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  • xpyxd
    Why is
    Wanted in surgery so distorted sounding?
  • The Page Master
    Sci Fi from classic days
    When I listen to these stories films like The Day the Earth Stood Still and War of the Worlds come to mind I’m talking about the classic black and white versions not the remakes. I enjoy each story I have listened to and it takes me back, takes me back to days when entertainment took heart and hard work to make. I’m a millennial and I love these stories and enjoy them.
  • polyplane66
    Enjoyable listen
    I really like these stories that illustrate the public mindset for the future 50+ years ago.
  • enigma2001
    So much variation between episodes. I listened to ‘The Shadow’ for a while, but each episode was so similar. The episodes in this series vary wildly, from suspense and drama to light hearted speculation, this is really peak sci-fi.
  • K9Rush
    Wish we had these today
    I love these old time radio shows I wish they were making new ones today instead of all the crap they put on TV. Reality shows and superstars and dancing with the stars all just junk. I know a lot of people think these were racist and sexist but you have to take them for their time they should be updated. He does a great job of putting out all these old shows I wish he did it every day.
  • Polyplane
    Thanks for sharing these shows
    It’s really interesting to hear how writers envisioned the future 70 years ago. I’m enjoying their perspectives and creativity.
  • TrailerDweller
    Great Radio
    Great sci-fi radio stories!
  • Lattitudinarian
    Relic RELIEF!
    Great to find a podcast with no political view and no sponsors to interrupt the amazing original shows. Thank you so much!
  • Moderate Liberal Extrordinaire
    Plan X
    A great Sci-fi episode of Suspense! Even the vintage commercials are great. Auto-lite sparks plugs and all. Benny was good in this.
  • KEN_JR?
    Still relevant and poignant. Could have been made today
  • marcap23
    Open source golden age SciFi!
    I’ve been all over the county in libraries and bookstores looking for SF anthologies from the 30s-60s, genre conventions that open the door to infinity, bless this series!
  • lionheart22
    Excellent entertainment for the workday!
    I echo what other reviewers have said: I love listening to these while I work. I've learned I really enjoy golden-age science fiction and I never get tired of these radio programs. As a child of the 80s, I never heard many radio shows, except once or twice so this podcast has exposed me to a piece of broadcasting history with which I was not previously familiar. It's also spurred me to find the material referenced, such as Galaxy Magazine and the larger archives of Mindwebs. Both are available on the internet. Just to reiterate, these are very entertaining and I highly recommend anyone who enjoys audio storytelling to give them a try. Then go find the other Relic Radio shows because I feel there's something out there for everyone. Thank you to Relic Radio for their efforts to get these shows out to us.
  • Djam Karet
    Relic Radio Yay!
    I love listening to these old radio dramas at work, It's like TV shows you don't have to watch. My only complaint is that whenever there is a story from the CBS Radio Mystery Theatre it will jump podcast repeatedly and you have to keep returning the player to the CBS podcast. About every five minutes on todays podcast 6/26/19
  • deKayinLA
    The most timely old-time radio you’ll ever hear!
    I have a secret crush on the producer/publisher of this show is. Why? Because I find his timeliness and thoughtfulness of the choosing of the episodes that play each week fascinating, to say the least. Somehow, he manages to reach back into the expansive archives of historical sci-fi/weirdness radio, and cherry-pick an episode with a story line that is somehow perfectly relevant to what’s going on now, in our ‘modern’ near-2020 world. I am vastly impressed with the ease (by which it seems) that the organizer chooses each week’s installment; as well as the wry, thorough, and dark-knowledge of both past and present society, & records thereof, that this gentleman must possess. All in all, I must suggest that you download and subscribe to this podcast. And contribute to the Relic Radio website/Patreon, if you have the ability to. It’s worth your time, and your money. I promise!!!
  • Deneb56
    i’m enjoying this!!
  • Trilolight
    Love these old shows. Thanks so much for doing this podcast.
  • The Frugal Exerciser
    I binge listen to shows
    Sometimes I go a months without listening so I can listen to many shows in a row. I love Relic radio.
  • SaltyDog1568
    Awesome time listening to them.
    It was wonderful to hear shows like these. They will never happen again.
  • FatherTimeLtd
    Superior OTR
    The audio quality of the episode is almost always extremely high quality and the podcast introductions and endings are brief, informative, well-spoken and kind. This Podcast is truly professionally done. Thanks.
  • DarylStrawberry
    The Bees Knees
    Really great stuff. I can't get enough. Some of the audio is a bit rough.
  • Lou Granata
    First class
  • Floyd is Pink
    The shows are great and play well on my iPod. Always look forward to the next installment. Rates #2 in my top 10 favorites. Thank you,
  • Jimb37122
    anything relic ...
    if you like old radio stuff...this is awesome. they don't bore you with too many details. great podcasts!
  • cupcake-maker
    One of my favorite podcasts
    If you like scifi this is the best of the podcasts. Not old enough to have heard these originally, but since I discovered this mode of entertainment, my TV usage has gone way down. I can do other things while listening to these. Great for a long car ride too. Make that 400 mile drive to visit relatives a whole lot more pleasant.
  • sprinkles5
    great podcast
    addictive to listen to these stories and they update regularly. great job relic radio :)
  • Grammar Merchant
    Always high quality fare.
    Even when the Sci-Fi is at its cheesiest and "Sciffiest," these episodes are big fun. Some are serious and thought-provoking, and some are so cornball as to be laugh-out-loud funny, but they're never a waste of time. Sample some episodes, and I think you'll become a subscriber.
  • Devinty
    I love relic radio
    This is the best program ever I used to order CDs from a magazine but have not in years love all of relic radio shows thanks
  • Hateliberals
    I noticed that we can no longer fast fwd through the BS part of the shows. That is a shame. Thank you for taking away that option.... Figures for apple.
  • VZX
    I agree with all of these reviews...Relic rocks! I love all these old radio show and you guys keep delivering. Well done team Relic.....
  • Ulysses7788
    Thanks guys
    Awesome show.
  • WikiSorcerer
    Keep At It! Also...
    I was able to convince my School's Creative writing group into helping me make something like these and I already have an idea. I call it "Creature From The Freezer". Its about a team of Cops (two men, one women) who are investigating the murder (a very brutal, gory murder, I might add) within the City's Natural History museum. The Museum's Owner and his friend the Janitor reveal that this has happened many years before by a horrific monster the've kept in cold storage within the deepest receses of the building. I wanted to know (Given that you work with this sort of thing) if you could lend me a few pointers for production. : )
  • Black Magick
    Love Relic Radio!
  • Fknzn
    Just found Relic Radio. These are great. Thanks
  • Tetsuo: The Iron Geek
    Thank you Relic Radio!
    If it were not for Relic Radio I would have NEVER known about Dimension X and X-1, two of the best sci-fi shows ever to be produced. This is amazing stuff. Thank you, Relic Radio!
  • spawnn1978
    love it
    it's like going back in time!! you get a feel for what people were scared of and what they hoped would come to pass in the future. it is also weird to be living in the time they thought was the far future!
  • makai5
    old time radio
    i love this stuff it is so fun to listen to. thanks for the hard work
  • lasermaster2000
    Best scifi podcast
    There is nothing better than this. Get it
  • Klein&Mobius
    Outstanding Podcast!
    Relic Radio is the Gold Standard that other OTR/NTR podcasts should be judged by. Really outstanding selection of stories - clever, insightful, and always fun to listen to. Thank you!!!
  • dianaje
    Great podcast
    Love all the Relic Radio podcasts, especially Scifi. The intros are short but descriptive. Good job, keep it up, I'll be listening.
  • gnome machine
    Hurray for Relic Radio
    This is my favorite of all the great Relic Radio podcasts! I've loved X Minus One and DImension X for ages and Relic Radio has those classics, but it's also got shows like SF68 that I would have never heard without the podcast. Definitely worth your time!
  • Masipag999
    Very high quality podcast that regularly posts and always entertains. Thank you for the superior job you do with all your OTR podcasts. I listen to all of them!
  • EmanonCireneg
    Too bad they don't produce entertainment like this any more.
  • parrotfeathers
    Relic Radio Sci-Fi (old time radio)
    Another first rate podcast from the Relic Radio Man!!
  • Will&Susie
    Domo arigato Mr. Roboto!
    These shows are hot! If you appreciate science fiction, all these shows will lay a beautiful sci fi foundation for any new or old listener. SF68 and Phil Dick episodes are truly the best. These shows struggle with future concepts that we are still dealing with today. For example, what it means to be human, our singularity/mortality and best of all, ROBOT RIGHTS! In Japan right now (2008) they are trying to figure out what rights robots/machines have. Isaac Asimov was dealing with that 50 years ago on Dimension X. Thanks RelicRadio for making me think...W00T!
  • amr1029
    Relic Radio, you have done it again!!!!
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