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  • Parallaxion
    Would be 5 if you mentions the game’s names more!
    If you use the name of the game while talking about it instead of saying “it” or “this game” that would be great. Most importantly, when wrapping up just state the name of the game again in summary, dear god!
  • Erock878
    I’m here solely because of Tina’s Ti-80 joke. It gave me a good chuckle.
  • Cwolf14235
    Xbox just had a huge E3 and they talk about Mario golf, a metroid dread question and ps5 exclusives “in the next 3 months”. We need more xbox coverage and the 20+ games coming to Gamepass in the next 6months.
  • Legend_of_Jason
    Great for Retro Gamers
    I've been listening to GameScoop for many years. I'm around Mr. Hatfield's age and even though the focus of the show is gaming news, I appreciate how the hosts are usually a little older and have memories of gaming's earlier years.
  • libvirt
    Show requires Google analytics?
    Another trash show where hosts shamelessly give biased reviews and firehose your data through Google instead of picking a respectable cdn.
  • jungle lloyd615
    HK Coverage
    Great pod you should cover hollow knight silksong
  • drj3141
    Something old is new to me
    I just stumbled upon this pod and I like it. I only play PC and mobile so a lot of this isn’t aimed at me but it’s good listening. Hosts are great. Not bros saying dumb stuff. One suggestion: more MMORPG coverage please.
  • Rub311
    Demon Hatefield
    Dude happy 15 years. You have the best personality! I have been listening since the early days and will listen as long as you keep podcasting. I often get a little sad thinking about not getting new podcasts from you one day. So when on this newest episode you said you don’t plan on stopping anytime soon or “for the next 15 years” it made my day. I seriously hope you podcast for the rest of your life you are the gaming podcast GOAT.
  • Country fan 190
    The Only Video Game Podcast
    I’m so happy that there is finally a video game podcast! Considering it’s the only gaming podcast, I’m glad it’s really good!
  • nottystrut
    More Tina!
    Tina is the best part of this podcast. Extremely eloquent and funny and brings the best vibes. I enjoy her fleshed out ideas and views the most. Keep it up Tina!
  • OrionTheCrewson
    Hands down best gaming podcast 10/10
    My favorite nerds. 🤓
  • qwerasdfgytr
  • scottl123123
    Quality - Professional
    I used to subscribe to 4 or 5 IGN pod casts and this is the last one standing. The host and panel are entertaining and knowledgeable. Politics are not discussed which I greatly appreciate. I understand that IGN has political views that some times seep out in their articles and podcasts but Game Scoop has done a great job of keeping the content about video games. Thank you.
  • Brando199005
    Love this podcast
    Love this podcast, please please please don’t involve politics with your views on games.very much enjoy a games podcast that remains unbiased. Keep up the good work everyone.
  • Cap_Bearer
    Love this podcast! The music selection at the end has me dancing in the dark!
  • MongrelxMutt
    Meh. Mostly homerism.
    6 year listener of Game Scoop. I really enjoy this show, but I don’t feel like it’s really about games/gaming sometimes. It’s really just about PlayStation/Switch/Xbox. They don’t really ever talk about PC games or fun Indy titles or really have any depth to content. It’s definitely dropped over the years. Their political takes are pretty frigid. There cyberpunk takes across the company (IGN) are absolutely atrocious. The game runs fine on PC. Even in low settings so it’s really cringe when they are salty with CDPR. I used to not think that IGN wasn’t big publisher funded, but I’m having my doubts. I really only value Sam’s opinion most times. Which leads to why it’s just console homerism. It doesn’t feel like it’s about gaming. It’s about about one or two games a week. Game scoop should be about all games/gaming. PC stuff included. Game’s journalism is a joke.
  • Artilliron
    Episode 609 Melee
    Little game called Dive Kick, no punching. But melee is apart of the game.
  • Drew Dwayne
    One of the best video game podcasts
    Has never lost its quality, even in these crazy times. Keep it up Co-op Mages!
  • zzzzzzxzzzzzzx
  • Cody5292
    Good, but the constant pulling off the mic is driving me insane. Use a headset or something
  • shaqfool
    Tina and Daemon
    Tina and Daemon are the most likable part of this podcast.
  • Kenken middle
    Favorite Gaming Podcast
    Nothing tops the Scoop Team! I love how lighthearted and insightful you all are. I love playing 20 questions along with everyone and it’s a great feeling getting it right before the team
  • Billy Bob Schob
    Arcade machines, beeped F-bombs, and Video games
    I swear, nothing will EVER, EVER top this family friendly podcast. It has amazing hosts, great topics, and great music. I can’t help but boogie when these old video game tunes
  • Las12
    Daemon is a great host
    I am a hardcore gamer in my younger days turned more casual entering adulthood. This (and IGN NVC) are my only gaming podcasts. I love Daemon and the rest of the Game Scoop team. I enjoy the lightheartedness from everyone. Very insightful on what games I should check out in my limited time. Entertaining even when I’m not looking for new games at the time.
  • ryan the pug dude
    One of my favorite gaming podcast!
    Love this show every week, I can’t help guessing along for 20 questions each week!
  • luke90000
    Very great and informative. Recommend.
    This podcast is very great and informative I totally recommend.
  • SebQuinn
    Love the show
    Absolutely love the show! Incredibly informative and funny at the same time, incredibly chemistry between Daemon and the rest of the crew
  • MrVargas1
    Good Overall Show (Could improve with more critical analysis)
    Good mix of personalities and they manage to have a good blend of humor and casualness while still covering the news and not going off topic for too long. They are a little hesitant to be critical. While I don’t want the stereotypical jaded gamer reaction to everything. It’s ok to acknowledge the ways in which a particular game, strategy or approach could backfire. For example, their reaction to the Xbox Series S was so uniformly positive that it made them sound like they were Microsoft employees. The Series S is a bold move on Microsoft’s part but some of the hardware decisions (less ram than the top of the line last gen Xbox One, GPU that is significantly less powerful) definitely carry risk with it that I think were glossed over. I suggest that after major news stories or developments they focus on Positives AND negatives.
  • Fortygig
    Very Entertaining
    Very enjoyable to listen to. I used to “watch” their YouTube channel but now just do their podcast. Thanks so much IGN!
  • richgang_brucewayne
    5 Star Crew!!!
    Best gaming podcast out there.
  • Tinywingsfreak
    Justin’s quarantine mic is awful
  • evan rulez
  • noditzeldafan
    Treble and uder garbage
    It’s not funny it’s hilarious My first comment made it in the Show I also am from Iowa
  • Mr. Danz
    Five Stars
    I cannot thank these creators enough for their weekly shows.
  • ehdigidjfudiektivkskf
    I am subscribed!
  • Kobzazbok
    Best go-to for game news and a good laugh
    Your collaborative efforts of all that is game news is charming, insightful, and oh, such a hoobla of fun! While driving, I often find myself laughing at the pure comedy that you produce, while my girlfriend stares at me from the passenger seat.
  • kb23
    Sjw bs!
    Complete and utter garbage!
  • ericvega
    Best show
    Great show
  • corey nelson
    Great Group with Amazing Knowledge
    Wow do these people know the game industry and especially gaming history. They are deeply hands on with their experience that adds so much more credibility to their perspectives. Enthusiasm is high on this podcast. Always fun. I love 20 Questions game to guess the game.
  • عبوسي الطيب
    i app store pubg podcast/chicken-dinner-pubg-podcast/id5566377559/id1234510665
    pubgmobile@extremely. and
  • Jeremy McTyre
    Gaming Nirvana
    You know, like, when you find that perfect slice of pizza? You're all like "I want this Za in me, on me, and I want us to become one." You'll be awashed with such feelings of pizza euphoria but for gaming when you hear Daemon, Justin, Sam, and Tina's smooth duclet tones sliding their way down throat of your ear holes. GameScoop is like that. It's a human pizza suit for your podcasting mind.
  • Skye Ranze
    One of the best!
    Game Scoop is funny and informative. Daemon does a fantastic job bringing entertaining segments and ideas to the show each week, while letting things get crazy at times but always moving forward. Game scoop deserves a lot of credit for being well structured. The show feels segmented, resulting in focused discussion with just enough digression to keep things fun. Very well produced. What really separates this podcast from others of its kind is the chemistry. The current crew of Sam, Tina and Justin really is one of the best in Game Scoops history, and their lively rapport is infectious. It really makes all the difference! Would recommend for anyone looking to keep up to date on the gaming world, but also learn a ton about its past. I never miss an episode! Keep up the great work omega cops!
  • Saiyan_Yugi
    Omega Cops bring it every week
    By far the best gaming podcast out there. Not only is it very entertaining and informational, Daemon has created two of the best game shows within a podcast with 20 Questions and Game Scope. Also, his beats at the end of episodes are rad.
  • JDSokal
    "If you have a TV Guide...
    you don't need a TV". With Game Scoop, I don't need to own the newest hardware; I'm kept up to date on the fresh games and technology, while still getting extremely entertaining commentary on older games and old games-related media. I love the re-reads of old gaming magazines. Keep up the good work Omega Cops!
  • Mike dubs 🐱
    Very informative, entertaining gaming podcast
    there are many reasons to like this podcast. There is always up to date gaming news. The cast always has a great dynamic and makes it very easy to listen to. There is a great 20 questions ongoing segment that makes it super fun. Also if your just curious what it’s like to be a reporter for a mega gaming brand, definitely Worth checking out.
  • HollaKnight
    Awesome podcast
    Thanks for the awesome podcast.
  • Darylthegod
    My opinion
    This podcast is the funniest show and it is very cool how they talk about games
  • LettuceJUMP
    0 with a 1 in front
    Masterpiece! Love these guys. Listening for years. Keep it coming!!!!
  • StoferLew
  • lilcczar
    Great cast
    This cast has a great dynamic. I’d pay 40 gem apples to chill with them. They’re worth it.
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