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Welcome to the weekly podcast of Elevation Church led by Pastor Steven Furtick. To learn more visit our website at http://elevationchurch.org or download the Elevation App. To support this ministry and help us continue to reach people all around the world click here: http://ele.vc/TI55jR

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  • boptodatoppp
    This podcast is incredible ❤️
    I have really been struggling with depression, and this podcast is incredible! It starts my day off with a splash of Jesus, and that keeps my hopes up for hours. I am very thankful for this podcast. I hope Elevation Church keeps growing, and keeps sharing the gospel with people who need it.
  • Giannibgood
    This is what I really needed to hear today.
  • MercyEiko
    Miss Mercy
    Beautiful messages! These words have improved my walk with God a great deal..Thank you
  • Ddiaz_
    Thank you. There’s nothing else to say. I love it. I love you !
  • LivingMyLifeWithGod
    Glad I found this Church!
    Originally, I found Elevation Church on YouTube. I was going through a difficult period in my life and found Pastor Furtick’s sermons to be refreshingly honest and relatable. I was happy to discover these sermons are also on a podcast! I appreciate that Pastor Furtick discusses real-life issues, and how God wants us to navigate them. These sermons have helped me adopt a more positive mindset and has helped strengthen my relationship with God. I would highly recommend you tune in!
  • heyKFA
    Everything I need, all the time. The perfect message always finds me. I was not into church when I stumbled onto Elevation’s insta about 6 years ago so if you’re not a “church” person, know that this is for you. Grateful for you, Elevation, Pastors, Online team, worship team.
  • DrNathanADixon
    Thank You
    I’m so thankful for this spiritual food. I greatly appreciate Bishop Jakes and Pastor Furtick for sharing this. I just ordered the book and plan to read it. Thank you both.
    Too bad it starts with $$$$
    I did not listen to a single podcast. I am new to this podcast stuff and am searching for a few good Christian based podcasts to listen to, sadly this is the only one I have seen that starts every single podcast asking for money and this immediately diminishes my trust and respect in an organization and with the amount of distrust in the world today I am certain that there are many others who have passed your podcasts by for the same reason, many not bothering to leave a review. The sad thing is that you may have a message that someone really needs to hear but because the first words out of your mouth in EVERY message is to ask for money, many will never hear that message because money came first......maybe consider putting it last....as it should be....just a thought.
  • SimplySurr3nder
    Wow!!! What a great message. God truly is so good because he will speak to you exactly where you are. Right on time for me!! Trusting him even when things aren’t how I pictured. Hallelujah!
  • Caralizk
    Life Changing
    Elevation Church is life changing!!! Every time I listen to a sermon, I walk away equipped to build the kingdom! Thanks so much, Steven! There is no doubt The Lord speaks through you!!!
  • cheeno92
    The best
    I am uplifted, joyous, & think deeper after listening. It always happens to be the perfect message for whatever i’m going through. I live in Indianapolis but still donate online to the church each month. This podcast has changed my life
  • Brilanae
    Life changing
    Pastor Furtick will never know the impact that his calling has had on my life. Thank you for doing Gods will. Thank you for your honest, real, and God filled sermons.
  • ThunderRoad07
    Mile wide, inch deep
    Watered down, self-help, cotton candy “theology” from a prosperity gospel charlatan.
  • jea0413
    Pastor Furtick, You have made a great impact in my life through the word of God and how you describe everything. God works so mysterious that everyday I thank him. My first live worship I heard at home was The Lazarus and it changed my life completely and miracles happened that day. Thank you.
  • Halo Cheese
    False Gospel
    This isn’t the Gospel. Not close. Go watch The American Gospel
  • kkbaby23
    Fierce spirit filled leader!!
    God has been using you in big ways! God bless and protect you and your beautiful family, pastor Steven! Thank you Elevation family, staff and volunteers for always being real.
  • Mary421111
    Believing & Trusting
    You’re Podcast are Awesome and so very on point , transparency at its best. I listen while I’m in the commute to take my daughter to school and while doing devotional time with God .....In the waiting ..
  • Crazymonmaof5
    Busy mother of 5
    I absolutely love this podcast! I get a small amount of time to myself each day when I go for a walk. Two things I HAVE to have to go on this walk. One, my waking app. Second, this podcast playing in my ear! Old and new episodes!
  • Inacia13
    I enjoy listening to Pastor Furtick, he always has a word that challenges me to continue to grow in my faith.
  • JIVera
    Shallow preaching from a money hungry “pastor”
  • TikaRised
    Thank you for valuing us (us= children of God)
    Your podcasts have helped me so much 🙌🏽! Now I can heard the word of God anywhere I go!
  • BisK.
    Fuel for my Soul
    Every time I listen to Pastor Furtick I feel my spirit ignite!
  • Lurchy1989
    Dismiss any negative post you read
    I was in Charlotte in 2017 and going through the most troubling time in my life. A friend suggests to my wife, you should go to Elevation Church. The power of the Lord that was in the room that day at UC location moved me. I felt the warmth come over me and strength within me. I’ve been to Matthews, Ballantyne, Blakeney, and Roanoke to hear Furtick speak. His message always hits home. His communication methods are devised to offer you the word of God and a perspective. He truly sees what God has conveyed and is empowering those who hold themselves accountable in their spirituality. Like he has said before, “I can serve you the food on your plate, but I can’t make you chew.” It’s up to us to apply and practice his teachings and mentoring. If you go to church looking only to be rejuvenated for your short time there, you will likely achieve that. However, take notes, study them, and find a way to apply the word of god through Furticks teachings to maximize your situation. I’ve heard a lot of speakers as I achieved a doctorate in medicine and an MBA with elite professionals in many specialties. Pastor Furtick sends a message to receivers more effectively and consistently than anyone I’ve ever encountered. Thank you Pastor Furtick for doing God’s work the way you do.
  • The Overstreets
    Soul on fire for the Lord!
    Pastor Furtick is AMAZING! Truly a gift from God to be able to make a sermon off of one or two verses and that’s a HUGE challenge to a pastor. But that’s what sets a good pastor apart. The ability to reach thousands!! he does it with the intention to fully reach his listeners. To all those who think he isn’t grounded theologically, you need to pick your Bible up because he knows his stuff and is uplifting all of the time!!
  • happypickle11
    Truly awesome and amazing !
    All the sermons are intense and real and put such a raw feeling in my heart ! Such amazing speakers doing work for God . Everything is so relatable for everything going on in your life . I’m so happy I discovered this . I get so excited to listen ! ❤️
  • #Murchs
    Lighting a fire in me
    I was part of a larger church similar to Elevation and was very involved. After I got married I was thrown into my husband’s small town Church. I felt like not only my fire but my children’s fire too, has gone out. I’m not sure I will find my place in Pinopolis SC and in their Church (it’s not volunteering. I do plenty of that). but my fire is definitely returning listening to your pod cast. Being a light to my children and their friends is what I live for. Thank you for bringing your word to the nations.
  • KellyRenee2017
    Finding Community
    Living in middle Tennessee you would think finding a nonjudgmental place to worship would be easy. That hasn’t been my experience. Everyone says all are welcome, but... Elevation, in my experience has filled a huge need for us and we so enjoy the music, solid bible teaching and community in efam. God bless you as you continue to minister to people around the world
  • RRR4566
    What a blessing!
    I came across this podcast at a time when I was desperately seeking solace and direction. Pastor Furtick has an amazing gift and bringing God’s word to life. It is evident that Elevation church is a bible based , welcoming place of worship. I love it!!!
  • Brother Antonio
    Another false teacher.
    If you study your Bible you will soon notice that his jeans have a tighter grip on his legs than he does on his theology.
  • soulsisplayz
    I can feel the holy spirt moving in my life I’m younger than a lot of the listeners but I’m starting to understand the lord and I’ve never felt so loved and like myself again thank you keep up the good work Steven!
  • kss01time
    Where did you go?
    I haven’t received a sermon since the 19th? Did you get I’ll? Should I pray for you and your family? I’ll trust in the lord that you will be able to get back to blessing us with your service! Many blessings!
  • Jamesburgh
    Apt and timely
    The pressure to perform teaching was very helpful for me right now. I want to view timing in light of God’s guidance and not other pressures. It was an encouragement to be ok where I am. I really want to speed some stuff up, but it may not be time. Good reminders.
  • Kaia's Mommy
    My absolute FAVORITE podcast. I look forward to the messages popping up every Sunday! It has been very necessary! Thank you for your obedience to God! You have blessed me so!
  • me too 624
    You are a blessing
    We live in Northwest Ohio and my husband found this podcast and talked to me about it. I finally listened to one and oh my goodness was he speaking to me! So I listened to another one, and another one. The message is always something I need to hear that day. You are a blessing to all you touch and who hear your messages.
  • Amazibgjsjshajab
    A blessing
    Thank you pastor Steven and Holly and every other speaker who comes to speak and putting the content online. The non traditional approach to a relationship with Christ has been crucial in my coming to understand Him as a young adult in the Silicon Valley where instant gratification and status has become the culture and life without Christ is more common. The passion and energy of the messages ignited my Sanguine heart and leaves me ready to conquer the day- thanks for what you do!
  • Walkingnfaith
    His ego may get the best of him
    I find him manipulating and egotistical. When a pastor repeatedly ask you to say or do something to the person you say by he’s vying for control. Can’t stand that style and it seems to be everywhere in today’s churches. The only one I give the power to is Jesus and I think this young man better be careful.
  • CSI 1720
    Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
    So happy I found this!
  • TheMan_todo
    This has done a lot for me.
    It is not just about me, but this podcast has done a lot for I thank you for what you do for the world.
  • Aunt Jacqie
    A man of God
    He preaches Kingdom principles in a way that only God could equip him to do. His message is timeless and bridges the gap between generations. Something for everyone. He is entertaining, but the message is on point and Bible based. I highly recommend Steven’s messages.
  • Katyln Rathbone
    I absolutely love hearing this man preach, I love it.
  • Smith42804
    Pretty Good
    Uplifting and motivating sermons. My biggest issue is that they are all very similar and shallow and borderline prosperity Gospel. He arbitrarily picks out only a line or two of Scripture and then tries to use that as a motivating tag line that he than repeats over and over. After listening to 20+ messages, it’s become a little repetitive for me and am craving more substance.
  • Wright_path
    Caught a thought
    I love the teachings & how he loves his wife!! The word set me a fire
  • Faithful Jen
    Pastor Furtick is the BOMB
    My most listen to PODCAST in my library is this one right here! I love starting the day listening to Pastor Furtick. He is a true man of God, and speaks to my heart. God bless you and your ministry!!
  • Bri0890
    I love him!
    He’s amazing and very uplifting, a new way of preaching the word that young adults can relate to and understand. I absolutely love him he’s funny and so passionate about the lord.
  • Fab Pitt
    Awesome Podcast
    This is a really uplifting podcast. Spread the word!!!
  • Cassianna
    Really good and Holy Spirit powered
    Great podcast
    Awesome Awesome Awesome
    Absolutely amazing listen to this pastor!
  • GJjjjarman
    Sermons To-Go
    I love that through this podcast format I never miss a sermon! I get to hear the sermons each week in my car drive. I don’t have to wait just for Sunday’s to hear church. I can listen whenever and wherever!
  • Sofia The Ravendork
    Experiencing God on the go and in my room. Getting church every day of the week.
  • 2737282822
    This is the first person and church that has kept my attention the whole way though. Love Steven! He’s an amazing preacher!
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