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Wanna see a trick? Give us any topic and we can tie it back to the economy. At Planet Money, we explore the forces that shape our lives and bring you along for the ride. Don't just understand the economy – understand the world.Wanna go deeper? Subscribe to Planet Money+ and get sponsor-free episodes of Planet Money, The Indicator, and Planet Money Summer School. Plus access to bonus content. It's a new way to support the show you love. Learn more at

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  • kjoiuytghnnbvfgb
    Too short
    These usually are not even usually twice as long as the daily version
  • drbulis
    Vacation Episode
    The vacation episode on Planet money is why I stopped supporting NPR and PBS broadcasting, The vacation episode is less factual and more opionionated . Of course RACISM is the reason why no guaranteed vacation/health insurance/pensions in United States, white people did not want people of color to have any benefits. so whites choose not to pursue guaranteed vacations. Totally garbage, so many NPR/PBS views are about racism, equity etc, Skip the facts, just state opinions. What about Obama care federal regulations regarding healthcare.
  • i-10Scooby
    Pay Wall For Mediocre Episodes???
    The last 3 years has been a downhill slide and I just saw they started putting up a paywall for any worthwhile episodes. When this show started they covered very interesting and useful topics on finance and the economy. By 2019 that turned into “How many pickles did the US export last year?” kind of episode and lower quality informative episodes on the economy. Now it’s all poor quality episodes, and they charge for mediocre episodes that are lower quality information than the free episodes 5 years ago!
  • Konodokid
    You know it a decent podcast
    A podcast you could listen to if you want to
  • Taytat213
    Sierra Gonzales
    Her voice is so annoying. Her going on about how she had so much vacation and decided not to take it is super privileged and a lot of people would kill for time off but work in places that don’t allow it.
  • AmiFidel
    Erika Beras please stop the vocal fry
    The Planet Money team needs to do something about this awful Kim Kardashian speech pattern from Erika Beras at the end of phrases. It’s very annoying and distracting. It seems that “vocal fry” is a disease that's spreading throughout female reporters. Intervention, someone?
  • Macs for Everyone!
    Right wing ignoramus Davidson destroyed the show
    Ultra-arrogant and rude Adam Davidson should have been fired by NPR immediately after his atrociously bad interview of Elizabeth Warren in May 2009. He violated many of the core principles of journalism by repeatedly ridiculing a much smarter woman whose briefcase he has not yet earned the right to carry. Shame on NPR for continuing its anti-consumer, anti-small-business, pro-monopoly, pro-megacorporation biases of 2001-2008 into 2009. Paper Club episode in 2023 was another kind of awful. Pretending to be very open but instead entirely focused on a narrow niche of women economists obsessed with discrimination against women in the workplace and with too much workplace discussion about limitations of mothers, but they themselves practiced and reinforced that obsession, and they even bizarrely re-interpreted discrimination against fathers to instead be discrimination against mothers!
  • AlexaHollenIsAwesome
    planet money paper club
    PLEASE continue the paper club i love this!! would be cool to explore many areas through the pay it forward recommendation chain :)
  • Classics Nerd
    Sara Gonzalez... Ugh
    Her voice is so annoying! Must she accentuate every word with a Spanish accent? It’s totally fine if you have an accent. But she goes back and forth from accent to no accent and it sounds really fake and like she is trying too hard. That episode where she said ‘cilantro’ honestly sounded like a nail on the chalkboard. But otherwise love the show! I learn a lot.
  • lex566777
    No longer one of my top podcasts
    Use to listen all the time because the shows seems incredibly relevant but now the shows seem almost pointless and don’t seem to offer what they once did.
  • Sahilzzz
    Great information
    Highly recommend
  • tophcov
    Super, thanks for sharing!
  • That nerdy kid
    planet money is the best
    Whoever said that dumb comment about mothers knowing more should realize that that is just the average. If a father is the person who the Family wants to be called, the school should listen and call the father instead of just going against what the parents said, and calling the wrong person. Also, interviews like that can be quite bias!!!
  • ngarre
    Who you gonna call?
    Have you watched video of interviewer asking parents questions about their school age kids in front of the kids? I understand why schools call mothers. Mothers knew everything. Fathers were embarrassingly clueless about name of school, grade, names of elementary school teachers, best friends.
  • _The_Prince
    5 stars
    Very informative, within short episodes!
  • LostInOklahoma
    My wish
    I’d like a button for the word “the” I’m tired of typing it in search boxes. Keep up the great work!
  • Horton McKinney
    Garbage now
    You’re ignoring the real world now. You have terrible guests that only cover unfounded theories. Go back to true money issues not nice theoretical ideas you wish were true.
  • Sillyvalley
    Must-listen show
    Great story telling that balances principles, and sometimes math, with entertainment. I particularly like their goofy “experiments”. How many “econ” (or other scholarly sounding) reporters are willing to set themselves up as “extreme newbie” tradesmen and tradeswomen just to prove a point? Hauling Christmas trees from tree farm to New York streets, and losing their shirts in the process (if wages are in the cost)? Who doesn’t like an econ radio superhero, with actual comic book and merch to boot? And my new favorite (my teen daughter’s, too), the astounding success of Planet Money Records. Yes, Planet Money has its own record label! Look them up in your favorite music app if you haven’t. Search “Inflation” - yes, this is an econ label no less. Or search Earnest Jackson. Inflation (the song) is super catchy. The inflation Jackson sang about was the talk of the nation - after the oil crisis that was, not your 2021-2023 flavor. Haven’t heard of Reagan? Look it up!
  • mel876458
    Great podcast!
    Great podcast on economics.
  • Jaykro
    So crazy to hear a podcast publish an uncritical episode about using randomized control trials for international development. Hardly a word about all the criticism this approach has received for its questionable ethics. And are we really still citing the well debunked deworming study that was proven to have relied on bad data? Irresponsible journalism.
  • Truth Aficianado
    Just listened to episode on discount window. 100% propaganda. Fed sycophant hosts euphorically praise bailouts for the rich, while ignoring resulting inflation, cost of living crisis, and permanent debt serfdom for everyone else. Defund NPR
  • c.hristovski
    Sometimes they are great
    Sometimes they are not… really depends on when they allow opposing views. Don't be afraid to skip some to get to the good ones.
  • quoth0
    Sigh… finally breaking up with Planet Money
    This used to be my favorite podcast, but unfortunately the last few years have seen it go way downhill. With the last episode making the outrageous claim that corporate profiteering is the cause of inflation… I think I’m finally going to pull the plug and unsubscribe. Did you guys ever consider that a key reason corporations were *able* to raise prices post-pandemic is the huge amount of stimulus money poured into peoples’ pockets? If you did, you didn’t bother to mention it anywhere in the episode. Corporations have always charged as much as they can get away with, and stimulus is obviously at least one of the reasons (likely the only reason) they could get away with more. No serious economist would completely ignore this fact, but of course they tracked down the one goofball who does and interviewed them. The level of bias reminds me of the inflation bogeyman episode on the Indicator a couple years ago, a complete propaganda piece which portrayed inflation as an imaginary monster under the bed. That sure aged well! Unfortunately Planet Money has now stooped to the same level. 👋
  • Bettie Bloodshed
    Shame on you for hawking ai. It’s not going to rebuild the middle class it’s just going to take jobs
  • Zydkihevg
    Completely One-Sided
    This is not journalism. It’s propaganda. The most insulting part is that it’s American tax dollars that are funding it. That needs to stop.
  • Andrew4444
    Amazing Show
    The latest episode on corporate profits contribution to inflation was top tier.
  • L C Kelly
    Detailed But One-Sided
    Like most NPR content, it’s going be detailed and helpful. It will get into the details…at least the few details that NPR thinks will make their point. But sadly, air time always focuses on the side NPR likes and dissent/competing views get a cursory head nod with 1 or 2 overly simplified, straw-man points from the host. Rarely do we hear from an articulate competing interviewee. And as usual, the leftist view, whatever the topic, always gets the final word.
  • wow_way
    Suggestion: KISS
    Money is simple. Planet Money should be too. The podcast team often comes up with great topics to cover, then fails to provide data to fully back up the claim. If you want me to invest money with you, lay out the details of the project AND the data that shows how you will hit your targets. I’m super interested in most of the topics they cover, so have been listening for a few years but finally got tired of listening to multiple podcasts in a row that had zero evidence to actually back up what they were claiming. But it seems that while Planet Money is still able to come up with great topics, they only get input from a couple of people (I’d suggest a more diverse group), and can’t provide the facts needed to back up the claim. If you claim, you need to back up the claim by showing it disproportionately affects X group of people, AND show the results of the data that backs this up. Don’t stop at a certain group is more impacted, keep going. Show me the data as to how this is affecting X group, and how it proves the claim laid out at the beginning. I’d not I’ll just dismiss this as potential fake, incomplete, or just plain junk. Money is simple. Let’s treatPlanet Money to the same standards and require they prove out what they want.
  • Sweatpants00
    Great but stick to objective storytelling not pushin fringe pods afflicted w/identity OCD&narcissism
    This was a great podcast and still is at times, but you have to filter the content. Half of the content seems to be promoting other podcasts; one of which is the daily podcast The Indicator which is similar to Planet Money. All the others seem to attempt to milk white or euro racism from a stone. up. Just because something affects demographics disproportionately to population does not make it racist or even incorrect. This is basic logic. Anyone with an IQ over 75 and not a sellout will say as much. I LOOOOOVE evaluating seeming minutia or every aspect of life for merit and value. But doing it to fit a narrative instead of finding truth, justice, a good story, and/or a better way isn’t journalism and certainly is what good people do to improve the world. It’s what politicians and opportunists do. This is why I don’t believe the anti-racist set want racism to end. They love the content. Heck, they mine the past and present incessantly to find whatever they can and club society over the head with it. And if there’s nothing there in the moment, just make it up. And I gotta say/type, I couldn’t make it through the Puerto Rican beach episode. The smug attitude of the narrator was bordering on cultist. I was 6 minutes in and she’d barely moved the story. She’s too busy trying to sound like a poet (while actually sounding like a 15 year old blazed out of her mind) and every word is dripping with pompous arrogance. At one point she condescendingly craps on the English-speaking audience saying “it doesn’t sound as pretty in English. Nothing does.” Who says that stuff? I’ll tell you who. A high 15 year old deeeeeeply in love with herself. Everything in her orbit: The Best. Everything outside: Gross, Dumb, Stupid-dumb-stupid-idiot butt, and probably evil. Where are NPR creators “educated”? Who challenges them intellectually? Arrested development due to pseudo education + idea fracking + quality production = new NPR podcast promoted on flagship pods.
  • Dj Hiruz
    Kinda woke, dont like too much
    The podcast has good and bad episodes. Some episodes are way to woke and cringe and annoying. I dont appreciate theyre trying to help people. There are better podcast out there.
  • Big Blue Fish Stick
    A shell of its former self
    I really really used to look forward to new Planet Money episodes, but there has been a noticeable change to the program’s direction. I want to hear Planet Money content. I don’t want Planet Money to be used as a vessel to prop up struggling podcasts. Please reconsider the new direction and let go of what’s not working.
  • lrhhrl
    Had to leave…
    The final NPR podcast worth listening to is finally no longer even worth that…
  • mspassell
    466575 stars!!!!
    I am usually terrified/uncomfortable/nauseous to talk about money, but a spoonful of Planet Money makes the inflation go down in the most delightful way. That’s the power of great storytelling. Love their TikTok!
  • I’m sick of it too
    Hard pass
    Race Bait much? The blatant left leaning bias often skews their material. They turn most issues into findings of oppression. It’s almost like they start with a point of view and then build a narrative though far flung ‘evidence’ to support it.
  • mikeymcdangerface
    Unapologetically Overproduced
    On the surface this show seems very interesting. After you listen to a few episodes, it starts to seem hollow. you start to realize the meat of the content are very short, kinda dry interview clips. These are then taken and dolled up with a ton of (admittedly very good) production value and narration. Take a recent episode; A very short and dry economics interview about inflation from a couple of boring professors was dolled up into a narrative tale about a longtime friendship and a potential falling out over one of them rejecting a long held theory. Spoiler alert: they did not have the falling out. A giant nothing-burger. For better or worse the narrating overpowers the actual subject matter in most episodes.
  • Modlibrep
    Pretty good podcast minus the occasional hot garbage episode
    Normally this podcast is pretty good, but they love to throw in a random garbage podcast like the last tax code switch podcast. That episode had big enough holes in it to drive a train through. Although there have been issues in the past like redlining, the podcast alluded to the assumption that all disparities in outcome somehow meant discrimination. Just because a tax policy has a larger effect on one group of people doesn’t mean it was designed to get that group or discriminates against that group of people. Please do better.
  • Lejron Brames
    Great show
    I think it does a great job explaining economics and I’m only 10 years old and they make it so easy for me. I think that this is the best economic show.
  • Chutababa
    Karen Chee is amazing!
    Karen is so funny. Best guest host.
  • berliner1000
    still the best podcast around
    Consistently good. And such an upbeat energy.
  • Sunshine on my shoulders...
    HBO Max is *not* the same thing as HBO
    Great podcast! Regarding the March 2023 episode on why TV streaming services are pulling shows from their platforms: To clarify, “Made for Love” is an HBO Max show, *not* an HBO show - it’s not in the company of the HBO pantheon of shows like “The Sopranos”, “The Wire”, “True Detective”, “True Blood”, “Succession, etc. Yes, there is a (big) difference. HBO Max has an entirely different creative team from HBO. HBO (the linear pay TV channel we all know and love) is available via HBO Max (the way it was via HBO Go and HBO Now before) - but it is a distinct brand from HBO Max and has a distinct slate from “HBO Max Originals”. Hope this helps!
  • amogus is susssss
    Planet Money
    My favorite podcast ever!
  • really super duper good
  • Estorm08
    It’s gotten a little too cheesy
    I used to love this one. Ever since the new crew took over it’s gotten a little too cheesy to handle.
  • Kdog23thebeast
    Who knew economics was fun?
    Oh my goodness…it’s the best. I never loose interest, there’s something knew every week, it’s so great!!!
  • lovely little kitten💕
    Stop bullying planet money. It’s so rude like if you wanna leave a comment like that don’t if you want to show something that you don’t like do that, but you have to do it in a mean way like don’t say planet money is trash not okay. stop
  • Robsells
    Losing interest quick
    A month of no uploads. Except of course if you are willing to pay $5.99 a month! Listened everyday for at least a year but the stories are becoming more summarized news segments with musical interludes. Rather than informative and educational journalism. Not to mention what I already mentioned about forcing people to pay if you want to listen. (I say force because at this point there is no other option or hasn’t been for a month+).
  • Nickname737282777
    A good show, but….
    I love the topics and the storytelling aspects of Planet Money. If I had my way, I’d listen to it every day. However, one thing that just grates on my nerves is the… halting… narrative... style… of… the.. . presenters. Especially the female ones. It’s really irritating. And I’m not sure why they do it, because if you listen to them in the interviews, they don’t speak like that. Hopefully, it’s just a fad and will pass soon.
  • j_theG
    Great content and different ways to think about the world
    Love learning about the economic forces that drive headlines and current events
  • Jrointhecity
    The coolest thing ever I love it it’s just so cool.
  • 000000010100101001000
    Planet money musical?
    Used to love this podcast and listened for years. Now it feels like every episode has singing and unnecessary musical bits that turn me away from sticking around to listen to the informative parts.
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