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Become a champion for your family in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee! Every episode of the Focus on the Family Christian podcast helps you confidently guide your loved ones through the unique challenges faced by today’s Christian families. With over 40 years of trusted, compassionate stories of redemption, hosts Jim Daly and John Fuller connect you to biblically sound marriage and parenting help that is relatable, practical, and interesting. Listen/Learn/Apply/ThriveInChrist!

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  • narwal alexa
    A breath of fresh air
    Jim and his amazing guests provide incredible insight, inspiration, and hope to parents like me. Love the practical, actionable advice they offer to help us parent from a place of love rather than frustration and fear.
  • plerb52
    Essential listening
    This program gives good tips on the life we live. How to make it richer and more rewarding and good perspectives from people who have gone through struggles like we have or might in the future and how they prevailed through them.
  • Kwoodard58
    Great topics to listen while running
    I usually enjoy 2-3 podcasts each week while on my weekly long training run. The topics vary but are always informative, inspiring and/or entertaining. And from a Christian perspective. Thanks for all you do to build up and protect the family in today’s caustic culture!
  • Mattie424
    Unfortunate Guest
    I grew up with Focus on the Family and have so much respect for their work, but having Heidi St. John on a guest was irresponsible. She’s well spoken and sounds like she’s saying all the right things about moms with some Christianity sprinkled in. However, given her broader social media posts, this should disqualify her from coming on. She’s very specific about her beliefs in terms of politics and COVID and if you aren’t in absolute agreement with her, she openly chastises believers who are listening stating that they cannot possibly be Christians. This are strong and discouraging words to be put out there to people that she does not know. It also doesn’t help bring people to Jesus. I disagree with her on a number of issues, some of which she has repeatedly stated indicate that I’m not a believer. That is simply not true. She’s now running for Congress against a Congresswoman who is a rockstar when it comes to advocating for moms, especially during and after pregnancy. I wish Focus on the Family would be a bit more careful about who they bring on. They run the risk of leading their flock astray.
  • Sarajl
    Great resource
    Always valuable resource supporting the family.
  • Shañg D.
    Real Hope
    I love FOF, this podcast has been helpful with my marriage and my relationship with other believers. Thank you for all the staff. Keep working for God's kingdom.
  • supermom8903
    Wonderful guests
    I really love the inspirational guests FOF has on their show! Especially thank you for having Melanie Shankle on! I like her style and her insight on marriage, she is so relatable thanks for introducing her, I will be buying her book!
  • rosemfam
    Great encouragement for moms
    As a mom of 4 I find it hard to take the time to stop and learn. This podcast makes it easy to listen as your cooking or cleaning. So much truth from God’s word and in simple to understand ways. Thank you guys!!!
  • Ummy111
    I listen everyday
    This show is always a great encouragement. There is something for everyone. Their ministry is doing great work!
  • Julia Miller 1991
    Great Speakers
    Great speakers! I’m a loyal listener of Focus on the Family! Thank you all so much. One thing that would make the episodes better would be if the host stoped interrupting the speakers so much(( or adding on to what they’re saying while they’re still talking- its disrespectful to the speaker (breaks their train of thought) and annoying to the listeners. Thank you!
  • Green rsnger 2018
    Amazing podcast
    Please make a lot more podcast that would help other people who are having a problem with their life and their marriage is not going well and will need to get more special guests and will need to get and Dave Ramsey from Financial peace to explain the truth about money and learning about how to save money and they should make more podcast about life money and should get Pastor Rigo Figueredo From Nest Church to preach about the lord and he love us all please try getting those people to talk on Focus on the Family
  • drivenH33
    Thank You
    Thanks for all you do Focus on the Family. Great podcasts and a wide range of topics that give me insight, perspective and ways to improve myself.
  • EricaJGH
    They cover EVERY essential topic!
  • Kaitdelyn
    Life changer
    This podcast helped save my marriage. I haven’t been married long, but I was looking at my marriage with such a negative perspective. This podcast has included such simple reminders and beneficial lessons that I have been able to implement into my life. I have listened to every episode while I am at work. I can’t thank you enough!
  • Diggsdan
    Thank you
    Thank you for your interview with Dr. Shelby Steele. As a minority and person of color, I found that discussion to be insightful and powerful.
  • Sowintheseeds6
    Thank you for this interview!
    Our family is colorful and it has always bothered me that people put the expectations on us that our children with darker skin should be raised as victims of the society they live in.. I hate that! My beautiful children will be raised to know God created them on purpose for a purpose just like every one of His beautiful children! I know there will always be people in this world who are unkind but that is not my kids problem! We can pray for God to work in that persons heart and move on! We must raise our kids to be over comers not victims no matter what they look like on the outside!
  • Papa Bear Family
    Agree 110%. Thank you for the interview, I always felt this way but did not know how to put it into words. The interview express’ my feelings perfectly.
  • 101100111000111100001111100000
    God isn’t real sorry losers
  • Bleeeep!
    Manipulating Respect
    First of all, thank you for your support of unborn babies and mission to end abortion. The reason for my low rating: I am just ONE of the many women who has been left struggling with heavy guilt and burden based upon an ‘unintentionally emotionally abusive’ marriage AND the teachings/supporters of the ‘theories’ of authors/guests such as Emerson Eggerich and Shaunti Feldhahn. I trusted Focus on the Family and took the ‘advice’ of these guests (and Focus’ support of them) very seriously. Sadly, after hearing these broadcasts multiple times in recent years, I tried even harder to be ‘that good and respectful wife’ described by these authors. However, my heart continued to be damaged and wrecked even more and I nearly lost all of my own dignity in the process. (Praise God for leading me to awesome Christian counseling!) Jesus would NEVER teach that a woman should worship her husband all under the facade of ‘this kind of respect’ (actually, it is emotional ABUSE). That is called idolatry and it is manipulating the daughters of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ right inside His church. It is controlling and NOT loving. To the leadership of Focus on the Family, please do not hide behind pride; please be humble and please listen to the voice of Jesus. My prayer is that Focus on the Family would recognize the damage and apologize to women. Humility is beautiful! Please stop misguiding husbands by supporting these harmful teachings that do NOT reflect the true heart of JESUS.
  • mistercameron
    So Very Disappointed
    I’ve listened to this podcast on and off for years. In recent times, though, it seems Focus on the Family has gone off the deep end. It seems they only represent a very specific Christianity - very conservative MAGA Republican, white evangelicals. The interview with Sen. Hawley is an insult to injury. There’s no room for voices outside of these, and that makes me so very disappointed. You’re either one one mind with them, or you’re wrong. How did it come to that?
  • Angela Moran
    So helpful
    FOF podcast is one of the podcasts I look forward to listening to daily. And with this extremely progressive world we are living’s nice to get sage wisdom and advice based on real Christian and biblical principles. Thank you for being brave daily.
  • lacey987654
    Love this podcast
    Please keep producing more podcasts like the one of Sen. Hawley. This is so important for families to understand.
  • sorSetzer
    I probably listened to this podcast every day, and loved the content I was hearing. Unfortunately I was discharged when they had to do an episode on the Covid-19 vaccine. I didn’t feel like it was necessary for them to even get on that topic, but then the had to justify the use of aborted babies in vaccines. (You can find all of this info on their website as well) I felt so heavy listening to any of their podcasts after this. I discovered James Dobson’s family talk though and have been listening them.
  • Lily's Papa
    Sen. Lankford
    Unfortunately Sen. Lankford is now in the minority and our country is now in control of people who want to “sit down and shut up” and don’t believe all people are the same in the eyes of God
  • LagunaGirl78
    Always helpful!
    Listening to FOF has really helped me as a wife, mother, and child of God. I always learn something useful!
  • LeeLee from Louisiana
    Such an Inspiration
    I love this PodCast! Such a wonderful source of inspiration!
  • Levi Weickson
    Love it
    I used to listen to all of the podcasts Because you are encouraging me from your podcasts and to do what it is right for me. Thank you.
  • tjane559
    Love the podcast
    So encouraging especially when you need something positive to hear and lift your spirits love this podcast ❤️
  • Elvie Ati
    My weekday companion
    I used to listen in the car on the way to work. Glad they have a podcast which I can access anytime. I learn so much and grow as a person and become closer to God through this program.
  • Cadilacgirl
    Love it!
    I’m so glad to have discovered the app. Now I can listen to Focus anytime!!
  • Joyful in Jesus
    Weary of Waiting
    It’s great to have Jean Daly join the program. I just wish Jim would not keep interrupting her or many others on the program.
  • DJslove
    LOVE this podcast!
    I'm listening this almost every day, but I can't completely agree about COVID vaccine... We need to be more careful.
  • Aleshia8486
    Gravely concerned and disappointed
    I can honestly say after this recent episode about the covid vax that I will never support or recommend this organization to anyone. Why is one innocent murdered life justified because the cell line replicated over and over for these “medical miracles”. One life is ONE TOO MANY. And by the way it took over 70 aborted babies to get to the cell line used today. Maybe they should do their research. I would also like to point out that mRNA technology is not harmless and there are doctors and scientists that have come out to express concerns about this technology and the inflammation to the immune system it can create. Scientists will openly admit they do NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND HOW THE IMMUNE SYSTEM WORKS. Yet here we are playing God and messing with it. Gravely disappointed and concerned about this organization and where it’s apparently headed. Who paid them off? No abortion is ever okay in any situation. There is no “greater good”. Shame on Focus on the Family
  • Let's think this through
    Wow! I’ve been a Focus subscriber/listener for years and always look forward to hearing about relevant topics such as Christian living, marriage, and parenting. Medical advice, however, is not something I expect to hear from your podcast. I tried to listen to today’s broadcast about the new Covid-19 vaccines with an open mind, but it came off to me as a propaganda piece. I suggest that the Focus on the Family podcast stays in the lane of Family and not delve into the world of guilting people into “loving their neighbor” by taking the vaccine.
  • ScamSpotter101
    Yes, definitely recommended!
    I love listening to these podcasts. They are so inspiring. And so many AMAZING and TRUTHFUL stories, that bring me to tears. Also, these stories teach you lessons that will IMPACT your life and LEAD YOU TOWARDS GOD!
  • This Wife's Life
    An encouraging boost
    I discovered this app recently and what an encouragement it has been. I wake up many mornings and I’m so tired but I turn this on as I get ready for my day and it just makes me feel like there’s hope. Who doesn’t need more hope?! I am so thankful for the blessing of this podcast and this ministry. It’s been a God send.
  • PSM95
    a man called Norman
    thanks for teaching us to love like Christ
  • KJLovesJesus
    Relationships 101
    I love listening to Focus on the Family! I’ve learned so much that I can apply to all of my relationships. It is encouraging to my faith and I am thankful for all that you do!
  • SchoolMom16
    Awesome way to start my day!
    I love starting my day with the FOTF podcasts every morning! I listen while doing my Bible study and journaling my prayers. Always so insightful and filled with practical advice from people who do not come across as “holier than thou”, but as real, flawed people just like you and me!
  • southbeaches
    This is a great God based show on many challenging topics.
    Many in your family will enjoy these shows. Plan on regularly listening. But the podcasts today do not have to turn up the speed of talking so fast the human brain can’t focus. Please think about your listeners.
  • solt fam
    Excellent Relevant Content
    Loving and leading your family doesn’t come without challenges. Focus on the Family provides resources and encouragement to do it better.
  • Djz2341
    Great shows
    We are listening with the Apple podcast. Great topics to help with everyday items such as home, spouse, kids, etc
  • miker2687
    I like yours focus on the family lives me up in a day
    And it gets me out of my zone
  • American fighter
    Can’t get enough
    Inspirational, hopeful, and everlasting
  • JEM2003
    Wonderful how they’re not afraid to support our President despite everyone else despising him.
    Good clean content that continues to help motivate and support issues that are so important to the family, marriage, financial issues, pro-life issues and more! Thanks for giving us the chance to hear something other than doom and gloom and can actually help make things better!
  • Babsigal
    Encouraging for all walks of life
    I have been listening with my family on the radio since childhood and have continued to tune in as an adult. These podcasts have helped shape who I am. Thank you!
  • shrt22y
    My daily bread
    I have been listening for years, these wise words and faith based authors have helped me with marriage, parenting and so many other relationship. So thankful for this podcast.
  • dowilke
    Your broadcast are inspiring and motivating in many ways to lead me back to getting into God’s word so thanks for that.
  • Gratewhite
    A Blessing From God!!!
    I feel blessed to listen each day to lessons that are given to me by this Ministry! God Bless Focus on The Family!
  • Twyla Sexy
    Better all around thanks to this show!
    Listening to Focus on the Family has helped improve me spiritually, emotionally and relationally. Even episodes that I start thinking “this won’t apply to me” still end up affecting me. God is definitely working through this show!
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