The Best of Car Talk

by NPR

America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.

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  • gb100909
    it is good other than the adds
  • swzsto
    The best!
    Even after all these years you are the greatest of all time!
  • kbcollins
    One of the joys of life..
    My son and I still listen every day as part of our father-son ritual. Tom and Ray are part of our family. I wish it were a full hour however.
  • Strawberrytravels
    Best thing you could listen to on the internet
    Laughs laughs laughs and learning about cars. These guys are the best! The OG podcasters before podcasting. Greatest show on npr.
  • Rlb1973-1
    Car Talk - NPR
    I have been a faithful listener of the show for years and years. However, NPR is now adding in cultural and societal issues through ads and commentary. This “woke” and un-American influence stops with me. I have one power that you don’t like - that’s this — I’m unplugging the app from my phone. I don’t think I’ll be missing anything worthwhile. It’s sad that NPR has devolved into what it is today.
  • Fribblecrew
    Love this
    I really love this show, but I wish t NPR would stop cutting the show. PEOPLE NEED SOME HUMOR NPR!! And don’t drive like my brother!
  • @luddism
    Why donI have to listen to the same 4 episodes for weeks?
    My complaint is that there are only 2-4 episodes available at any given time. And they don't change often. Why are there only a few episodes available? Can I please listen to all if them and not 2 every other week? This really getting ridiculous. Not only are there 2 new episodes every other week. They are deleted not long after. So there are only 4 episodes to listen to at all times. It’s kind of ridiculous. This show is a classic. One of the best. I am beyond frustrated and have stopped listening. I use these podcasts as a relaxation. And to never have a library of episodes has become an aggravation so I had to find something else. I just don’t get it.
  • blueberrypie876
    CAR TALK ♥️👍🏼🤣. NPR 🤢🤮
  • Young Oldtimer
    Guaranteed laughs and memories of listening with my dad years ago, too. A wonderful twofer. I love that Click and Clack are laughing in perpetuity.
  • Bowsniper116
    Awesome podcast
    I just happened to come across this podcast one day looking for a good car podcast. I have loved this podcast ever since I found it. Only downside is all the old episodes are taken down for some reason.
  • Dodge Dart Bill
    Still one of my favorites!
    Thank you for all the laughs you have given me and my family.
  • 🥳🙂
    They should partner with Car And Driver
    Best media sense John wayn
  • DocDanvers
    Too Silly
    Most of the show is just silly off topic gibberish. Not enough Car Talk.
  • steve02a
    Great show - hilarious - but...
    It's a great show. The greatest car talk show every produced. I started listening decades ago when it was on the radio every Saturday morning (pre internet and pre podcast days). Nevertheless, it's great to see it alive in airing past shows here. However, one thing - can't you keep the espisode up longer? You remove them after about a week of putting them up. Sometimes I can't get to them and next thing you know, they are gone. Be like other shows - just leave them all available.
  • Knucklrhead
    Highlight of My Week
    My weekly Saturday morning routine includes “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me “ followed by “Car Talk.” I’m thankful it is now a podcast. My Saturdays have been restored.
  • 1stone2stone
    Still holds up
    My childhood!
  • fishface65
    I’m not so crazy about this, but my dad loves it so, it’s still pretty good.
  • Aetm Yami Yugi
    Informative and hilarious so sad that this show is no longer making new episodes.
  • Karl Is The BEST!!!
    How it all began
    When I was about 6 or 7 years old, me and my dad were in our garage with the speaker on playing this podcast, and I always remember parts when he would laugh his but off. I remember asking him what we were exactly listening too and he said it was called “Car Talk”. Finally when I get a iPhone I had quickly downloaded this podcast, and now… in my time of being 14 I still, till this very day, listen to this every night. Thank you Click and Clack. Rest In Peace, Tom 🙏
  • Pr.JD
    15+ Years
    I have been listening this every Saturday religiously. I wish you go back to the full hour format. This 1/2 hour format is anachronistic.
  • Seth47361
    These guys were an institution
    Hilarious, intelligent, humble. Two one of a kind characters talk about their shared love of cars.
  • kalaluka
    More please!
    Click and clack remain supremely funny. Please do release more from the archives!
  • herkamer77
    Love this show, keep the podcasts coming
  • Sweatermuffin
    Cool pod
  • greeking oyt
    I love this show like I love cars this is a great show
  • BananasUnite21
    Love this show BUT
    I love this radio show. It’s funny and great car knowledge. BUT it really upsets me they cut the episodes down for these podcasts. Why? Just leave them alone and let the whole episode play through.
  • Dakota York
    Absolutely Infectious Good Humor!
    Carburetors and distributors my be things of the automotive past, but the way Tom and Ray talk about them is timeless. These are smart guys often asked about things beyond their knowledge to which they bravely plow ahead. While contemporary automotive advice is less frequent, common sense, good humor and kindness are ever present. I’ve loved these broadcasts since the first time I heard them.
  • Mallarie121
    I miss these guys so
  • Joe The Butcher
    As good as therapy
    And cheaper than a therapist! Their good natured jokes and infectious laughter will never get old. Car Talk forever
  • (Nidzilla)
    Ah memories of old cars …
    Someday you will have a problem with a Jeep TJ…
  • Musicman101353
    Miss Tom
    I have been listening to Car Talk for 45 years faithfully and listen to Best Of now through NPR Podcast. Please consider rebroadcasting the tribute show when Tom passed. I loved that one and had downloaded but since lost. A very sweet moment for car talk. Thanks.
  • Copernicusd
    Twice a week!
    Now I can listen to Car Talk twice a week. Can life get any better? Yes, if Apple would stop erasing my saved episodes and on there own unfollow the podcast.
  • dadgus
    So great Guys I can’t write a long one so I wrote this one
  • LSSR22
    Love those guys
    Amazing that these now old shows still stand up despite advice about now very old cars. That sure shows that the charm was how the guys gave advice, not what the advice was. That said: why truncate the shows? As so many other reviewers have said, the full episodes would be far better. Everyone finds their own particular charming nugget in each show, so every part edited out is removing someone’s nugget. Bring it ALL back.
    Stop shortening the episodes!
    Love this show. Will change my rating once the episodes stop being shortened from an hour to 30 minutes.
  • kcmelkdcnejdbc
    I sad
    I love listening to the show and I sad that Tom died
  • Tee8090
    Disappointing Change
    The podcasts used to be one hour long reflecting the actual show. Now they are truncated to 20 minutes. WHY???
  • JHerlig
    They were the greatest ever. But…
    This trimmed-down 30-minute show is virtually unlistenable. All of the long-learned Car Talk rhythms are gone. I miss listening to the proper full episodes.
  • Raymond Fortnight
    This show is VIOLENCE against the LGBTQIA+ community! The cishet boomer hosts always presume the gender of their callers and never once ask for their callers preferred pronouns! Its disgusting and brings so much trauma to trans and nonbinary listeners alike. It should come with a trigger warning! Every caller with a higher-pitched voice is presumed to be a woman, and the hosts always ask about "her" husband. When its a lower-voiced caller, they presume they are a man and ask about "his" wife. NPR should be ashamed at airing a show that promotes such outdated and harmful gender stereotypes.
  • John Cascone
    Grab a Tissue
    I’ve fallen in love with your show. Not because you are a good resource for car information, or because I can continue to waste an hour a week with you. Not even because I think your humor is the best ever. Belly laughing and beer spraying out of my nose happen so frequently, the beer doesn’t burn anymore. I needed to to get a personal phone. So being a true car talk patron, keeping it cheap, I asked my brother if he had an old cell phone, he has two kids and our mom was with him before she passed in Sept of 2018. So he sent me one on my Mom’s old ones. When I finally cracked the password and got some help from apple to personalize the device to me, I went straight to the pod cast icon and had all my favorites downloaded in. While I waited, I noticed that my Mom was a subscriber and the episodes of car talk had been piling up since her passing. She was in healthcare not automobiles at all. This women, after divorcing my dad, broke down crying uncontrollably because with her master’s degree in biology and life sciences thought that she should be able to change wiper blades on her Eclipse, but it was an epic fail. I thought, there is no earthly reason why she would subscribe to your show. I didn’t cancel the subscription, remember, I’m cheap, and you guys are free. I just let them continue to pile. About a month ago, I caved in and hit the play arrow. It only took five minutes before I was overcome in a wave of emotions. In that five minutes, I figured it out, and when I looked around to see if anyone noticed I was crying, I could feel the presence of my mother. I’ve listened to every back episode since Sept of 2018, and I am all caught up looking forward to each episode. Thank you for helping me to keep my mother close to my heart. Now I need a tissue. Thanks gentlemen, signed, loyal listener, john from San Juan Cap, CA
  • rcvoice
    Love these guys!!!
    Been listening for many years and was so sorry to hear that Tom passed. Thankfully he lives on through this podcast!
  • dranthro
    Taking down old episodes?!?!
    I was in the middle of listening to a show and it disappeared. After some poking around I realized it wasn’t an issue with my phone but rather that there are only four episodes accessible at any given time!!! Why?!?!?! Don’t you guys understand that anyone listening to Car Talk now is a devotee who wants to be able to scroll through to past favorites any nostalgic day of the week?!?!?! I’m crushed!
  • meguspegus1
    Good show but…
    I really like this show, but why has it been cut to 30 minutes? What’s the point of listening?
  • car talk review
    What I think about car talk
    Absolutely great I love this podcast so funny car talk is one of my daily podcast
  • jaders1991
    Can I just buy the original episodes?
    My daughter and I love Car Talk. What we don’t like is the fact that all the episodes have disappeared from YouTube and the podcast app. Also we want the full length episodes. Obviously the person who is managing this channel doesn’t understand what the listeners want. Look through the comments. I only read one comments saying that the person liked the shorter format. One person. Every other comment is calling for the episodes to be full length and for the powers that be stop deleting the episodes. This leads me to the question, how or can I just purchase all the episodes so I can just own the media? Thanks
  • cartalkrules
    Car talk
  • Djdbxysndb
    Why Half Shows?
    Click and Clack are the best part of Saturday mornings. 60 minutes of joy. Please bring back the full hour. Mark
  • King Deadlock
    Makes me smile
    I find myself laughing and smiling as I listen! A gift to the podcast world!
  • 435787lizzy
    Why cut to 30 mins???
  • itsfineok
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