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Enjoy Andrew's teachings on the go with the new Andrew Wommack Recorded Live podcasts (formerly Gospel Truth Radio podcasts). You can now look forward to weekly, hour-long podcasts instead of fifteen-minute segments on weekdays. Taken from past Gospel Truth Conferences and other live events, you'll enjoy Andrew's humor and personality—in ways that you might not typically experience them on his studio broadcasts—while building yourself up in the Word. Subscribe to have your library of grace-based teachings automatically updated as they become available—tune in to the Word today!

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  • €¥£€¥£££
    Really speaks to me
  • ggfjfggi CNN lg ok g
    Please and thanks
  • Jesus' jen
    Deeper REVELATION!!
    I get never ending deep revelation to better my life with regard to God’s word. My Supernatural thank you goes out to The Lord Jesus, Andrew and his team.
  • Ducking Trucking
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    I’m an over the road trucker for the last 11 years This is my calling. Some people will understand some won’t. But a couple days ago my boyfriend sent me Brother Andrews link to his pod cast. Personal, I have never heard of him before. And at that moment I was seriously struggling through my faith. And out of no where, on a long day journey traveling through back roads Iowa. Yes it’s gorgeous but pretty uneventful, never the less. I was getting seriously tired and already sucked down my last wind and I was a little over an hour from stopping for the night. While boyfriend was on his other call he had to take, I was definitely feeling the day ending. So I started the link to his Pod cast and stated on episode 6 of God wants you to succeed. His very words brought me back life made me understand what I had recently had to deal with, it was perfect timing from God, most definitely. After that episode, I felt alive again. I’m so thankful for Brother Andrews voice to spread Gods message for me through this episode.
  • WUKFA Master
    I had an encounter with God in November of 2020 where I told God there had to be more to my relationship with him than what I was living. Right after I spoke that out loud within a few seconds, Andrew’s name popped in my mind. I had watched him once a couple years ago and turned him off because I didn’t care for his style but almost instantly his name came to mind and holy crap has my life gotten better. I now listened to Andrew daily, sometimes 2-3 hours a day. My lighting fast mind doesn’t pick things up quickly but as I just keep listening, my mind and life keep changing for the better. Amazing. There’s too much to say. Thank you Andrew.
  • Woundnurse72
    Life changing
    My life has changed after listening to this podcast and taking courses at Charis Bible college. I have been delivered from a lot of stuff. But most importantly it has given me revelation of who God truly is and who I am in Christ. I will never be the same!
  • 555 jmh
    Really appreciate that you speak God’s truth and not what may make one ‘comfortable’ in their sin. Your voice is so calming, sincere, and welcoming. Your humor is awesome. It’s not to get or keep attn, it’s just based on real facts. Thank you so very much for your podcasts.
  • kd11111112
    Just Listen
    Just listen. You will shake your head and be astonished on what the Bible says and what your church teaches maybe totally opposite.
  • CherDelice2
    Life-Changing for a Life-long Christian!
    It was that perfect storm of knowing there was so much more as told by Jesus Himself, but not experiencing the victory on a daily basis! Then Holy Spirit led me to Andrew’s “A Better Way to Pray” and “Spirit, Soul, and Body”! I have experienced 4 healings in the last 6 months alone where I threw OUT meds! My “attain-ability” growth has been exponential! My JOY off the chain! Andrew Wommack is on repeat constantly for me! So so grateful!
  • Ephraim Taylor
    Thank you
    I’m very grateful for a man of God speaking truth with authority. Thank you so much. Your life and what you have learned and are now sharing is propelling me forward so I can lead my family and those God has put around me. Thanks again
  • Allegience to the Lamb
    What a life changer
    This ministry has completely changed my life it’s truth that works not just head knowledge but has grown the capacity of my heart to believe for all God has made available through His beautiful Son JesusBlessings to all
  • Cinnymon
    Ive never been more dedicated to one Podcast. Truly my Every morning knowledge and understanding to start my day. My praise and worship follows right after! Thank you Pastor Wommack.
  • faithworks12
    Pastor DaRan Johnson
    I want to thank you guys for inviting the world into your ministry and changing our world and life..
  • Paula @Prosperity🏡Mng.
    Thank God for this ministry!
    I listen everyday! I have so much to learn. Relearning everything anew. I have been thought the wrong thing my whole life. Thankful to God for this ministry.
  • A_saling
    Light in the world
    Love to hear Andrew preach the word! He just wakes my spirit up
  • RickJ50
    The Trurh
    Andrew teaches the truth!!! Best teacher I have ever listened too. Only truth.
  • 1Cyou
    Consistent truth
    This podcast is full of consistent truth based on the Word of God. Uncompromising and full of love!!
  • EC Clark
    Makes it easy!
    I just enjoy the simplicity of the deliverance of Mr. Wommack’s lessons. He has opened my heart to the full love and grace of God through these teachings! I don’t miss an episode and share them with others!
  • NOWi'mLivingInTheGood
    EXPERIENCE freedom from sin and enjoy the "Glorious liberty of the children of God!!!" I had been a Christian for quite a while...but was usually discouraged- VERY aware of my sin. I "knew" God loved me (after all, He sent Jesus to die for my sins)...but in my heart I really felt he was upset & angry with me. I was unhappy with myself, because of my sin and lack of love for God and people. Through Andrew Wommack's teachings from radio & TV, my level of REALLY knowing God's love for me has grown tremendously! My personal experience of peace, joy and faith likewise have grown so much. And finally, now that I have truly come to understand that God's acceptance of me is NOT based on my performance, but on Christ's perfect life and on his death and resurrection, I obey and love Him far more than I ever did when I was afraid He was mad at me. Learn in your heart what you already know in your head!
  • Kleimllc
    On point
    This man is a great tool in God’s arsenal to destroy religion. I love the clear and precise teaching of God’s without the deadly mix of pride or religion.
  • naftee
    I love Andrew Womack teachings!!!!!
  • jeremy compean
    True Revelation
    I adore Andrew Womack’s teachings. I have followed him for ten years now. The war is over series was a game changer for my walk with the Lord. He is one of a kind!! Authentic!!! We need more of what he brings!!!
  • pastordan888
    So refreshing to hear simple truths. Andrew has great compassion for people that is evident in his delivery and teaching.
  • Rosyscreation
    Andrew Womack
    Andrew has a way with teaching the word like no one else. I have learned so much from him. Great man of faith.
  • Gardener 2017
    You have truly been a blessing over the past 5-6 years! I can’t explain how alive and real the word of God has become. Applying it is always a challenge but you have given me tools to do so! Thank you!
  • Cindyz5
    Blessed for Andrew Wommack
    Feel amazinhly blessed for having Andrew as a bible teacher. Thank you Andrew for your great and transforming teachers.
  • Jerry Zhang, Ohio
    Andrew’s teaching a tremendous blessings to me!
    Highly recommended to any one! Life changing, inspirational!
  • Eddietn1538
    Best Christian podcast out there!
  • Irina another user of the app
    His preachings are pure truth and what all that everyone needs to hear
    Great preaching! God is with this man and what he teaches are the main points that are missed in churches
  • Canarybbb
    Teaches the Word, Word, Word
    I love Andrew's teaching. Someone said on here that he pulled one verses here and there and then taught false teaching, obviously they haven't listened much. I have downloaded a lot of Andrew's teachings from his website and he goes line by line and doesn't teach something he hasn't studied for a couple of years. I received some healing by listening to his teaching. Thank you Andrew.
  • LedbytheLord
    Anointed teacher of the Word
    I have been listening to Andrews programs and podcast for a few years now, and have been changed through the renewing of my mind to what the Bible says not religion. He has spent thousands of hours studying the Word. It shows...Now I am going to Charis Bible College! Thanks Andrew!
  • ConsultTheresa
    Spirit Filled!
    Andrew is a blessing to me and my family. His gift of interpretation blesses me and empowers me to be the best that God wants me to be. I have been listening and supporting him for years. Thank You Andrew.
  • WindRN2
    Powerfully AWESOME !!!
    Love the teachings, listen everyday
  • Pudgy's iStuff
    Andrew Wommack
    Amazing Teacher of God's Word.
  • GinjahG
    Always true and helpful!!!! Lines up with Word!!!
  • Nycd78
    The Spirit of God is in every word that Andrew Wommack speaks! My spirit has been renewed and transformed!
  • Rickste1
    Awesome Teacher
    Andrew is and awesome teacher....he really breaks down the scripture so you can understand the Bible and not feel guilty , but to truly understand the word Of God.
  • mark hagerstrom
    Totally a god sent
    So blessed to hear him preach and u wish it never stopped
  • DMB908
    Andrew Wommack podcasts
    This is the Gospel that Paul preached. Pure grace, pure truth that will transform and bless us all. Oh how can anyone not love the Lord Jesus if He is unveiled to us this way. Glory to God who gives without finding fault because of what Jesus has done. We ard truly blessed to hear Him reveal Himself in these teachings.
  • AlwaysAstudent
    Love this man of God!!!!
    As a student of the bible, I rarely hear a sermon that I don't find fault in.. But in over 50 sermons of his that I've heard, I agree with everything he says. We can never be good enough by our own deeds or actions, but Jesus came and made us good enough!! Grace is the only way! Grace is unmerited, undeserved favor.. So we walk in the favor of God. I don't get sick, and Gods power works through me, not because of me, but because of Him!! Praise God!! I'm thankful for solid teachers like Andrew Wommack!
  • SaraLee12
    Changed my life
    I had never heard someone teach about grace this way and his teachings have totally transformed my relationship with the Lord! I am no longer a Christian b/c I am scared to go to hell. I am a Christian b/c I LOVE the LORD!! :)
  • Rhonda C Haynes
    Andrew Wommack Ministry
    These teachings are a HUGE blessing to me! I listen daily and Gods word is transforming my mind :) proving his good & acceptable will. I'm very thankful for this ministry!
  • jalen woods
    Mrs. Wommack is a great man of God every since I've been listening to his teaching "You Are Already Healed" teachings and not having a sick mindset I have not been SICK!!! Bless God Glory to God I really do Love you Mrs. Wommack God bless you in abundance
  • Oriole7
    It goes to show you when you rightly divide this word of truth you can really take hold to his promises. I have not plainly understood grace like it is but mr Womack with his candid approach has allowed me tap into something I had but I thought it was lost but it has always been there the grace and love of. God thank you thank you and thank you
  • Forever healed
    Healed of cancer
    2 years ago I was told I only had 6 months to live. I have been healthy my entire life and this news nearly blew me away. I've always believed that God can heal, but not until I heard Andrews teachings on God has already healed you that my eyes were opened to the truth. I quit being fearful and claimed my healing through Christ. (1 Peter 2:24) it has been over 2 years and I am Totally healed feeling great!!
  • Hammie20
    Solid teaching
    Andrew teaches in a way I have never heard-o don't mean his accent! He is scripturally sound, black and white, and focuses on the truth.
  • StevenGM7
    Great teacher
    There is nothing to be confused with his teachings which are based on the scriptures. He also tells everyone that we might disagree on some points he says which never affects once salivation. I believe he is a man of God dedicated to spread the truth of Gospel.
  • Astevens95
    Life changing is right!
    Matthew 7:18. By their fruits you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles. I've heard plenty of criticism directed at this ministry and others preaching the grace message, but this verse has kept reminding me that I'm on the right tract. I listen to Andrew everyday and I am so in love with Jesus and other people now. I don't get angry like I used to. I've been delivered from tobacco without any withdrawals and have experienced healing in my body. The bible comes alive to me now, it is exciting.. If that's not fruit please tell me what is!
  • m34me
    Great teacher
    He shows you the things God wants for you, he uses the different letters to show how consistent Gods promises are. He is a great teacher and gives you a different way of seeing the Lord and how to stand on the word of God for deliverance.
  • Abidenhim4
    Not too sure where he learned to interprete the bible, but by grabbing a verse from one letter or book, and grabbing one verse from another, creates total confussion. By teaching that way, you can make the bible say almost anything? That's just what he does, stay far away from this man.
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