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The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast provides weekly tips from acclaimed fly fishing author and lifelong fly fishing enthusiast, Tom Rosenbauer. Get the most from your time on the water!

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  • RRT2W
    Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast
    Tom is expert — he’s broad and deep in his field; educational — he’s reduced fly fishing down to key principles and points that he preaches consistently across a variety of platforms, from podcasts to books to videos, imparting these principles while continually pointing out there are no absolutes; and finally, he’s an enthusiastic cheerleader for protecting the planet, for which our fresh and salt water natural resources are a critical part. And he doesn’t take himself too seriously by the way.
  • Thoughtomater
    Great info. Drop the politics please..
    On the very first episode I sampled the host Tom repeatedly scolded his guest for using the word “fisherman” as to not offend anyone. Please grow up and realize that the world is not that fragile. Nobody with any real interest in the sport is going to dissuaded by a harmless word. As a scientist who often fishes with my husband, we shared a laugh at the idea of trying to pursue our quarry without knowledge of separate behavior in fish as it pertains to their sex… Aside from that odd introduction there is a lot of good info..
  • Micronoclast
    Great resource and fun
    So grateful for this well produced and informative show. Fun to listen to as well. Thank you!
  • Droptine26
    Awesome show!
    This weeks show was great! Here is the address where you can get the Wristies, These things are great! I use them fishing, hunting, hiking darn bear everything I do outside in cold weather. Hope this helps and thanks for all you do. Pete Soden
  • lovesjesus4ever
    Great podcast
    It’s a great podcast with lots of helpful info about all things fly fishing
  • j329 pick
    Simply the best
    If you can only listen to one fly fishing podcast this is the one.
  • Aj78895
    Fantastic podcast!
  • TDroyle
    Informative but becoming PC
    I’ve enjoyed so much different varieties of information on this podcast. Though recently on the interview section with Todd Tanner. Tom went on to continuously correct Todd about using the word “ fisherman” and requested he use the word “Fisher” in order to be more inclusive. Tom interrupted him several times and then Tom went on to to say “fisherman” out about 1:14 into the podcast. Man can be a gender or non gender word like “mankind” referring to a species people. Maybe just leave the PC woke nonsense out of it. I appreciate Tom’s wisdom and what Orvis is doing for the fly fishing world. In the end, we are all just “HUMAN” not “HUPERSONS”
  • Badgebffr
    Painful at times; Could be better
    Stale is the word that keeps coming to mind when I scroll through the episodes. In the age of Orvis’ 50/50 On The Water, having one female interview in an entire year isn’t a great statistic. And while I adore Tim Flagler and am a better tier for watching him, I question whether there were there no other tiers to have on in a 6 month span of time. The Fly Box Q&A is a great idea but I struggle having to waste 5-10 minutes of my valuable time up front listening to some of the dumb questions and rambly responses before I can get to the content I came for. Placement may be key here — put it behind the topic, or midpoint in an intermission. I’ve abandoned listening on numerous occasions because the topic had not gotten under way in a timely fashion and I lost interest. Answering idiotic questions such as ‘what method should I fish X river with?’ isn’t necessary and comes off as passive-aggressive snark. The critical call-outs are unnecessary. Delete the question and find others to respond to. Lastly, Orvis offers Fly Fishing 101 classes as well as a robust video tutorial section online. Many folks don’t know these resources exist. They should really be Tom’s go-to answers when responding to questions involving new or novice anglers.
  • matt1075
    Orvis Did it again
    Well just like everything else they do , they did a great job on this too . Yes some of the questions in the fly box are ridiculous and flat out dumb but Tom works through them. The guests are pretty interesting and informative. Keep it going Orvis this is good stuff .
  • gizmowu
    One of my favorites
    This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to why either fly tying or driving. Tom does an excellent job on educating us on the various topics. Very enjoyable to listen to. Glad this podcast is around.
  • dma51
    Without a doubt best podcast on the planet
  • Letrfly
    Tight Lines
    My favorite podcast, hands down. Tom is a great ambassador for fly fishing. Smart, ethical, contemplative, conservationist. Can’t wait for the next episode.
  • Ed Mack
    Like hiring a guide for an hour.
    Pretty exceptional. Great for all skill sets.
  • fishgene
    Hot weather fish
    John was great in this podcast. We all have to make changes in the way we fish. Thanks for the insight
  • Trout1219
    Would have preferred a real podcast on Cicadas
    While the episode was entertaining for the first 20min, I think a lot of people would have preferred a informative podcast with a real expert on fishing the brood x hatch. You guys missed the mark here. Disappointing
  • Swamp Soggin
    April Fool’s podcast
    WOW! You got me on that one! I thought it was for real until the rich English snob with the Range Rover! I listened with delight for the rest of the show. Loved it. You say cicada, I say cicada, and down south they say “cay daddy”! Classic, good, clean humor. Thank you!
  • EleanorPlumer
    Tom is such a cool, genuine, funny guy
    Excellent show, super enjoyable and great for expanding your knowledge.
  • lakerjon
    Tom is simply the best!
    Tom is my hero! Such a great resource. I have learned so much! Thank you Tom and Orvis!
  • Famous717
    Epitome of Podcasts
    Tom does a great job at having a wide spread of topics to pick from and incorporates some of the best in the business to enhance discussion and deepen the knowledge pool. Thank you Tom
  • pollochos
    Tom is the best! Great fly fishing podcast
  • BrookAndBear
    Super helpful
    I use some piece of advice from Tom nearly every time I’m on the water.
  • BoronII
    The Gold Standard
    One of the absolute best podcasts out there. I always look forward to listening to the Orvis Fly Fishing podcast with Tom R. In these crazy times, this podcast is not only a welcome escape and safe harbor, but also a place for inspiration and learning. Thank you Tom & Orvis!
  • FlyHooked
    A HUGE Thanks to Tom and Orvis!!
    Huge thanks to Tom and Orvis! Having grown up in the shadow of a particular Orvis competitor in my native Maine, I had always been intrigued by this sport but for whatever reason found myself a bit intimidated. Now in on my 40’s I’ve discovered the sport and with the help of a couple friends (both guides). I am currently devouring these podcasts as well as other information and applying the knowledge every time out. I appreciate Tom’s humility and genuine enthusiasm for all things fly fishing..”The Fly Box” is terrific! My favorite episode to date is Jeff LeBree of Libby Camps ...a little hometown flavor was great! I hope the podcasts are endless and look forward to new episodes!!
  • Ordinary citzen
    I come and go from fishing as other aspects of life demand time. This podcast consistently has great information that helps you as a beginner, keeps the experienced angler up to date and serves as a reference portal for someone like me who needs a brush up before heading out. The Orvis family knows customer service!
  • fishinmidwest933
    Best podcast in the world
    IT DOESNT GET ANY BETTER!! A priceless amount of knowledge and advice. Highly recommend it. Thanks Tom!
  • JesseLeeGR
    Great Show Tom
    Long time listeners here, Jesse from Grand Rapids. Just want to say the new season of new fly fisher looks great. The podcast has remained interesting and insightful. I recently bought my first Orvis rod. Love everything you guys do. Thanks for all the great content.
  • Hoagietroller
    Keeping me sane through a pandemic.
    Just discovered this recently. Love listening to this while walking. Been fly fishing for about 35 years and already have learned so much more from Tom’s and Orvis’s podcast.
  • Fhdhdhdhdbbe
    Great show
    This is by far the best and most informative and entertaining podcast I’ve ever heard when I first listened to it I thought that Tom was just another old person but now I see that he is my favorite podcast “host” and I know that if I heard him I would know it was him in an instant because I have listened to probably about 150-300 hours of Tom talking. This show has helped me in so many ways and has rekindled my love for Fly-Fishing. Thanks for what Orvis does for the environment and for the podcast.
  • chadalderson
    Tom is The GOAT
    Huge fan of Tom! Got to meet him at IFTD 2019 and he’s a really nice guy. When I first got into the sport his videos on YouTube and the Orvis website were instrumental in getting me ramped up with the foundational knowledge I needed in order to get those first few fish to the net - the ones that got me hooked and coming back for more. Thanks Tom and hope to run into you again soon 👍🏼
  • 1001357
    Great Podcast!
    Hands down the best fly fishing podcast, period. The ‘fly box’ Q/A section every episode is really helpful; and the variety of guests encompass the breadth of the sport. Plus, there’s no better ambassador for the sport than lifelong fly angler and fly tier than Tom Rosenbauer.
  • dillpickllle
    Love the podcast
    Can’t beat free knowledge especially since it’s prime knowledge. I got to say, I’m not an Orvis gear guy but the podcast makes me reconsider
  • Kirk Ros
    Really look forward to Podcast and is my favorite out of the 15 or so I follow. Buy Orvis products because of it. thanks for being such an ambassador to the sport and outdoors. I look forward to new show releases
  • Phillipsk65
    Great Show
    Hello Love the Show and always looking forward to the next one . Listening in my car on the way to work/ or on my way home. Listening to you from Kentucky. Thanks
  • 603me
    Fish bums friend
    Tom provides one of the best informative podcasts on fly fishing that’s out there. Like listening to an old friend always leaving you with great anticipation until the next time you meet. No matter if you are a novice or self proclaimed expert Tom or his guest always provide great tips to add to your fly game.
  • brittonW
    So informative and helpful!
    This is the only flyfishing podcast that is this informative. The fly box questions are more helpful sometimes than you may think. Tom is obviously knowledgable and helps break down every situation for us to understand! LOVE IT ALL. Would love some more podcasts on fishing around the midwest rivers/stream systems. Thanks
  • Willy Kon
    Great for all anglers!
    I have learned most of what I know about fly dishing through this podcast. Thank you Tom and Orvis
  • jmaz567
    Consistently excellent
    Lots of good info, well presented without the mindless chatter found in most such podcasts.
  • Jdhzjfkahgdkdhs
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast. Been listening since I started fly fishing two years ago and it really helped my learning curve. Plus, it helps my mind go to the river while I’m doing mindless tasks at work. I really love the recent change of the flybox coming after the main content.
  • canoeist - R
    Great podcast!
    Thanks tom and orvis, you have really helped my shorten my learning curve! I really like having the fly box come after the interview/main content. 👍🏽
  • Justsomeguy1628268
    Still the Best
    A long running well presented podcast full of great fly fishing info.
  • aaron.oregon
    Tom's Too Preoccupied
    I was excited to see that Tom brought on John McMillan (Orvis spelled his name wrong), a foremost expert in Steelhead biology and conservation issues, and even more elated that it was an hour and forty-five minute episode. Only later to have to suffer through Tom talking for the first 50 minutes! Then his less than enthusiastic Q&A after he introduces his guest. I swear, though, I can almost hear Tom tying flies during his guests Q&A session, then is caught off-guard when there is a pause... I'm unsubscribing as of today. April Vokey spent two full episodes of in-depth Q&A with the same guest – listen to her's instead.
  • HHIFlyer
    Still learning after 30 years of fly fishing!
    Excellent quality of fly fishing tips, tricks and knowledge. It’s a must for all skill levels. I just can’t wait for the next episode..
  • JP Hudson
    Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Great information for the new fly angler. Great interviews. Entertaining and informative.
  • jacobrs7
    Best Podcast!
    I love the podcast. I just started fly fishing 11 months ago. I learned how from Tom’s book The Orvis guide to fly fishing. It’s pretty trout heavy, living in Dallas we don’t have trout within a couple hours. I have used a lot of the techniques for trout, like swinging and streamer tactics work great on our rivers for bass. Thanks for everything y’all do!
  • Barry Delmar
    Lewis Coleman is a Rock Star
    Would love to hear more from Lewis Coleman. This podcast needs more cowbell aka Lewis Coleman!
  • maddogict
    Stellar podcast
    I just started fly fishing Labor Day weekend, between the local fly shop where I live and the information from the orvis podcast, I’ve successfully caught a few pan fish. I live where trout are stocked in the fall. I’m sure with the information I’ve gotten, I’ll be catching them as soon as it gets cold enough.
  • jmncwn
    Great resource
    A great podcast and the best way to expand on your fly fishing skills. Thank you Tom and Orvis
  • skoritt
    Great job!
    My favorite podcast of all genres. I’ve definitely made orvis purchases based on orvis hosting this show, keep up the great work Tom!
  • Scott 1968
    Flying fishing is for the Birds???
    The podcast producers at orvis podcasting make little sense with a “Bird Hunting” podcast for the Fly fishing podcast. What does bird hunting have to do with fishing? Well I guess I could cast and shoot at the same time!! Orvis please keep the hunting to the hunting and the fishing to the fishing. I am capable of subscribing to these if I wish to listen
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