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This is adventure. Climbing. Skiing. Hiking. Biking. Running. Travel. Whatever your passion, we are all dirtbags. Outdoor writer Fitz Cahall and the Duct Tape Then Beer team present stories about the dreamers, athletes and wanderers.

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  • The Anona Family
    Life-changing show
    I am so thankful for the stories and thoughts shared by so many over the years. I’m a relatively new listener, but every episode I’ve heard allows me a little more empathy, more hope for our natural world, and way more inspiration to get outside!
  • Jessie Hollenbeck
    Love it!
    Thanks for the great content! Really enjoying the stories!
  • buns28
    Save the earth 🌍
  • hammmmmmiiiieeeeeee
    Love this podcast, what about disability
    Hello! Dirtbag diaries is so fun to listen to. I appreciate hearing the stories about people finding hope and power in the wilderness. I especially love the Endangered Spaces series. Wondering if you could include a wider spectrum of the experience between people and wilderness, specifically about people with disabilities and how they engage with wild places.
  • The Blue Nine
    All Around Fave
    This is easily my favorite podcast. By far. The writing is always great and the production is spot on. I envy anyone just fining this podcast now because one of my favorite things was devouring the back catalog when I discovered them. Fitz has it right from the very first episode. I’ve listened to them all a couple time. I’ll stop gushing now, I’m embarrassing myself. But seriously, it’s awesome.
  • TbagWolfenstein
    I thought this was about soil samples but turned out to be an awesome adventure podcast!
  • Nette3312
    Favorite outdoors podcast
    Compelling stories of people doing amazing things in the outdoors. The stories are of physical, mental, and emotional challenges that can resonate with anyone. Best part is that they also teach about the importance of protecting our natural spaces and have given all of us a path to action.
  • Katsura9
    Stay inspired
    Some strangers I met in Iceland and decided to rent a car with...introduced me to this and I’ve been listening to these great stories for 9 years. They keep me inspired to continue my own adventures.
  • Saaaaaarraaahhh
    Yes. Yes. Yes.
    Beyond adventure and sports stories, The Dirtbag Diaries are for anyone who has ever felt better after a day outside.
  • TriBonz
    Fantastic podcast that has become a part of my life.
  • haybailsmurphy
    Favorite podcast out there
    Have been listening to the dirtbag diaries for a few years and it’s still my favorite podcast out there. Always a source of inspiration, it gets me scheming for the weekend while trapped at my desk mid week. Love the community feel of the shorts.
  • moniwalk
    Calling anyone who likes the outdoors in any capacity
    This podcast has become the soundtrack to every camping road trip we go on. Thanks, DD team.
  • 87chadillac
    The podcast that got me into podcasts
    The Dirtbag Diaries will not disappoint. If you are into being in nature and being outside, if you like great story telling, if you like to podcasts to have little ads in the middle, you have found the right podcast!
  • Pat2867
    Just hearing the intro music to these podcasts makes me year for adventure. The stories are captivating and the editors do a great job of adding in sounds that help provide you with immersive images to go with the scenes the guests often describe. Would and have recommended this to a number of people.
  • noellane
    The best
    The best podcast for walking or running. Motivational stories with inspiring people
  • calebernardus
    Great content, but sub par presentation
    I’ve only listened to a few episodes and they are great and interesting. Such a narrow focus makes for great content. One of the hosts uses a sub par microphone I think because I hear an whistle sound a lot when they speak. Not sure of the host’s name.
  • T dub007
    Hiking and listening to DD!
    I hiked the sectioned hiked the PCT in Oregon this summer and listened to numerous of your podcasts! Keep up the great work. You had me giggling on the trail in the middle of no where...
  • jmrbis1
    Trail manors
    Makes me want to use my camper even more
  • Chris_Erwin
    The Best Outdoor Storytelling!
    This podcast is a true standout! Highly curated stories of the best adventures, coupled with fantastic leadership and learnings insights, and further bolstered by high quality production. This isn't just interviews, yet instead a format that goes above and beyond in audio storytelling, and not just in the outdoor space. The episodes are my morning inspiration...shout-out to Duct Tape Then Beer for being awesome and making this!
  • melv829
    So glad this exists
    I’m a current Peace Corps volunteer and I miss the mountains, climbing and the outdoor community more than anything. When I listen to the Dirtbag Diaries it gives me a little slice of home and keeps me dreaming of future adventures. Thank you for what you do
  • Big Manilla
    Worth every minute
    Beautiful, enjoyable, and relatable, no matter how epic you are (or think you are).
  • MartineSesma
    Love these stories!
    Top notch production and storytelling.
  • mmwags
    ❤️ The Diaries
    The Dirt Bag Diaries provides diverse story lines and topics that are enjoyable, fun and often quite intriguing and educational. Take a listen!!
  • Dfhn27
    One of my favorite podcasts. Authentic. Informative. Entertaining. Real. Always looking forward to the next episode. Fitz Cahall & team ... keep up the awesome work!!
  • AudiophileATL
    I like about half of the episodes this podcast produces. A lot of their contributors (who aren’t journalists, to be fair) are pretty canned in their storytelling, obviously reading something better suited for a collection of essays than a podcast. If you’re not a climber, some episodes are pretty irrelevant, but some adventures are cool no matter your brand of outdoor fun.
  • afoyy
    Really love this podcast.
    Thanks for your awesome work guys, this podcast is inspiring and fun and thoughtful. Really enjoying it.
  • stephlovesthediaries
    Day lifter
    I drive a lot for work, so I throw on dirtbag diaries and listen for hours! After a few podcasts, I feel so inspired, encouraged, uplifted, and connected to people I don’t even know, but who have a mutual love for the world and the adventures it has to offer :) All I can say is THANK YOU for this podcast!!!
  • codysnotcool
    My Favorite Podcast
    I listen to dozens of podcast and have checked out more than i can count but this is hands down my favorite!
  • crittervespa
    Send it
    Best podcast ever. Well produced great content
  • Sno & Lo
    Less boring than surfer or snowboard tales
    But it’s pretty well produced.
  • livelyshrub
    Soul food
    The Dirtbag Diaries is my go to pick me up when I feel trapped in the doldrums of the day to day, always there with a unique story to get me back on my feet and planning a trip
  • alaskanalligator
    Decent show but the lisp completely ruins every show. Some people are not made for radio especially someone with a lisp.
  • treopolis
    Some episodes still ok...
    Feel like the shorts are hit or miss, and becoming more often misses. And the featured pieces are so on the nose and formulaic.
  • victor ma 20
    Love it
    This is great , fun and informative!! Thank you guys
  • armadillojackal
    Great stories. I’ve stopped listening as much because I can’t stand the girl with the speech impediment. Please bring back fitz. I only listen to the older episodes now.
  • Brady K :)
    One of my go-to favorite podcast!
    I was a late adopter of podcasts for entertainment and information. The Dirtbag Diaries is one that got me hooked on this form of media. I love the story telling, adventures and causes that it represents and give voice to. Thank you to Fitz, Becca, Jen, Anya and the whole darn crew for producing this inspiring and sometimes tear jerking podcast. Thank you to Patagonia, Kuat Racks, Vassen Brewing, and all the other sponsors that continue to give their support. If you spend time outside and vow to protect public lands, this is a must listen to podcast!
  • pikleboy3
    The perfect podcast for Base camp, summit, or REI parking lot!
  • 1styearhunter
    Politics and worldview not outdoor and climbing.
    Unfortunately this is another example of uninformed hosts having a greater desire to preach their world views and hate on conservatives than they do to put out an outdoor pod. We get it your liberals and sjw enjoy your bubble.
  • Woods&Waters Steph B.
    Every. Single. One.
    This was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and it is still my favorite. I’ve listened to every episode and it has really broken up my long drives, since I’m a road warrior by day ( sales) and an outdoor enthusiast always! They do a great job sharing the deeper connections we have Nature, adventure, and with each other. Love you guys ! Steph
  • WanderlustDre
    Helping keeping the love for adventure alive.
    This is my FAVORITE podcast to listen to, it always gives me butterflies listening to everyone’s stories and keeps the adventurous person alive in me. Also you learn a lot from other peoples experience and this is a great way to do so. Thank you guys for such a killer podcast!
  • ocram191919
    My favorite podcast
    This is my favorite podcast and look forward to every episode.
  • magicdusk
    Superb storytelling about outdoor adventures
    I listen to about 50 podcasts per week, and this is one of my top 3 podcasts. Even when the subject is something I know nothing about (like climbing), the stories are always riveting. This is a highly entertaining podcast, and is one of the very few Podcasts I regularly hit for back catalogue listening so I can hear the entire catalog—even though my number of unheard podcasts seems to grow and grow. A great podcast for anyone, even if you’re not into the outdoors.
  • m_lars
    Liberal propaganda
    I’m one of those evil conservatives that doesn’t believe in man made climate change, but still loves to care for the earth and spend time outdoors. I quickly caught on to left leaning stance but since it’s so predominant in the outdoor community I ignored it. I made it through about 4 episodes before one ended with a Patagonia ad that started out “The president stole your land”. That was it. This is a flat out lie. Patagonia’s rhetoric is exactly what’s wrong with political discourse in America. If you believe this hype that’s being forced down your throat, you’ll love this podcast.
  • Britton.81
    Great storytelling, meaningful lessons, adventure
    Fitz uses captivating storytelling to share lessons, adventure, and wanderlust that is so intrinsic to the outdoor experience! Thank you! And thanks to the sponsors for making this possible!
  • mtbikertanner
    Where have I been?
    How did I only just hear about Dirt Bag Diaries?!? Only podcast I can honestly say I’ve gone back and devoured as many past episodes as I can. Great mix of outdoor lifestyle and story telling. If you’d rather be out backcountry skiing, climbing, or mountain biking instead of commuting to work, give a listen, I’m hooked for my car rides. Thanks to the crew who make this series, keep up the excellent work!
  • ScottLander
    Speaking right to me
    The dirtbag diaries is my favorite new podcast. It’s authors, stories, and lessons seem crafted out of the stuff of my own life. They are telling the stories of living, being a parent, being a son or daughter, being a student of the natural world, all here on the thin edge between society and the natural world. I can’t wait for more and look forward to hearing some of the great storytellers, Cordelia, Elsa, Jen, return with new insights. Scott, Lander, Wyoming
  • WeinsweigFam
    A have to for anyone that goes outdoors
    I’ve listened to every episode and this podcast has changed so much from the beginning days. I absolutely love when there is a new episode!
  • Sabiniana
    Inspiring for families with kids
    Thank you for your hard work bringing us creatively told stories of the outdoor adventures big and small. I recently listened to Escape from Beacon Rock with my 7 year old daughter on the way to ski on Mt Hood together. She thought the message of the story rang true and helped explain why it’s so important to me that we explore the wild and mountain terrain together. I eagerly look forward to new episodes all the time and find myself inspired and energized after listening. Thanks!
  • Pieceofben
    Super fun podcast to listen to. A great listen to help you get through the work day and remind you of all the fun things you can do outdoors when you get off!
  • tangerineSky
    Refreshingly genuine
    Host & outdoorsman Fitz Cahall knows his stuff, and is able to share it with the rest of us schlumps who spend far more time commuting than canyoneering. Invariably I listen to this show with pleasure and wonder.
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