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The Stoop showcases the extraordinary true stories of “ordinary" people, told in front of live audiences as large as 1,400. Stoop stories are weird, wonderful, hilarious, and heartbreaking — and, above all, intimate. Founders Laura Wexler and Jessica Henkin host the podcast.

The Stoop Storytelling Podcast is hosted by Laura Wexler and Jessica Henkin, produced by Maureen Harvie, and distributed by Your Public Studios. Click here to explore The Stoop's podcast archive prior to August 2022.

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  • Truecrime Christie
    Love it.
  • lidia___011
    Cringy hosts.
    Too many staggered sentences and unnecessary pauses.
  • Bastardsack
    I like it.
    I like the show. I’m nowhere near Baltimore, but stories are stories and I enjoy listening to most of them. My only criticism is that as a podcast, you should be very concerned with sound, and the quality therein. Both of the hosts sound like absolute hot garbage, and can barely be understood. It’s bad.
  • Samsaskee
    The best of its type
    I listen to almost all of the personal storytelling podcasts. And I’m not even from the east coast let alone Baltimore. But I find that these stories are much more everyday guy then the moth ( far two liberal ) bed post confessions ( I’ve never heard of half that stuff and I’m glad ) anyway needless to say I’ve tried them all and this is the best by far.
  • nannafromtexas
    The Stoop
    Love The Stoop storytelling series because its not as polished as the Moth. I do wish there was searchable database so could my absolute favorite podcast of all time..... I’m certain it was here because its SO Baltimore- it concerns an employee at Medieval Times. I think about it often and would love to share it with friends
  • lisa g lisa
    I’m a sucker for stories...
    ...And if you are too, than this is well worth listening to. Biggest complaint is that it’s too short, you get into the theme and it’s suddenly over. The hosts’ intro and exit comments end up taking up a big chunk of the run time. It’s similar to The Moth or Porchlight although not quite as good. (To be fair, I’m sure they have nowhere near the funding of those shows, especially The Moth.) So you won’t find any semi-celebrity guests or comedians, just good stories.
  • wichita listener
    Love the Stoop!
    Look forward to every new podcast! Love the Baltimore girls - want to hang out with them!
  • Cass of Kensington
    The Stoop’s “In-laws” podcast: holier than thou and derogatory of non-conformist families
    I just listened to my first podcast from “The Stoop Storytelling Series”, called “In-Laws”. The second story proved to be highly critical of non-whitebread (and frankly normal)families, calling them “freaky families“. I’m amazed “The Stoop” chose to air this story. The storyteller, Sherry Mauers, was apparently shocked at her husband’s family, because his father married three times and there are people who don’t get along. I think it’s sending a very superior and nasty message to anyone who didn’t happen to grow up in a “picture-perfect” conformist middle class nuclear-type family, to call other families “freaky“ and express worry that your children have to be around them. Many of the most resilient and intelligent people are the ones who grew up in just such families. Her daughters might do better to live in a world with some cultural differences and less homogeneity. Seriously, I felt like this story was a Christian story from the 1950s.
  • Akemito
    Makes me so happy to live in Baltimore
    First time I listened I was new in town and took me a while to know what people were talking about... but now I’m in love with the podcast and the people and the city! It makes me feel happy and proud of living here!
  • Molino Girl
    Great stories
    If you like the Moth, you’ll probably like this storytelling podcast too. The stories aren’t always as polished and worked on as the Moth but they are still very entertaining. Would have given it a 5 except for the hosts. I usually fast forward through their introductions.
  • glittersister
    I wish the stoop had events all over the country
    I love the stoop! Great alternative to the moth. I love the stories and how raw they are. The stoop provides me with more stories every week that I love.
  • deannaworld
    So glad I found you guys!
    I love the Moth but I wanted more and started searching out different storytelling podcasts and when this came up I really liked the name “The Stoop”, so clever! I didn’t know it was a Baltimore thing and I haven’t lived in Baltimore but I have fallen in love with her and everybody’s storys . I get a sense of the culture there that feels nostalgic with its own special humor, maybe because my family is Italian and Irish and catholic and came out of Pittsburgh, idk but I love these stories. I also really appreciate the hosts; two fine gals with great with great hosting chemistry and some dry wit! So thank you for adding Baltimore’s own voice in storytelling podcasts !
  • festermatt
    Pretty Good
    I enjoy them and the Baltimore flavor is familiar to someone who lives pretty close to that town.
  • AndieFL
    Stories 👍
    Storytelling podcasts are my thing. Moth, Risk, Snap Judgement, Story Collider, Neighbors, see my point. While the stories featured here are generally less polished, they are oftentimes exceptionally entertaining. I give only 3 stars because the ‘hosts’ of this podcast are, quite literally, UNBEARABLE. Their voices are grating and neither can string together 3 words without an ‘um’ or ‘er’. The intros are sophomoric and unnecessary. I only listen when I can easily fast forward through their gibberish.
  • a17sv
    Refreshing & genuine
    This podcast is jovial, uplifting, sad, inspiring and something totally unique. Stories are crafted by amateurs to professionals. Each unique and special. Love the Baltimore connection and live shows are amazing! Kudos!
  • Kdjlkcl
    Something Special
    This show always lifts my spirits.😌 I love hearing about the experiences and lives of others. Thanks for sharing and producing this show.
  • K-ride 4902
    For the win!
  • Tomgebe
    Great stories
    Love the stories! Very moth like
  • Raudskeggr
    Decent storytelling podcast.
    However, the hosts are utterly insufferable.
  • Hiatus Moon
    Not as good as The Moth but not terrible
    If you’re in between Moth episodes and looking for something similar, this is a good option. Stories are produced fairly well but the hosts can take away from it. Their banter comes off as more about themselves and less about the speakers/story/theme. I usually just scrub past that and get to the stories.
  • haapitimo
    Great, even if I’m Late!
    I discovered this accidentally when I was looking for episodes of The Moth or Risk! I really enjoy storytelling podcasts, especially when there’s a variety of themes. I’m listening to episodes from years ago and am hoping it’s still in existence; I haven’t checked. I subscribed and am looking forward to being taken on interesting journeys.
  • Lonegranger
    Good stories. Unbearable hosts.
    Overall well produced stories. Many are engaging. For me, I have to forward past the two hosts’s banter. Just painful to listen to them. Really awful. I’ve finally unsubscribed and scrub to where the story part begins. Do they even listen to their own tapes?
  • centgent08
    Teaching me to ❤️Baltimore
    As a newbie, this place has been a bit of a shock to my system but listening to these stories brings me closer to rooting myself in this community
  • Joe Wall
    a Maryland treasure
    The Stoop Storytelling Series is a great regional brag for those of us in the Baltimore/DC/in-between orbit—it's local, it's accessible, and is deftly curated, counseled, and produced by Laura Wexler and Jessica Myles Henkin. It's on a par with more well-known storytelling series while neatly beating some by managing to sidestep the storytelling podcast poles of comedy/tragedy that too often telegraph to the audience exactly what to expect. I've been informed, shocked, delighted, amused, and had my heart warmed and/or broken. I'm not unbiased, mind you, having recently told a story on-stage myself after enjoying the show for ages, but there's just so much good work, and so many good storytellers stepping up to their microphone.
  • Juliarghoulia
    Best Baltimore vibes
    I love this podcast as a former Baltimorean. I love listing to this podcast and then randomly hearing someone that I know or cross paths with at some point in smalltimore. I love the themes and the hostesses are awesome.
  • bfarrar2001
    TED Radio Hr Meets This American Life
    Very entertaining.
  • Rumblescat
    the stoop
    Love love Love the stories. Please don't stop.
  • captdeb
    Love the stories
    Real life, real people,real feelings,positive influence.
    Wonderfully Told!
    Born in MD, it's nice to listen to homegrown stories! Great job!
  • SpecialKCereal
    This is one of my favorite podcasts-- heartfelt and real. I love that I can listen to one story at a time (or twelve in a row).
  • brksavage
    Good stories and a Great Time
    I love the Stoop. If you ever get a chance to see a live show in Baltimore, please do! The podcast doesn’t do the live event justice, although it’s a close second :) Laura and Jessica are brilliant and hilarious, and they find these people who have amazing stories. I don’t know how they do it :)
  • -'- nickname-'-
    (Mostly) Great, short, true stories. Some funny, some emotionally laden, some bizarre, but just about all are entertaining.
  • Terencialdownpour
    Take the good with the bad
    I really wanted to stay connected to the streets of my home town since I moved away. And some are really heartfelt, interesting and unique. But a good bit are so poorly designed, narcissistic and completely uninteresting. And I get that's almost the point. Life is mostly mundane and doesn't have epic highs and lows. But I'd wish for a little bit of quality control. Love you, bawlmor
  • Bbbbbbb222222
    love it!
    if you like storytelling podcasts such as the moth, then you will love this too!
  • GWelchman
    Great Baltimore Institution
    The Stoop stories cover the spectrum and are favorite event at CenterStage in Baltimore. Fun, funny, sad, wistful, outrageous--it's all here.
  • BBaho
    One of the best storytelling podcasts
    This podcast is loaded with great, engaging stories. I cant stop listening.
  • LTrain92264
    Great Show!
    I discovered this podcast on stitcher app. for iPhone, and just LOVE it! I am so excited to find it at iTunes, the archives should keep me busy while I wait for the new episodes. I like how it's presented in short ( @10-15 min ) episodes, one storyteller per episode. It is easy to fit in a story or two throughout the day. Also, I like that it's labeled by storyteller, making it easy to navigate the archive! If you like the moth, this American life, risk, or Joe frank, you should definately check these shows out! Thanks to the producers! I can't believe this is only the 2nd review.
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