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Giant Bomb discusses the latest video game news and new releases, taste-test questionable beverages, and get wildly off-topic in this weekly podcast.

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  • Nukatronic
    Great back catalogue and good hosts but lacking in comparison to earlier versions
    I have a deep and enduring love for the history of this show and a lot of the cast that has been alongside it through the years. This iteration is no exception, but I just can’t help to compare it to how strong the show has been in the past. I love the hosts and the conversation but I have a great admiration for past times around the podcast table more. Keep up the good work. Wish I could rate it higher..
  • nate ahoy
    Listening to the old episodes again (08-12 era). Gone but never forgotten. China Don’t Care.
  • emojesus69
    Show has become terrible
    I was a fan for many years, once jeff gerstmann left it was over. Jeff bakalar is annoying, dan is fun but in small doses. Jeff grub is amazing and needs to distance himself from the failing giant bomb. Jan is also awesome and needs to leave also and do his own thing. Everyone else good was fired or left leaving botton of the barrel boring content.
  • Johnanomous
    My how the mighty have fallen…
  • Blake898
    Don’t waste your time
    If you aren’t interested in west coast social and political hot takes mixed in with your video game news dont listen to these guys. They were good years ago and have completely alienated a huge part of the gaming demographic.
  • CharlieKf
    I’m done (RIP Giantbomb)
    This feels less like a familiar community and more like some new ownership’s unloved asset I can accept when people move on, but when people are let go, it is impossible to invest in Giantbomb when some faceless entity could terminate a content creator at a moment’s notice. I tried to stick with giantbomb after Jeff Gerstmann was let go ….now there is a new owner, and new layoffs. I wish Giantbomb could just be owned by people creating its content, but that is obviously a fantasy. Meanwhile, Nextlander and Jeff Gerstmann’s podcast are killing it… if you want to experience some semblance of Giantbomb, go there instead.
  • Frakovski
    Sad to see GB come to this
    Considering how influential Giantbomb has been and what a blast the show used to be, listening to it now is just depressing. I don’t know if it was the poor corporate decisions or just the old staff wanting to try different things (a lot of the old podcast crew can be found on other, independent podcasts/streams), but the show lacks the cohesion and direction it used to have.
  • Gay man g
    Rest in Peace GiantBomb. Cause of death = Woke Mind Virus.
  • Zeke90000
    Boring irrelevant banter
    30 minutes into a typical episode and they’re discussing things like what they ate that week or buying a new toilet. I suppose this would be bearable if they were funny, but it’s just typical irrelevant banter you would hear in a workplace break room. No idea why this is popular, listen to ACG if you actually want to hear people talking about video games.
  • fjkjvbj
    Run GFB
    I still enjoy the podcast for the most part but it has definitely fallen a long way from what it used to be and the recent events and layoffs really doesn’t give me hope it’ll get better. Hopefully everyone stays employed.
  • Sublimer968
    Don’t miss this one!
    This is a fantastic podcast for you! The cast is full of intellectual content creators that are extremely passionate about their art. They speak to so many different audiences and have a great community of listeners going back to 2008. They are known for discussing games media, but you will find that it is so much more than games being covered. This is not another IGN or GameSpot, for better or worse (you decide). They contribute to charities to help children in need and they truly care about their audience, not just ad revenue. You can become a premium member on their website if you want to support them (I have no affiliation with their company, I’ve just listened and watched for more than 10 years). Even as some of the cast members move on to other things, like Patreon, the GiantBomb podcast and crew are still amazing (and so are the original founders, Brad and Jeff). They often go off on tangents, some cast members more so than others (Thank you Dan and Paul!). They are what I would call a family. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I do! Cheers! *Don’t forget to check out their Voicemail Dump Truck (EXIT FLU).
  • Look An Alien
    Giant Bomb is dead
    I only started listening to GB in 2014 or 2015 so I’m definitely not an OG but this show has gone down hill so far in recent years and it’s definitely not the same show it once was. Jeff, Alex, Brad and Vinny all leaving was the nail in the coffin for me. RIP Giant Bomb.
  • CpnHowdy11
    No chemistry = slog
    It all feels so forced now, rip. Great back catalogue
  • FarrisTheWheel
    Lost its Luster
    While I still like everyone on the show, most episodes have no rudder and feels more “fly on the wall” of loose conversations instead of a full show. Jan’s great, but a non-existent host, which causes endless cross-talk and non-sequeters. I can’t focus on what is being discussed for most episodes, so I just bail.
  • UpUpDownDown81
    Love it
    My favorite podcast
  • ActorGuy123
    Could be great but way too long
    I like this crew and their dynamic together, but there is no one on this earth I want to listen to for 2 and a half hours. With a show that long it’s inevitable you’re getting repetition, filler content, and generally wasted time. Give me a tight 30mins or 1hr and I’ll be back for sure.
  • JediMaster Daddy
    It's not Giant Bomb anymore... something new though...
    They can say it is all they want but it's not. The name GB wasn't what made the site special and the name is worthless now as far as its history and value. People loved GB for the people on it, the core people that each had 20-30 years of experience each were what made it special. There personalities blended so well together in a way that can only occur when lifetime friends get together. Even adding new people like they did after Ryan's passing worked b/c you still had core people involved that had those longtime friendships. New amazing interactions came from the new blood of 1-2 people being added to the group at a time but you still had the core, the foundation to keep it going. Covid did the most damage to GB as you lost the interaction being as good once hanging out over video chats instead of in a studio. So when CV hit, the Nextlander crew leaving and finally Jeff you lost what was GB. If you don't believe me go watch some of the old episodes pre 2019 and you see what was lost. Make me sad b/c it was special. When Jeff left I figured I'd be done but once announced Dan was coming back I knew I had to give it a shot. I like Jeff Grubb from his podcasts with "Mitch", still do and enjoy Voidburger a lot as well but it's just become another generic gaming site now like IGN, Gamespot where it's a constant revolving door of people. Dan isn't on the podcast enough so I only check out episodes if he's on usually and even then less and less. Once the Nextlander guys left I knew my days were numbered and from the forums seems many others are as well as I see so many cancellations of premium. Seems like most people only stuck around with Jeff just b/c of loyalty and hope but the site wasn't doing any better then either. Thankfully I can still support Jeff G and Nextlander through Patreon and get my fix their, from the judge of both of their Patreon numbers most of the old Premium membership from the last 5-10 years have as well. I had my premium account since the old Whiskey Media days and kept it till Jeff left, was some amazing memories, people and trips I've been involved with over time and it will be missed immensely! I wish for the new staff they could do something with the name GB out of respect for old and to show they're new and to help them as well Maybe like a Degrassi thing... GB the new Generation. I get why they can't though. I will still watch some of the shows online, read through the forums for the people I used to chat with till I figure out where everybody else went but I'm done with the podcast. The one thing I will say that I can't stand is how the podcast is a revolving cast every week, they could have 2 podcasts like before with a set cast of each so you can't get to know the personalities and enjoy the one you mesh with the most. Other than that, I don't want to get into nitpick stuff that I don't like about the podcast and what's being done with it. I just know it's not for me anymore.
  • JakeO85
    Was a good podcast
    Used to love this podcast then they shed all the good members and finally Jeff leaving (being fired) was the last straw. RIP to Giant Bomb it was alot of fun.
  • digitaldemigod
    All good things come to an end
    4 minutes of ads before a super long musical intro… they actually start speaking at about 5min in. Jeff gone. Brad and Vinny gone for a while now. It was already hard enough losing Ryan. Now, I just don’t see what reason there is for this podcast to exist. Clean. CLEAN?! Why? I came for the personalities. They are now gone. Unsubbed.
  • FeelsMid
    Still pretty good. Jess is insufferable but I throw no shade. All people aren’t for everyone and 1 out of 7 ain’t bad. Recommend.
  • Cateraaade
    Show used to be my favorite
    10 years of my favorite show. This is not the same. Everyone scraping for time on air and repeating themselves. This show has become a clone of Kinda Funny content. Sad. Jan, stop pointing out segues. That is bad radio.
  • Lyudmila Pavlichenko
    Gosh, this used to be a really great podcast
    GB has had its time in the sun, but now its really just a shell of what it used to be.
  • jnb58
    No longer good
    No humor. They hate the games, gamers and game creators. I’m not into their political ideologies or the other nonsense. What’s the point of listening? My old review: The show is amazing. Funny. Smart. Intelligent. Best interviews. Jeff is the smartest & funniest man in games podcasting. Drew the kind tech genius. Brad the beautiful voice with a heart of stone. The rest of the crew is great. Dan creeps me out. He is the grown up version of the movie big, a 12 year old in an adult body. (He's disabled, so be nice) If you like adults with adult opinions that talk video games, this is it.
  • Bresnahan 1775
    Verbal diarrhea
    Meaningless chatter with no talk of video games
  • RickySB
    Solid pod
    The video version is even better! The conservative trolls review bombing don’t even really listen to this show.
  • Sydenhamspaniel
    (keep) rollin’
    The apple has rolled too far away from the tree. Back up, back up, tell me what ya gonna do now
  • What's inside?
    Remember when they spoke about games?
    Couldn’t stop listening to the podcast because we wanted to see how long before they actually talk about games. Seems like it took over an hour. Feels like without Jeff this podcast has no one keeping the podcast moving. Just going to listen to nextlanders as it’s old school giant bomb
  • TEEK5
    Disgusting leftist trash!!
    I have listened to Giant bomb for over 10 years and loved every minute. However Jeff has become a bitter old man and everyone else they have on spouts leftist garbage all podcast. His new podcast he started it with a 15 min diatribe on Covid and how he wears a mask and his kid cannot get vax’d… Good Lord will he ever learn? I listen to a gaming podcast to get away from the world and politics. It’s no wonder every GOOD personality left. So now the powers that be ring on recycled Gamespot backup hitters. Of course the start talking about being muslim and not being able to fly and how now there are two Women at giant bomb!! Who cares????!!!! Ryan would be rolling in his grave if he knew what had happened to his beloved site! RIP giant bomb it was a good run!! I’m off to listen to Nextlander!
  • AlexLOVESrdio
    Everything video games
    the back catalogue of this podcast is amazing
  • Jef (Honk Honk)
    This is not Giant Bomb
    It is now just a collection of posers and idiots who don’t know what they are talking about.
  • Rub311
    If you’re not leftist…
    They don’t want you listening. They think you’re a domestic terrorist. Show is usually great, but virtue signaling was too much. Made me vote Orange. Unborn babies have their own heartbeat detectable with current technology as early as 5 1/2 weeks. That’s only going to move earlier and earlier along with advancements. The baby also has its own unique DNA 🧬 Science yo Mark wahlberg is a national treasure
    Ben Pack
    Ben Pack This is a tribute To Ben Pack
  • 209Magic
    I love GB
    What are the qualifications for being a 3AM boy?
  • Supertom11
    14 years of Entertainment...
    As the title indicates, I've been a fan of Giant Bomb since it's inception. I don't think I've missed a single epsiode for 14 years. I've been along for the ride through the heartbreak of losing Ryan and the split between east and west. I've had the joy of experiencing the lovable crew members like Dan and Drew, and suffered through some of the worst like Patrick and Austin. When you listen to the same group of people for so long, you develop this kind of weird 3rd person relationship, so you're able to take the good with the bad and in the end appreciate them for who they are. But there's been a shift lately that I just can't stomach and it's making the show an aggrivating and unenjoyable slog. From Jeff's weekly covid scare rants (the rest of the country has moved on Jeff, you should to) to the general disdain for the games industry and all of its fans, it just doesn't feel like a gaming podcast at all anymore. Jeff (and now Jess) seem to hate anything AAA or remotely popular among fans, and trash on the games in a way that so resentful and bitter, as if they're actively trying to make any fans of the games feel badly. But then they'll spend 40 mins ironically praising some indie title because of its quirky dialogue and "it's so bad it's good" art style. There's very little news shared on the show without a heavily one-sided and close minded view. Nothing is vetted and every rumor about bad work places, or misconduct is treated as fact. This coming from the podcast that'll spend 20 mins on a d*ck joke, would get themselves and guests drunk at E3, and a host that can't f-bomb go f-bomb three f-bomb words without f-bomb saying f-bomb. Either the co-hosts don't care enough, or don't want to rock the boat by disagreeing with Jeff, but there's zero balance or pushback. You get one perspective and one only. If you disagree, you're made to feel like an awful person. Best of luck to the other hosts. Jan, you're the last ray of sunshine in this group, don't let the relentless cynicism beat you down. Jeff B. I miss your chemistry with Vinny and hope you find your way back into his arms one day. Matt and Jason, you were both always consistent and a great addition to the show. I'll be over with Nextlander and Sacred Symbols from here on out. Peace out.
  • big_appetite
    Down hill
    Use to be great, but have went downhill since brad Alex vinny Abby and dan left. Couple of the new people are ok but some are dreadful. Nextlander is better.
  • Vaughnvelocity
    How the mighty have fallen...
    This used to be one of my favorite podcasts, but now the hosts cant help themselves from being completely toxic, political, and hypocritical. Dont waste your time with this one.
  • Loly231
    Jeff needs to move on!!
    First off, I love the bomb cast, but lately Jeff gertsman seems like nothing is tickling his urge to play he seems like everything is blah!!! not good for a show about video games, I’m 50 yrs old and I still love tons of different games!! I see them for the entertainment I get from them, Jeff seems old and ready to move on to a podcast about getting old, and having a cast of much younger kids in his business isn’t a good thing for him, I miss Ryan a lot I think he keep Jeff in a good place, and I’m sorry he has lost his life, but Jeff is alive and needs to remember what he loved about games, or just move on.
  • HerrJager
    Jess rocks
    We love Jess don’t we folks? :-)
  • Wings80
    A bunch of Covid paranoid hosts
    2 years later and these people are afraid to go out and get the Mail. Every episode is more Covid panic. Well some of else have real jobs and go out in public every day. Must be nice to be a 40 something year old that sits home and plays video games all day.
  • Wrobl1bn
    I discovered bombcast early 2019 and I love the podcast. I anticipate it coming out every week. It’s very long which is perfect for work/commuting and the cast covers a wide variety of topics. I’m never bored and frequently learn new niche things.
  • SuperSilver420
    Alcoholic Uncle Vibes
    If you have ever wondered what your alcoholic uncle who occasionally plays video games opinion is, this is the podcast for you!
  • ElJefeMitch
    Used to be fun, now just cynical
    This used to be a great show with Brad, Ben, and even Danny. Now it’s the Jeff and Jess “trash every game hour”. I swear these two just hate games, they have nothing positive to say about any new release anymore. It just isn’t the type of coverage I am looking for anymore, I love games and want to listen to podcast hosts who love games too.
  • Benjamenwayne
    Moving On
    It’s a political podcast now. They will talk love, support, and inclusivity for 40 minutes and then spend the next 60 attacking any group that remotely disagrees with them. Too negative. It just…. makes me feel bad to listen to it. God, I miss Vinny, Ryan, and all of them being positive and getting lost on a knife vs bat argument. Now it’s just a radicalized zoomer threatening Texans because they’re not crazy about abortion.
  • KaoticSymmetry
    Old people dissing on old people for being…, old? It’s great when they actually talk about video games. Another thing other then that is a coin flip. Old review I gave was a 5 star. Recently have felt it has declined to a 2 or 3.
  • Comkeen
    I used to like this show until newest host
    Sorry, I hate to single out someone but this new host Jess is extremely toxic. This isnt a girl thing, I used to really enjoy Abbey's commentary. This new host Jess just exudes toxicity and too much political talk. I just can't make it through an episode anymore.
  • xenocide
    Super leftist podcast
    Was a listener for 15 years but you morons love to be proud of your terrible leftist "ideals" championing anyone that goes against conservatives. They hate the Texas law that STOPS babies from being murdered. They think Israel is bad for bombing Hamas. Yet they do it to Israel every day! Giant Bomb has fallen. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.. goodbye Giant Bomb.
  • Ankelbiter01
    Difficult to support
    Enjoy the insights for video games. Last three to six months have been difficult to listen to as they continue to speak more often on cultural, medical, and political issues.
  • UNEXPhotography
    It’s like a fridge for your ears
  • bomb listener
    amazingly amazing
    This is one of my favorites I love how of topic it gets and attempts on names and basically everything:)
  • Stonecreamer
    Just Awesome!
    One of, if not the, best video game podcast out there. No one sits back and gives fake reviews like most websites and podcasts. They say what they mean and that’s what I want. Only con is tuning in and listen to them talking about vaccines. I come here for video games not the podcast’s personal vaccine agenda. Keep up the great work!
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