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If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

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  • atypicalpickle
    If you don’t know, now you know
    This podcast is so informative. Knowledge is presented in a very accessible and friendly format. There is something to love for everyone. I haven’t listen to every episode but there is no shortage of topics I am interested.
  • MattieG06
    Great, but can get a little adult
    This podcast is one of the best out there! Great content and hosts. However, as a young teenager sometimes episodes can get a little inappropriate, so that I either have to get off or skip forward a couple minutes. I just can’t find any podcast that doesn’t have a little adult humor. Anyway, great listen. Keep up the great work.
  • Barnworld
    Ignore the haters
    This is an amazing podcast that gives you interesting facts and puts it into a interesting conversation. If you don’t like the chitchat just don’t listen instead of dropping a one star. The conversation-like structure makes the podcast flow great and can lead to some laughs. My favorite show. -Brimmer 😏⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • ColoradoGirl15
    Hi I’m 9 and I listen to Josh and chuck every night while falling asleep. my favorite episode is the slime mold episode. And an you please do a episode on tabby cats if you haven’t already thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • W. Wiegmann
    Take listeners for granted
    Not cool to mock the emails people send. You speak on a podcast, and it’s great...but that doesn’t endow you with more worth than anyone else. Their message may be clumsy, full of falsities, and seemingly insane - but they deserve respect. Been a fan for 6 years or so. Bought the book. Made a suggestion on Twitter for a topic and Josh blocks me? Must be super busy amd famous.
  • Diplo Dave
    Terrific, funny, and informative podcast
    “Stuff You Should Know” is the only podcast I’m still listening to since I started listening to podcasts roughly nine years ago. There were others I listened to then, and others I’ve started since then. I dropped others because I found something irritating about them. But this podcast has been the only constant. Josh and Chuck aren’t experts on these subjects. They genuinely try to learn as much as possible and convey their newfound knowledge to the listener. This is part of what makes this podcast so relatable and accessible, along with the duo’s great chemistry and humor. A lot of fun, and you always feel like you’ve learned something. An easy five stars.
  • Ladydragonfly8
    Love this podcast
    Really enjoy Chuck and Josh’s interaction as they cover interesting and some fun topics. Entertaining and sometimes eye opening.
  • El kbron
    Love the show!
    Started listening a couple of months back and now I can't put it down, thanks for the show guys, keep up the good work!
  • KathinNY
    Best of the Best
    Interesting, informative and hilarious. It’s no wonder this has been on so many years. It is truly the best of the best in podcasting. Keep up the good work, gentlemen!
  • Jman16!
    Great podcast! It’s right up there with my other new favorite HierEducation podcast. Both are interesting and enjoyable listens.
  • Hotdawgz
    So good!
    Only listened to 2 episodes and love it! iheart radio has some really good pods.
  • Ohmymorgs
    I'm hooked
    Josh and Chuck are two dudes I'll never stop enjoying. Great relationship between the two as they've been working together for years.
  • Shnaaaaarf
    Not bad, but not reliably accurate at
    The shows are interesting and mostly pretty accurate. However, for a show that is theoretically about providing verified factual information there are some problems. It’s very common to hear Josh talk about an article or study and say that he didn’t read it. I recommend listening to an episode about something you know a ton about. That will give you a good idea of what kind of inaccuracies you will probably be learning on other subjects. There will be quite a few.
  • yeet the ree man
  • SelfAwareRobotMom
    The Everyday Superstitions episode was one of your best yet. Keep up the good work!
  • Phyllis Robbins
    Inane Chatter
    Listen expecting a variety topics with useful or interesting information. The topics were varied but the conversation by the hosts was inane and pedestrian. Silly discussions geared to grade school children. Waste of time.
  • *stelo
    What the?
    You do an episode on historic districts and gentrification and literally precede it with ads for realtors. In your own voices.🙄
  • weaverknits
    My Favorite
    SYSK has been my favorite podcast for years. Thanks for all the knowledge and entertainment, Josh and Chuck!
  • Anner fanner
    Use to be better
    I loved this podcast but it’s definitely not as good as it use to be. It doesn’t bother me that they lean left, what bothers me is they can’t hide their contempt for other humans, especially Chuck. Half the time Chuck is getting his facts wrong and Josh has to correct him and and yet Chuck act so elitist. Ironically I don’t even disagree with what they are saying most of the time so it’s not the viewpoint I have a problem with. It’s the obnoxious tone and contempt they use about differing thoughts and ideas. I use to come here to learn and expand my mind, not to listen to narrow minded bigoted viewpoints. Too bad, because it was an amazing podcast gone bad.
  • sneakykikiriki
    Comfort Food
    Listening to this pod and learning something new is a safe bet when I want something informative, low stakes, and pleasant. My mom who is largely unfamiliar with pods is always happy when I put an episode on in the car.
  • ChazAJordan
    Best Podcast By Far
    Amazing job guys. Looking forward to you two heading back out on the road !
  • TravelingFinn
    Great podcast! But…
    I love this podcast! It’s great and I leave each episode more informed than I left! Unfortunately it is quite political (I personally agree with their opinions) I imagine that a lot of people would disagree with them, and that would push them away from an otherwise amazing podcast. Love you guys! Keep up the good work!
  • Ellia?
    Great show with great people!
    Nice pod with 2 hosts that bounce off of each other and are super funny while also learning something.
  • Ridiculously fun!
    So entertaining!
    This is my favorite podcast! Interesting topics and Chuck & Josh just work really well together to provide the info in a fun, informative way.
  • dirtyblonde888
    Classy and informative
    These two take the cake when it comes to this forum. Mindful research and humility. Not to mention the laughs. Thanks Josh and Chuck for a solid listen for years now.
  • pence is not xtian
    Some facts
    Great podcast with no political agenda…just good, clean fun. The Pence-o-Virus vaccine IS approved by the FDA using EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). More Americans have died from the Pence-o-Virus than have died in all of the wars in the last century. I’m a White Social Justice Warrior who watches the Critical White Race Theory shows on Phox! 💋shayne!
  • debpeaches
    Love this!! And suggestion
    I love this podcast!! I have learned so so much!!! Could you do an episode on Crohn’s and ileostomy? I have both and have had it for 30+ years and my ileostomy for 3 AND I just became a trucker!!! Thank you so much for your podcasts!!!
  • J.Foxworthy
    The Greatest
    I love you guys! This has been by far my favorite podcast through out the years. Thank you for all you’ve done to make this life more enjoyable.
  • katherinehtn
    Favorite podcast for years!
    I’ve listened to SYSK for about five years now, and I still look forward to new (and old) episodes each week. Josh and Chuck cover great topics and make even the “boring” ones fun. I love their style and all their tangents. Can’t wait to see them in person once they start touring again!
  • shadow listener
    Annoying Giggles and NOW pushing vaccination
    Hey guys not sure what’s up with all the constant Chanel west coast annoying giggles, maybe your guys toke during your shows? Your losing stars pushing an experimental unapproved by FDA vaccine. Would be nice if you keep it factual thanks
  • The ROCK says know ur role
    Best podcast out there
    Entertaining way to learn new things. Chuck and josh are charming,funny and very informative highly recommended
  • cmdm
    interesting topics but sadly...
    these guys can make everything and anything boring...actually beyond boring in a realm all their own…cannot stand these guys and i care NOTHING about them personally…
  • ClassAFelonsBFilmsCCups
    Love everything about this show
    Love the hosts, love their voices and rapport, and I love the diverse topics. As a PhD, I’m always hungering to learn more about the world in which we live, and this is the perfect podcast in which to indulge. It’s never boring, and it gets virtual bonus points from me for its well-placed humor. I’m currently binging episodes and grateful for the opportunity to do so. Keep up the fantastic work, guys!
  • StarWarsMTGfan
    I am a huge fan of the podcast but have only listened for a year but have become a huge fan. It annoys me that there are people in the comments who use this as a feeding ground for hate over jokes or opinions that Josh and Chuck say at most twice an episode. It seems that these people get hung up on that and don’t take away the real message that learning can be fun and interesting. I hope that the podcast keeps going and makes my day better ever day.
  • xhhxch
  • SBeck10
    Always learning
    This is my favorite podcast. They cover a wide variety of topics and the show has a ‘friends chatting over coffee’ vibe. I’ve listened for a little over 4 years and they cover an interesting mix of topics. Some of the recent reviews are a little unfair in my opinion. I am fairly conservative and while I probably don’t agree with every personal stance they have they are always respectful. Worth a listen if you haven’t tried it yet, I always learn something in every episode.
  • 🔫🚬🔫
    ❤️❤️ Josh and Chuck you are the best thanks for keeping us smart!
  • T-Man60
    Smith Island
    Smith Island would be an awesome show.
  • zeroxoneafour
    Awesome podcast
    Only has a 4.5 rating because of anti vax rednecks in my local area
  • tessac11
    One of my new favorite podcasts!
  • Grevga01
    Must listen
    This is one of my must-listen, never-miss shows. So informative and entertaining. A gold standard podcast.
  • M.J.McC
    My favorite podcast
    I can always find something I like to listen to with SYSK. They make topics interesting and easy to understand, even when it’s a subject I never previously had interest in or could grasp. I always recommend this show to anyone who asks (and even when they don’t ask!)
  • Johnatello
    Josher’s with the cotton mouth whenever he’s speaking to an audience
  • pyrexluv
    I’m never going to get the v🍩💉🍩💉🍩
    Haven’t listened for a year. Went to listen to radium girls and podcast had a 2 - 3 min propaganda about the experimental sh🍩t that does nothing to protect you from the coronavirus (that’s cold people) and just as a cold does, they mutate, have for millennial. My family and I will never put ourselves up to be Guinea pigs, ESPECIALLY for an experimental drug that has done nothing to prevent the actual illness it was made to do. While simultaneously having big pharma companies that have ZERO liability for the side effects, j&j just had a HUGE one announced yesterday. Nope, I’ll use my immune system and if I by chance get the covid cold and flu - or one of the less “deadly” (covid 19 had 99.97% survival rate) I’ll just get over it like we did in years prior for a cold virus. No shots needed. And actually hearing the propaganda on a podcast like this makes me even more swayed. Thanks!
  • Bombastik Bushkin
    So Woke
    Woke to the max! Anti-Christian. Chuck recently stuck his nose up at doing an episode on the Crusades. Beneath him to talk about those bad Christians. Too bad. Imagine all the fun he could have had blaspheming and denigrating Christianity for an entire episode.
  • jp75556
    The podcast is great BUT
    The host seem nice but are sadly psychotic liberal lunatics ☹️ and screw the global warming propaganda Wheeeeeee now va++ propaganda
  • JtotheLG
    Two guys who feel like your friends
    I’ve been listening to Josh and Chuck since 2009, and they never disappoint. These two feel like old friends of mine after 11 years, and I look forward to their show every week. Edutainment at its finest!
  • Carkey27
    Segull hawk cheese
    To mamma is like a Johnny Ronny
  • Bmshells
    The BEST
    I struggle with anxiety and I can’t begin to describe how much this podcast helps me. Chuck and Josh are so comforting to listen to. Always very informative, interesting and funny. I listen to them every night while I sleep and everyday during my kids naps. Thank you for making my life so much easier!
  • Waka9375
    They have something for everyone
    About as fun, inclusive, and informative as it gets. They have something for everyone to enjoy
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