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It's the most comprehensive Fantasy Baseball Podcast you'll find. We're dedicated to helping you win your league while keeping you entertained at the same time. Find out who to add, drop, start and sit while getting the best advice every day.

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  • Rdsjt1⃣9⃣9⃣1⃣qw
    Show surely misses Aizer
    So much less engaging with listeners since Aizer left, he & Heath would always respond to my emails or tweets, these guys got no interest in that, and get off topic a bit too much it’s a shame.
  • Person235069
    Half great
    Scott obviously thinks he’s gods gift to the earth and hurts the show. He refuses to say anything positive about any player that he didn’t have on some sleeper list at some point, instead roundabouting to a hesitant tak. Just try once to be positive
    Love these dudes!
    Best fantasy podcast out there! Listen everyday. They will definitely help your fantasy team and get to know the prospects on the rise. Must listen!
  • horrid business app
    Socks & Shoes
    Everyday listener
  • Hanyabull
    Sock and a Shoe?
    Love the show. Been listening for years. I still don’t really know what a sock and a shoe is.
  • Crablegs21
    Great Podcast
    Great Podcast! I listen to the position previews every year in preparation for the draft! I listen here and there during the season too! Also, if I were to try to sell high on Imanaga right now, who would be some good targets? J. Rodriguez? Corbin Carrol? Tatis? Alvarez?
  • BB_360
    Love the show
    My OMGG player is Riley Greene of the Tigers, who has been great all month, capped off with 2HR on April 30. Can Scott please tell me about a change in skill or process that means I can trust the new power and OBP trend? Scott and Frank have him in the mid 30s and Chris in the mid teens of OF ranks. What accounts for the difference in outlook? Love the show!
  • Chef Joel Christy
    Grade The Trade
    Dear Jamie, Sam, Roy, and Danny In a 12 team weekly head to head roto league, I just traded Brian De la Cruz for Randy Arozarena. Trying to catch some lightning in a bottle with a buy low opportunity. What do you think? Love the show, guys! Best Regards, Joel Christy
  • theninetyandnine
    Specifically for Frank
    Don’t let those guys get you down for telling us that a player is the son of a former player. Those are the kind of ridiculous tidbits that make baseball gloriously ridiculous and fun!
  • coachbvh
    Team Name Tuesday
    Burger Turners Love the show guys!
  • Keotaboy
    A New Convert
    I am officially a full convert to the show! After ESPN shut down their fantasy, baseball podcast, I was lost, wandering the fantasy world searching for a new podcast to help me focus on what’s important: my fantasy baseball team. I tried some of those “other” fantasy baseball podcast, but I wasn’t convinced I was getting information from real experts. Then I found the CBS Fantasy Baseball Today podcast! I really appreciate the balance of analysis that hosts Chris, Frank and Scott bring to each show, and they even make me laugh sometimes. I feel I now have insights I need to build a winning team again! Only one thing bugs me: sock and a shoe? It sounds like something that came from a nursery rhyme. Why that when “bag and a bomb” was there for the taking?
  • bbbaseball111
    Hey nandor, lazlo, and Colin Robinson
    Dynasty lg, Michael Busch or CES?
  • Kramer_J33
    Mailbag & Review
    Without a doubt the best Fantasy Baseball podcast period. My consistent first listen, and often listen 2 times! Catch the live stream on YouTube, then listen to the pod again. Great Analysis! Mailbag Question: 12 Team H2H categories with R HR RBI SB Total Bases OBP. I'm thinking of trading Freddie Freeman for Marcus Semien. I have Nolan Jones, & Michel Busch to backfill 1B. We start 4 OF, and 3 UTL, no MI or CI, single catcher. Trading for Semien would allow me to not have to start Gorman or Thario Estrada. Am I crazy to think Semien is a better fit, or to be worried about age catching up to Freddie? Freeman v Semien ROS Thanks in advance!!
  • Kieland13
    Hi Richard, Erlich, Gilfoyle and Dinesh
    Love the show! I listen every morning to and from work! If I am trying to trade ohtani in a full dynasty league who is both SP and DH as one player, what kind of package should I be looking for? It’s the first year of a dynasty league and it’s a head to head categories league.
  • G_Mello47
    First time long time
    I’m in a first year dynasty league. Trading partner is eager to move Gausman. Would you trade Merrill Kelly and Vinnie P for Gausman and an aging declining Goldschmidt
  • zebrahead13
    Best DFS podcast out there!
    Love this show! Free Esteban Loaiza! Is my FBL team name.
    Great, well organized fantasy baseball show
    FBT is easily the most well-paced, highly-organized, easiest Fantasy Baseball show to listen to and hits the most topics. And it’s every day! My only negative this season is how much Scott complains about ranking/analyzing deeper players. It’s every episode now. Under 70% rostership is too shallow a threshold, and then to also complain every day when you have to go deeper than that.
  • Dan184847194
    Team name Tuesdays?
    I have Merrill and Chuorio….. Boom! Tough Actin TwoJacksons
  • CUBuffaloes
    Long Overdue Praise
    I don’t generally leave podcast reviews but I just wanted to reach out and shout out all of you guys. I’m going for my fourth straight league championship in my tenth year doing fantasy baseball. You’re the only podcast I listen regarding fantasy baseball and you all deserve a lot of the credit. I don’t follow baseball other than my putrid Twins so I rely on you all to tell me who to draft, trade and pick up. I will keep listening and hopefully will keep winning! Keep up the excellent work!
  • Hootie9
    Too much Towers, had to leave early. Sorry
  • Swift->Jon
    Fantasy Pitching Today?
    I love the pod, the camaraderie between the guys, and the presentation is top notch. However: the near obsession with pitching is wild. Starting pitchers contribute in 40% of the roto categories. They are 80% of this show. Just listened to a weekend summary and outside of 5 minutes on LuBob/Story replacements, the entire thing was pitchers. I know there are a ton of fun, interesting pitching metrics for each start, pitchers get churned more etc. But ground ball/fly ball, k/bb rates and more stabilize quickly for hitters. Maybe Jackson Merrill, ss/of eligible, who just went 4-4 Sunday, batting .320+ with huge barrel%—worth a mention? Like I said, I’m a fan. Just wish there was more balance.
  • Ballin33
    Best pod out there
    Hey Scott and Chris! Love the show! Won my home league last year thanks to you guys!! Question: 12 team roto trade pivetta for Holliday? Pretty good in pitching. Thank you all!!
  • Grotes syndrome
    The best fantasy baseball pod
    Best all-around fantasy baseball pod. Been listening for years. Wondering how you guys currently rank MJ Melendez among catchers? Asking for a yahoo user..
  • Not happy with update.
    weird sound?
    what was the weird sound on today’s podcast. sounded like someone was inhaling a vape pen or something every minute and a half. stop it.
  • MD Kennedy
    I just can’t take anything White says, seriously. He’s an egotistical buffoon, so full of himself and the Braves. I can’t be the only one laughing at him regularly. He shows no respect for his cohosts. Perhaps he could take over Towers spot on the NFL segment come Aug or Sept. Frank rules, he’s the biggest reason to listen.
  • Casey022
    Must listen
    Love these guys. This podcast is my number 1 listen. Full of helpful information. Their knowledge base of players is unparalleled. Keep it up gentlemen! What percentage of FAB would you use on Victor Scott II now that we will fill in for Dylan Carlson?
  • Matt B B Matt
    Baseball consumption
    How do you guys watch/consume baseball during the season? With almost everything behind a paywall now a days I wanted to know what would be worth my $$$, thanks in advance!
  • otjuice
    Great Show! Grade The Trade (Luis Robert & Brandon Pfaadt FOR Jackson Chourio & Gavin Stone)
    Dear Jimmy, Donald and Joe - First, I am a huge and grateful fan for all the work you Frank, Chris & Scott do! You guys and FBT rock! Now, grade the trade: I received: Luis Roberts Jr. (CF - White Sox) Gavin Stone (SP - Dodgers) I gave up: Jackson Chourio (CF - Brewers) Brandon Pfaadt (SP - Diamondbacks) I play in a 12 team, H2H categories league. We play in a 6x6 w/ OBP and ‘Holds’ in addition. This is a dynasty format; we must all keep our top 8 players every year. Was this a good trade for me? (Answer to Q): these are the only U.S. Presidents who have NOT thrown at least one ceremonial “opening day” pitch as a sitting U.S. President. Jimmy Carter, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Howard Taft (1910) was the first sitting President to participate in an Opening Day Ceremonial Pitch.
  • James WB
    The best for fantasy baseball
    Best podcast !!! Period.
  • John Thundergun
    Dear Jamie, Joe and Cole
    Hey guys love the show! I’m in a 6x5 (OPS) roto keeper league. Keep 4 at the round before last years draft cost and can keep as long you want until the draft cost gets to the 5th round, top 5 round picks can’t be kept. Definitely keeping Tucker(10th), Julio(14th) and Ohtani(hitter, 15th). Would you go with Elly in the 16th or Burnes in the 13th as the last keeper? Leaning Elly when I factor in ability to keep for many more years
  • DvonRoell
    Love the show when Welsh is not on
    Amazing show, love to listen all the time except when Welsh is on. When he is on I shut it off and don’t listen to a single minute of that episode. Take a page out of the rates and barrels playbook and get rid of him. You guys are so much better without him!
  • Scratchman888
    The best.
    There are a lot of fantasy baseball podcasts out there. In my opinion this one’s by far the best. Anyone can deliver knowledge. They also bring humor. And that makes, what could be a tedious presentation on stats and ratios, fun. And honestly, that’s all anyone can hope for. (That and some new information on Cam Collier if it is not too much trouble.)
  • Jakeryan24
    Best in the biz
    The best fantasy podcast there is. The takes are authentic, consistent, and data-backed. It’s an easy listen as the guys mesh well and all serve a perfect role in providing timely and poignant fantasy advice. Thanks for all you do!
  • Al.Shein.92
    The BEST fantasy baseball podcast out there
    The michael Jordan of fantasy baseball podcasts. It's so helpful #teamscott but Frank really is a great host!
  • RotoAnt
    Mailbag Question
    Dear Nate, Matthew, and Stephania, I have an upcoming draft for my home league that’s 6X6 H2H categories. We use QS instead of WS and add Holds and OPS. What players come to mind as the biggest risers in a league that uses OPS and QS? Also, if you have the time, any general draft strategies for H2H categories? We’ve always played roto and this is our first year doing H2H.
  • Thevandalen
    First time/long time
    My go-to for Fantasy Baseball advice! The chemistry from Al and Nando and Adam has carried over to Frank, Scott and Chris. A daily must listen :) Keeper question for you— 15-team 6x6 (OPS and IP w/ SOLDs and QS) roto league where I can keep 1 of the following for 1 year… all things equal, who do I choose? $5 Grayson Rodriguez $5 Bobby Miller $5 Royce Lewis $5 Spencer Torkelson
  • Coolguy678
    Former top 30 prospect
    Love the show guys! I’m a former top 30 prospect with the Reds, filling my competitive void with fantasy baseball Haha. Have a keeper question: H2H cats(lose the pick of the keeper this year) Who would you keep between Corbin Carroll(8th rd), Bryce Harper(9th rd)? Corbin’s shoulder scares me but, think it might be worth the risk as Carroll has been going in the 1st rd this year, wanted to get your thoughts!
  • Rogue Beaver
    This show would be great if you would say the team with the player. I’m tuning in to get ready for the season and you take for granted the casual fan knows where the rookies and free agents play.
  • Johnny Kokomo Fo
    Dear Wade, Johnny and Jacoby. I am in a 5x5 head to head categories league( I know its outdated we’ve been doing it since 2002). We keep 7 guys so essentially the draft is round 8-22. I have all my picks within rounds 8-15 (trades galore). Who should I target for pitching to keep me out of the glob? ( I am keeping Zac Gallen) Cole Ragans has my heart as well Scott, but after him I am stumped! With Love Johnny Kokomo Fo
  • sdkball
    Long term value?
    I’m in a 10 team H2H standard categories league with deep benches (especially for P). You can keep 3 players for the salary you draft them forever. I have Trea Turner, Vlad Jr., Corbin Carroll, Jackson Holliday, royce lewis all for $1. I was going to keep the top 3 and put the other 2 back. But I was offered the next 3 years 1st plus I can probably get a few 2nds for Carroll. Question in 3 years will holiday plus 3 firsts and 2 seconds be worth Carroll? Or should I toss Turner back in the pool (no trade options) and keep caroll holiday Vlad all for $1 indefinitely. Who will be the 3 best in a vacuum in 2025 in your opinions?
  • fortirwinkid
    Shohei Ohtani
    I’m in an OPS league. Last year Shohei Ohtani was ranked 5th in my league, ahead of JRod and Witt, even with the injury. His OPS was 200+ points higher than both of them. I’m not concerned about position flexibility. His power seems fine, and I love the lineup around him. I’m strongly considering taking him 3rd overall. What do you think?
  • Wiley Ross
    Easily the best fantasy baseball content out there
    This podcast has become a stable of my daily routine due to the combination of high level analysis but also the cast. I can’t describe it but each cast member had their distinct personalities and they balance each other out so well. ——Madison from Pasadena writes ——-Quick question for the crew: I play in a head to head points league where there are no penalties for strikeouts. Do any of the category studs that we move down in points league rise up your boards in this format (Witt, JRod, Carroll, etc?) any other hitters that rise? Thank you !
  • Hahahah ahhssjnebejeic
    Advice needed
    What do yall think about Edwin Arroyo? SS prospect in the Reds system. I have him as my final keeper in an NL only 12 team league and was wondering if he is worth keeping over potential 1 dollar guys. (Amaya, Triolo, Josiah Gray.) Also I’ve noticed a lot of skips while listening to the show on Apple Podcasts. I’m not sure if yall are aware of that issue but it’ll just cut to random spots of the show and then it’ll repeat some portions of segments. If you give the episodes a full listen afterwords, it’ll make more sense. Just wanted to let yall know it’s been pretty common in the last hand full of shows. Cheers.
  • HotPie865
    Dear Bobby, Billy, Happy, and Nicky… (Shouts to Frank)
    Matt from Knoxville writes, 12-team H2H categories league (10 keepers): I can keep 4 of the following: T. Skubal, C. Ragans, J. Chisholm, O. Cruz, J.T. Realmuto, N. Jones Already keeping 2 pitchers and 4 hitters. Thanks, Fellas!
  • Corey B13
    Great Show
    By far the best fantasy baseball show. When I have listened to everything and have to listen to another show - huge drop off. You bring knowledge with humor with expertise. Appreciate your show. Quick question. In 5x5 roto league with 8 keepers. Keeping Buehler, Kirby, Naylor, Harper, Stott, Santander and yelich for a combined $52. Deciding in final is Yoshida at $9, Fairbanks at $7 or McMahon at $3.
  • kgoodfriend
    Who to keep and draft?
    Hey guys! Love the show! Been listening for about a year now and it has been a big help for me. Mailbag questions: I am in a 10 H2H weekly points league and it’s a keeper/dynasty league where every year we add an additional hitter and pitcher keeper to our teams. My current keepers are Judge (3rd round), Riley (4th), Glasnow (12th), and Seagar (14th). For this year I am keeping Bobby miller (24th). I am torn on who I should keep for my hitter; am I crazy for keeping Jackson Holliday at a 2nd rounder (I have 2 second round picks this year) over Spencer Torekelson (7th)- if we have players on our roster we didn’t draft the previous year, their value is determined by Fantrax dynasty rankings. Also, I have the 4th over pick in our draft and our league is skewed towards pitching, my heart is telling me to take Matt Olson but my brain is telling me to take the best pitcher available (Gausman/Skubal). If I keep Holliday I will have only the 15th overall pick and if I don’t keep him I’ll have the 15th and 16th picks. Any suggestions?
  • StoneCutter01
    Fantasy Justice
    Dear Robert, Allan and Francis, With draft season here, I wanted to ask you boys how to deal with a situation that may not come up often, but when it does, all commissioners should be ready with answers. My question is in the circumstance of a draft where a manager mis-picks or freezes and then auto picks a player he does not want. Then, several teams pick after, what is the proper procedure? In a perfect world, the commissioner would be able to pause the draft, back out the wrong selection, let the manager make the correct pick and the draft continues, however I have experienced anything but the perfect scenario. As far as the teams who get of a pick after the mis- pick, I could understand if I were hoping for a player to come to me (say a hot prospect or 1st round player who is starting on IL), he gets to me and I select him. Then, when multiple picks back out, another manager in front of me sees that I selected said player and he changes his pick. I would feel robbed. I also understand that the manager who mis-picked because of a possible Wi-Fi problem or whatever should not be punished for that either. What is the right proceedure? Can you give me FANTASY JUSTICE? Thanks for all you do! Commissioner Rich Answer Robert D. Manfred, Jr. Allan H. "Bud" Selig Francis T. Vincent, Jr.
  • Votrefou
    One of the best fantasy podcasts out there
    Have been listening for years, thank you guys for your great analysis and insight over the years. You’ve helped me to a championship and multiple playoff appearances. Keep up with the good work it’s appreciated. Mailbag question: I have a keeper league question. 10 team ESPN points league. I also pick 7th every round. Pick 3 J-Rod Carroll Strider Burnes Thanks guys! Good luck this year.
  • Mike T from Philly
    Insightful, witty and entertaining podcast!
    Hey guys - Long time listener of about 8 years now. Love the podcast! Mailbag 2/28: Pick 2 pitchers and 2 hitters to keep in a 12-team H2H 6x6 categories league (Includes OBP rather than AVG, Total bases, K/9, Quality starts, net saves). Hitters: Corbin Carroll (Round 3), Gunner Henderson (Round 7), Lars Nootbaar (Round 11), Trevor Story (Round 20), Bryson Stott (Round 21) Pitchers: Kevin Gausman (Round 4), Grayson Rodriguez (Round 15), Eury Perez (Round 22), Mitch Keller (Round 22)
  • Djchebrjsyvge
    FYPD question
    Thank you guys for all the advice! I am in a dynasty league with minor league rosters. My question is during our FYPD how to you weigh a draft pick against a post-hype sleeper like Brett Baty or Ricky Tiedemann? I managed to get both of those guys for essentially a second and third round pick. I missed out on some nice prospects like Noble Meyer, Kyle Teel, etc. I feel I feel like I got to buy super low on those players who 6-12 mo ago we’re much more highly regarded. They probably don’t have the massive upside as the new guys, but I believe they could still turn into very good long term players. How do you approach using mid-late FYPD picks when you’re essentially throwing darts vs trading for a more known quantity?
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