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Love video games? IGN's Podcast Unlocked is your source for everything Xbox One. If you live and breathe Halo, Gears of War, Forza, and more, Podcast Unlocked has you covered. Tune in every week for the latest video game news for Xbox One and Xbox Live junkies around the globe.

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  • ctrcic
    1 Star Until Ads Are Figured Out
    Been listening for years, love the show, but my god the latest episode had so many obnoxious ads littered throughout that it was infuriating. Please just put all of these at the start or at the end or make them all an even :30 so they’re skippable without missing content from the show.
  • boardsport311
    Miranda is unbearable
    Ryan is a good host but Miranda somehow manages to single-handedly submarine the show with her complete lack of self awareness and out of touch takes. Unfortunately her presence makes the show completely unbearable and despite Ryan’s (and others) contributions I can’t recommend this podcast to anyone.
  • snz51
    Caved to IGN’s woke agenda
    Updated May 2022 - Since I wrote the below the podcast has just gone down hill and is full-blown following IGN’s woke, illiberal agenda. Ryan and Destin have tremendous knowledge but rarely are allowed to speak because the focus has to be on Miranda and Stella, who both continue to feel the need to giggle while they talk. Neither contributes to the show. Their role model needs to become Tina on Game Scoop who always has something intelligent to say. And guest host, well it amazes me they ignore inviting people from the community who have knowledge and would have something useful to contribute. I’m out. A good Xbox podcast, generally with interesting insights. Occasionally will lapse into the illiberal woke-ness that has overrun IGN, but certainly not to the extent of the PS podcast. Wish Miranda didn’t feel the need to giggle at everything she says, or is said. On the plus side, Ryan’s experience with the platform and insider knowledge shows.
  • Poo face McGee
    Good but was better.
    Ryan does a great job as host but I just can’t get behind the newer supporting cast. Still a well done podcast.
  • The Old Ronin
    Solid IGN Podcast
    This has always been one of the better IGN podcast. Ryan is a good host and the topics are solid. Some of the guest hosts are difficult to listen to sometimes and Destin, a series regular, is REALLY hard to listen to. So I listen semi-regularly.
  • Darkbroccoli
    Boring opinion
    IGN podcasts are like the Fox News of video games.
  • SammyT524
    IGN’s Xbox podcast Unlocked is a must listen for fans of not only Xbox, but gaming in general. The panel does a great job touching on the biggest Xbox news, while also doing a great job keeping the less flashy stuff in the show as well. Ryan is a great interviewer and the panel is all ridiculously informed which makes for great shows. Miranda and Destin work great with one another and I’m excited to learn more from the shows new regular, Stella! Unlocked is a great listen and I highly recommend, BAM!
  • StormyLines
    Amazing! My favorite go to gaming podcast
    As I get older and have less time for video games this podcast fills that void in my life, it helps me keep up with the Xbox news with Ryan’s well balanced views. Occasionally they may go off on nostalgic tangents for a little too long but I can’t blame them because they genuinely love video games. Side note: it makes me sad that some other reviewers have mentioned that they hate that the podcast became “too woke” by just starting to bring on guests of color in 2020 and I honestly applaud Ryan for this, at first I thought it felt forced, but after a while I thought, “why shouldn’t gamers of different ethnic backgrounds be represented?” We’re all gamers here, all of our views and opinions matter, and for Ryan to share the spotlight with them just shows that he’s genuinely trying for inclusion. And this continued through 2021 with bringing on a permanent new female host (Stella). And if you’re genuinely upset to see and hear from people that don’t look and talk like you, then you need to ask yourself why.
  • gritngrin3
    Here we go again…
    Politics gave the hosts brain worms
  • Judedoodles
    I like this podcast, I can’t give 5 stars because the hosts hate COD ghosts and I therefore cannot fully trust their judgement lol but this is a great podcast
  • Seven02-JRH
    Seven02 Gaming’s favorite
    Seven02 Gaming podcast loves Unlocked! The IGN podcast are just the best but please check out our new podcast on YouTube or your streaming app!!
  • ResideN7slave-X-
    Woke trash
    Destin is good & some game talk, otherwise the rest is woke BLM trash. HAVING A GUEST BECAUSE OF SKIN COLOR!? Pathetic, unsubscribed.
  • Support code 804-1200
    Awesome podcast!
    I really like this podcast. I love how the talk about the business side as well as just the games in general. It’s a amazing podcast for anyone who wants to hear about everything xbox.
  • RxGambler
    Great, interesting, & informative
    Followed Ryan over from KOXM and thrilled that he's kept the same basic format. If you want comedy, subscribe to a comedy podcast. I want my game info in a concise, but fun way and this definitely does it. Like the other usual panel members as well - Destin, Miranda, & Brandon - plus any fill-in hosts. Keep it up as I'll be a continuous subscriber.
  • deltapat38
    Excellent podcast
    Like it when they present both the good and the bad when it comes to Xbox.
  • your underage cousin
    Wokeness infects everything
  • Gbackohalloran
    Love the business aspect. Great insight into the behind the scenes. Just got done listening to this episode about Microsoft losing money on their consoles in the epic Apple lawsuit. Please bring the British guy back he was awesome.
  • PatinumPengwin
    Not an echo-chamber
    If you are only listening to a podcast to hear what you already know, and have your opinions confirmed, this isn't your pod. If you want interesting conversation with diverse viewpoints, listen to Unlocked.
  • rubbershoes32
    Long time listener first time unsubscriber
    I’m disappointed in the fact that I’ve been listing to this podcast for over 5 years. Loved looking forward to this each and every week. Now since this pandemic started all its been is them pushing to wear a mask, stay home, and go get vaccinated. People are allowed to have their own opinions but this isn’t the platform to do this. This is a gaming podcast not a political podcast. Used to listen to get my mind off the world now all I hear is what’s going on in the world.
  • bassin-14
    Great mix
    I love the variety of these gamers opinions.
  • gowokegobroke
    Too woke
    Too much liberal woke politics
  • Rub311
    Poisoned political pandering
  • MongrelxMutt
    Performative IGN
    I really love this podcast, and I was happy when they were bringing in black content creators and uplifting their voices and content creation through IGN’s massive platform. It’s however incredibly performative and fake to stop doing that and instead just have 2 hosts while the other fill-ins (Marc and Destin) just come and go. Why go through the trouble of having black creators on your show all of 4 times, just to stop? Lol. This is why people think IGN is cringe and fake woke. Commit to it or don’t do it at all.
  • jaredhatter01
    Used to be a great show. Now it’s just Xbox Game Pass propaganda. Every week, same old thing. Ryan is great at what he does. Just sad to see him pushing this narrative that Game Pass is the greatest thing to happen to Xbox.
  • Drue J
    Tech issues
    I enjoy this podcast and many other IGN podcasts but they simply have technical issues on Apple Podcasts. I cannot get any of the recent episodes for Unlocked, Game Scoop or Beyond or Unfiltered to play. It seems to be something with how they are uploading the podcast. All other podcasts play without issue, just not anything from IGN.
  • OhHeyThereBen
    Informative Show
    Definitely an informative, worthwhile show. Sometimes they allow politics to creep into a show where it doesn’t belong. It’s not a huge deal to me, but is distracting enough to take it out of my #1 gaming podcast list and lose a star. Games are supposed to be fun and without that stuff, therefore podcasts should be as well. A liberal slant to some things is distracting. I listen every week and will continue to! Thanks for the podcast!
  • Mr Smokey Gnome
    Love the show!
    Pilachulita was really hard to listen to. Other than that I love this show. It’s usually the first podcast that I’ll listen to when there is a new episode. Keep up the good work guys!
  • kyle!134
    Great Xbox show
    Love the show. Good quality
  • Deppresso
    Not amazing like it used to be
    I miss when the show was run more professionally and not political. Every time HaVoK rOsE opens her mouth telling me who I should vote for I have to just turn the show off. Having guests on just bc of their race and nothing else is saddening as well, natural diversity on the show was great unlike whatever this show has become now. Sad, Ryan is a legend and an amazing host but has stooped to a new low with how he’s allowing people to get political on a video game show of all things; this is supposed to be a getaway from the annoyingness of the world.
  • Pinolian
    Good but squeaky woman’s voice is irritating
    The woman’s voice on this podcast was so high pitched at times, I legitimately was not sure what she said at the crest of her squeaking. A lot of crying about Sony exclusives made for some painful listening. However the details about game pass ultimate were great
  • Jake007
    Killing me...
    Stuck to gaming news and get off your liberal soapbox. Good grief.... If you all really believe in systematic racism than quit your jobs, give up your homes... than maybe for the first time someone will take you serious.
  • Robpiff
    Trim the fat
    Gamepass is not the answer yall know that. im not getting a series X cuz everything is available on xbox one. Xbox will go out of business this console. Stop living in denial. It was a good run. Dont go down with the ship Ryan.
  • Xcvfg
    Constant Ads
    The show is mostly ads...
  • iDawg84
    Ruined by politics. Podcast for the “Woke”.
    First of all, I have followed Ryan’s Xbox career/commentary since his days at OXM. I’ve always enjoyed his content and I used to love this podcast! Until the “wokeness” crept in like a cancer and destroyed it. Apologizing for the skin color of your birth and ranting against people who voted differently than you isn’t empowering. Its extremely patronizing to your dwindling audience. Time to find another Xbox podcast that actually talks about Xbox stuff.
  • InMyOpinionMinion
    Best Xbox podcast
    Ryan is the best video game commentator in my opinion.
  • Gus10188
    I was looking forward to these IGN podcasts as a little escapism. Maybe think about video games for a bit. Don’t mean to say the hosts can’t have political opinions, but this isn’t the platform.
  • kellymcc95
    Tired of politics
    They were fine until they started talking about politics. Tired of it. It’s everywhere. Talk about games, I don’t think anyone cares about your opinion on anything other than games.
  • Spyderwolf
    Its a gaming podcast
    Not a political podcast
  • burgerjoint6
    That dude who just posted a 1 star review is racist.
  • DWAI2020
    Political podcast with a side of gaming
    I listen to gaming podcasts so I can get away from all the stuff going on in the world. Leave that political crap at the door. If I could give you 0 stars because of the SJW woman host, I would.
  • Artilliron
    It’s games.....park your politics at the door.
  • Groo Aragones
    What happened?
    What the? Who the? This podcast just got hijacked. Save yourself Ryan. You deserve better then this.
  • jarospeed
    Why a new narrator
    This was a good show until new narrator arrived with zero knowledge of video games . Chemistry went down the drain if feels awkward and there are lots of pauses . Bye bye podcast
  • Ryan Eli
    Great host
    Props to Ryan for shouting out Colin’s name rather than just talking about Greg. Compare that to beyond and you get dornbush praising Greg every episode but always fails to mention the other host, god forbid they send any listeners to sacred symbols. PS. I love you, Miranda 😍 Edit: the only con is this podcast caters to YouTube viewers.
  • Iconcur2
    Great podcast. Ryan makes me uncomfortable though.
  • Coach Mahoney
    Best podcast around
    So thankful for this group. Shared some great stores and always keep me up to date on all the news.
  • repossed
    Send him back to Beyond where he belongs. He literally hates everything Xbox and Microsoft.
  • Hipster Samurai
    Too focused on hardware speculation and rumors
    I have been an Xbox player for a long time and I generally like IGN podcasts. I have been listening to this pod for years now but I’ve had it with all the rumors and speculation. It began with the Xbox One X and now Xbox Series X. Many hours of discussion devoted to hardware we know so little about. And the Series X still has many months to go before release. I can’t take it anymore. I won’t accuse them of being shills but they give Microsoft way too much credit for a console generation that was pretty underwhelming in my opinion. I would appreciate hosts with some different points of view, especially ones that play both Playstation and Xbox (Xbox and PC would also be nice!)
  • IAmCoreyInHD
    Ryan and crew deliver the goods.
    Ryan is the best podcast host out there, hands down. I’ve been listening to Unlocked religiously for so long that I remember when Ryan took over. Him and his crew (Destin, Brandon, Miranda, Mark, and the deep bench of crew members) always deliver no matter what. Love you guys.
  • Lucas 123543215
    Best gaming podcast period!
    Best xbox and gaming podcast in general
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