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Rachel Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Join her every weeknight as she provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders.

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  • Blakeheem
    Worst podcast ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He/She is the worst!!!!
  • IrenaD
    So informative
    Rachel is fantastic always so detailed and informative. And anyone who writes a bad review is obviously an ignorant Trump supporter who only watches propaganda TV and could care less about the truth and the facts.
  • SK Bryan
    I listen to the previous night’s episode each morning as I get ready for my day. The podcast helps reconcile the competing necessities of remaining moderately well-informed and remaining on top of my law school reading. The depth at which Maddow describes the controversies on which she reports has given me a greater understanding of U.S. politics. This greater understanding has helped me engage in clearer and more productive conversations with my family and colleagues. If you want to learn something new, keep up with current events, be entertained, and just have a friendly voice in your ears, this show’s for you.
  • the editibg queen
    Beautifully done
    Your truthful comments about the Fears that are playing with peoples lives, we’re well said! I have been saying that for months now. GETTING Vaccinated is not hard. Not WANTING to be Vaccinated is selfish.
  • Skyfields
    Please Curb sensation- Deliver facts
    Always have enjoyed Rachel’s willingness to step into the ring and present well researched and sometimes less known facts. In recent times her unapologetic direction towards sensational shows and sarcasm seems to reduce the power of her delivery. In general, media is getting a bad rap for that kind of presentation, as well as omission of facts. Concerned that sensational approach is likely to narrow the audience of people who are less well read that could benefit from broader information.
  • Galbandit
    Always well researched and reported. Expert guests and great storytelling. Thanks Rachel and team for keeping us informed. (The Dateline advertisements on the podcast version have to go! Creepy.)
  • B02@
    Michigan surge
    Personally I feel bad about Michigan’s problems, but they need to help themselves. They need to lock down. If the people do not want to wear masks and stay home, then they do not want to control the problem. Close the schools and the bars. I do not want to take vaccine from our state, where we are controlling the virus. That’s just wrong. Biden and his staff are doing the right thing.
  • Foamrubbermonsters
    Does Her Homework Better Than Anybody!
    Rachel dissects complex news stories into understandable language, while laying out a narrative timeline and sprinkling in pertinent history. With that foundation crafted she brings on a guest expert from a key position who brings the story to the current moment. Brilliantly done on a regular basis! My only quibble is beyond the show itself, to the advertisements from Dateline type “real murder as entertainment” shows. They are so gross they cheapen everything around them by association.
  • Christineabella
    Wanna be smart, listen to Rachel Maddow
    If you were going to cram the most intelligent, the wittiest, the most researched and the most brilliant person into what must be a cacophony of a dream team of a staff, all into one show. Rachel Maddow. Bar none. Hands-down. The best and the brightest.
  • iLas in Oki
    Episode 46
    Power and tech difficulties are nothing against Rachel’s team. I’m always a fan of people who recognize that, and Rachel recognized that.
  • user9837282993728923
  • JeReynAZ
    My favorite podcast!
    When Rachel speaks, she demonstrates master classes in journalism. Her ability to synthesize a wide variety of ever changing information and explain what is going on in layman’s terms is remarkable. She is brilliant, funny, and stands out among her peers as exceptional. Her guests are interesting and I would not want to miss a single episode. I am grateful to her.
  • AK Cortster
    Girls, not Women
    Please stop referring to trafficked teenagers as “young women.” They are girls.
  • Brokethemold
    Adventure Every Evening
    Rachel is a story teller for the ages. The way each episode unfolds is genius.
  • sodak34
    Your show on March 26th in my opinion was the best show you have ever done I was feeling so hopeless about the future of our country and what was happening in Georgia and other states Starting with the story about Tim Kane and moving to Sen Warnock you presented the seriousness of how precarious our democracy is at this time And then to show us what we can do as with the vaccinations when our better angels are in charge gave me hope and left me wondering what I can do to help I want to be like the freedom riders of the past and go to these states and register people to vote or give them rides to the polls or whatever As an 86 year old white woman there is probably not much but I can contribute what money time and energy I can and I will. How did we get here?? Power corrupts!! We must wake up Thank you for the in depth coverage of the news stories you cover Keep up the good work. Be well!!
  • Marilyn Marin
    Thank you TRMS Team 4 Voicing My Frustration!
    2night Rachel so eloquently articulated my ABSOLUTE FRUSTRATION w/ Senator Joe Manchin! 🤬Thank you Rachel for using your platform to shine the light on Joe Manchin & his self righteous nonsensical stance on governance. Ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️ his sooo frustrating I want to pull my hair out. I want the media to push on him more either just as eloquently as Rachel does or not. 🤞
  • OaklandReal
    Typically Great But Recently Weak
    With all the solid resources and thoughtful analysis typically available to RM, why spend an hour regurgitating collective ignorance around Boulder’s mass shooting? A ridiculous waste of time from a normally insightful source! We don’t need to hear how little is known, over and over.
  • voiceoftruth2020
    Truthful podcast
    Honest, factual, informative and educational podcast. I learn something new or understand what’s is going on when I listen to this podcast. It’s sad that there are some negative comments on this podcast. I wonder if these people realize how ignorant their review sounds. Voice of truth is stronger and will always be more powerful. Thank you
  • Rachel #1Fan!
    Addicted to watching Rachael at 9pm!She is always “on target”!!!
    Rachel is the Best investigative Reporter on TV!
  • Shaw3253
    The TRMS Team!
    Thank you! for saving our "DEMOCRACY," & congratulations Rachel, on becoming the "Top Show" in existence today! Your TEAM deserves the applaud but, EVERYONE KNOWS WHO IS THE QUARTERBACK!!! Don't burnout, please!!!
  • Sky hammer
    Investigative Reporting at its best.
    No wonder the most popular prime time news broadcast! Appreciate you leaving no stone unturned, Rachel. Don’t stop this hard work your team does for us.
  • Vote2018
    Thank You
    Thank you Rachel for all of your hard work!
  • Santa Cruz Senior
    Keep up the hard work!! You are amazing ❤️
  • FLJohn
    Great in-depth leftist perspective
    Rachel shares a great perspective on events and doesn’t sugar cost bad actions as if they are somehow acceptable or normal. Her perspective is definitely from a politically liberal lens, but unlike Carlson on Fox, Maddow’s claim’s seem to be well researched and rely on actual experts in relevant fields of interest to each story.
  • blefeve
  • gggggggggggggxyz
    I love you and thank you for your hard work!
  • hollymac07
    Completely biased, ignorant and unfocused on the American people. The stupidity hurts my brain. Sad.
  • Fouzayah
    Keeps us informed!
  • MSNBC cherry picking
    We needed an episode like this to demonstrate how bad red states are.
    We need start cleaning this mess up this scandalized situation witch is happening all over the country and in most red states.
  • Chilly999999
    The smartest woman in journalism.
    Russia was not a hoax! Ten potential crimes to pursue from the Mueller report alone. Don’t listen to the haters. She’s amazingly smart and talented and has a great team. She welcomes all to fact check her on everything and to bring anything to their attention if you find otw. Rachel has high integrity and she paints the whole picture for listeners to see. She is conveying information to motivate Americans to save our Democracy here and around the world in these times of great peril where authoritarian fascism is taking hold. Keep reporting Truth to Power Rachel. You’re providing an extremely valuable service.
  • Blue_girl95
    Rachel, Keep up the great work! Your reporting is awesome. Thank you for keeping people like me informed.
  • Sandy McP
    The Oath
    Why is Chuck Rosenberg’s podcast appearing as Rachel Maddow show recently instead of The Oath? Both are excellent and I subscribe to yet curiously ask why the change being downloaded to my library? Rachel is brilliant and great personna. Bravo to your investigative team. Never miss a show along w Lawrence O’Donnell. Much gratitude for your excellent reporting. Sandy McPartlon
  • Mr.Bob Dobalina
    Blue Anon conspiracy theorist
    Pushed Russia Hoax for 3 years. Just a vile ignorant human
  • big Rachel fan
    We wish it was Friday
    Hi Rachel, Today was Thursday just saying.
  • luluwolf.
    This guy
    Can’t decide who the better man is. Michelle Obama or Maddow
  • HeatherFromOregon
    A decade of brilliance
    I’ve been listening almost daily for the past 10+ years because TRMS is brilliant, consistent reporting that helps cut through the nonsense news and get to the heart of the matter. It helps me find clarity and I am reassured knowing I have a trustworthy source. Rachel herself is clearly thoughtful, curious, and well informed. Also funny! Don’t know how I would’ve made it through these last 4 years especially without her voice. Thank you!! All should listen!
  • anxiousnomo
    Smartest Woman on TV!
    Sit back and learn! The show’s Presentation is like a history lesson in a fun way. Rachel and her crew always have eye opening facts to share. And they are FACTS! Everything is researched and backed up with documents or sources unlike another show at the same time on another network that admits to being “Opinion” journalism. No thanks! I’ll take Rachel and the TRUTH any day! Keep it up! You’re great and we need you!
  • wenateiner
    You’re the most watched because you bring something different to the table
    ...and you have reverence for doing homework. I podcast your show and enjoy your show no less.
  • Frank The Great White Buffalo
    Why Rachel Maddow
    She spreads the truth. I love the way you explain the nuances in this messed up world NUMBER #1 In JANUARY & FEBRUARY HUZZAH 🎉 Soul Puddin’
  • MMH#1
    The Oath Podcast
    Chuck's interview with Adm. McRaven was superb. What a lesson in honesty, courage, and duty to country! I have listened to other eepodcasts on this show, and they are always thoughtful and inspiring. Thank you, Chuck Rosenbergwq r the app is extremely
    Two Bit Hack for the DNC
    I would rather go to the dentist than listen to this propaganda.
  • jgrenemyer
    Turn the volume down, please!
    Love the show. I have been listening for years. Unfortunately, I can’t listen as much or as long as I used to because even with my phone at lowest volume the show is too loud. I don’t have this problem with All In or The Last Word. Please, Rachel, ask a sound engineer to look into this.
  • CareBooo
    Paper Shuffle Drives Me Nuts
    Please, please, please mute the mic when moving to commercial. The aggressive paper shuffle drives me nuts and I hurry to mute before cue sound effects. I do appreciate the commentary and thoughtful conversation. The quality of sounds leaves something to be desired though.
  • Ej@2324
    History lesson
    I have enjoyed Rachel’s week day programs. I am 83 years old & some of her programs are like history lessons that wasn’t taught when I was in school. Would like to see more plus keep us updated on the ever changing fast daily news.
  • aj4060
    Everyday listen
    I love this podcast. I feel way more informed. I listen to this podcast everyday
  • Christian5732
    The Amy Klobushar Show
    I like Rachel but she is deep in Washington muck. Bring on the people who are the real progressive leaders.
  • CalvinCJG
    Uneducated Communist or Blatant Liar?
    Probably both. Horrible journalist and disgracefully dishonest.
  • DeNovo
    Very good! (But yes, twice)
    Rachel’s show is well-researched, opinionated, invariably entertaining and elucidating. Yes, you WILL hear much of what she has to say more than once... the price of admission. I fear. I pay it willingly; she’s the best!
  • Mdfw1995
    A Masterclass in Mediocrity
    Rachel Maddow used to be one of the most impressive liberal voices on MSBNC. I loved her show and tuned in every night, and if I couldn’t do that I listened to this podcast. That all changed when she decided (after being a key player in getting Trump elected) that it paid better to dabble in Russian conspiracy theories and hatred of Trump than it did to report real news. Maddow’s capitulation to the monster that is network ratings and her refusal to be anything other than a faux-liberal centrist is extremely disappointing. If you’re looking for real analysis of the day’s news, I suggest you look elsewhere because Maddow has nothing of import to say anymore.
  • LynnieRie
    “Repetitive” obviously needed
    You can safely ignore comments from “Repetitive” since he/she doesn’t know the difference between their/they’re/there. People don’t learn if they don’t listen, no matter how many times we try to tell them. We sane people (non-trumpsters) have learned this hard truth. You are a GREAT teacher, explaining thoroughly and in simple terms, so even “Repetitive” might grasp a concept. Ignore the trolls. They are outnumbered by millions who trust you and even love you, Rachel.
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