God. Stop with the self esteem self help quotes. Stop comparing YOU to the Bible. It is about God. Goliath is not a challenge for us to overcome - that was DAVID. I have prayed over this and I am unsubscribing. I will not support prosperity/mormonistic beliefs.
  • SaraLynn1231
    Listening in Charleston
    I absolutely love listening to this podcast. Y’all are so engaging and the sermons are SO good.
  • Djwusa
    Beautiful- thank you 🙏 Today I am going to reconnect!
  • Houston85734
    Wow just wow
    The spirit and love i feel listening to these is unreal. You’ve helped me more than you could know. I’m thankful god has put you in so many lives. Amen.
  • bubby z
    Love it.
    Just listened to Lisa Harpers message. Thanks for putting this resource out there for people!!
  • MuffinSmash
    Thank you
    Sometimes I really need a boost both mentally and spiritually and I’m never let down when I listen.
  • Jace Lee 3
    Awesome messages
    I love listening to Steven Furtick’s messages! It’s always a blessing to me. Thankful I get to listen to them on the go!
  • AdrienneMurrysvillePA
    Best. Podcast. Ever.
    Every week, I look with anticipation for the new podcast to be uploaded so I can listen to Pastor Steven’s message on my commute- even though I’ve listened to the live YouTube broadcast on Sunday. I listen to most messages several times and get valuable truths every single time. Not many pastors can hold my attention enough to listen even once and Pastor Steven is the only one so far in my +40 years of being a Christ-follower that has gotten me to want to listen many times over. He has been used by God to change my faith and life in such positive ways. Wish I could rate it more than 5 stars!
  • Millert152
    This is all a BIG JOKE!
    Look up John MacArthur, Justin Peters, Steven Lason, and Paul Washer!! And God always gets a BIG G!!
  • kristen coffey
    Elevation church
    Your As dome great job today. Everything as we’re ax for pretty do as we’re asking god helped me god. Do you want god to know about ever well thank you for everything
  • believeringreatthings
    Great preaching
    This is an awesome church!!
  • physfrk
    Find another podcast
    Go to Ligonier Ministries or Behold Your God to hear the true gospel.
  • Dawn Stark
    Every single message seems directed to me!
    Pastor: Keep your eyes on Jesus, keep preaching the the Word, and keep birthing worship. Proud to be part of the Efam in Florida.
  • lexon77
    Covid took a lot of ppl out Out of their comfort zone Out of their traditions Out of their minds! But some how our Pastor grew grew grew The anointing is fresh and it’s all for the Glory of God 🙏🏽🧡 ~ L. Ortiz
  • mohrvl
    Awesome Mother’s Day sermon by Holly.
  • Housewife_Mandy
    Fresh & New
    Love hearing your thoughts! You are the fresh new voice I’ve been looking for to add to my spiritual life.
  • slreviewsl
    Not the gospel
    Friend... the gospel is about Jesus Christ, not about us. We are not “enough”—Jesus is enough. And that is where our freedom is found. The Bible is not about us—it’s about Jesus. Inserting ourselves into every biblical story instead of reading it to find the love and kindness and truth in Christ is exhausting. Jesus is enough to satisfy, the self will never satisfy. Christ loves you and welcomes you, and offers rest for the weary. The self cannot cure the self, but Jesus can.
  • @BeautyJamBySam
    God Bless!
    Thank you for sharing wisdom and the love of God! ❤️
  • Saved56
    Magnificent and blessed ministry
    Since listening to Elevation Ministry my thoughts, and actions have been truly elevated! The word of God is spoken here and is powerful! Magnificent ministry! Saved56
  • wyatt_2852
    Love to hear this BLESSED man preach
  • thatonemomwho
    I was lost at mockery
    I can’t get behind a pastor who mocks those who believe in God’s word. In the sermon titled “get to the good part” he mocks people who say “God said it, I believe it, and that settles it!” Did I miss something?!?! We as believers are called to believe his word in order to get to know the character of God. I have never written a review but my spirit is unsettled and feel like anyone seeking biblical truth won’t find it here. I feel like this is the epitome of new age/prosperity style of preaching.
  • cataleya. washington
    Bless everyone in this world 👏👏👏👏
    Whoo 👏👏 amen I fell in love with this as soon and I heard it amen
  • Lilmarola
    God bless this ministry!
    I get fed spiritually every-time I listen to these preaching. I’ve been getting closer to God. Thank you and I admire your love for God.
  • Alyssa8791
    A blessing to have Elevation Church
    I came across Elevation church and instantly fell in love. The amount of peace and connection I get out of every service is a blessing!!
  • Nakeya_NY
    Blessing from God
    Every sermon is a blessing to my life 🙌🏽. I thank the Lord for this ministry and the blessings it has provided me through my walk with Christ.
  • 11keith77
    Thanks man for the message
    Y describe things good thanks
  • josen_82
    Thank you
    I live in Pasadena Texas and have listened to the podcast for as long as I can remember. The messages are always on point to my challenges. Thank you Pastor for what you do and have done
  • Pam Coon
    We love your podcasts!!!
    Listening from Elizabethtown, Pa
  • CarlosRadar
    Pastor Kevin
    Thank you so much! Awesome man of God!
  • BabieXDR
    I just want to say Thank you
    Thank you Pastor Furtick and elevation church family. The words you speak and you how you translate the stories of the bible into Modern times have given me emotional and mental strength do move past my bad days and moments.
  • ItsSavvySpencer
    God is working through Elevation and Pastor Steven!
    All of the sermons are simply fantastic... Flatbread faith is, I do believe, is the most beautiful and wonderful sermon I have ever heard... Such a blessing and a God ordained word for me. My heart needed to hear every word! God is working through Elevation Church! I am thoroughly blessed! 🙏🏻♥️
  • astocky1
    Great passion
    Love listening to Steven & all Gods messengers at Elevation Church! Thank you!
  • Evan_0700
    I found clips on TikTok of his messages, and I couldn’t help but watch every single one. I currently go to a nearby church that has been growing around, but even through the past 15 years of my life at that church, I’ve never felt a sermon hit as close to home as his. The passion within his sermon, the messages, everything about it has me wanting to continue listening.
  • tommy398
    Purdy good
    Purdy good
  • David AuClair
    Love elevation and pastor Steven
    Even though I’ve never physically met anyone from this church and we are on opposite sides of the USA, I love them so much. They kept me laser focused during COVID on my faith and professional life and my family and all the things in my life most important to me. Thank you for all you do!
  • siakdhgegwy
    Hello ok so I love this podcast but the videos are more interesting, The pastor is a little bit loud though. Holly I think should do this a little more, she funny and sweet. Also have a merry Christmas 🎁🎄🎅🏻 #realtree #holly #merrychristmas
  • Heydo616
    Love the this podcast. Love the way he preached and thank you for the advice
  • LeoB072888
    God Family and Friendship!
    This Podcast has grown my personal relationship with God in many ways. Thankful for Elevation Church and everything it offers. Pastor Furtick and His wife Holly are amazing. The guest preachers that they have are amazing in their own way. I’ve always stayed away from Mega churches because they’ve felt like an agenda preached more than anything. Elevation is nothing like that. They welcome you with open arms and the messages hit home every time. Thank you!
  • Mizzfinezt
    Love Elevation Church
    I love this podcast. His sermons touch me!!! You can listen to this anywhere .
  • BrendanLeeM
    Preach the word of the Book of Revelations. It’s now time to take your ministry to the next level and see where your true followers at heart really are. And we will overcome it all. In Jesus Glorious name God bless.
  • loryray
    Thank you for for church.
    I love this podcast. I recently discovered it and have been enjoying the practical down to earth preaching. It’s clear that you love God and reaching people with that love. Steve and his wife are very talented communicators. It’s clear that they could be successful doing other work. Thank you for what you do and the sacrifices you make.
  • Vapor31
    Heretical nonsense
    If you want a feel good self help program this is the church for you. If you want correct biblical teaching than you should look elsewhere. The Gospel is not preached here.
  • qtpiern
    Can you turn down the congregation a little😬
    I really love listening to Pastor Furtick, but with the audience talking/responding in the background it’s very distracting. I think it’s wonderful the congregation is so involved and responsive and it’s different when I’m in the service vs when I’m listening to the podcast and the mic picks up the congregation. I’m not trying to complain at all, but I’m just hoping it could be turned down. Thank you for your ministry and everything you do for the kingdom.
  • longlyfe
    Thank you sir!!!
    Elevation inspires me to be a better man!!! My pastor Scot Anderson was telling someone that meeting or talking to you is his dream. He pastors us at Living Word Bible Church in Mesa Arizona. He doesn’t need to know that I’m sending this but if you found it in your heart to call him it would make his year and we just love him so much. I can give you his number if you need it.
  • Aschable
    Closer to God than ever before
    Elevation Worship has allowed me to reconnect with God in new ways. Pastor Furtick know just what to say in a way that speaks right to my soul. I need a binge listening session just so I can say I’ve heard them all.
  • Drock1904
    God is Great
    Elevation church has changed my life and has help restored my soul. My love for Jesus is unexplainable and I can’t thank this church enough ♥️
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