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Welcome to the weekly podcast of Elevation Church led by Pastor Steven Furtick. To learn more visit our website at http://elevationchurch.org or download the Elevation App. To support this ministry and help us continue to reach people all around the world click here: http://ele.vc/TI55jR

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  • BoujeeB1996
    I’m found
    I went through a season of little faith. It was hard to relate to messages even hard to pay attention and honestly I needed someone raw who would put it all out there. Steven helped me regain my faith and realize the lord loves us even in our worst season.
  • get a life venmo
    Gifted guy
    Gifted guy, great messages, look past his arrogance and narcissistic personality. He’s accomplished so much at his age and he knows it. Regardless, great podcast
  • Bigblogtalk
    One of the few
    One of the few mega church pastors that actually tells the truth and keeps it real and all about Jesus. I’m not a fan of mega churches at all. Yet I can’t stop listening to Furtick specifically. He was designed by God to do what he does. Reach people in 2020! Respect! Also! Please please check out my podcast about Jesus and my new found faith in Him and the Word! It’s called “I like birds” Because I like the Bible and I like words. So therefor I like birds! Peep the show :)
  • JIVera
    Another one
    Another “church leader” that cares more about your wallet than you and plays on emotions rather than a genuine connection with God
  • Paula in Michigan
    What is NEW in my life
    I have heard Pastor Steven in the past, but after a friend shared “Looking forward to normal” I have been listening every week and listening to past messages. I already see some of the NEW NORMAL things in my life. I don’t know if my job will ever be what it was. I don’t know if my husband will be able to keep his job. But I am making my own NEW normal right now, and I feel the endeavor is blessed by God and I’m so excited! My new normal is so much more exciting than the old normal! God is good!!!
  • little red car
    Forward to normal
    I can always count on God talking to me when I listen to Steve. Thank you for sharing your love. Forward to normal is my favorite. I’m fighting the temptation to go back to normal, I don’t want it!!! I try to explain to my friends and they’re not interested.
  • Jacjac92
    A True Blessing!
    I just have to say that Pastor Steven and Holly have been a true blessing in my life. I look forward to the messages each week. Love y’all’s podcast!
  • wliialady
    A friend in my church life group always mentioned Steven Furtick. I listened to him today for the very first time. Wow! He is very uplifting and powerful. I felt my down spirit be uplifted when listening to his sermon and afterwards.
  • cinnyt1964
    I stumbled across Pastor Steve years ago when he came to speak at my church ! I love to hear him preach ! He doesn’t sugar coat nothing ! He has gotten me thru this virus at my home 🙏🙏🙏
  • #WeinTHIS
    Pastor Steven & Holly are Trailblazers in my heart! I appreciate their passion for God’s word and people! I appreciate their hearts in approach to our needs to grow in hope and faith. I look forward each week to an Elevation Church Experience. I’m grateful for this ministry 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾
  • MamaRita88
    I love listening to this ministry!
    Whether it’s Pastor Furtick himself, or any guest speaker the word of God is heard. I love the way he speaks. So relatable and so good. Thank you Lord for using this ministry to spread your good word and your love. Bless this ministry. ❤️
  • Miamiheat103
    God moves through Elevation
    I strongly feel God’s presence through this body. There are no words to describe how they have impacted my life and how they continue to have a positive impact on the world with the message of Jesus. I love Elevation and the Furtick family. Thank you for all you do.
  • Carter CE
    I Know The Way
    I just finished listening to this message such an important reminder not only in this present time but everyday. I loved this word from God delivered from the available vessel of Holly Furtick
  • MichaelJacksonTheBest
    Good but could work on some things
    Steven Furtick is a good preacher who I think does and tries to present the word of God the best way he can. His sermons uplift you and your spirit especially when it comes to fighting battles with the enemy, anxiety, and depression. My complaint is that his sermons can sometimes be confusing as he tends to go off a tangent. I feel as that he preaches at the youth level. Of course he used to be a youth pastor before being the senior pastor at elevation church which explains why. Overall not a bad pastor but this is more for beginner/youth Christians.
  • Treesumone
  • ABOE20
    Hearing God
    Thank you for hearing God and speaking the truth! I don’t want to go back to Egypt! May we all be quick learners and not have to go through all of the plagues! God Bless you and your family!!
  • We40Deep
    To the person who wrote Scam
    It’s not my business how people get their money and their walk with the Lord. As long as I keep my eyes on Jesus, I will be alright. Pastor Steve sends great messages of being born again and non-conformity and renewing of the mind and healing. I don’t care about how expensive his Yeezy’s are or his nice home, really nice. I care about Clare and building a closer relationship to God. Pastors Steve Joel Osteen etc are just messengers who het us in the church. Its up to us to do right and finish the race. Only hypocrites fake people care about the rich pastors. I don’t.
  • Loni & Mel
    They only care about making money, not Jesus or helping people.
  • crisis matters
    I receive Jesus!
    Yes! New beginnings. Amen!
  • pepgreg
    The sermons are so down to earth and moving in my heart. The way The sermons explain the scriptures just washes your eyes out constantly. I wish your church was local to where I live. ———— ahhhh. It is local where I live. GODS church is living everywhere. Thank you for your ministry. It adds so much extra to my eyesight. I’m also blessed by my home church. GOD BLESS YOU.
  • The1whoiscalledbob
    Thank you
    Christ brought this ministry into me in a very dark time in my life. God truly flows through this church and He pulled me out of that dark place and saved me. Pastor Steven is truly anointed by God
  • elm2322
    Thank you !
    Pastor Steven, and his beautiful wife Holly have brought Gods word back into our home and into our hearts. We love and will continue to support elevation church!
  • Pizzameplease
    Thank You
    Your podcast has giving me so much Faith and(in) Life.
  • T. Carson
    Always love the God-given messages from Elevation. 🧡
  • KaiSavage
    I hear you God
    Everything pastor talked about, I needed to hear 💙🙏
  • brookisherwood
    I absolutely love this podcast!
  • dolpin58
    I am still scared .... episode Tricia Griffin San Diego Ca
    Keep preachin’ love fellowshipping with you. The Holy Spirit is speaking through you Brother . See you next week
  • Julia_Gulia365
    I have literally only listened to one Podcast and he has touched me and has touched my heart. Thank you for your words and for helping me find my way back to God! Thank you thanks you thank you!
  • llanari
    Awesome !!
    This man has helped me find my way back to god. His preaching has brought me closer to the lord, and im so thankful that i came across your youtube. ❤️
  • coachbick42
    Thank You
    This Church has changed my life over the last 11 years. There are not enough characters available to tell the story. Praise God and thank you guys gotta all you do to bring the Word and Message to all of us.
  • west texas john
    Hey first time listener.. been needing to hear the good word thanks ford word of encouragement..
  • Anthony Hendricks
    Jesus Christ is the first to be blessed
    This podcast is so awesome and I love this!
  • BYenkana
    Thank You God
    I want to thank God for leading me to this church and it’s speakers. I started watching/listening to this on Youtube yesterday, in my time of need, and the connections that God put in my heart began to play out on the screen in front of me and it was overwhelming. I watched Mr. Furtick preach for hours. I binge watched from about 11am until about 8pm last night, because I’ve never felt God speaking to me quite like this before, and for that I am so grateful. Keep up the great work! Thank you all for what you do. God is so good!
  • marykatd
    Where Has This Been All My Life!?
    Grateful for this church and the speakers who share such inspired messages. I’ve been a Christian since birth and had a few personal revivals along the way. In 2020, something happened in me and I found Elevation. Never have I heard such relevant messages to Scripture, the way of Jesus, the important an even of the church and heart changes within. I share the podcasts with as many as I can and they are also receiving something that cannot be described. Is it the Holy Spirit? It has to be. So grateful, overwhelmed with love for all of you at Elevation. Your heart to speak God’s truth has changed mine. Forever thankful. 🔥❤️🔥
  • ubaca1221
    I really wished these were translated in Spanish or have someone that is translating everything you say as your saying it because, I know both English and Spanish but I understand spanish better when it comes to someone preaching! I still love how you put the Lords word across to the whole world!
  • Jlsauceman
    As a truck driver I spend substantially large amounts of time listening to podcasts. This one was recommended by my home pastor and let me just say it was AWESOME!!! In every episode I could feel the spirit of God moving and delivering the message.
  • Yolie zack
    Love to listen to it anywhere !
    Love to listen to this podcast literally anywhere at any time! I can download it and listen to saved ones on an airplane or where I don’t get service. I love that i can listen to it OFF youtube where they normally put their sermons because I can continue to utilize my phone without it getting cut off. I love Elevation church and Steven furtick and love the fact that I can listen to my church podcast ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME. I listen to it when I walk to the train in the morning to work or in the library studying or when I have a bad day or a bad start!
  • blie angel
    Much needed
    As I sit and listen to his podcasts, I love the way he makes things easier to understand in his stories, I’m delighted to hear him whenever he’s on.
  • @MsTriciaAsson
    Wow! He definitely moves me.
    Pastor Steven Furtick does such a good job at breaking biblical findings down to laymen terms. He makes the topic so relatable to modern times. I’m driven more and more to HIS word after every podcast. Thank you!
  • Mrtilley
    Not sure about pastor talking about his wife twerking for the Lord. High energy church with great music but unsubscribing now
  • BelovedinNYC
    Man-centered messages, sadly
    These messages are full of emotionalism & “me” “my success” “my personal empowerment” notions. He uses/twists Scripture to be foremost about people, which it was never intended. The Bible is about Jesus, and we shouldn’t be reading texts and going straight to self application. That ain’t it. I pray for the ppl who listen to his msgs, that the Holy Spirit opens their eyes and they move on to actual Christ-centered teaching. So they can come away from sermons knowing God more deeply. Not just what “he can do for/through” them.
  • Casey_EverNow
    Who Said Church Can’t Be Cool But Very Anointed?
    The best part of my mornings. I religiously listen to Pst. Steven as part of my morning ritual to command the spirit of my day. I just love how informative, well researched and candid his preaching is. Makes being a Christian such a breath of fresh air. Love, love, love this podcast!
  • dravey Y
    Special anointing on this ministry!!!!
    Unspeakably blessed by this. Loved Kingdom Clout!!
  • Stephen Forest Reilly
    Biblical Truth?
    I used to really enjoy his messages. Until I learned more about how the word of God should be preached. Furtick is a hype man, and it seems like his main goal is to worry about what people think of him rather than preaching Gods word.
  • Yona9092
    I struggle on and off with depression and when my faith feels defeated I listen to Pastor Furtick and let him preach to my faith for me. Thank you Pastor Furtick for also preaching to me too.
  • TNVols🧡
    No matter what age you are or what your background is this podcast will speak to your heart! You will laugh, cry, shout, and most of all love!!!!
  • MEEthan
    Steven is a powerful speaker. He creates visions with his words. Listen! You won’t regret it!
  • Retired Navy 2005
    In the end days false teachers will appear!
    “We must avoid embracing the lawless ways of the world and the alluring lies of false teachers.” Living in his mansion and not letting you know how much he is raking in from people that listen to his lies. This person is a false prophet! GOD is coming back, are you prepared or are you listening to the prosperity lies?
  • boptodatoppp
    This podcast is incredible ❤️
    I have really been struggling with depression, and this podcast is incredible! It starts my day off with a splash of Jesus, and that keeps my hopes up for hours. I am very thankful for this podcast. I hope Elevation Church keeps growing, and keeps sharing the gospel with people who need it.
  • Giannibgood
    This is what I really needed to hear today.
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