Snap Judgment


Mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, and dramatic radio. Hosted by Glynn Washington.

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  • coldkooli
    Subscribe Right Away!
    Amazing. This show is the Gold Standard. I don't know how they still manage to produce over 30 brand new original episodes every year of this quaility! Glynn Washington is something special -- he and the Snap Team have created the most amazing sonic experience, EVER. Do yourself a favor and subscribe right away.
  • ExAnimo195
    Awesome stories
    I love the stories and the snap team. But I really do not enjoy Ben Washington as the host or interviewer - he’s rude. I ffwd through his sections.
  • Mindlemilf5
    I think it’s pretty lame that now they only seem to be putting out one new episode maybe once a month and the rest of the time they just play a “classic” episode aka a rerun. Maybe they’re too busy working on their other podcast that you have to pay to listen too, but they still want the sponsor money from snap? Either way plenty of other pod casts to listen to, it’s just a shame because this was my favorite one.
  • Fatty mic fatty pants
  • pinkiesurfer
    Story with groove
    I love this podcast! I listen to each episode as soon as it drops. The host is funny, kind, and meaningful. The music that accompanies each episode is top quality and beautiful. I love how the music adds a layer to each story - like icing on your favorite donut. Well, much better than that but I don’t know how to describe “amazeballs” appropriately. Don’t stop!
  • SoNotAHater333
    Crime gang
    Crime gang
  • plasticshoe
    My vote for BEST PODCAST.
    These episodes by Mr. Washington are phenomenal. Snap Judgement is not only my favorite to turn to when I’m cooking or driving or hankering for a good audio article, but it’s my favorite to bring up conversations or provide entertainment in a classroom of middle school students. I LOVE this podcast...original chill soundtracks, sharp Glynn Washington to guide us through, and super diverse interesting stories that make me love humanity even more...
  • PinkHouse124
    So few new stories
    I was one of the original listeners to this podcast and I just loved it and contributed to the initial request for donations to get it going. However, the reruns and re-use of stories in shows advertised as new is now over the top. As other people have reported, the fact that the reruns aren’t titled as just that sets us loyal listeners like myself for disappointment and a feeling like you’ve been subject to some false advertising. —Most podcasts will simply tag them as repeats and be honest about it. If there’s not enough resources for new content, I get it. But just say that.
  • Amhughes41
    A very nice & different approach to telling their stories! You either will love it or hate it & I actually love it!! Some of the stories are quite confusing but still intriguing. Makes you want to go read the book the story teller is reliving. The Pink Palace, The Mirage one & the Raft of Passion were the ones I just binged listened to!!
  • Rcaos88
    Going downhill
    I used to look forward to interesting, new content each week, but lately, it seems as if the episodes are either recycled or copped from another podcast altogether. Disappointing.
  • Figgy14
    Too many Snap Classics
    I’ve been faithfully listening to Snap Judgement for ~9 years now... the Snap Classics are great, but I like hearing new stories. It feels like you’re slowly moving towards taking this show to a paid podcast platform, which is really sad. I would miss Glynn! First you moved the scary stories, now no new stories are being produced or being produced much less often. Big mistake. Is it too late to save this show on NPR?!
    Too much bass
    I really like the show but there’s just too much bass in each episode, maybe my car speakers are piece of garbage but I had to modulate the volume each time bass would come on. I just wanna listen to the awesome stories and not feel like I’m in a club .
  • Mrnelson1991
    I don’t like how often the commercials are and how every commercial is the host begging for money. So annoying. Unsubscribing
  • StunningAndy
    I just listened to my first episode and it was very powerful!
  • Roman Malenda
    Love this podcast
    Engaging and great true life stories told in a fascinating anc gripping way. the best podcast out there !!!!!!!
  • fuzzystarcloud
    My first podcast
    Still great 🖖🏿 this show got me into podcasts & it’s still one of my favorites 🐬🌍🦎 So good, this show wouldn’t exist without Glynn, you can’t extricate the show from the mind and voice of the host, just in case you were wondering
  • C. Aiello
    No worthwhile content.
    Raft of passion
    Completed confused by this episode. So many gaps in the story. This guy just walks into Howard Johnsons where she works to enlist her on a 100 day experimental “raft” trip across the Atlantic? Who does that? She agrees with no explanation for leaving her 3 children behind for 100+ days with an allegedly violet ex-husband. Have to question her grip on reality. Or whether this story is actually real.
  • shawnee006
    Nay sayers
    Don’t pay attention to the 1-3stars. There is no way you can’t love this show.
  • RoxyThanksYou
    The best podcast
    When I lay in the hospital for half a month after escaping death, you put a smile on my face with your funny and captivating stories. Your stories are exceptional, funny, gripping, relatable and sad at times. Your stories are real, your stories are life, your stories are all of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  • skelekatie
    Thank you!
    I know it’s rough out there. So many keyboard warriors want to drag down content creators for no reason but the satisfaction of being a jerk. So I want to let all the podcasts I listen to know that I love and appreciate everything you create for me (for free!) and please keep up the good work! I don’t know what my life would be like without having interesting facts, reports, and stories to listen to on my commute and at my boring desk job. Thank you!
  • emembee5
    Best voice on radio
    Great array of racially ethnically socioeconomically diverse stories, by POC host. Awesome narrative podcast in a sea of mainstream white
  • Lisa Lisa2
    I love your voice!
    Always great stories.
  • fergusoninc
    I’m better for having listened
    My life has truly been enriched by the stories told on this podcast. The production value and score is in the top 1% of anything I’ve heard in a podcast (or radio show) so far. Radiolab also from WNYC is incredible too!
  • CarolinaQueen003
    Fine display of Humanity
    The best told human stories on the internet - funny, sad and thought provoking.
  • nhevilwench
    Greatest Podcast Period.
    I’ve been listening to this show for years. First on NPR and now the podcast and it’s my favorite way to start the morning when I’m working out. The stories are so varied and evoke so much emotion.
  • Boo Bear 51#
    Too many re-runs since 2015.
    I’ve been waiting for a new sory since 2015. I let months go by and check in... the-run. This was my number one podcast. I might have missed the new stories but every time I check in.... old stories. If you doing something else, let us OG’s know so we can move on cuz.., we still love you.
  • SAS6243S
    Storytelling at its best
    Fascinating stories with great production and editing, always engaging.
  • gorgeous04
    Hell Ya
    Spooked is awesome- great when traveling, cooking or just before bed (anytime, really). Amazing music and narratives. Love it! ♥️
  • ReRenee469
    Snap is amazing!
    Found Spooked first then learned abot Snap Judgement. It's such an interesting show with stories you'd never expect. And the host has such a professional, artistic set up before every episode. Everythng about Snp Judgement is so engaging.
  • Sidpips los barges dgo!
    Re runs!
    Re run after re run after re run and you guessed after re run. WE MISS THE OLD SNAP JUDGEMENT!! They’re not classics they’re called RE RUNS! We don’t want short episodes WE WANT THE FULL EPISODES! I can’t be too mad at Glenn since he’s a Michigander just like me, but man it’s getting difficult to stay suscribed to a show that only puts on re runs and passes them as “snap classics”
  • Social Djuan
    This show has lost it’s touch. Still wonderful with the killer sound design, the stories are weak now. I use to be GLUED to this show. That’s long gone.
  • sweetninje
    A Podcast Treasure!
    Snap Judgment is storytelling thick with truth, talent, and the extraordinary treasures hidden within the human experience. It’s always a treat and touches you just where it should - the heart.
  • dihart2
    Love Glyn Washington’s voice
    The best!!
  • Focus.One
    Less host commentary, more content
    Glynn, PLEASE stop with the long poetry slam type intros! No need for this. Just get to the great stories.
  • ludfisk
    The best audio content
    Some of the best audio content around! Every episode is fantastic and I wish this show got the recognition it deserves.
  • Samchriskey25252525
    Missing the old Snap
    Very sad and missing the old days of Snap and Spooked.
  • PodGod420
    More stories less host
    The host needs to please please please stop talking
  • takennotspent
    Where is the rest of the show?
    I understand that you need revenue to keep the show going... Just really miss hearing the whole episode... Also wish you would not repost spooked as an episode of snap... already heard mrs. Hagstrom a few weeks ago... now no full episodes and rehashing older material... Begging you to please either remove the paywall (I know that you think this is absolutely absurd) or change your show to a cheaper place... luminary is way too expensive... Super disappointed with your show, but honestly way too big of a fan to stop listening... Still not a big enough of a fan to pay to hear you...
  • E.L.Malloy
    Rhythm and interest
    As with many of the npr podcasts, I first heard this on the radio. It was the wonderful cadence that Washington has when speaking that snagged me. After that, this program always has top notch stories, and he'll give a sample of other equally good podcasts sometimes. I enjoy the variety this podcast has to offer. It never gets dull.
  • Anna_B_
    My desert island podcast
    Given its variety and consistent quality, if I could listen to only one podcast, I would choose Snap Judgement. For sheer scope and artistry, I don't believe you can beat it. It's varied enough that if one segment isn't your favorite, you can be sure that the next one will be something totally new. And the host is fantastic.
  • SunnyDaze4035
    Don’t think about guessing the ending
    The journey that Snap takes you on, we’ll it never ends up where you expect to be dropped off.
  • PidgeAlmighty25
    Love it, very unique and interesting stories. I don’t enjoy the weird stories in the beginning of the episodes, I always fast forward. They are just too over the top for me
  • Santa fe Jack
    Stale as bread
    You’re running out of good stories. You were my 1st podcast and I’m losing interest. Yuk
  • J-Quelynn
    Intimate. Telling. Captivating.
    Thank you thank you thank you Glen Washington and the rest of the Snap team for telling the stories everyone wants to hear but they never knew so until they do. For telling the stories dying to be told. For connecting people around the world with stories so thoughtfully articulated that I get chills 9 times out of 10. I love your podcast and I’m so grateful I turned on NPR (I never listen to NPR) and sat in my car for twenty minutes catching a glimpse into this Snap world. I’ll never stop listening ❤️
  • marialerivas
    The Scientist and the Psychopath
    The interview between Dr. James Fallon and Julia Dewitt was very interesting and illuminating in terms of psychopaths and their nature. While psychopaths tend to always be associated with serial killers, it is not a rule, and one can be a psychopath with going on a killing spree. This interview is catered to anyone who wants to listen to it, as it gives clear information and is quite easy to understand. They explain all terms and the situation with simplicity to allow individuals to understand more clearly. I found that this was quite an interesting and truthful story, because i have watched a lot of shows about psychology and profiling of criminals, i understand the confusion with categorizing psychopaths. You never truly know who within your peers is a psychopath, and their lack of criminal record does not mean they do not exhibit psychopathic behavior. It is giving up to dat information, explaining an individual’s personal experience and how he had the same neurological pattern as psychopaths, but did not truly believe it until he had talked with his family and friends, and they all agreed with the diagnosis. I found this incredibly entertaining and interesting, especially the part where he states that his nice guy act is all for show, but he finds it exhausting. As such, he is still performing psychopathic behavior, and manipulating others’ opinions of him for his own personal gain and self-interest. However, its a bit weird that as a professor of psychology and human behavior, he is not able to try to make a positive and genuine change, despite psychopathy not being curable.
  • Bressiabo
    The Scientist and the Psychopath
    This episode was very interesting to me. As someone who finds sociopathy and psychopathy to be very fascinating, this really provided insight on how little we really know and how truly common it can be. Someone so ordinary can easily be psycopathic but no one would really think about that but it's right in front of them. This podcast is not catered to any specific audience which is why I think it's very good. It can be understood by anyone going from Academic teachers to students to anyone enjoying the series for the stories and fun.
  • Iva Bigbotom
    practically perfect in every way.
    this show is from my point of you basically perfect. I can’t wait till the next show downloads. I love the music that plays along with the stories it really helps heighten the drama or humor of the stories being told. The people sharing their stories on here comes from all walks of life and have really interesting and amazing life stories to share. i’ve already finished this weeks episode and I am already Jones in for the next installment. I also do really love the Halloween related scary stories that they put on last year even though I had to listen to them with the lights on so that I wouldn’t freak out.
  • redrockersrule
    Latest episode
    Was about a narc...stick to your scary stories and your wonder why this show is suffering...
  • -izukus
    The Scientist and the Psychopath —ARA
    While listening to this podcast and thinking over the words, I couldn’t help but be surprised that an ordinary person, someone whose a husband, whose a doctor nonetheless was psychopathic. It really put a whole twist on the old phrase of ‘not everything is what it seems.’ It seemed to be centered towards everyone and no one at the same time. Surely, we are not looking to see who or who cannot be a psychopath in our daily lives but hearing how People function with it and how even people can somewhat live normal lives gives the human mind a sense of comfort that ‘Oh, if I have this then I’m not dangerous.’ I don’t think it’s the case of having something that is led to being dangerous, more so it is what we do with ourselves. James Fallon brought his own brother to a cave where he could have been killed however he did warn him not to touch the ground (though it doesn’t excuse his lack of care for quite literally bringing his own flesh and blood into a death trap). I believe the information is up to date—to a very certain extent. Of course, as of the present, we can’t have a sure conclusion that every person with psychopathy turns out to be a murderer or simply a non-caring person who goes through life like Dr.James Fallon does. It was very interesting, at least to me. Hearing him talk about it and his experiences sucked me into it. Human beings are often interested by things that they assure themselves can never happen to them or by things they already have believed are happening to them. In my case, it’s both. Sometimes I feel like caring and acting nice is exhausting yet other times I am ready to give encouragement and heartfelt words to a friend in need. It is entertaining because it makes the brain wonder and it makes the brain think. Being a writer also has its perks as I find the podcast interesting and it leads me to wonder about making a character or even a book based around Psychopathy. I’m giving it four stars only because it was so interesting to hear. I was drawn into it and felt immersed in hearing more. Thank you for having us listen to it!
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