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Giant Bomb discusses the latest video game news and new releases, taste-test questionable beverages, and get wildly off-topic in this weekly podcast.

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  • 64rj__
    Please stop talking about wrestling and feet
    Excellent background noise. I’ve listened to them for over a year, know none of their names, and couldn’t name anything they discuss each week - yet I love having it on in the background. Can’t explain why. The guy from Ireland (I think?) could read me bedtime stories every night and I’d die a happy man. But stop talking about wrestling and feet: both are gross. Thanks
  • WoG0331
    Slow free fall
    Once the best show out there, literally since the beginning, is now on the slow decline. Shutting down parts of the business, hiring extreme left hosts who will put in politics where there isn’t any, yelling at listeners about health and just everything that doesn’t have to do with games. After listening to life stories and opinions for 30-45 minutes you’ll get some of the shallowest talk of video games out there. I have most of their merch, even the coveted hockey jersey, been a fan forever, but man, I can barely stomach an episode a month anymore. There plenty other podcasts out there.
  • Josh_1820
    Cancel culture supporting hypocrites
    Have a conservative opinion on abortion? These guys want you to lose your job. Disgusting leftist sycophants that think everyone who isn’t exactly like them is evil and deserves to lose their job. Don’t support this trash.
  • superboomerang
    The best
    Still the best in the bizness
  • RockGomes
    Great but needs structure and time keeping
    Cool guys but the shows are too long for a weekly show. Latest episode was 3.5 hrs. Typically they’re like 2 hrs long. Love the group but wish they had a framework and the host kept time and pushed things along to keep the show at 1hr.
  • stoshy
    Stop the typing
    Put away the mechanical keyboard
  • DinkMeeker
    I’ve been listening since 2010, this podcast has had many interactions, some slight ups and downs, but they always make changes to keep it interesting. This new iteration seems to maintain that trend. Love having Danny on as a full member of the cast. Bacalar seems to have adapted well to being the second brat Jeff. Jan need to switch himself with his barber because honesty the hair cutting content on the podcast is lacking. Curious to see how GOTY is
  • BillyOK
    Still a threat
    Danny and Jeff B are great additions, and Jeff G’s energy as host is my kind of on the edge of control. Been listening since 2008 and can’t wait to see where GB goes from here.
  • Shmishmishmiva
    Good humans, great discussions.
    First off, what is with these overwhelmingly crybaby Reddit reviews, I hope the hosts don’t waste their time reading them. Secondly, I love this show, have seen many of the cast come and go and am still a fan regardless. GB continues to do what they’ve always done, and be whoever they want to be. And that’s what makes this show so pure, and real. That’s why I’ll be here till they call it quits. They continue to provide 20+ years of industry knowledge to their stories and provide listeners to more than just the headlines. Lastly, thanks for the great content.
  • Branman81
    Magic is gone
    Listener for years. It’s over. I’ve never understood why games journalism needs to get political. That with the mass layoff, they lost the magic. No one believes that half a dozen veterans suddenly decided to “move on to adulthood”. That and the Facebook group has become a super toxic woke nightmare. Hard pass. Dan rocks though
  • xenocide
    Hamas Palestine!!!!!!
    They try to bomb Israeli every single day. Every. Single. Day. But Israeli shoots them out of the sky. You ignorant game journalists need to read more and stick to video games. Ignorant fools..
  • xtheapocx
    Best pod
    If you don’t know.
  • Bsterman
    Best Podcast In The Universe
    nuf said...
  • KevinInTheWoods
    Your typical leftist games media types
    Typical games media types who think anyone who’s a conservative is a nazi. Sad to see where these guys have come. They used to kinda entertaining back before every games journalist became an unbearable useless mouth piece for progressives agenda.
  • Redwolfdye
    Taswell lives on.
    Hard to imagine the scrappy start up that broke off from GameSpot would still be my favorite gaming site and podcast well after a dozen+ years. This is always my first suggestion for like minded gamers that are looking for a podcast. This pod emphasizes each personality and the casts preferences over ad reads and review scores. You know Jeff likes a good call of duty more than most and Vin loves a good pc indie game about creating a functioning manufacturing line. Ryan Davis would be proud guys. This is the best gaming podcast/site.
  • Rub311
    If you’re not lib
    They don’t want you listening. They think you’re a domestic terrorist. Show is usually great, but virtue signaling was too much. Made me vote Orange.
  • Nygiants Fan
    Do they even like video games?
    They seem to dislike every game made after 2001. Maybe it’s time to find a new hobby
  • K4NK375
    It’s the Best
    It’s the greatest! 10/10! Would listen again!
  • jmcguire2008
    Best game podcast still
    After all these years still the best
  • Blake340410
    Awesome dudes!
    Talk about what you want, you’re not a slave meant to entertain me. Keep it up!
  • stoney101z
    Best gaming pod
    Been a fan pretty much since the beginning so I’ll never turn my back on GB. Altho it’s sad to see so many new people come and go after a couple years.
  • Boulevardier23
    One of the best podcasts about games
    Smart, decent people that have lots of opinions about games. People get bent out of shape because of the occasional political opinion that comes up, but I prefer podcast hosts that acknowledge the state of the world.
  • Drew Dwayne
    Bye Bombcast
    Been a listener for years but this podcast has become so terribly boring, especially when you’re wanting to listen about game coverage. Their political ideology tangents are the furthest thing as to why I’d want to be listening to a podcast from this crew.
  • bobbyd384838
    Not as bad as kinda funny because they don’t sound like domestic terrorists wanting to kill trump supporters but unenthusiastic about everything. Kinda like listening to a few elitist hipsters whine “It’s..fine” well Bombcast you are “ehh... fine?”
  • Rswitz
    Was looking for another video game podcast to listening to. This ain’t it. So much unfunny try-hard cringe and dead air between these guys. Uninteresting and monotone.
  • Eyeyeee!
    Political Talks
    I literally come here for an escape, please keep your opinions to yourselves. VIDEOGAMES!!!!
  • YourAverageAdam
    Simply the best
    Better than all the rest
  • jtquinlan0712
    Yes, please give us more of your political opinions. That’s exactly why we came here...
  • Robpiff
    Cant trust these guys when hosts say they haven’t played switch. What age demographic is this for? The content seems Juvenile.
  • B to the rain
    As long as Abby doesn’t come back
  • OfficialBry
    leftist bums
    was a huge fan until they started jerking off to how bad trump is.
  • Mightbewrong33
    Still one of the best, but stop preaching
    Been listening for over 5 years and I still love the show, but sad to hear the guys promoting Marxist ideology on a near weekly basis (something which would result in the end of the video game industry and these guys jobs ironically). If they’d stop worrying about what Twitter thinks about their hot takes and just covered video games and the industry it’d be perfect.
  • blah abby
    Abby is the worst
    Stop having whinny. ‘’Hello. I’m Abby.’’ Blah
  • Itliterallycouldntbeworse
    The best
    The best
  • SleezyWizard
    Great podcast.
    I suggest checking out the website if you haven’t.
  • R. Aardvark
    Marxist Legends
    Guys, I talked to George and your Antifa Bucks might be a little late this month but they’ll get there. Keep making the chud gamers miserable!
  • Fan of ALL Black Keys songs.
    Love the content, add time codes
    The show is great, but add time codes. Bout it. Can't really knock off a star, but it's super annoying in a 3 hour pocast I listen to while driving. I regularly have to rewind 10 minutes to figure out what you are talking about if I miss the introduction. And idk, maybe adding the quick looks to the feed or in a separate feed would be cool. Keep up the great work dudes.
  • mjd4987
    The best
    My number one source for all the latest vidya james discussion!
  • EternalGamer2
    If your new it’s not for you...
    Giant Bomb has industry clout almost as a form of Stockholm syndrome. There are so many better, more informed, more energetic, and more content rich podcasts: Kind of Funny, Easy Allies, MinnMax, Gamescoop, and many others. These guys barely struggle to fill two hours a week and rarely do so interestingly. The definition of underachievers, they kind of just coast on industry clout. If you are an old fan, you’ll likely keep listening out of inertia, but if you are new, there are so many better gaming podcasts. Don’t waste your time.
  • SkylarSG3
    My weekly ritual
    I've been listening to the Bombcast for 5 years now and can't imagine a week without them.
  • williammount
    They’ve got that pizazzzz
    I listen to it every Wednesday morning, and have been listening for 12 years now. The personality and honesty among the staff is what keeps me coming back.
  • Grafxguy_Eric
    Keep it to Games
    I have been a long time listener and I must agree with many of the other reviews. Please keep the casts to games and ditch the politics. I get that you guys have your opinions but your followers may have others and we came here for games to escape the BS going on in the world. The episodes are already long as it is an to listen to politics is a quick turnoff.
  • symbyosys
    Check your bias, check your vibe,
    Sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • fulltilted
    Ben Pack is horrible. Jumped the shark - I am out
    After listening for 10 years I am done. Ben talks way too much and has almost nothing interesting to say. You just ruined the opening to the game Control the day it came out! Why do you think just being it happens in the beginning it isn’t a spoiler. Lazy! It takes skill to talk about something and not spoil it, that the staff evidently don’t have. The passion is gone and everyone seems uninterested overall.
  • brrrn39
    I like them but there are some problems
    The guys are usually very knowledgeable and well spoken but a lot of times when they talk about games it almost seems like they don’t like games at all. Games that everyone seems to love they seem to always find major problems with them. They will bring up problems in games that I have played that I just can’t agree with at all.
  • ChambersRacine
    My go to
    Great podcast with seemingly great people.
  • UbeRamza
    My all time favorite podcast.
    I absolutely love the Bombcast. No other podcast, I’ve ever heard, even comes close. I listen to it a majority of the day every day. I just let the episodes play one after the other and once i go through so many years of the show, I start at the newest episode and listen to them all over again. It’s been monumental in dealing with my depression and it’s made a huge difference in my life. I’ll be forever grateful for the peace of mind you’ve given me. I also really appreciate that you guys talk about video games and tech stuff just as much as you talk about politics and social justice issues. I enjoy the Beastcast too but it seems like they focus on that stuff more than they do video games anymore. It’s such a drag. So much so to the point that I’ve become reluctant to even listen to a new episode. If they would just state their opinions on the subject and move on, their podcast would be so much better IMO. For a lot of us, your podcast is a much needed break from all that heavy stuff. Regardless, I love all of the GiantBomb family.
  • atuXV
    Too much politics
    This is a politics podcast pretending to be a video game podcast
  • JakeMichael88
    Out of touch
    I want to start by saying I listen to several different weekly video-game podcasts and I really enjoy The Giant Beastcast. I have given this podcasts more than a few tries and I can’t help but think every episode sounds like a bunch of middle age guys who don’t enjoy playing video games anymore. I’m not saying that they have to like everything they play, but when they talk about what they’ve all been playing it always devolves into “let me list everything I don’t like about what I’m playing”. Even when they seemingly like a game, they’ll find some flaw in it and spend 10 minutes dissecting and tearing it apart. I’ve walked away from each episode I’ve listened to wondering why they do a podcast about something that they’ve lost interest in. I would not recommend it.
  • GuyKas113
    it’s a good way to spend time while doing something else
    Which is what a good podcast is
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