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Improve your tennis with the Essential Tennis Podcast, the very first podcast dedicated to tennis lessons and instruction! Tennis professional Ian Westermann answers listener questions about technique, strategy, mental toughness, and much more.

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  • NH Angler
    Great Pod and YT channel
    Great stuff Ian!!
  • Liz Wie
    Amazing golden nuggets!
    Thank you Ian and company for your time and energy invested in these podcasts!! Your break from the daily podcast this year actually helped me catch up on YEARS of prior podcasts. They are truly amazing golden nuggets of tennis wisdom and listening to you literally helped turn my game around. Please keep it up.
  • RF_Goat
    Thank you Ian and Essential Tennis
    Thank your for creating a place where people who passionately love the game of tennis can come and listen and discuss tennis improvement. It’s so hard to find others in my local area who care about tennis the way I and so many of you listeners do. Your podcast has helped me in many ways, but especially with my mental game and becoming grateful for the ability to play the game I love, which has helped me to stay positive in my matches. As a result, I’ve played the best matches of my life and had my biggest wins. Thank you and please keep it up!
  • SinGoleta
    Favorite podcast on tennis
    Ian shares great insights on all the aspects of improving your tennis, from stroke technique to strategy to the mental game. My favorite episode is his interview with Dr. Peter Scales. I’m going to try to listen to that episode the day before I play a USTA match because it really helps me focus and to remember to enjoy the game. Smelling the tennis ball may seem strange, but it works for me!
  • Dan Heaton
    Top-Notch Tennis Advice!
    I’ve been closely following the Essential Tennis YouTube channel for a while but only recently learned about the podcast. Ian does such a great job making the advice down-to-earth and useful for all types of players. It’s also been a strong motivator as I get back on the court this summer. Awesome podcast!
  • Dan M in San Diegp
    If you are passionate about improving
    This podcast gives you the tools you need to become a better tennis player. The host, Ian, has a vast wealth of knowledge about tennis in general and tennis instruction in particular. He covers the whole gamut of topics, from stroke technique to mental toughness to strategy to strength and conditioning. Each episode focuses on a single topic, and Ian is extremely good at explaining things in a clear, no nonsense, calm manner. If you want to get better at tennis, give this podcast a listen.
  • Lucky7even
    A lifeline for rec players
    ET is in my top 3 of tennis podcasts, and the only one I listen to for my own game. He helped me realized I’m not a choker. It’s like a nutritional supplement in a diet focused on tennis improvement. Though Ian is a coach and a high-level player with a lot of experience, he relates to the average/serious Rex player so well. And respects them, at all levels. It feels like he is reading your mind, then has something thoughtful or helpful to say about that topic. He also has that Midwestern nice communication style - earnest, positive, refreshing, self-effacing, witty - although it apparently appeals to players all over the world, based on his clientele. And yay, it’s short! Love ET but also need short podcasts!
  • MommaLe72
    Authentic, thoughtful and tactical advice
    Thank you Ian for a fantastic podcast series. I discovered your podcast a year ago and am still catching up. Each of your podcasts are always full of helpful insights as well as reality checks of what to expect as a club/recreational player vs. professional. Keeps me in line with how my expectations play out in practice, matches, and life in general. As to the most recent podcast on getting back into posting more regularly, don’t be too hard on yourself, even for the hiatus that you took. Your insights are enjoyed and appreciated no matter what frequency that you choose to post them. Thanks for giving this tennis community a valuable resource from which to learn and grown in our love of the sport.
  • JasonSulli
    Wonderful coaching podcast
    Ian and his team are passionate about tennis and the podcast continues to show it. Terrific content that gives me, a regular 4.0 recreational player, good things to think about in order to improve. Keep up the great work, Ian. You will continue to have my support.
  • Troy 92
    Another great tool
    Recently I had discovered Essential Tennis and all that Ian and team have been offering. It’s all great and the podcast is another great tool...especially for the mental mindset. A great listen while I’m stringing my rackets.
  • Happy Girl 100
    I have been listening to Ian for about 4mos. I listen every night. I have learned so much and always look forward to the next session. Thank you Ian and please keep up the god work.
  • Satjiwan
    great content - technique, fitness, mental
    It may take a little getting used to Ian's outlined and somewhat repetitive format. However, it does help you hear what he's saying multiple times (intro, body, conclusion) and try to commit it to memory - a little bit like "practice progressions" that are good tennis teaching and learning methods too. (i listen to all my podcasts on 1.5x speed). But the content is great, covering everything from basic and advanced technique to on and off court fitness, and the all important mental/strategy game - which i think the podcast is most useful for. (I go back and relisten or recommend several excellent episodes from the archive. I also enjoy his way of putting things in perspective - i.e. don't get so upset, you're out here to have fun and appreciate what you're blessed to be doing. and if it's thoroughly frustrating, you need to find another way to practice/improve.
  • Sahilius
    Best tennis podcast
    Ian does an sensational job giving practical tips for all types of players - tips that are easy to understand and incorporate in your game right away. He also covers insightful strategies for giving players an edge in competitive matches - based on real data analysis. Finally he shares powerful stories to help us understand the mental approach to winning and enjoying the game. He has a real passion for teaching and it’s contagious!
  • Lisaibis
    Entire series
    Hello Ian! I find that your knowledge for the game of tennis as 3.5 player has given me insight into how to improve game, what my mindset should be, what my goals should be. I listen to your podcasts all the time as I do my 4 mile walks much better than music ! Additionally, you have a nice voice to listen to as well which is very helpful I will continue to listen as long as you put these out Thanks! Lisa. The Club at Ibis , Palm beach FL
  • MamboC
    Glad you provide all of these gems to us. I always listen to your podcast before i practice or have a match. Keep it up.
  • XmasBaby777
    Best advice I've found
    Ian is so easy to understand and makes such good sense - simple and practical, effective information. Actionable. Love listening to this regularly. Past shows worth hunting through as well. Keep it up, Ian!
  • IowaJim2019
    Always learning something new or in greater depth
    I've listened to a bunch of ET podcasts, the content is always relavent, thoughful and well presented. Thanks Ian for making the committment to keep making this valuable resource available while keeping it fresh and new.
  • tennis player 203445
    Best tennis help off the court!
    Thank you Ian! I love your podcast and tennis approach. The tennis therapy episode was really enlightened l. Thanks for being vulnerable and honest and sharing your story. Great job!!
  • okijaws
    ThankS! ET’s the BOMBdigity!
    Great for the coach and the player! Thank you for the consistently amazing content.
  • Suite Buns
    New Info and Fabulous strategy’s
    Thank you Ian for all of the fabulous advice. At sectionals this year our team won 12/14 tiebreaks. I posted the tiebreaker podcast on our GroupMe. I wish I would have posted it again bc at Nationals our team lost 12/14 tiebreaks. 💖🎾🔥
  • Terry Account
    Ian, Thank you so much for your podcast, I have been listening to your podcast for a while now and I always take away something helpful!! I have shared many of them with my teammates, especially finding gold in losses. I know how fortunate I am to get to play and you help us to remember that along with such helpful information. Keep it up!! Terry
  • jayZepeda
    Best Access to Information There Is!
    What amazing insight Ian has brought to the podcast and breaks down the information that I can quickly absorb. Applying them to improving my tennis. I can not believe that not many people are aware of this channel. They are missing out!
  • CoopDeVille75
    Really good podcast
    Just found this podcast about a month ago. I love it because it’s probably the most relatable tennis podcast that I’ve come across to date. They also really k ow what the heck they are talking about so that helps as well.
  • Tennis Dentist
    Every bit helps
    I am a 3.5 to 4.0 player but I’ve never had much formal instruction. This podcast is great to bring up subjects that I’m unfamiliar with and improve my game one step at a time. I like how you can look through them and pick topics that you want to work on. I was surprised that the information can help as it is only a podcast and there are no visuals but he does a great job describing all of the things that he’s talking about.
  • SnoqualmieMom
    Great podcast for all things tennis
    This is a great podcast for all aspects of tennis. I truly enjoy Ian's many different topics from technique, to the mental game, to startegy, to all his different interviews. I particularly enjoy Ian's approach to the learning process - incremental steps in the learning zone, using video. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.
  • 777Toad
    Super helpful
    Thanks for making me think about what my expectations should be for a lesson that helps me in my game. I participate in our team drills weekly, but have been frustrated with emphasis placed on how many balls we hit, and basically quantity over quality. Essential for me to take private lesson with clear expectations that will help me personally... and it’s kinda funny that not being assigned homework is a sign of a bad lesson. We should be practicing without being told! And GO BULLDOGS!
  • Rathead.Fiction.The Rev.Jimmy.
    This podcast is Essential!
    I'm a 4.0 player as well as a high school tennis coach and full time tennis pro at my local country club. This podcast has drastically changed the way that I teach tennis and play tennis. I love it and highly recommend it!
  • keith10sne1?
    The only tennis podcast of its kind!
    I first bumped into Ian’s tennis content on YouTube while learning how to play tennis about a year ago. I had recently taken the bold step of joining a tennis club without knowing how to play, let alone keep score. The first video I watched was a drill to get comfortable with the racket sweet spot and then I watched a few more. Very accessible especially for the new tennis player, with great chunks of concept in each video, which are not too long and not too short- they’re perfect. When I discovered the podcast while riding in my car months later, I was exposed to the more philosophical side of Ian, which is perfect for practicing your “mental” tennis between practice and matches. I’ve listened to about 50+ episodes and he never misses an opportunity to explore a new concept, rarely repeating himself on episode subjects (aside his great passion for learning from video of course!) I would definitely recommend this podcast to the beginning tennis player and I imagine that the intermediate and veterans would benefit from this too! Thanks for the great stuff Ian and please keep it coming! Keith T.
  • BaitAndSwitch33
    Highly recommend for players of all levels
    I have been playing for 2-3 months so far, but supplementing my matches and lessons with Ian’s wisdom has really helped improve my game! I’ve been surprised by how much of tennis is mental. While Ian does do a good job covering techniques, I really enjoy the episodes that discuss strategies and mental toughness.
  • Julybaby76
    5 principles of singles podcast revolutionary
    I’ve been playing tennis for 30+ years and never had such helpful instruction as what I found in the 5 Principles of Singles podcast. Within a week or so after I played three 4.0 league matches. In two, I destroyed my opponents applying these principles (think 3 of 4 sets were bagels). In the third, I played what was a superior player in every physical way and after a super match, I ultimately lost in a third set breaker. I would never have even been close without these tools to work with. Thanks Ian, for your dedication to the game and for sharing these revolutionary strategies!
  • jdpezold
    Every episode adds value
    Succinct and helpful from start to finish. Full of relevant content. Keep up the great work, Ian!
  • V.Dott
    Great Insights!
    I listened to this podcast before a match. Implemented what I learned. Not only did I beat someone who beat me a couple of weeks ago, but I kept him at 2 games for the second set. Amazing! I’ll be catching up on the other episodes.
  • smnewk
    Excellent podcast
    Ian, Thank you for the consistently wonderful content that you and you’re team produce for this podcast. I’m a relatively new listener and each episode that I’ve checked out has been very engaging and insightful. I’m really learning a lot more about the game in general and how I can apply various tips and insights to my own game. I look forward to every opportunity I have to listen to your show. Thanks! Scott
  • not rafa
    The process
    Thanks Ian. So helpful to hear you describe the process to improving a flaw in your game in detail . Pat
  • BayouMist
    Thanks Ian!
    I’m new to your podcast but thoroughly have enjoyed and learnt so much from your instructions and tips thus far. You’re an amazing coach.
  • 7Ace07
    Essencial Tennis
    Simple the best! Thanks for all your great knowledge!
  • Gogo69
    The best tennis podcast out there!
    I've started to listen to ETP a month ago and I've now heard a lot of episodes. Actually I didn't think at all that I could learn so many new and interesting things about tennis. Please keep up the great work! I'm also telling friends and coaches about it. - If you wanna have a look on our experience just look up "TENNISMAGIC Quentin" on Insta.
  • Slimb4uknozit
    Love it
    I’ve been geeking out on tennis for 3 years now, and this podcast feels like meeting my people! Great tips, tricks and best of all - learning my struggles and frustrations learning to play this great game are normal, and fixable!
  • oterogerman
    Somebody who knows about tennis
    I’ve being coach tennis for more than 15 years, I’ve studied and research a lot about this sport and I have to say that I found somebody that is more obsessed about tennis than me. Ian, thanks for sharing your knowledge and I would love to work with your team and I like you to work with. By the way, I’m from Argentina 😃
  • Sweet-Lew
    Great Show, really worth the time.
    Follow up review, still great tennis podcast. Thanks for the effort! Ian discusses a variety of tennis topics from technique to the mental game. Lots of good insight and encouragement for your game. I get such a value from listening I feel guilty for not giving him money! I guess he has an easy to find site where you can donate once you've reach my level of listening! Another follow up, thanks for continuing the effort!
  • Aziya Sanders
    Incredible teaching
    Ian is probably one of THE best resources when it comes to improving your tennis. I often try to find ways to apply his lessons and see my game jump leaps and bounds through the process. It’s very easy to listen during your commuting hours as well as maybe during lunch. Keep up the great work Ian! Your work is greatly appreciated.
  • Caftan andy
    Great Tennis Podcast for all!!!
    The topics of these podcasts range from the simple to the complex, but can be applied to all tennis hopefuls. I’ve learned so much from these like, controlling my temper on the court and thinking about why I truly want to play tennis and how to improve it. Great podcast overall and keep up the great work. -Andy
  • Prophecy_64
    Awesome tennis podcast!!
    This is the perfect podcast for anyone obsessed with tennis! So many podcast episodes!! I’ll be sure to ask some questions once I catch up with more episodes. Keep up the awesome work Ian! You inspire me to play better tennis every week!
  • trex490
    Fantastic Tennis Instruction
    I love this podcast. It is very informational and helpful with my tennis game. I love how Ian can answer questions in a way that leave me satisfied and excited to incorporate it into my game.
  • sailracr
    Insightful and immediately useful - as always!
    Ian continues to provide great content with exceptional value that can be applied immediately. With guests like Craig O'Shannessy Ian has raised the bar with this podcast. If you want to improve your tennis game stick with Ian and Essential Tennis. Thanks Ian for all that you do.
  • Sabina🎾
    Love listening to this podcast!
    This podcast has been vital in my tennis development. I’ve learned so much and enjoyed every hour spent listening to the podcast. Some episodes more than once. Happy every time there’s a new episode!
  • Squat Bob
    Clear and well organized.
    Ian is a great speaker. He is clear and the podcasts are well thought out. They flow very well. Topics have been great talking about tennis elements that are so key yet never spoken of. The podcast focuses on the macros of tennis. The big picture and sets a frame to truly learn instead of micromanaging technique with a myriad of tweaks that often have low value in the long run. Keep up the great work.
  • Slagle.....
    Great content
    Great podcast and great videos. Incredible value for paid content too
  • jcjdydyTony
    Best tennis podcast for players
    I started playing tennis my junior year of high school and YouTube has pretty much taught me everything. Finding this podcast is so refreshing, it's like I have an actual coach. Thank you, Ian!
  • iamkdp1981
    I love this podcast. So fun to listen to and Ian really enjoys the learning process and is so passionate. I listen to the podcasts all the time!
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