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Try our Discover Spanish podcasts when you are on the go. With Discover Spanish, you'll learn to speak and understand Spanish in real-life, everyday situations. It's the fast, fun and easy way to learn Spanish. Remember that these podcasts are just one part of the Discover Spanish learning system. Our award-winning interactive CDROM and popular online course provide a “hands on” language learning system that will engage all your senses. To learn more, visit us at languagetreks.com

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Recent Reviews
  • JeffWATX
    Don’t buy a subscription on their website
    I really liked the podcast so I went to their website to buy a subscription to get access to their interactive content. It turns out that all you get is a useless, unsupported .swf file. Adobe Flash is no longer supported by Adobe. Because of this, the interactive content on their website is useless. I wish someone would have warned me!
  • iloveselectivememory
    Great lessons
    Easy to follow and understand
  • Jazmin Caudillo
    The right way to say it
    So its not bad but im on the first lesson and I speak Spanish but I have a hard time saying things I im just trying to work my brain because I have AP exams for spanish in March and im trying to study but he said ?como se llama ustd? But its ?ustd como se llama?
  • Dmor22
    Best on here
    I’ve bought spanish books and used Duolingo, and while those are helpful these lessons are the best for learning as quickly and precisely as possible. 5 stars.
  • prttydomelegant
    Keep going
    I wish they kept going because this is the kind of speed I need to learn Spanish. I hope they will see this and continue on because it’s great.
  • bnc620
    Fun and upbeat
    This is a fast-paced, straightforward way to practice Spanish. Practice new phrases in mini-lessons, then review them all at the end. I love the happy music at the end of each mini-lesson. Muy bien!
  • Dest864
    Is the podcast discontinued??
    I’ve tried all the language apps and a few other podcasts and this has been my favorite so far! The lessons are straight to the point and they have a great flow from episode to episode. Recently every episode has been “temporarily unavailable” even the ones I already listened to. Does anyone know what that means or have other suggestions on podcasts to try?
  • TerryfromAtlanta
    Is this site down!!!
    I just started listening to this podcast and love it. However for the past week it says episodes are temporarily unavailable Does anyone have any idea what is going on Very disappointed
  • Tugboat69
    I am a beginner
    This is the first podcast that I have actually understood. I am trying to learn on my own and this podcast is the way to learn. Thank you.
  • Crissy_990313
    Love it!
    Great app!
  • TJoutside
    I like podcasts that motivate, inspire and make me feel good about self improvement and life in general. This one is all of those. I’m looking forward to more episodes!
  • randobotboi
  • CElle-vis77
    Need Spanish for medical professionals
    Love this podcast! Has been a great general review for basic Spanish. I am a nurse and find I need to use my Spanish often, but lack some of the basics I need to converse intelligently about healthcare. I often need to ask about the past, future, and use command forms of things like cough, breathe, open, hold, etc. please keep the lessons coming!! Thank you!
  • ruthyc61
    Why so fast?
    Good content but the speaking seems three times faster than normal. Very hard to learn and repeat phrases when one is not given the time to do so. What is going on?
  • bobbyspainglish
    This works
    I have been using Duolingo for maybe a year and than I stopped maybe a month or two before I found this podcast. I can honestly say that I’ve been learning and retaining so much more here with the podcast in maybe 3 or 4 months then I ever have with Duolingo. So props to this podcast for that. My only wish is that there was more content for me to continue advancing
  • Candyhlt820
    We need more lessons!
    Great podcast. We really want more!
  • Inigno Montoya
    More, please!
    Did this really end in 2011!?
  • Amazing Priorities
    Add more
    Please continue more. I love how you teach.
  • ZiNG!08
    ‘Skips’ when he speaks Spanish
    Why is the podcast ‘skipping’ when he is using the Spanish words/phrases. The rest of the podcast is clear and understandable but seems to skip over the parts where he actually speaks Spanish. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Terrrific 1
    Love the podcast /trouble with the Upgrade
    Hello I love your PODCAST. however, I signed up for the lessons on the site but I am unable to access the the lessons Because the link doesn’t work. It has security issues and I paid for this and can’t use it. Is there someone that can help me?
  • frogger62
    Love the podcast! Just a few episodes in, but great content!
  • Addieb11
    Just What I Needed!
    Took Spanish as a child and am reviewing for an upcoming trip. This is a wonderful podcast! It’s super fun and really effective!! Muy bien y muchas gracias!!
  • Srnznr
    All great + one request
    The repeating part, the pace, the method, the Spanish to English part and vice versa, are all just fabulous. Unlike other Spanish podcasts which include extra english talking, this show focuses on teaching and thats super professional. Just one request, please differentiate between different pronunciations and declare that which accent you are teaching, because my previous learning podcast used to pronounce all the C letters as Th and not S. Thank you Johnny
  • RhiRhi220
    Love it!!!!
    Very well organized and has been so helpful to me learning Spanish!
  • Cloclo675
    LOVE IT!
    Love it!! Would do the site subscription as well but it isn’t working properly! Seems it needs to be updated with safety protection, etc. If fixed, would definitely do the online course portion as well!
  • Walkersmom
    Best podcast ever!
    Love it! My absolute favorite podcast for learning Spanish!
  • icarl27
    The best
    The best Spanish learning tool I've found!
  • morphias101
    Good but they go way to fast
    I like it but man they speak so fast I can't even keep up with it and he enunciates so thick in his accent it is hard to understand sometimes. It is funny the one episode the women completely lost his accent and she sounded like an American girl that was faking an accent.
  • Tray78*
    The best I've found so far!
    Quality sound, targets useful vocabulary that you would use in everyday life, organized, and gives you the chance to listen AND practice speaking too. I like the pauses that give you a chance to repeat what they said.
  • Jm267
    So helpful and easy to learn with.
  • JpIII$
    Such an amazing podcast!
    Started listening to this to learn Spanish while riding my bike to work. I've started picking up a lot of words and can even use simple phrases. I've only been using this this podcast for a couple of weeks.
  • Piochrispy
    Amiable lectors
    For now best Spanish audio course I encountered. Very understandable!!! I wish to see more podcasts from this guys
  • Or runner
    Great podcast to learn Spanish
    I listen every day during my commute! Great pace!
  • Luv pugs 12
    Great Review!!
    I was falling behind in Spanish class, then found this podcast. It really helped me catch up!
  • JoeyL44
    Discover Spanish
    I just wanted to say how helpful this has been in my studying of Spanish. It has really progressed my Spanish in a short time. It's very easy to listen to and the information is easily absorbed. I only wish there was more podcasts. I heavily recommend this to anyone learning Spanish.
  • JordyB2014
    Easy learning!
    I am moving to Spain in the fall and this podcast has been a great addition to my Spanish studies. It is easy to listen to on the go. The various podcasts have covered topics that will be crucial to my ability to communicate in Spanish. The review conversations in Spanish are awesome! I love being able to understand what is being said! Thank you!!
  • BubbleeW
    Fun way to learn
    I found it very relaxing to take a walk and listen to Johnny Spanish and Christina. I felt like I was really getting the pronunciation and vocabulary. The harder stuff like conjugations and past tense are not there, so more podcasts covering these, and more vocabulary, would be great. I would definitely pay for that, if it's not too much! I did find the website hard to navigate, I wasn't clear on what it was offering.
  • Lisa Tijuana
    This is by far the best podcast for learning Spanish. Johnny and Christina are absolutely amazing. Thank you DS!!!
  • PunsFTW
    better than college classes!
    Highly recommend
  • Special20
    Excellent Language Learning
    This is an excellent language learning program. I've tried many other CD programs. Johnny Spanish is good at lowering the affective threshold in the student. He and his partner often stay in the target language which helps you learn lots of Spanish. That is the best way to learn Spanish. I highly recommend it, being a language teacher myself.
    CLear and Simple
    Great little lessons with nice pacing. Clear and easy to use.
  • Victor Greco
    Easy to follow
    I have a long commute each day and I listen to these podcasts every time. Johnny and Christina make learning spanish fun. There is good logic to the level progressions.
  • Mchly
    an excellent method
    I really enjoy these podcasts! They are a great way to learn, quickly and easily, just as they say!
  • Cyprusca
    Quick, no longer introductions.
    Effective! I enjoy how they dive straight into the lesson. Other similar podcast waste 1-2 mins with introductions, etc. Must listen!
  • jasonsnyc
    Really enjoyed this!
    I had Spanish lessons in HS and remember a lot of words and pronunciation. This podcast helped me get comfortable with basic conversation. I’ve listened to it twice already. Thank you Johnny and Christina!
  • Beto_1010
    I could learn spanish and english in the same time, I really enjoyed listening to it.
  • tamber rose
    Wonderful way to learn spanish!
    This is so much better than any other podcast out there and a better way to learn than going to spanish classes because with this you could always go back on your own and review if you get confused.
  • Star jones
    Great way to learn Spanish
    Muchos Gracias Johnny Spanish. Te amor.
  • bishop ned
    Simply the best
    I have had Spanish lessons in HS and college, only to remember a few things (Como estas) and later forget. Now, I'm making a concerted effort to learn Spanish once and for all. Discover Spanish and Johnny is simply the best teaching tool out there and I've paid for many of those products. If you reading this, just trust me. You name it, Pimsleur, Fluenz, Ouino, etc. Johnny and Discover Spanish Podcasts are head and shoulders above all of these, when it comes to teaching and making sense of the language and how it works compared to English. Please keep the Podcast going, you guys know what you're doing! Louis
  • Ziggyloo
    Simply the best
    Easy to learn!!!
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