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Tara Brach, Ph.D is an internationally known meditation teacher and author of bestselling Radical Acceptance and True Refuge. Tara shares a weekly guided meditation and talk that blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices. The podcast addresses the value of mindfulness meditation and self-compassion in relieving emotional suffering, serving spiritual awakening and bringing healing to our world.

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  • DrisanaCarey
    The minds cure
    Just what the mind needs to allow the heart to SHINE & fill everything back up. ✨Parasympathetic boot camp✨ Turns up the felt sensation of life’s sacred truths and turns down the excited stressors in life. Being here now
  • demivida
    Embracing life.
    Today was the first time I ever listened to this podcast and everything that she went threw lead me to tears. I could feel my body responding to the words and what she was asking. I’ve never been emotional from meditating. She’s wonderful
  • evaglen
    Covid 19
    Tara Brach has got me through some tough times before. I need her now more than ever- and she delivers every time. She’s like a weighted blanket- absolute hug in a time of social distancing.
  • jonilynnb
    COVID-19 Saving Grace
    As the crisis with COVID19 began, I found myself riddled with anxiety. I couldn’t sleep, my stomach burned and my lungs we right and painful. My meditation practice has slipped prior to this yet I one morning, after a restless night, I unconsciously found myself needing Tara’s words. These words have been my saving grace and I come to them every morning and when I feel the tightness begin again. Tara, thank you for bringing love, light and peace to a distressing time. I can breathe again. Namaste
  • lennonloverr
    5k stars
    Life-changing words.
  • Coach Coco!
    Tara Brach is a health coaches dream!
    About 2 years ago I was having coffee with a friend who told me about Tara Brach. After listening to only ONE podcast, I was hooked! As a health & life coach, I use meditation as a way to ensure my cup is full and can runneth over for my clients. My nightly routine includes the comforting lectures and meditations led by Tara and when I can, I make it to Bethesda for her live teachings. Tara’s meditations have helped me practice the power of the sacred pause and connect with my breath and body with great intention! I listen to her partner, Jonathan Foust as well, I adore him too, but Tara is my #1 gal!! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, we welcome it!
  • erka d
    Profound & important
    Tara Brach’s podcast is straightforward yet profound and highly applicable to everyday life. She does a great job of illustrating the parallel between the microcosm of the individual psyche and the macrocosm of what happens culturally as a reflection of our tendencies. I recommend this podcast to anyone who is committed to healing internally, interpersonally, societally and globally.
  • threedeemama
    I love this podcast
    Her perspective and intelligence is so vital. I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. It helps me grow as a person.
  • msspanish
    Brings us home to ourselves
    I love this podcast and have learned so much from Tara Brach! So grateful. I appreciate that there are episodes with teachings and episodes more focused on meditations.
  • AziJank
    Thank you Tara
    For being one of my teachers, and empowering all of us to look within 💕
  • jmwerdoc
    Enjoyable and insightful with a catch
    I enjoy much of Ms. Brach’s presentations as they are thought provoking. I apply much of what is presented to bettering myself and hopefully those around me. I do think she does politicizes some of her presentations unnecessarily and this i believe creates bias. I encourage her to stay to stay away from offering her opinion but simply set up the thought or position and allow the listener make up their minds.
  • falshh
    Just found your podcast love your message and temperament Please review my podcast “ back in charge mindset podcast”
  • salsteve
    Life changing
    Early on, I had a teacher suggest to me to say something nice to myself each morning. I struggled with this, so my teacher suggested I let Tara Brach day something nice to me each morning. So I listen each morning as I get ready. It has been so enlivening and liberating. I can now say kind things to myself and others more often from a place of integrity, and have ways to return to myself and to awareness throughout the day. Blessings and gratitude.
  • stanleyrivers
    Tara Brach brings me so much peace
    I have loved this podcast. I am a mother of 6, a yogi, a farmer....basically overwhelmed. I have found so much peace and comfort from Tara’s podcast. I have read her book Radical Acceptance, and am about to read Radical Compassion. The insight I received during reading Radical Acceptance has given me new perspective on life. My marriage of twenty years was falling apart, but with the meditation and listening and acceptance skills we are practicing, things are turning around. I am very grateful. If you open your heart to Tara’s teaching you will be better for it.
  • Thos CJP
    Whenever I Have Trouble Sleeping
    Whenever I Have Trouble Sleeping I listen to one of Tara’s podcasts. It almost always puts me back to sleep. And when it doesn’t I feel rested/recentered to the point that the lack of sleep was replaced by peacefulness .
  • bethany.mccorkle
    One of the most inspiring!
    As a dedicated teacher and student of the yoga practice,Tara’s podcast is one of the most inspiring I have come across yet! She is incredibly insightful and gifted at sharing her soul through this platform. With deep gratitude, thank you.
    Changed my life
    Listening to this podcast has without a doubt changed my life for the better. From listening to her talks to following the guided meditations - I have implemented healthier habits into my day to day life and changed the way I view myself and others. I think EVERYONE would benefit from listening to Tara’s kind and inspiring words.
  • jessh262
    Thank you, so much, for providing these incredible podcasts. I’ve been listening just for a few days now. I’m in the process of downloading about 50 episodes, for me, on my annual vacation. I needed a women’s perspective and voice and teaching and this is beyond any expectation of goodness for my Soul. Thank you.
  • JFischer1127
    Tara is a fabulous teacher.
  • CreepyCute🎀💀
    I appreciate it so much that Tara Brach provides these talks and meditations for free. They have become a life-line for me. Wonderful!
  • Cicicicicj
    An absolute blessing
    I learned about Tara through her book Radical acceptance. Since then I listen to her podcast at least three times a week. I also listen to other people and read from other writers but Tara has been the single most influential teacher in helping me live with depression. I will never be able to express to this woman how grateful I am to her.
  • a n e free
    The best
    Tara has profoundly impacted my life for the better. This podcast and her book radical acceptance have been life changing for me, both personally and professionally (I’m a psychologist). Just started her new book radical compassion too and so far highly recommend that as well! Basically I am a Tara Brach superfan everything she spits is gold 🤩
  • Takal NY
    Namaste and Blessings ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Thank you Tara and team for your guided mediations and wisdom. There are so many moments where life has taken a toll on me. I know I have support to find the light within to keep me going and to help others. So grateful for all you do. You are the modern buddah, a great contributor to psychology and Christ of the time. We all are. Namaste 🍃☪️✝️🕎🕉☮️💟🍃
    Tara Brach for president!
    I am so grateful for Tara and having the accessibility of this podcast. What a blessing! I put on an episode and when I hear Tara’s voice, I am instantly at ease. Throughout my day I hear her voice in my head, guiding me through social situations that are not the most pleasant. Thank you Tara!
  • maggiem79
    Tara is a brilliant mind. Her words comfort and educate. This is a go to podcast for me when I need perspective on life.
  • Raj 'em
    Tara Brach is True Refuge
    The podcasts of her meditations and discussions are a great supplement to walking the path of truth and freeing the heart. This is the only thing on my phone that does not keep me stuck in my head, but rather helps me understand and practice mindfulness with her masterful guidance as a meditation teacher and psychologist.
  • DaBigThang
    The absolute best
    I don’t know how long I’ve been listening, I think over six years. Tara’s approach to storytelling, educating and delving in to the truth of humanity and life is unparalleled; seamlessly blending a deep understanding of how our minds work into invaluable meditations and lectures. I can’t recommend highly enough.
  • Riverlogic
    Thank you!
    I’ve been in a challenging transition time where I sometimes feel the grip of huge anxiety. I walk with these podcasts and sometimes lie in bed with them. I find myself amazingly able to recalibrate remembering who I am and able to rest back in my body! Thank you Tara for your heart and beautiful teachings!!
  • Alonb81
    Tara changed my life
    I’m now a Jewish Buddhist (-: You are an amazing teacher, thank you for giving this gift to me and the world. I also read your book, and wow! Big impact. It has actually been many years now that youve helped me through a few seasons of my life. I am so grateful for your work, keep it going!
  • lvfirelady
    Amazing content
    Tara. I have been listening now for about a year. I find your work so helpful. Thanks
  • Cacique88
    One of the greatest spiritual teachers of our times
    I have been listening and watching Tara Brach now for more than 15 years. She is authentic mixing spiritual teachings with humorous stories that bring to life her wisdom to the masses. I awaken each day to one of her many meditations.
  • HelterL
    One of the bests
    I can always count on this podcast to deliver amazing content that always makes me feel better. This is a staple in my audio rotation and I am so thankful for Tara and how she shares her wisdom. Love love love!!!
  • Serenity Chaser
    A beloved gift
    Tara gives voice to my internal struggles, names them and gives me tools to live a better quality life. Being able to name the “trance of doing” the trance of unworthiness” the false refuge of overeating, and other addictions gives me the language of recovery...I FEEL SO MUCH GRATITUDE for Tara Brach and her generosity of spirit ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • emurzap
    So grateful for this podcast!!
    This is my “go to” podcast. I love Tara’s stories, jokes and meditations. I am so grateful for her ongoing support of my practice because I can always count on her podcast to teach and reinforce such wonderful concepts. Namaste.
  • Brian Bowes
    Regular source of joy
    I am thankful for these podcasts by Tara and her friends. They provide me with a regular structure of practice and a sort of inner elevation that help me to refocus on the innate connection to nature.
  • Desial
    Finding my happiness
    I’ve been listening for a couple of months and although I face on going battles with myself listening to her is slowly helping me. Her voice is soothing and helps bring a softness to me and others. Thank you for this.
  • Hershey's Jellyfish
    R. A. I. N.
    What a wonderful addition to my life.
  • Jjjaaammmiiieeee
    Calming- but a little too much talk at times
    I appreciate this, but as with most guided meditation at times there is too much talking- a bit more space for quiet would be nice. I dont feel i have enough time to focus on a thought or intention sometimes.
  • ojai78
    I call her my Online therapist. I have been listening to her for a few years. She has opened my heart and given me many coping tools that have helped all of my relationships. Thank you Tara you are wonderful and I appreciate you very much. Every time I become reactive and want to “bad other” my husband, I pause, go to my gazebo and sit in my hammock by myself. I practice remember rain,!mediate and listen to one of your talks. It’s such good therapy for me and I think my husband loves me more. It makes me a a more patient and kind mother. Namaste 💖
  • Elizarose12
    So helpful and incredible!
    Amazing podcast, her voice is so calming and her words are so touching. Thank you Tara for these podcasts - they have helped me immensely.
  • WhatTheFunk88
    Great meditations
    Great meditations
  • stayinggrounded
    I’ve been going through a really hard time, a friend offered this podcast.. funny how she talks about “othering” then entirely puts white people down.. race has no place in spirituality. Awful, hateful, totally opposite of what she’s “preaching” 🤮
  • JuliaGigiBoo
    It’s like having therapy
    Best meditation teacher ever! She saved my life. Been a fan for years. She is so wise.
  • mollyscissorhand
    A Gift For Those Who Sit
    Tara’s podcast is one of the most important and appreciated in my subscriptions. Her approach is honest, grounded, and loving, with humor to soften the impact. I am more motivated to meditate regularly and find inspiration in her words that isn’t trite or loaded with dogma.
  • makeAmericaSaneAgain
    This was STOLEN from my website The Sober Experiment. It is an episode we took down at the request of the speaker. Take this down immediately. Our lawyers will TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY. Nan. The Sober Experiment.
  • kplove13
    Life-Saving Grace
    Somehow Tara knows exactly what I am dealing with. She has been so helpful on my path towards healing.
    Her talks bring me home
    I love Tara’s Podcast. She is eloquent, thoughtful, funny, a great story teller. She comes across as human. Her voice is calming and peaceful. When I listen to Tara’s talks or guided meditations she helps bring me home, back to a peaceful, quiet spaciousness.
  • LauraSSF
    5 stars for content
    I love Tara Brach’s podcasts. I discovered them only recently but have been devouring them. If the sound quality were improved, that would bump the rating to five stars. I know these are talks she gives in front of an audience, but they could very easily get a better mic that would be more appropriate for podcasts without hurting the live experience.
  • Bronstersaurus
    Gentle Wisdom
    Tara is one of the most accessible and gentle teachers I have found. Her talks (and books) have the power to transform lives. I would happily give her podcast five stars if the sound quality was better.
  • ChelsBel32
    Starting my day with peace
    Tara offers to give us a way to find peace within ourselves in a world that reflects constant fear.
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