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Snap Judgment (Storytelling, with a BEAT) mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, dramatic, kick-ass radio. Snap’s raw, musical brand of storytelling dares listeners to see the world through the eyes of another.

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  • Maeve28
    Knocks my socks off
    Birbiglia is so thoughtful and funny and generous. This podcast is a gift during these times - incredibly soothing. Amazing guests who Mike draws out of their shells and directs towards subjects way more interesting than typical podcast fare. Jaqueline Novak’s episode, who I didn’t know very well prior, absolutely knocked my socks off.
  • october cranmore
    Best show ever !!!!
    Love this show , came across it one year ago since then I have been hooked , thanks for the great story telling especially in these times we all need a good story , 🙏🏽🙏🏽
  • coldkooli
    Hit yer SUBSCRIBE button!!
    Gold Standard. TEN STARS! I don't know how they still manage to produce over 30 brand new original episodes every year of this quaility! Glynn Washington is something special -- he and the Snap Team have created the most amazing sonic experience, EVER. Do yourself a favor and subscribe right away.
  • Sarah14oh
    Glen the Fascist
    Dude, stop with all of your COVID and vaccine pushing propaganda. If you haven’t been affected directly by vax poisoning, you really have no place to tell people to chill out about them.
  • Walker#3
    Great 👍
    I really enjoy all the episodes. They open my eyes to a world that I want to know more about. Some bring tears to my eyes and others show me the strength of the human spirit. I am glad I found this podcast.
  • Desi Dez Dep
    Must listen!
    I just love the scary stories please keep them coming!
  • AllTheNickNamesAreTaken,HowAboutThisOne?
    Hit or miss
    Snap Judgement is great but lately this has have morphed into the Spooked podcast which is disappointing. Are they even making new SJ episodes anymore?
  • #1GaleStorm
    I love SNAP and all its peeps that make the show so spectacular! 10s, 10s, 10s across the board!!!!
  • Bad1216
    I can’t stop listening!
    This podcast is amazing. How do you find all these interesting stories? Thank you for being something to look forward to during this pandemic!
  • scaleene
    You know what I don’t love? An 107 episode dump in my podcast feed. Literally been listening from JUMP. I’ll check in with y’all on my time and am unsubscribing. Backstage was 🔥 tho. More of that. Black grown folk talk.
  • jamien440
    Love the stories
    I love storytelling podcasts, and this one is no exception!
  • LaNY24
    One of the best story telling podcasts out here!
    Real, warm, funny, relatable, beautiful....and so much more. This podcast is a staple in my life & I can’t imagine life without it! Keep doing what you’re doing!!
  • NellisNells
    Love this podcast but the Backstage episode? It’s giving me life!
    I’ve been listening to Snap Judgment for years. I’ve laughed, I’ve gotten ready-eyed, I’ve had my hope in humanity restored more than once listening to these stories. But the newest Backstage episode has me howling with laughter. This podcast is so well produced and touches on so many different subjects. It’s beautiful. Glynn Washington’s story telling and hosting for this podcast as well as Heaven’s Gate and Spooked is A1.
  • bmarinaro1974
    Listening since the beginning and it only gets better
    I can't think of an episode I HAVEN'T liked. The band, the storytellers, the narration, the humor, all make it so relatable. And the most recent episode "Backstage", well...suffice it to say I don't write reviews but that one made me jump out of my seat and run to the computer to write this. The amount of talent on this team is unreal. Keep. Them. Coming!
  • Praise Cheeses
    There are many story pods. They are all wonderful. This is different. There’s nothing else like this one. I’ve been listening for years, laughed loud, shed tears.
  • Rahatc498
    Thank you
    I’m sitting in my backyard, enjoying a crisp autumn night in front of my fire pit...with a nice bottle of Cab, listening to season 11, episode 31 (“backstage”). Let me tell you: this episode is the Blackest thing I’ve heard from Snap Judgement. And I say that with the utmost regard and reverence. With all the respect that is due to our ancestors and beyond. And I thank you. For putting this glimpse of our culture out front, unapologetically, straight with no code switch. Sincerely, a black girl in northwest Washington DC
  • Shopilla
    White people are bad?
    Used to listen to this show but now it seems very racist towards white people. Last episode they mentioned “white people” over and over. Hopefully I’m not the only former listener to unsubscribe. Shame on you for promoting white hatred.
  • Celpete
    My Number One!!
    I found this podcast first and fell in love with the style, the deep dive, the awesome beats! Glenn is the best at his craft - I never knew story telling could be like this. The tales he tells linger in your consciousness long after. I never miss an episode and have even seen him in person, my fellow Michigander.
  • AM_Bacon
    “Time Traveler” - one of the best episodes of story telling I have ever heard.
  • bbge1.0
    Perpetuating Ignorance
    Passed by this show while looking for something else. Very first show that I downloaded and started listening to was this stupid, ignorant perpetuation of lies and myths grandfathered by race hustlers like Al Sharpton and his ilk. If you are an adult, you have the right to think and believe whatever stupidity you choose, perpetuating this false racist narrative to young black children is a disservice to them and to the United States in general. When you teach a young black child that they are hunted by the police, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to be outraged when they attack an officer and end up getting killed. That ideology is false and rotten to the core, and only brainwashed or retarded people will believe it
  • tricky-p
    Time is right for change
    Wow. “Time Traveler” is the best story for this time. Thank You Kobe!
  • hazelbnr
    That touches the my heart and mind.
  • Margo the spy
    The first and best
    I’ve been listening to this fantastically humane and truthful show since way before there were smartphones and podcasts. The music and production quality so beautifully support the storytellers, with each week’s stories a new insight into life. Please remove the racist iroman68 comments!!!
  • ktm5461
    Ironman68 Rebuttal
    #ironman68 #beingignorant #simpleminded
  • Jayyne
    A New Favorite
    Storytelling at its finest with fantastic narration by Glynn. I don’t know how I managed to miss this one before! And if you’ve run out of Snap Judgment episodes, try Spooked! which is equally awesome.
  • me is peoples
    Make new episodes more frequently
    That’s it
  • JM Strickie
    Love everything about it!
    Love everything about this podcast! Great music, great editing, great host, great stories, great dramatic pauses, etc. Makes me laugh, smile, learn & sometimes cry.
  • Lomikey
    So intriguing and entertaining
    One of my favorite podcasts, always good and interesting stories. Two thumbs up!
  • HappywithSpotify
    Best podcast out there!
    Snap Judgement is a long-standing, always fresh and relevant podcast. The producers of this show are so creative, and Nancy López’s episodes aren’t particular standouts. Thank you!
  • Kalena!
    The best collection of unique & inspiring stories
    I’m a podcast junkie and Snap Judgement takes the cake on all of them. I’m always entertained, inspired, moved, sometimes even to tears. I’m also a professor of graduate students so I try to slip some of the good ones in the syllabus from time to time. Thanks Glynn!
  • Michaelola
    Best beats for road trips.
    I love your show. Period. My kids and I do a ton of road trips and we all have on different media. But the second my kids hear your voice and the Snap Judgement Beat they ask if it’s Glynn Washington and we listen to the stories for miles and miles (ALL of your podcasts). We live in Alameda, so one time you said that you lived in Oakland. My kids were like, “no way! We can meet Glynn Washington?!” So someday, Mr Washington, we would love to see you live. We all think you should host as many podcasts as possible. Your stories and previews to the presentation are amazing.
  • mommy_salami
    Great storytelling, poor host
    I have been a listener of Snap Judgement for years and I love it, however I really wish Glenn talked less. His intros are so long and rambling (usually about 4/4.5 minutes) and he clearly thinks he’s very interesting and loves talking about himself. If you look at the website his photo is everywhere, his face is literally the image for every single episode of the podcast. His self obsession is not why anyone listens and is the only real downside to this show. I think this is a perfect example of how out of control things get when someone is a show’s founder is also the host and no one really has the power to reel them in. The producers are great and treat people with real empathy, respect and curiosity. Great storytelling and overall a great show!
  • AppleiTunes27
    Audio and voice terrible
    I have given this show more than one try. The host is unintelligible in his whispery, overwrought, melodramatic manner. Cannot listen to his annoying intros. Stop talking!
  • #snugglerocks
    Love this podcast!
    If you like listening to cool stories- this podcast is for you!!
  • pod me down gently
    OG stories with a beat
    Always delivers
  • Sucky app!
    Snap Judgement !
    What great stories told by great storytellers.
  • heartlandlistener
    Still strong
    I couldn’t disagree more with some of these negative comments. Research, production, and post production of this quality take time. Deal with it. And Glynn is a top notch orator and host.
  • Noelani77
    Saved my life
    Glynn you are without a doubt the best storyteller ever!!! I suffer from anxiety and when I found your podcast it literally saved me. Whenever I was feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I’d listen to an episode and instantly felt calm. The beats you drop the stories and the producers. Omg it’s just a perfect combo of all your senses being stimulated and leaves you wanting more. Thank you so much for your craft and sharing it with the world. Peace and love - Marie
  • Zolodome
    Human Stories
    My favorite podcast. This is the cream of the crop as far as story telling goes, folks. Every episode gets you hooked. Thank you Snap Judgment for your continued excellence!
  • Waterphille
    Love at first listen!!
    I'm a instant snapper. Where have you been all my in place? More ladies voices please. Friends forever you have restored my faith in peoplekind.
  • elocin2003
    Love from a former fellow Oaklander
    I don't know why it took me so long to try this podcast out. Perhaps the name; I have not yet been able to figure out why it’s called Snap Judgment and I think I believed it would be about something else. I started listening two days ago and I’ve already binged 14 episodes. I’ve started with the current season so I cannot yet attest to how the show has changed over time as some have criticized. It seems pretty stellar to me. I don’t understand the reviewers that dislike the host and/or format. Snap Judgment is very unique; to remove the host or change the format would be to make the show an unrecognizable copy of any other story telling podcast. If you find yourself criticizing either, frankly you’re too dumb for this podcast... move on...
  • a5mac
    The best
    I listen to a lot of podcasts. I have been listening to Snap Judgement for several years. It is consistently compelling. The stories are wide ranging, specific and so human.
  • kvclcsw
    Snap Judgment
    Consistently best podcast for years...massively love you guys.
  • ganeshasgirl
    My favorite of all time
    I found SJ on NPR. I couldn’t wait to hear the episodes. Now I have access to SJ whenever I want it! I can’t recommend this podcast enough.
  • Majorie in Chicago
    I’ve enjoyed Snap Judgement for a long time, but unfortunately , I’ve heard a subtle shift in the podcasts tone. I believe certain agendas should be unmasked in a different environment, otherwise it becomes too one sided and your listeners get turned off to its original platform.
  • pattipeeroonie
    I love this show with its well spoken, intelligent dialogue and critical thinking. The stories touch my heart. ONE LOVE.
  • stidmark
    A new art form
    This podcast is akin to watching (and listening) to a movie, obviously without the visual. But having a story (a very good story) read with the music in the background, analogous to a movie music score, is simply delightful.
  • McG_onSax
    Highly recommended
    One of the most original and entertaining podcasts you’ll find. The stories are incredibly interesting and the production is first rate. And very hip.
  • Onefahq
    Bad editing
    On the episode titled The Happening, 2 times it skipped backwards and then at the 32:24 mark it skips ahead no telling how far from when Zach was talking about not being good at baseball until accidentally hanging up. Not a big deal, I love this podcast, but wanted to hear it all and I don’t like missing anything when I’m watching or listening to something. Otherwise this is one of my favorite podcasts and hasn’t had many other mistakes. If y’all could fix the bad edit I’d listen to it again. Thanks!
  • AllDaGoodNamesAreTaken
    Thee GoTo Podcast!!
    Best.Podcast.Ever. Love yall’z flow. Big Ups from Mack & Gratiot!
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