The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous


Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel serves up simple, painless ways to upgrade your eating habits. Before you know it, you'll be eating healthier and feeling more fabulous!

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  • Casey22596
    Reading straight from Wikipedia?
    Literally sounds like the entire podcast is scripted/read from Wikipedia. She lists facts (credible source, unknown) every single podcast. And Ads. Ads. Ads. A new sponsor every episode. Would give no stars if I could. Probably the worst podcast I have listened to
  • lavy 016
    I am not sure the episode providing info on glucose syrup is correct
    The host mentions that the source of sugar doesn’t matter and only the amount matters, well I am a food science professional and it’s well known in the industry that added sugars definitely is more harmful than natural or raw form of sugar. And hence FDA has come up with regulations on declaring added sugars on the nutrition facts so the consumer knows how much of the sugar is added as a form of processing and how much is naturally sourced. The source of sugar is definitely one of the considerations which should be taken into account while studying the effects of sugar on human body. Please provide accurate information as listeners do consider this podcast as source of info not very easily available. Thanks
  • AEC2416
    Good content but too many long ads.
    I would love to keep listening, but can’t handle the amount of ads.
  • KirstiLouise
    Crisp, clear, concise, and helpful
    Just started listening to this podcast and am already at least 30 episodes in. I love how short and concise they are, while still providing lots of facts and statistics.
  • KL1313
    Too much discussion of sponsorship
    I listened to what was an 8-minute episode. During those 8-minutes, she talked about 3 separate ways to spend money in ways benefitting the show. That’s excessive for 8-minutes....the content was maybe 4.5-minutes.
  • Dan331
    Love these bite-sized, easy-to-understand nutrition tips! Concise and useful!
  • sarahbrockway
    Great podcast!
    This podcast is so interesting, and there are soo many episodes to choose from. Sometimes I’ll listen to 3-4 at a time. Great for those who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, or at the very least motivating.
  • Toto321
    Way too many ads
    I’ve listened for years and still do. Useful content-comprehensive yet economical in terms of time. But over the years the ADS!!! Too much time spent on ads that are too long for such a short podcast. 8 minute podcast, almost 4 minutes of ads? Tighten that up, bruh.
  • Clarisse Gomez
    Awesome Podcast!!!
    Monica, host of The Nutrition Diva podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • SusanNealYoga
    Improve your health and weight
    Great podcast that give tips to improve your eating habits. The podcasts are nice and short so the host gets right to the point.
  • Tkd_Gal
    I’m going to pass
    The information is interesting. While I understand the need for revenue through advertisements, it is annoying that 1) they interrupt already brief podcasts and 2) of the several I listened to, it is odd that none of her advertisers were healthy food makers. I really don’t care that Monica bought a Burberry sweater through one of the advertisers! Not worth subscribing to at all.
  • Sweetpeaomine
    At least half of the podcast is advertising. No thanks! The information provided in the podcast is useful, but the benefit of tiny nuggets of knowledge imbedded in huge amounts of advertising is not worth my time.
  • jeanindc
    Its more than half ads
  • Scoe.
    Science based
    Most nutritional gurus just make stuff up. The scientific reality is that we really don’t know much about what’s good for you and what’s not even though 7 billion people are eating every day. Monica cuts through the latest science and debunks the myths. She takes the opposite approach of most overly confident, overly simplistic nutritionalists. Monica takes a nuanced view with a robust interpretation of the entire realm of science Many reviewer‘s have complained about excessive ads. I just fast forward through them. You get what you pay for and ads pay for it. My biggest complaint is that after 500 episodes, the topics often are rather obscure now. If you were a new listener, I’d recommend you go back and start from the beginning
  • podcastlistener2012
    Well researched, balanced advice
    Excellent content that is well researched. Monica provides lots of practical advice on how to eat healthily while still living a balanced life. There are definitely too many adds, but I still enjoy listening because the quality of the content is so good.
  • Nikki.DP
    Way too many advertisements
    Way too many advertisements especially for such a small amount of podcast time. I also don’t support the dairy industry sponsor due to their detriment on the earth and inflammatory effects it has on the body. Doesn’t seem to fit with a nutritional podcast.
  • beeniboi3
    It’s good
    I’m liking it so far especially because I have ADHD
  • Lidgame
    Half of the time is ADs
    I understand ads are needed for the great information to continue. But half of the podcast time is too much. Lost patient
  • Parx617
    Ruined by So Many Ads
    The content is solid and the delivery is interesting, but the number of ads makes this just about unlistenable.
  • Tela Lynn
    Less Promotion More Content
    Of a 10 minute podcast majority was promoting products 👎🏻
  • Bphil86
    Too Many Ads
    I like the content but she pushes too Many products
  • OrganicForLife
    Cutting Edge
    What you get from this podcast is not current cutting-edge science. That science is dramatically changing how people think about how our bodies work and what we can do to influence successful working of our body long pass star sell by date. You don’t find that information in this podcast. So if you have a health problem you are trying to deal with keep looking. What you need may be out there.
  • maggie4nc
    Waaaaay too many ads
    Content is really interesting but to be interrupted by ads all the time is annoying. Really ruins the whole podcast. Can’t listen anymore.
  • carleyh96
    Too many ads
    Interesting podcast and great info but the ads kind of ruin it for me. She stops in the middle of talking about something and before she answers the question she goes on about random products with promo codes.
  • W Tucker
    So Refreshing
    I love that the stereotypical answers are not accepted as true. You continue to hear the same answers and pretty soon you believe them. Supplements are a topic which not many people will tell you that you don't need. Thank goodness someone is not deluded and brain washed to thinking that we all need supplements to be healthy.
  • Laswagerty
    Interesting info
    Thank you for taking the time to inform me about nutritional facts. I’m confused when it comes down to nutritional science and you break nutrition down and share the most information tips I should know. Thanks.
  • abc123abby
    Great podcast but too many commercials now
    Great show too many ads now
  • lil'Orphan Annie
    Very informative and an easy listen!
    Very informative and an easy listen!
  • Don from IL
    Short and sweet
    I really like the powerful advice the host offers in a short timespan. Most of the episodes have concepts I can use in daily life. Great education.
  • Crisamar
    I wish I could say it’s unbiased
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for more than 5 years. I like Monica’s voice and I get some information on nutrition. However, I wish it’s not too slanted one way or the other. She quotes research but only to a point that supports what I think she supports. Nonetheless, she’s entertaining because within episode to episode, it focuses on a single specific nutrient. Just don’t always count on it for overall healthy nutrition that actually favors decreasing disease and living longer. You’d have to come to that conclusion yourself by supplementing your research reading reliable sources online.
  • Mark in Philadelphia
    Great Advice
    This is a great podcast for anyone trying to eat and live better. Monica does a great job of bringing research to us in plain english. Thanks for all you do.
    An incredibly rich resource for learning all about nutrition, health, foods, diet. SHE REALLY IS SMART. Monica tackles the science, fads, and trends, and then delivers info in a really relatable, clear way. I take her on all my long bike rides and I have learned a ton about obscure foods and healthy ways of eating.
  • Adam Jack
    Great information
    Great information, well researched & presented.
  • JLBaugh
    No nonsense
    Thanks for providing a straight forward info session on nutrition! I am a Dietetics student and appreciate this so much!
  • Greermolata
    Factual Diet Info
    I love ‘The Nutrition Diva’ podcast for its research based content and ability to clarify food studies and diet trends. I’m a chef and always looking for solid nutritional insights to help me cook and eat more healthfully.
  • still tri-ing
    Realistic advice
    Monica has a great voice for radio and great advice for everyday eaters! Not a "foodies" podcast or a podcast tailored to the "nutrition obsessed." She gives quick, easy to understand, practical advice. She doesn't waiver back and forth based on what's new and hot. You can go back and listen to the early episodes (10 years ago!) and it will be the same advice she's giving today. She doesn't plug one way of eating over another, except eating a variety of vegetables and reducing "junk." I always know I can count on her to give realistic advice on all the "nutrition" trends coming our way.
  • AnitraSmith
    One of my favorites
    Monica is engaging and succinct. She presents scientific research into diet and nutrition in a very approachable way. Even when I don’t have time to listen to long-form podcasts, I can always carve out 10 minutes to learn more about health and nutrition.
  • Running_Lisa
    Learned a lot
    QuickAndDirtyTips is helpful for any number of reasons, especially in making the infromation easily understandable!
  • Musikiscool
    Love the quick tips while on the go
    Love the quick tips. Monica takes big nutrition trends and turns them into easy listening
  • ukiddin
    sick and tired of her
    I have been listening to her for a number of years. At the beginning I was existed. By now, however, she has become like a nagging voice that give you information like a sigar rush, but leaves you with empty calories. Speaking of sugar.... She did a podcast on sugar and wow was she just annoying. A similar and much better podcast on sugar, was a Freakonomics one. To me, that was the biggest crack in my own wall of famdom towards the diva. In the end...she's like a coke like it at first, and then you leave full ...of gas. Good luck farting after listening to her podcast.
  • ladielex
    Quick and easy
    I’ve been listening for about 1 yr. These podcasts have helped me formulate the verbiage to help my clients reach their nutritional/health goals. It’s one thing to have book knowledge but it’s another to be able to verbalize what you know... this podcast does both in a quick easy format!
  • Dark matter developer
    One of the best
    Great audio quality and excellent speaking skills. Bar far one of the most sane advice that people can take actions on.
  • Extremely Dissappointed 22
    Absolutley Ridiculous
    Gives advice for how to find grain fed beef from non-feedlot sources??? Why would any nutrition expert recommend grain fed beef over grass fed when the science clearly supports grass fed as a healthier option? Inflammatory disease promoted by high omega-6 content in grain-fed animals is plaguing public health. Not to mention how environmentally irresponsible raising mass amounts of corn to support the demand is. I'm not a vegan, I eat meat. I just don't appreciate someone claiming to be an expert spreading misinformation. I wonder what organization is influencing the content of this show?
  • cfflick67
    Great review of today's nutrition deluge
    With so much information out there and with much of it conflicting, this podcast is a life line for those who want to eat better but are drowning in a sea of propaganda!
  • Saphire146
    Good advice
    Yay for evidence based reasonable advice!
  • Tarrant69
    Great information in bite-sized pieces
    After years of podcasting, Monica still manages to keep her episodes under 10 minutes each, which is just the right amount for a quick hit of nutrition information. My favorite aspect of Monica's discussions is her fair, equitable, level-headed, unbiased assessment of the scientific literature. Also, her diction is amazing (I guess because of her training as a singer)!
  • Salamandy24
    Some good info
    I get some good info from these episodes, but take it with a grain of salt. She seems to rely on the old "tried and true" of what the FDA recommends. Doesn't seem like she stays up to date on modern nutrition recommendations. She's also a little pretentious, but I try to look past that.
  • Beck-a-moe
    Great podcast
    Her voice is soothing. She backs up her recommendations with science but explains it in a way that is easy to understand and keeps it interesting.
  • Dianedc2016
    Keep doing and informing as you do! I read so much about nutrition, etc but find you to be my "go-to" of sensibility! Thank you! I wait every week anxiously to hear from you and I listen to your past podcasts, too!
  • moreyla
    Quick and Packed with Good Advice
    I love this Podcast. Its Quick, Its informative, Its Practical and its from a Professional who know her stuff. I like Monica's style.
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