The History of Rome

History #15

A weekly podcast tracing the history of the Roman Empire, beginning with Aeneas's arrival in Italy and ending with the exile of Romulus Augustulus, last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire. Now complete!

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  • diegolaris
    Mike Duncan does a fantastic job organizing and narrating the history of Rome, going into enough detail to get immersed in the time period but not too much to get bogged down. I commute 2hr/day for work and this podcast helps make it something to look forward to. Thanks Mike
  • Vrubster
    Accessible yet deep look into Roman Empire
    I love this podcast which makes deep dive into the history of Rome makes it accessible to the masses.
  • JoGrrrrl
    Fantastic! And Not So Much
    It’s really interesting. It’s really instructional. It’s really monotone. I learn very little because it’s so monotone that my mind quickly wanders and I have no idea what’s going on by the time I’m focused again. This happens even when I pay really close attention.
  • SeasonE
    Mostly good
    I have a bit of a pet peeve when people make podcasts and don’t bother to look up the pronunciations of things. Such as common sayings that they plan to use seemingly once per episode. It’s wreaked havoc W R E A K E D and it rhymes with reeked, not “wrecked” havoc.
  • cruisin chubbies
    Best history podcast out there!
  • _keyana_
    Absolutely Amazing
    If your a fan of history in general this is a fantastic podcast but if your a nerd like me for all things Roman Republic & Roman Empire then I envy you getting to listen this for the first time! It always made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning knowing I had my present waiting for me in the form of a new episode! So give it a try, I’m positive that you’ll absolutely love it!!!!
  • TeddyK22
    Simply awesome
    Simply awesome. Thank you.
  • Kevamicki
    This is a wonderful podcast! Duncan uses his humour and charm to tell the history of Rome. Wonderful. Just great!!
  • cranky3tires
    A drop in the bucket
    I have to say I am not one to write reviews or leave comments. I generally consider my opinion into be irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. I mean after all, who am I to say if something is great or terrible? It’s just one mans opinion in the end. This podcast however, has compelled me to leave a review. I had absolutely no regrets listening to every minute of the 72 hour content. My only fault is that I found my love of antiquity a bit too late to be involved in the suspense of waiting for the next weeks episode. I also was never able to take one of the famed tours of Rome. All that aside I have a much deeper understanding and appreciation for all things Roman. It has inspired me to read and research more and more and replaced some of my more dubious habits of old. I owe this to you Mr. Duncan and I sincerely appreciate the work you have done. Please continue this work one day, perhaps from a different perspective. Maybe we can hear more from you from the Persian point of view. Maybe you will refrain from any more content outside of your revolutions. In either case you have done more than anyone could have asked. So here is my review. Just another drop in an already filled bucket. If you ever decide to develop any new content as it relates to antiquity. I will be waiting.
  • Evader86
    A Great Historical Accounting
    You would be hard pressed to find a better and more complete and listener friendly accounting of western Roman history out there. I am a novice enthusiast of the period and enjoyed it throughly. I have also recommended to several coworkers that were without the same historical knowledge baseline and they routinely says wonderful things things about the show as well. After completing the Revolutions Podcast, also by Mike Duncan, I was strongly considering going through Rome again.
  • Coobbers
    Greatest...history podcast...ever
    The title of this rating says it all.
  • 054142
    Engaging and informative.
    Loaded with neat stories. My first pick for something to listen to during a run or a long drive.
  • JDOG2453
    Amazing Show
    This show is amazing. A must listen for history nerds. I just finished it after two years. It saw me through happy times and hard times. I greatly appreciate Mike’s hard work doing this show. On to Revolutions!!!
  • dejajoue
    An oldie but a goodie
    By podcast standards this ancient history podcast -is- ancient history. An absolute masterclass in history podcasting. Stick with it past the first few episodes where the audio quality is a bit spotty.
    The best of the best
    I’ve listened to hundreds of podcast, and this is the best one.
  • justanotherMNguy
    Thank you Mike Duncan!
    Mike, you got me through the birth of my first kid, hundreds of miles of walking the dog, and keeping the missus happy by me listening away as you kept me company through every chore imaginable. Thank you for keeping my love of history alive while life calls. Onto Revolutions!
  • SollySol69
    Amazing podcast if you like history at all it is a must listen.
  • AllNicknamesTakenAdam
    I listen to a lot of podcasts. Sports podcasts, comedy podcasts, history podcasts, political podcasts... this is maybe the single best podcast of all of them. Incredible. I’m not aware of any other single work that goes through all of Roman history like this in one shot.
  • Karlkey
    Interesting, Informational, and Not Overwhelming
    I began listening to this podcast as someone who enjoyed history, but knew very little about Roman History. The History of Rome is compelling, informational, and incredibly easy to follow along with. The episode lengths cut the expansive history of Rome down into easily digestible pieces. You learn a lot each episode, but it never feels overwhelming. Each episode feels thoughtfully planned out. I would strongly recommend this podcast to anyone who loves history, prior knowledge of Roman history or not.
  • disappointed but hopeful 2
    Very bad so far
    Only three episodes in - love the history of Byzantium and figured I’d check out its progenitor. Why does this host not give any dates for anything??? He talks about the Kings of Rome but no dates given at all. Very sloppy beginning. Almost unlistenable. Rushed and superficial. Compared to WDF or other history podcasts this has been a horrible disappointment so far. I’ll stick with it - maybe it gets better.
  • jizon19
    Great podcast I listen to it all night
  • BaldurRuder
    This is such a great listen
    A must for anyone who loves history
  • harold hatefoot
    The gold standard of all history podcasts
    I always thought I was fairly knowledgeable on Roman history, I was but Mike taught me so much more with a smooth style a little bit of dry and fun wit a narrative style that is like a comfortable chair and a great book. I had withdrawal after listening to the last episode
  • luhist02
    Multiple listens from start to finish.
  • 65cbfu
    Love it
    When I did school I did not know much about Rome no I do!
  • likenes3
    Love history ever since can remember especially the Romans and most if not all of my questions was answered. The way it was presented is excellent considering the inconsistency of sourced materials or the lack of it. Don’t want it to end but we have to move on.
  • Waltercmd498
    Ahistorical waste of time
    This podcast is nothing more than uncritical derivative drivel from real works by real historians. There is zero actual analysis of the reliability of sources that this person simply parrots and paraphrases. Furthermore, some repeated word pronunciations are so unnecessarily distorted as to provoke massive irritation in the listener, giving some appreciation for the stereotype of sensitive francophones. For the amount of books apparently read by the podcaster they should have taken the time to learn basic scholarly accepted latin pronunciations, something which would have taken minutes and which was done for other podcasts made by this person. (OdoAYSER, pulCHeria; should be Oduhkar/odovakuh & pulkeria)
  • huxley74
    Best yet
    I like your show and Rome. 🎖🎖🎖🎖🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆 I am almost done ✅ and I also like revolutions. If I could I would give a lot more than five stars ✨.
  • lizzwrath
    I don’t know how I would live without mike Duncan
    I have almost no people who have been as influential on how I think about history as Mike has, just an outstanding entertainer and historian and has made me dive into history in a way I never did before.
  • WS5915
    Just finished the series and I was blown away! Thank you, Mike, for all your time and effort put into this highly knowledgeable endeavor. The lives and deaths of Julius Cesar and Augustus have always been of interest to me but I was ignorant to the rest of the mighty empires other history. I’m sure I’ll eventually give it another listen. Especially the founding through the fall of the republic. Congratulations on baby History of Rome! And while he’s just a toddler at this point, I’m sure you’ve already elevated him to the rank of Cesar.
  • lingua203
    I went through the whole series and thank you!
    What a trip! Thank you for all the effort that went in to making this series. It explained so much about the Roman world to me. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!
  • k9mac
    Essential listening
    Interested in Rome? This is the best end to end coverage out there.
  • mageorwedgee
    Amazing history podcast that I judge all others against. Relistened to the entire series twice
  • OhmsGee
    Surprised it’s rated 5 star
    I’m surprised the podcast is rated 5 stars. The history of Rome is fascinating however Mike goes above and beyond to discredit history itself. He asks if Romulus even existed and claims its impossible to believe all that he did. Formed the army, built the structure of the city. Then he goes on to ask if in a few hundred years we’ll think George Washington “flew” and erase Madison and Jefferson from history. That’s crazy! First off Romulus “built” an army which was really only about 3,000 people. For one man to do that is not impossible. The thought that history is a figment of the imagination as he presents goes against the whole reason we have history. Why do a Roman historical podcast if you’re going to cynically question it?
  • Gozerdadog
    I just started listening and already he amazes me with everything he says!
  • bonyaur
    The greatest
    Can't say enough great things about Mike Duncan's work. I am consuming all he does and loving it.
  • horrible honkey 843
    Still great after a decade
    Even after a decade it’s still the best history podcast have listened to it countless time and still discovering new things
  • Nate334
    The perfect history podcast
    The title says it all, I have listened to the whole thing twice and probably again some day
  • 282736
    History of Rome still bumps
    Nearly a decade later and I still go back to listen. That’s the highest praise I can give any medium. LOVE THIS POD
  • Arjunator1
    Absolutely marvelous
    What a great treat to walk down centuries w Mike. Thank you so much. I am hooked and addicted to his work. I believe the Mexican revolution is also by him which I listened to before this. Also great.
  • JohnWesH
    Historicism Disdainful of Historu
    After so many accolades for the show I was thoroughly looking forward to this podcast. While it is good, the accolades oversold me. Mike does a decent enough job relating the history in general terms. However, he has an obvious disdain for the history itself. Venturing beyond what any reasonable historian can claim, he asserts that his or that legendary person couldn’t possibly have existed. They’re all just stories told long after the fact with no basis in truth. As a historian, he is well aware of many examples of historical places and people once thought to be only myths that have proven to be based in some truth, even if the details themselves are unreasonably fantastic. Think of the city of Troy or the Davidic Kingdom. Further, his conclusions as to why things transpired as they did are offered as facts without qualification, ironically making himself a teller of myths rather than a chronicler of history. The show is certainly a few steps above reading Wikipedia, but it is not the legendary podcast it has bee touted to be.
  • DanH131
    I just finished the marathon
    of The History of Rome and all I can say is I WISH THERE WERE MORE! Mike Duncan has taken the history of Rome and brought it to life. I can’t wait to delve into his other works.
  • Fusebox2011
    Beautiful podcast
    Listened to the whole thing many years ago. Very nice podcast.
  • FootClanDan
    It just doesn’t get any better
    Mike Duncan, I love you. Your dedication to this project is so greatly appreciated and to deliver this masterful recount of history to us is nothing short of remarkable. The side witty remarks are perfect, and the insane detail packed into every just create perfect podcast content. I don’t know if I’m alone but I find myself looking up every emperor or quarrel to dive into as much Parallel information as possible. All around, a fantastic body of work. Salute.
  • Malachy K
    This is a great podcast. I love it a lot. Listen to Revolutions too because I like that podcast a bit more even because it’s extremely thorough.
  • AphextWinster
    Say wha...
    If you’re going to create a podcast about Roman history, you better brush up on your Latin, because “Pompee” and “Cannee” are just not going to be acceptable. I know no one is perfect, but he didn’t even try. I can forgive mistakes, but lack of effort is impossible to ignore.
  • so_cal_believer
    Fabulous history of Rome!
    Look no further if you want to find a fascinating, educational and often humorous history of Rome. The speaker does a great job researching the important parts of Roman history and communicates it in a very entertaining manner. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.
  • 8 and loving it
    This podcast is addictive!Can’t stop listening to it!The detailing is great ,and so is the way of telling the story of Rome! I try to listen to as much of the podcasts as possible,and I Listen to them in a row so I don’t miss anything,Something I’ve never done before,and at 9:55 3,22,19 I’m listening as I say This,make more podcasts! #tews1207 and other haters can’t be satisfied
  • Sadaharu 21
    Humor comes about 20 episodes in and Mike really hits on point his telling of the story of Rome. Fascinating and entertaining.
  • tews1207
    Where to start?
    Pleaseeee reorganize your backlog ! I have no idea where to start this podcast. The dates aren’t in order and sometime they are going top to bottom by date and sometimes they are the reverse .
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