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Listen to Dan's daily radio show. With exclusive insider access, Patrick brings A-list guests from the world of sports and entertainment to the show. Sharing his perspective on pop culture and sports, Patrick also brings a dose of humor to his fans.

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  • jellybean_Rosie
    This is such a good podcast! I listen to it every single night and am still sad that there a no episodes on weekends. Dans voice is so soft and it just puts me to sleep. (That is a complement.) I am under 18 and still living with my parents. kind of sad that you still say stuff that is not appropriate for a young age. Does anyone from the podcast ever read these??? I feel like no one from the podcast reads these. If you do read these reviews will you please respond to this? If you do not I will not write any more reviews. Thanks and good night, ~KK
  • Yamaman420
    You know
    If there were to be a drinking game every time Dan says "you know" literally no one would make it through the first hour. You know....
  • WMXC39
    Best show
    Kids and I love it
  • erm120
    Fading fast
    This show had been a gem in the podcast space. Sadly, it’s become tired and predictable, and honestly, annoying. If you’re searching for something fresh, informative, and entertaining, you might want to move on.
  • Dave’s Devices
    Always catch the podcast
    I enjoy this show for the same reason some people don’t. They aren’t talking (or screaming) talking heads who only cover sports, they realize they exist in life on a larger stage and incorporate other topics around current sports stories. One of the more original and creative productions in the marketplace today.
  • dubs1397
    Ross Tucker
    More of this guy. And he should be the only guest host allowed.
  • NiceSound
    Always entertaining!
    This show is great! Every time I head somewhere in the car or mow the lawn you all make it so much faster! I find myself waking up my wife as she sleeps in the passenger seat because you guys make me laugh too much! Dan always hits the target! Danettes need some Love too, Dan.
  • Do better gueat host
    Substitute host 👎🏼
    Doug Gottlieb guest hosting never let Rob Parker finish a sentence when he was trying to make a point constantly cutting him off, it’s bad radio. I always listen to Dp and it’s always the same with him. Do better!! Let people make their point and don’t constantly cut them off. Parker was way too nice and sucked it up
  • stayinsideyolane
    Careful words
    I feel DP started getting careful with words and not as honest , or I’m slow and catching onto it, I’ll accept the latter happily, man loved when it felt more real not careful
  • tfam1104
    Get off it
    The DB who comitted the foul said it was a foul stop talking about it. You are worse than all of the replays we suffer through.
  • Dminmac
    Tired of it
    You get one star today. You’re so wrong about the penalty. Shut up!
  • Brian Halliburton
    The show has gotten to the point where Marvin makes it not worth listening to.
  • AlaskaJones907
    Best daily listen
    Best show on the air! Catch up on the latest in sports news with lots of laughs and even some life advice sprinkled in for the perfect daily show. DP and the Danettes are the best in the biz.
  • cow831
    Show intro
    Should play the radio show intro, just like Rich Eisen show
  • cory~ewoldt
    Lose Covino and Rich
    Please get rid of these two clowns, I turn it off when they host.
  • EclecticJustice
    How rich athletes are
    Please stop talking about contracts. We get it. They are rich. We get it. We aren’t. We get it. They are investments for billionaires and now they get to rest and do nothing to be millionaires. We get it. We get it. Please talk tactics, chemistry, where teams are going, where teams have been, what teams were like in the 90’s. I’ll even listen to more about one direction and BTS concerts. But please, no more reminders that Aaron Judge will get a half billion dollars to strike out a lot. That Kawhi Leonard will make x dollars a game to rest. It’s gross and reminds me of my grind for far less every day, when I come to be distracted from the lack of fairness, not reminded. If we are wondering why analytics is replacing culture and chemistry, it’s because we live in a country that has never had culture. We are united in the chase for big pay days. Our freedom is really just a choice we each have to make to pursue that chase or not. I have loved you Dan Patrick since your sports center days as a teenager. Most of all, I appreciate your authenticity and willingness to be truthful. Those qualities are in less and less supply these days.
  • jbigiuy
    DP Show
    It’s good but if your looking for a good time 2/3 of episodes this is for you but it really gets old
  • BethCoach
    Always Fun
    The DP Show is an easy, fun listen with moments of real hilarity. Oh, and it’s about sports, mostly, and Dan is an outstanding interviewer.
  • B.P.of my life?!
    love show but!....
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  • Mikemyopinion
    Thank you for the show
    5 guys who enjoy their jobs and enjoy, mostly, each other’s company. It’s not just about sports it’s about relationships, and we get to listen in. Great show!
  • Smile4nickst
    Can we stop with the ADs
    I love the DP show, I am a big fan. Hands down the best sports talk show. There is not a close second. Been listening for a long, but now the ADs are driving me crazy. The first 4 minutes, then 2 additional commercial breaks, finally a bunch of ADs sprinkled in during the conversation. Yes I know I can forward the ADs.
  • Chicken Snausage
    Who does Doug Gottlieb have salacious pictures of??
    Seriously, how does this guy have a show of any kind, much less fill in for the Goat? I’ll take your answer on or off the air.
  • DeltaRazorback
    When DP and the Danettes are gone…
    If DP and the Danettes are on vacation, please just do us all a favor and cancel the show until they get back. Ross Tucker is the only decent guest host worth listening to. Listening to Doug Gottlieb is as much fun as smashing your fingernail with a hammer or dropping a 45lb weight on your foot.
  • Ezwinn.11
    Rob Lowe/Kevin bacon
    Contact Rob Lowe and have him tell Dan about his story about footloose. As a fan of Rob lowes podcast I’ve heard and it’s a good one that Dan would enjoy from Rob if you can set that up
  • NomoSomo
    Going downhill
    Used to be bearable until I grew tired of Dan just covering the topics only on the top of the surface and never straying too far away from tiger, lebron, Barkley, cowboys or Yankees. Those are what you’ll hear them talk about 80% of the time. Gets really old
  • Hunter "crook" Biden
    Going, going, Im gone
    The day you all kissed McLovin goodbye, is the day you kissed never getting nominated for an Emmy again. Not only does Marvin bring the show way down, he's an idiot that cant figure out what buttons to push when need be, and has a horrible ebonics language. He cant reply to a question without mumbling or sounding like a black uneducated idiot. McLovin was the best thing on the show, now you all sound like idiots. I will GUARANTEE that you will NOT be nominated for an Emmy ever again. Change your name to “The old man and the stupid 4 show”. Dan, quit teasing fat fritzy about living in the 80’s, cuz your A•• cant get out of the 90’s and your sports center days. Stop comparing every thing to “when I worked at sports center” blah blah blah blah blah.
  • RyanSparty1
    Dan Patrick Show
    The very best sports talk show ever!
  • oznation30
    Iheartmedia wrong move
    I’ve been listening every show since his ESPN days. I’ve been a loyal podcast listener. However since iHeart took over the posting of the pods has been irrational. You never know when it’s gonna post you don’t know how long it’s gonna be just be consistent to get a 5 star rating.
  • JDubs2109
    Shea gets you a fifth star
    I miss angry mutterings of “ball boy” and “Danny” and Dallas cowboy recaps. Shea in Irving uplifts the show. Bring him back.
  • jtcollins2112
    Dan is condescending
    Dan and his yes men point out the obvious and whine a lot.
  • vobun
    Great show!
    I wish some of the callers would spare us stories about their trips with their sons fishing , who cares!
  • wlsonb
    Simply the best
    The best sports show and everyone knows it. Informative, funny, and down to earth. Great guests, great interviews, and just a good time.
    The Legend
    This show is legendary. Podcast staple
  • NH Pedro
    DP show
    Love this show It never gets old
  • dog and bertaki
    This is my favorite sports podcast to listen to my dad loves this show and most of my family loves and listen’s to as well!
  • Larrry Nickel
    Best Of????
    What happened to the Best of Summary. I like the show but quit downloading it because the Best Of is gone. Don’t have 3 hours a day
  • T_man1783
    Love the show but please fix podcast uploads
    My all time favorite
    There are days I’m literally laughing out loud. Sure, Dan can be a little insufferable at times, but he really shines in both lighthearted and tough situations. I’ve been a fan for 15+ years. Their work during the pandemic was some of the best anywhere, and really took the edge off during my long walks. Someone else mentioned the guest hosts being less than with the exception being Ross Tucker and I strongly agree.
  • hhkfhhj
    Great show!
    Love the show. Been listening to Dan recap sports for 30 years. However the guest host are terrible. Absolutely terrible. With one exception Ross Tucker
  • 49er420
    Every download has to be done twice. Juicing their numbers much?? Was a fan, not now.
  • Shafe41
    Love the show
    Great show. But enough of Andrew from Washington’s Stat of the Day every single day of the week. They aren’t good.
  • Clover1952
    Just Say NO!
    I’ve listened for years and tire of Dan’s hubris and never ending requests for an interviewees personal momentos for the Man Cave ….. “JUST SAY NO”.
  • bcognac69
    Not Uploading Properly
    Pods are not getting uploaded properly. Missing entire hours. It’s been like this for a couple weeks. Please fix!
  • Titan44r
    Better with Mclovin. Love Fritzy, Paula, Seaton and the new guy. Dan is getting a little arrogant with time.
  • Duckhunter44
    Forced football topics
    It’s not football season, it’s enough already
  • mkt5411
    The Dan Patrick Show
    I’ve listened since 2011 but am now becoming weary of Dan goading/bullying Todd Fritz. This “added content” goes on for too long every day. McLovin had a knack for bringing conversations back to sports. My suggestion is to hire a sports commentator who can give Dan better content.
  • Lolo13419
    Please tell McLovin to come back. The show is always great but he left a huge hole. I’ve tried watching his new show and I’m sure it takes years to create “chemistry” but Perl was so perfectly suited as a Danette. Maggie seems like a delightful person but I’m just not feeling it. I don’t understand why he left except for family pressure which is understandable. No one will ever fit the puzzle in studio like when McLovin was there. Please get the band back together.
  • acanthasyrea
    Hour 3?
    Would be nice to get all three hours instead of hour two twice
  • tapesnotbombs
    The best of all the daily sports broadcasts.
    It’s an absolute five star program, but I have to take one star off cause Todd Fritz is the most annoying person in all of radio. Anytime he starts to talk it’s like nails on a chalkboard.
  • austin531
    It’s okay
    The sports talk is fantastic. But the banter isn’t for me.
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