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Become a champion for your family in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee! Every episode of the Focus on the Family Christian podcast helps you confidently guide your loved ones through the unique challenges faced by today’s Christian families. With over 40 years of trusted, compassionate stories of redemption, hosts Jim Daly and John Fuller connect you to biblically sound marriage and parenting help that is relatable, practical, and interesting. Listen/Learn/Apply/ThriveInChrist!

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  • Random person 10000
    The Absolute Best!
    I have listened to this program since I was born (literally). I have always loved hearing the stories of wisdom and advice even from such a young age. I honestly believe that it has helped shape me into the Christ-follower I am today. Anytime I need to hear something that is uplifting, convicting, and motivating all at the same time, I find an episode on Focus on the Family! I am so grateful for their ministry and what they have to offer!
  • Reisdeit
    Steady Stream of Good Advice
    I’m a long time listener, and the steady stream of good ideas and advice is very helpful for me to keep up a positive mindset about me, my family, and our future.
  • Sean & Collette
    Couldn’t do it without them!
    We have been regularly following Focus for over 20 years and have found them to be incredibly helpful in raising our family and helping build our marriage with a strong foundation. We are so thankful for everyone on the Focus on The Family team!!!
  • Jesusfollower9
    Family improvement
    I appreciate the humor at times and the honesty to help marriages and raising kids. Also learning about church community. Wonderful Christian help.
  • Onebighappyfamilynow
    Daily vibe
    I listen daily. It really get my day started the right way.
  • Tina-Louise Wallace
    Such a great addition to all collections!
    I have been a long time subscriber now of the focus on the family podcasts and I subscribe to quite a few podcasts related to positive parenting and parenting in general and the Focus on the Family Parenting podcasts are some of my favorite!!! There are always great topics that can relate to a lot of families. There are also great guests that are always appreciated for great insight. I also love the resources which are on their website as well as the printed copies which they always share for minimum donations that can be affordable for anyone, they are also great resources all around and I am so grateful for the amazing team at focus. Thank you!!
  • tmyers1
    Good broadcast. Too wiling to blame men for everything that goes wrong in a marriage, family, etc.
    I grew up listening to Focus. Jim Dobson was/is a great man. The program is still fantastic, but Jim Daily seems all too willing to blame men for everything that is wrong in families, marriages, and with children. As an example, in the lead up to one of the recent episodes he stated (paraphrased), "I like dad supporters. When we mess up so much, it's nice to hear a supporter." By itself this is pretty mild, but I don't recall any recent episode that focused specifically on marriage or parenting where Mr. Daily did not say something like that. It's indicative of his mind set, and unfortunately may also be indicative of his approach to counseling. This is not the Focus of my childhood. UPDATE: Tried the show again. Once againJin Daily doesn’t seem to be able to get past his own life experience. He still blames men for all the different in marriage. It’s hard to counsel those in need when you yourself need counseling and can’t let go of your own baggage.
  • anniehendx
    They overuse gender stereotypes (probably for click bait) instead of speaking to their listeners as humans who share the same, basic needs. Both genders have a need for love AND respect. Both genders have sexual needs. Both genders have emotional needs. Both genders find can fulfillment in their careers. Both genders find fulfillment can find fulfillment within the home. So instead of listening to these folks, I encourage you to research the works of the Gottman institute. They give wise relationship advice and offer a more balanced presentation of what a healthy partnership looks like. And as a future warning, if you ever see someone advertising a book/podcast/etc. that implies women’s needs are different from men’s, steer clear of it and look for more balanced advice. It’s always best to ASK your partner what he/she needs, rather than assuming they have needs that are stereotypical for their gender. Peace and God’s blessings ✌️❤️
    Eye opening.
    Thank you for these great and inspirational podcast. Very eye opening to how I should raise my 3 kids.
  • Sean38538
    Amazing Message
    You should listen to this podcast
  • annesquivel
    For your voice it’s very calming
  • octoberskies123
    Love this podcast!
    This podcast is so wonderful! I’ve learned so much just by listening to one in the shower, or while I exercise! Love it so much! Thank you, Focus on the Family for Biblical, practical teaching! ❤️
  • perfect as i am
    Garbage info
    Please don’t listen to this
  • Carlee Kimrey
    Helpful, Biblical and inspiring
    We live Focus. We utilize the family and marriage podcasts regularly to coach others as well as feed ourselves. This is a great organization!
  • firstplacehero
    Just what the Lord ordered
    Thank you so much for this podcast. Me and my family have been so blessed by each episode. It has really opened my eyes to what God has for his people if we just trust in him.
  • DaneKata
    Daily life saver.
    Sometimes this show just brings me right back when I start to fall away.
  • MikeJamesHewitt
    Focus on the family has given so much hope to our marriage and my family family. Keep up the work! Highly recommend the Daily Citizen section of Focus on the Family as well.
  • jilljillg
    Love this podcast
    I grew up listening to this show because my mom listened. I love the old replays of Patsy Clairmont, Florence Littaeur and Corrie Tin Boom. Now I’m a faithful listener and supporter. As the seasons of my life change, not every show is applicable to my life but I still listen because you never know who God will bring to your path that needs to hear. Keep being faithful Focus! Thank you!
  • BigNetV
    Evil Evangelicals
    Focus on the Family is a fraud. The leaders from top to bottom supported and continue to advocate for Donald John Trump. Their argument…no human being is perfect. Jesus Christ commands us is not to be hearers only but doers of His Word. Jesus Christ stated, Be holy because I am holy. I have one word for the entire leadership team…REPENT and stop mocking God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Bible. PS. AMERICA is NOT FREEDOM It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. - Galatians 5:1 DEMOCRACY is NOT the GOSPEL And the gospel must first be preached to all nations. -Mark 13:10 The US Flag is NOT the CROSS They made him jealous with their foreign gods and angered him with their detestable idols. -Deuteronomy 32:16 The US CONSTITUTION is NOT the BIBLE For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes ofthe heart. -Hebrews 4:12 Are evangelicals evil? Is their conduct motivated by agape love? How can you love your neighbor while supporting a person that causes hate, strife, and division? You may dupe some but you can never dupe Jesus Christ.
  • Bible Star
    Best ever please keep up God’s good work.
    Thank you!
  • lillyanne12-
    Love it
    Love this episode
  • Bexaida
    Resiliency is probably the most important character trait to developing a healthy and thriving adult
    I love the personal examples and the biblical standpoint. I am so thankful that they talk about the hard issues especially in a world that is trying to foster entitlement and feeling based society that cannot handle challenges, hearing this is a powerful affirmation! Bex Buzzie
  • Polo@29
    My Daily toolbox
    I am so thankful for Focus and their daily podcast. Each podcast is always filled with tools that I can apply daily to better my family.
  • Give Grace 2022
    Disappointed with some of the interviews
    Love the podcast, feel like some of the interviews only bring one side of the story. Not the love Jesus Christ being spread as much as political agenda.
  • Mimi00190
    Daily Dose of Encouragement & Inspiration
    I want to thank Focus on the family for all that they do. All the resources they provide, particularly the podcasts, have been instrumental in my life. The inspiring stories, words of encouragement, and biblical wisdom they share have helped me though very difficult moments. I continue to learn and grow in my faith and I am better because of it. Thank you!
  • Gizelle Mack
    Lacking Woman’s Perspective as Podcast Host
    I just listened to the Breaking Free of Eating Habits episode and recently listened to the 2 parts of Saying What You Want To Say and while the content of what the guests shared was super practical and helpful, it was painful to hear the host not fully grasp the difficulty many people (especially women) have with eating to cope with emotional stress. While many women deal with shame of this it would have been beneficial to have a woman hosting or co-hosting this episode and be able to ask better questions than the host to densely was trying to grasp the concept. I appreciate this topic and content I just wanted to offer that it could be helpful in the future to have a woman host or co-host this podcast. (I am also a new listener so if you already have a woman host that I just haven’t heard yet then please just consider who would be a helpful host in the future when topics potentially relate more to women)
  • MJRoop
    Thank You Focus in the Family
    I am so very grateful for the sound Biblical teaching of Focus on the Family. I have utilized so many of the things I have learned. It has strengthened my faith journey and my family. I am eternally grateful for this ministry.
  • Caden🏀🏀
    I listen to this podcast all the time. Love the Bible based teaching on a variety of topics. Thank you for all you do !
  • Christinew1559
    Great information and resources
  • SoniaDPQ
    Great resource!
    I appreciate the important topics that Focus on the Family tackles. They come at the right time and are a great resource!
  • Aviatorbill
    Will not support a ministry forcing medical mandates
    Greatly saddened to hear a ministry forcing a medical mandate. Not only because it goes against your medical and personal freedom, but the vaccine has aborted fetal cells within it. Will no longer listen to anything produced by Focused on the Family or their affiliates.
  • A Hole In the Sky
    Vaccine mandates
    A Christian broadcast that is forcing vaccine mandates on its employees? You lost a donor and a listener.
  • elusivegardensiren
    Mandates: Unfollowing and stopping donations
    If this company does NOT have the discernment to see and fight demonically-inspired, replacing-YHWY pharmaceutical companies to force citizens to put it in their bodies as walking guinea pigs… then your wheat has been sifted. Read Daniel. Read Revelation. You are helping the movement that IS ushering in the global government—and if your spiritual eyes are not open to that then you’re a sleeping bridesmaid. Good luck standing against the mandates against worshiping Jehovah.
  • Lili529
    Love it
    Great podcast! They talk about everything. It’s so insightful and give you tools for daily living.
  • Minerva momma
    LOVE, Highly recommend!
    This podcast came to me exactly when I needed it, God knew. He has used this podcast to speak to me on more than one about on topics I was dealing with in my own personal life/home. I listen to it every day & I have learned so much. God bless the ministry. 💚🙏🏽
  • rmarmolejos8
    The love of Jesus
    I love this podcast. It really focus on the family.
  • MIchael M600
    Love this Podcast
    I enjoy this podcast so much I listen to it almost every day when I’m going to the gym or driving around it’s always encouraging thank you Focus on the Family.
  • crazyplantlady55
    Exceptional quality podcasts
    Focus on the family only gets better in presenting relevant and helpful information on family, social and faith topics in a very relatable way. The guests are credible and present a well informed and balanced perspective from a genuinely Christian perspective. I’m so grateful for the way I’ve been shaped in my thinking and appreciate the role that Focus on the Family has in shaping and preserving families in our culture. Highly recommend this podcast!
  • Levi Weickson
    Love it
    Can you please subscribe me none of the marriage broadcasts for me please? Thank you
  • SusannaEOB1
    Truth in love
    I fully appreciate the humility and strength that Jim Daly and John Fuller approach some VERY sensitive topics, I have to say I NEED this podcast daily. Thank you all!
  • narwal alexa
    A breath of fresh air
    Jim and his amazing guests provide incredible insight, inspiration, and hope to parents like me. Love the practical, actionable advice they offer to help us parent from a place of love rather than frustration and fear.
  • plerb52
    Essential listening
    This program gives good tips on the life we live. How to make it richer and more rewarding and good perspectives from people who have gone through struggles like we have or might in the future and how they prevailed through them.
  • Kwoodard58
    Great topics to listen while running
    I usually enjoy 2-3 podcasts each week while on my weekly long training run. The topics vary but are always informative, inspiring and/or entertaining. And from a Christian perspective. Thanks for all you do to build up and protect the family in today’s caustic culture!
  • Mattie424
    Unfortunate Guest
    I grew up with Focus on the Family and have so much respect for their work, but having Heidi St. John on a guest was irresponsible. She’s well spoken and sounds like she’s saying all the right things about moms with some Christianity sprinkled in. However, given her broader social media posts, this should disqualify her from coming on. She’s very specific about her beliefs in terms of politics and COVID and if you aren’t in absolute agreement with her, she openly chastises believers who are listening stating that they cannot possibly be Christians. This are strong and discouraging words to be put out there to people that she does not know. It also doesn’t help bring people to Jesus. I disagree with her on a number of issues, some of which she has repeatedly stated indicate that I’m not a believer. That is simply not true. She’s now running for Congress against a Congresswoman who is a rockstar when it comes to advocating for moms, especially during and after pregnancy. I wish Focus on the Family would be a bit more careful about who they bring on. They run the risk of leading their flock astray.
  • Sarajl
    Great resource
    Always valuable resource supporting the family.
  • Shañg D.
    Real Hope
    I love FOF, this podcast has been helpful with my marriage and my relationship with other believers. Thank you for all the staff. Keep working for God's kingdom.
  • supermom8903
    Wonderful guests
    I really love the inspirational guests FOF has on their show! Especially thank you for having Melanie Shankle on! I like her style and her insight on marriage, she is so relatable thanks for introducing her, I will be buying her book!
  • chesterchelsea
    Pain is inevitable
    Thank-you for bringing Steve Arterburn on. He has taught me so much through following New Life Ministry. Pain does lead to healing and it can lead us to trust God. Thank-you for bringing on a guest who can relate and help those of us who have been through the heart wrenching process of divorce.
  • rosemfam
    Great encouragement for moms
    As a mom of 4 I find it hard to take the time to stop and learn. This podcast makes it easy to listen as your cooking or cleaning. So much truth from God’s word and in simple to understand ways. Thank you guys!!!
  • Ummy111
    I listen everyday
    This show is always a great encouragement. There is something for everyone. Their ministry is doing great work!
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