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If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

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  • jalennicole
    Range of topics
    I absolutely love the range of topics covered. They laugh and make learning something new fun.
  • marketpop
    Emotional Pain
    Good episode…👍🏽
  • Bzyb777
    Ridiculously Easy to Listen To
    This has been one of my favorite podcasts for a long long time! It’s clever and silly… which is a hard thing to pull off. Also, you walk away having learned something new! I never know what nugget I am going to walk away with… but it’s always interesting. Love!
  • Cglass34
    Great podcast!
    Love this podcast! I would love to have an episode about estuaries.
  • bsheudjfugjfufjfyd
    Stuff you should know
    We’ll the are funny and give some useful information about there subjects
  • Ourkindatown
    How did these 2 get a podcast?
    I love the concept--learning some basic but interesting things--so I tried a few episodes. I couldn't make it through a single one. Sorry, guys. Not funny or accurate or compelling or grammatically correct. And your delivery is like dry toast. If dry toast droned on and on.
  • piclklypoo
    Wow! What could have been a happy episode about elephants turned out to be really miserable. 10 minutes in they are still on about the various forms of abuse visited on elephants by humans. I had to turn it off. Thanks for a lovely Saturday morning.
  • BAKER 11B
    Not as good as before but still ok
    These guys early stuff was awesome. Lately they have been trying to prove they are woker than most (which has become hard because they try way too hard and talk about racism in everything.) But the old ones are awesome so check those out.
  • Sjdnshdnsn
    It Was Better Before Chuck Invaded
    Chuck loves fried chicken and Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby. Shocker. Plus, he is in a band with racist name “El Cheapo.”
  • bel04
    Entertaining, but not always correct
    It’s very entertaining to listen to. The hosts are great at rhetoric and bouncing stories and thoughts back and forth, though immature at times. But, I would suggest following up with your own research. Many of the things they say are straight up wrong. They also mispronounce a lot of things but…come on guys…if you’re doing a podcast on a topic, learn how to pronounce words and names. It comes off a little shortsighted when you mispronounce key words and names relevant to the topic. It also makes one think they don’t do their own research and the show has people do it for them :-/
  • ask Wii call if
    Getting political
    I’ve been listening to this show for about three years, binging early episodes. I like most of the topics and the interaction between the hosts is good. But as others have notes, their politics are bleeding into the shows. This takes away from the content and makes it less likely for me to listen. I’ve already started looking for other shoes to replace this one. Some people have commented on the amount of commercials on the show. That is I heard issue. But hearing the same commercial twice in one break is a reason to move away from i heart.
  • whimziequiltz
    The Perfect Starter Podcast
    Probably wouldn’t be listening to as many podcasts as I do today if I hadn’t started with Josh and Chuck. SYSK will always be my Platonic ideal of a podcast — the easy banter, the silly jokes, the fascinating topics. And since I said “fascinating topics” that means it’s time for you to listen too!
  • Kirsy 43
    Listener from the beginning
    I really enjoyed the first many years of their podcasts. I was entertained by their banter and informed thoughts on their episodes. However, I have caught them a few times on inaccuracies on subjects I actually knew about. (They need to revisit the Gilgamesh episode and actually really read the book.) Their success has been phenomenal and most of it can be attributed to their thoughtful and amusing personalities - but also to the general timing of podcasts. However, as they are getting older they are falling into a bit of a trap of a condensation attitude. They need “eat it” a bit and realize that they do produce a great show, the momentum of their success does have to do with name brand and timing. Also,I stopped listening after the *awe* of interviewing Bill Gates.Perhaps they don’t realize that although he’s a success, he did it by taking down many other start up companies, manipulating the legal system and doing many unethical business practices. I’m happy he’s working towards environmental solutions, but sorry guys, you didn’t interview God.
  • L C J 2000
    Adams apple
    Nowhere in the Bible does it say anything about the Adam’s apple. They flat out lied. Gotta fact check these guys
  • theheeg
    Still the best
    I’ve listened to every episode and have enjoyed immensely the innumerable hours of informative, conversational entertainment. Ignore the negative reviews that have a political bent from folks who would rather not know stuff.
  • vcarol123
    I Feel Smarter Already!
    Randomly searched something about Enron and found this incredible podcast! I’m already searching for my something else from this duo! Great job!
  • false psychology
    Great Delorian podcast!
    Chuck, I just happen to live in a neighborhood where a resident owns a mint condition delorian! Come out to vegas and I’ll see if I can make your wish come true!
  • Xtimes6
    Fun facts
    Love the camaraderie between these two guys. Listening to this podcast is a fun and relaxing way to learn about things you never even knew were interesting.
  • bandrocksmysoxoff!
    Mostly interesting somewhat woke
    I always learn something new and for the most part the hosts do a good job of keeping banter to a minimum and moving the content along. It was very disconcerting though during a recent podcast they mentioned the passing of an older lady who is connected somehow to the show and then in the same breath lamented that suicide is illegal in Georgia. Pretty disrespectful to her and her grieving family! What no one wants when they die is for people on a podcast to gripe about how they weren’t dead sooner. Think about that guys.
  • spikeluv51
    Love the Guys but those ads
    Really interesting podcast. The guys are wonderful to listen to. But this is all ruined by the ads. I would gladly pay to get ad free. Such a shame.
  • shawarmadude
    Used to be good
    Like most things, pre-Covid this show was amazing….then they had to give their opinions that not a single one of us asked for 🙄
  • Rubeetrue
    I don’t need to be mansplained a Wikipedia page
    I’m disappointed. I really wanted to like this podcast. I was always intrigued by the episode subjects and tried and tried and tried again, listening to many hours in hopes that it would one day catch me. Instead, I would find myself viscerally angry by the halfway mark almost every single time. At first I couldn’t place where this unprompted anger was coming from, but then it clicked. To me, this podcast feels like a cis white guy who has just skimmed a Wikipedia page approaching me in a bar and mansplaining a topic to me that was once interesting. I know this sounds harsh but I really wonder why two cis white men who aren’t experts and don’t even feel connected to the topics, feel the need to educate the greater public. I think this podcast could greatly improve if they had diverse guests on each episode who had knowledge or a personal experience related the the episode topic. Until then I have to stop listening.
  • Awesome goat
    They talked for almost an hour about toast, something that I love. Makes my heart happy.
  • racollins3
    So many annoying ads
    The ads are awful. I’ll happily pay to not listening to the squeaking of this chikees wench and her podcast. I can’t fast forward that screeching fast enough.
  • CoffeeWithAwesome
    When our eldest son ate cinnamon toast as a small child he called it “klumpsch” toast. His grandmother had given him a stuffed cat - not plush since it was just cloth, but he named it Klumpsch. The toast was the same color as the cat, but who knows which came first since he was 2 or 3.
  • Fanny 869
    Midwest HS history teacher
    Balanced, informative & enjoyable
  • Quodlibetarian
    Used to be great, but not so much anymore
    I used to really like this show until the ads started getting more and more invasive. At first they were at a few clear break points. Then they were at every minor topic shift. Then they would be placed in between one host saying something and the other responding. I unsubscribed when they literally interrupted a sentence in order to air a commercial.
  • someone who plays cards
    Great show
    Love the topics even though I just started listening I am in ❤️. One more thing for everyone who doesn’t know who jerry is they are like a manager type character.
  • Shmehnshtuff
    I love this show, but…
    I’m really disappointed that the incessant sportsbook gambling garbage has made its way into the ads of this show. I get this might be something from the powers that bed but please reconsider these advertisers, predatory industries shouldn’t have a place here and lord knows they’re everywhere else already, irregardless on if it’s a target market or not.
  • cheese boi 26458
    Great podcast
    You guys do a great job at what you do. Thank you.
  • Educated listener 2
    Shallow and inaccurate
    This podcast takes on a range of fascinating issues. Unfortunately, it needs a good fact-checker. Even when the presentation is technically correct, it is often misleadingly shallow. Hosts’ pronunciation of technical and foreign words is unabashedly terrible. Listeners, do your homework before regaling your friends with “fun” facts about any of the topics presented here.
  • erminiver
    How Tarot Works
    No it isn’t. There’s not a hint on this podcast of how it works. All about who invented it, styles of decks, number of cards. Not a word about how it works (if it does indeed work). Very disappointing.
  • Awkward Liz
    It’s fine if you don’t live in the Midwest
    The hosts seem to take any opportunity to take dumps on the Midwest. I actually like living on the Great Lakes (21% of the world’s fresh water and 90% of the US’s fresh water by the way). It just seems ignorant and unnecessary to stereotype such a large swath of the country.
  • Marcus333-33
    Covered all the major point
    The Enron episode was very informative. I wasn’t as familiar with the early years. The amount of damage they did can’t be underestimated. Besides many Enron employees loosing their pensions, there were many rother etirement funds that took massive hits. I worked for Arthur Andersen in the 90’s, but left several years before the collapse. The actions of the office working on the Enron account cost about 60,000 employees their jobs. I still had many friends working at Andersen right up till the end. Management kept saying they expected the firm would survive “this storm”. But they were bleeding employees that saw the end was near. Eventually they had an all hands meeting where they were told to check their voice mail that evening. Approximately 98% of the remaining employees listened to a recording that they were fired. A skeleton crew were kept on to run the computers, file forms, and do the required regulatory tax and bankruptcy activity.
  • JenT007
    Great info
    Love the podcast!
  • Bugsy and Maxx
    Enjoyable but not always well researched
    I was very disappointed that the Short Stuff Humpty Dumpty episode didn’t even mention that Humpty Dumpty could be referring to a cannon that that was knocked off a wall and destroyed in Colchester, England during the English Civil war.
  • CarolynRNPhD
    Terrific job on ENRON, gentlemen! Thank you!
  • Patchbc22
    Enron didn’t get a fair shake from these guys! …because Enron didn’t deserve it.
  • CharlesVII
    Used to be great
    This used to be a phenomenal podcast. Lately, it seems like they can’t help but have clear biases due to politics, and it seems like the way they do their research/ carry their show out has changed.
  • Jenhoge
    I listen to SYSK daily. I had years and years of back episodes when I discovered you guys a few years ago. Even episode I think I won’t like- I REALLY LIKE. I have learned so many interesting things over the years. Thanks for doing what you do. Its truly a treat to listen! JW
  • TooMuchSakeMan
    They seem like semi-informative pot heads
    Research is spotty. Conversation is a bit inside-joke and what feels a bit stoner to me. *Some* good info, but you might have better results elsewhere
  • ___von
    Had me at first not gonna lie.
    I’m an African American man and I was listening to the history of the fried chicken episode, I knew the history myself but I was just curious to see what others thought. First time listener by the way. I was real skeptical at first because you guys were saying things like Scotland and Europeans. Then as soon as I was about to turn it off you guys started really digging into the slavery narrative and saying how it actually came from enslaved African American women and all that. Changed my mind instantly and now I’m constantly listening to you guys.
  • Dara Boxer
    Awesome podcast!
    Thanks for keeping us entertained on long trips!!!
  • Ty622
    Mostly good, obviously biased
    Typically a solid show, but these two just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to letting their personal politics color their “coverage” of these topics. They’ve officially turned this show into activism for their personal political agendas, and I’m no longer willing to put up with their biases.
  • shhshhshshwisjsu
    Safe dreams
    I’ve learned podcasts can mess with your dreams. These guys are interesting, settle downish and harmless in your dream date
  • kittylo-fi
    Amazing show!
    Amazing show to fall asleep too
  • SandersonAaron1
    Great Podcast!! Topic Request
    This weeks episode was great — you guys mentioned the Stuff You Should Know Army, reminded me of BTS Army. Wondering you could do an episode on them and their influence on music and contributions. Their fans discovered they donated 1 million to the Black Lives Matter movement and self organized a “match a million“ project on twitter. Was an awesome interesting project.
  • Tilly is stinks
    The show makes me happy when I listen to it and when I get happy I’m not sad and the show tells me a lot of things about the world and about myself and about life and there are factual in the show and it is really great and I like it because it is great
  • Mirandathegreat
    Such a great show!!
    Josh and Chuck are a joy to listen to! Even the topics I would think would be boring end up being endlessly fascinating to listen to. I find myself going back and listening to my favorite episodes as a form of comfort food. Highly recommend!
  • UmiHarrison
    ❤️ SYSK ❤️
    One of the originals and still going bc Josh and Chuck keep us entertained while satisfying our curiosity on topics we didn’t even know we were curious about. They make lifelong learning effortless and fun. 💕 🧠
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