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Rachel Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Join her every weeknight as she provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders.

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  • OhPleaseComeOnNow
    Never Miss
    This is my favorite podcast, and definitely the best one out there. I especially appreciate it when I’m traveling and away from my TV, but I listen to it even when I’m home.
  • Kung Pow Kitty Ninja
    Honest and direct
    I love this show! R. M. Is AMAZING at what she does.
  • roll_cast
    North Idaho
    Not all Idahoans are ignorant Trumpsters. Many of us enjoy TRMS for the research and fact based criticisms and opinions offered on the show. Famous whitewater, not potatoes!
  • Rico006$
    I live in Idaho
    Full stop. Point made, stay in Idaho.
  • Amber warren
    I THOUGHT I WOULD GIVE YOU A TRY. To see your point of view. And you DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I live in Idaho, and I can get a test. My sister live lives and Utah. Her daughter went and got a test NO PROBLEM. Her daughter works next to a testing site and see it daily with long Lines DAILY. No problem getting testing. My other other sister lives in Louisiana AND GUESS WHAT SHE GOT TESTED ALONG WITH HER FAMILY NO PROBLEM. How tf can the NUMBER GO UP DAILY AUCH A HIGH AMOUNT DAILY IF THERE ARE NO TEST. You can have both. You can’t have no test available for people yet, we keep getting such high amount of covid testing positive! And yet, YOU SAID HOSPITALS ARE FULL WITH COVID PATIENTS SO GUESS WHAT THEY'RE TESTING PEOPLE! Stop blaming trump! HES DOING HIS JOB. STOP REPORTING FAKE NEWS! We’re testing, we can go get tested anywhere HELLO YOU ALL ARE THE ONES REPORTING THE “COVID19” CASES! But than turn around and say “no test” that doesn’t even make sense! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • A Lorax
    Rachel Maddow Podcast is broken
    What is going on with this Podcast?? A truncated “video” show is the only thing that is playing now. And there was nothing posted for Friday night, July 3rd. And there is no full audio podcast for Monday night, July 6. Bring back our Rachel!!!
  • Liberal BS
    Looks like all these years have taken a toll on Stephen Colbert
  • Earnest Fan
    Love it but...
    Episodes and dates are misaligned right now - July 2 nd show is playing as July 3 rd, incorrectly. Please fix so I don’t miss Friday July 3rd broadcast. Thank you!
  • simpkj1
    Please stop using ‘Obama Care’
    It called ‘The Affordable Care Act’. Using the malaprop ObamaCare likely makes it harder on Democrats to keep it going given the ire that the current admin feels for Barak Obama. It’s disparaging.
  • nativ3mom
    Maddow brings it all together
    Love and look forward to this show every night. Never imagined news especially political news being so interesting but the history Rachel brings into every show really keeps my attention until the very end. One of the best most truthful news sources there is.
  • twimdragon
    It is nearly impossible for me to describe how great Ms Maddow is as a host and a reporter. She uses her intelligence and education along with her style to dissect the stories of the time. She does not let anyone escape her scrutiny. Whoa is the person and or issue that earns the honor of being on the wrong side of right. She is fearless in her willingness to speak truth to power ask NBCUNIVERSAL. She was 100% correct in what she said and she is fully supported in our house. One could tell she was clearly nervous but she pushed ahead and made us all proud. I look forward to her show and am more than disappointed when she is not there. How dare she have a life. I mean seriously she needs time off. I do have a criticism of her and it is what appears to be her dismissiveness for the hosts of All in with Chris Hays. Mr Hays is excellent and perhaps it is unintentional on her part or it is just me. But it bugs me. She is clearly the best news caster/host/analyst on television.
  • SuccessibleSHE
    Best ever
    Setting current news in the historical context is pure brilliance, and super helpful. 10 Stars
  • Ragu1461
    Very informative
    I enjoy listening to Rachel and I’m always impressed of her grasp of the stories, and all the news of the day. She is usually ahead of the curve, and I commonly hear her reporting on issues well before other news outlets are even aware. Thank you Rachel! Great job!
  • Ggmgw
    Best journalist ever
    Rachel’s presentation of news is amazing. I can always count on her research for the truth and, if she does make a mistake, she owns up to it. She treats guests with respect and fairness. Bagman was one of my favorite podcast series.
  • rne3225
    Rachel is the best. She weaves a story around the news that is unsurpassed. She does meaningful stories that other news organizations pass over. I love her analysis and never miss her show
  • Certified Interpreter
    Rachel is brilliant
    In my home we never miss an episode on podcast... That said, we don’t enjoy listening to the man who sometimes substitutes for her. His reporting tends to be lackluster; he sounds like he’s merely reading from a script he didn’t write, with no emotional or intellectual engagement or connection to the material. When he’s on, we can’t usually make it all the way through the podcast, and just turn it off.
  • eskim0000
    Intelligence illuminated
    Rachel is one of the smartest journalists of our time. I really appreciate she painstakingly shine light on what’s going on in our political world. I pray for her safety and continued reporting on the truth! I love the podcast!
  • DunnyDay
    One of The Best News Reporters in History
    I have been watching TRMS Since 2018! Your information is ALWAYS on point and the way that you report the news is UNMATCHED. The Bag Man deserves it’s place in history as well. You’re the GOAT!!!!
  • Nonnie Anne
    Rachel, as usual, you are wonderful! Juneteenth is a Texas holiday as is Cinco de Mayo! It was the day that former slaves in Texas learned that they were freed. News used to take awhile to reach distant locations. I, as an Anglo bilingual educator and native Texan, learned of Juneteenth as a child! Cinco de Mayo was also first celebrated in Texas because the Mexican Officer, Zaragoza, whose army defeated the French at the Battle of Puebla, was born in Texas!
  • Dr. SP
    Educated, professional and overly Biased.
    Entertaining but not unbiased news.
  • Brooke Dee
    Amazing delivery everyday
    Racheal always delivers the news in a smart andStoic way. Both entertaining and jam packed with facts. She’s amazing!
  • Jorziix
    Smart. Podcat format suits.
    Rachel has always been a smart cookie. She does good research and knows her material. She can be repetitive, but not in the Trump administration, likely because there is a lot to cover every day. In the broadcast version, the ads are indeed execrably frequent; move to podcast, though, and they are far fewer. Also in podcast form, you can skip ahead when ads occur. MSNBC uses the same voice actor for all those ads, though, so you can skip ahead 15 or 30 seconds at a time, past her voice, and cut the annoyance way down.
  • Karoops cutmeoff
    Too many commercials
    Too many commercials.
  • Lucy Arciniega
    My best source.
    Few years back I was literally flipping through channels, her voice caught my attention. The way Rachel presents the information is impeccable. She is leading the way for future generations to learn that keeping the eyes on the facts not the noise can be the most difficult and important responsibility of their lifetime, she’s leading by example. I sincerely appreciate everything she does.
  • truth is power
    A#1 reporting
    If I could only choose 1 program to keep me informed about what is really happening it would be The Rachel Maddox Show hands down. Please continue to report what is really going on.
  • PeopleDontGetIt
    Rachel for facts!
    I am so glad the podcast exists because I am usually in bed by the time the show comes on (I work in an OR so have to get up early). I really wish our governor and head of health dept would have the same mindset as Rachel. He keeps saying it's because of the testing blitz which would NOT be the reason for increased hospitalizations. Our governor also went from opening slow to opening faster after you know who came for a visit. I agree with "peaceforus" that I think an ideal day would be having Rachel over to tell us the news while we all have a glass of wine.
  • Peaceforus
    Rachel is my happy place.
    If Rachel Maddow could just come over and explain the news to me nightly while petting my head and making me a drink I’d be in heaven. This is the next best things.
  • Andante'
    Thank You
  • soulfulblues
    My staple and Benchmark of News!
    Thank you for keeping me informed!!!
  • Nuncinator
    Don’t Shoot In Portland Oregon
    Hi Rachel, In Portland, Oregon, we are showing up in the hundred of thousands to rally for George Floyd and others who have been victims of police brutality. We need your help and support here. Teressa Railford has run for mayor and has run Don’t Shoot Pdx. She needs recognition for her efforts and Portland needs Teressa for mayor in the “Whitest City in America” where the militarized police have always run our city.
  • Troyky
    Vitamin commercials?
    What is this? Rush Limbaugh? The supplements advertising started this morning is ridiculous. I’m done with Rachel Maddow.
  • Rock7L
    6/0908/2020 Thank You for continuing the information on the pandemic and Black Lives Matter! I believe the pandemic is real, over 111,000 dead in America and climbing is not ok and with the protests ongoing it seemed like no one was covering it. Thank you for covering both.
  • Overcomer55♥️
    Keep the faith
    I have watched you for years. You have always been my go to for factual info on the issues of the day. Thank you for always having my back with the truth.
  • rebel43
    I am a staunch democrat and long term Maddow supporter, but more and more the lines between your condemnation of divisiveness and your use of it are becoming blurred...and it makes me heartbroken and sad. You have created an incredible platform. You have always talked about keeping the focus where it belongs, with the voices of the unheard but today’s show focused on the violence of the police (which only fuels righteous indignation on their part) and it is taking away from the pain of the people who are dying by their hands every day. It’s almost like glorifying the horror of the violence instead of elevating the pain of racism. There have been some incredibly moving displays of protest and actions to make a difference. We need to SEE examples of better if we are to do better. We need to see examples of of humble and honest efforts at reconciliation both individual and collective. We need to be actively setting the examples of reparations ourselves.
  • e-cooling
    But S. Schmidt? Really....?
  • ssaass121212
    Trust and excellence
    Thank you Ms. Maddow. You are a true patriot. Keep fighting the good fight and don’t forget to work in some self care.
  • raggy-doo
    Partisan tool my ass Kelsey foxnutjob .. TRUTH and nothing but..
    When someone files a motion, when someone files a response to a motion .. Rachel is there When NPR and BBC are reporting the obvious Rachel was there 2 weeks prior. Rachel starts every episode with a historic context and sometimes with the people directly involved in the news of the day, she starts with asking the question .. is there any thing that I have said in my summary of events that does not accurately describe the events of today? The people she has on offer perspective across multiple generations administrations both red and blue. She is disgusted and saddened by the current administration and I am too and anyone that is not disgusted is either asleep or does not understand how to figure out truth from fiction.. and here’s a big hint ... the biggest liar that ever lived .. he tells nothing but lies.
  • HugoRabson
    My hero
    Please keep doing what you’re doing.
  • Kelsey way
    Great partisan tool
    Even for a political commentator, the partisan vomit coming from her mouth is impressive... don’t forget to brush those teeth after you pull your head out of the toilet girl
  • B02@
    Civil war
    Rachel, He may be trying to start a civil war. That is why he mentioned the second amendment. He has proffered that more than once. He thinks he is going to lose the election. This is how he plans to stay in charge. He has Russian backing and probably some of our own military behind him. He may have brain washed the joint chief (he was in fatigues??). With Trump you have to prepare for the worst. He does not have to follow the law. Who will stop him. It’s just another law he does not believe he is subject to.
  • nigey&jack
    You Rock
    As a paramedic, I want to call attention to the first sign that George Floyd was dead. When he lost bladder control and the urine ran down under the police car toward the camera. That is when he died. That’s what happens when people die. When the paramedic and emt arrived on scene he had been dead for several minutes. Also the coroner report done by the county is a LIE!!!!! When you have two grown heavy adult males kneeling on your back you can not breath. The criminal with his knee on the neck was the final cherry on top of the murder. I have testified in federal investigations regarding police brutality. As a white middle aged lesbian, I am sick and tired of corrupt cops getting away with murder.
  • Sexy liberal 63
    Real journalist
    Thank you for showing the world what journalist really means
  • BSMyles
    Thank you!
    Thank you for your integrity!
  • Marilyn Marin
    A suggestion...
    Keep an eye on casinos in the next few weeks especially the tribal casinos opening up June 1st and in California’s case even earlier. Experts predict they will cause widespread outbreaks possibly worse than manufacturing plants. In CT experts predict 2 casinos will cause outbreaks throughout the entire Northeast!
  • LM#3
    North Carolina
    Love the coverage but you should know that NC is compiling nursing home and other congregate data. Check out the running update of data at the Raleigh News and Observer newspaper website. NC Dept of Public Health reports thorough data every day including ICU bed availability. We are not overloaded. Maybe dig deeper for your data on NC.
  • JeReynAZ
    Wish all Rachel’s shows wee “supersized”. They are that good
    I appreciate Rachel’s ability to synthesize so much ever changing information and provide understandable sessions. Her guests are varied and educational. This is my absolute favorite show.
  • thea
    The Best
    Rachel is always enabling me to understand issues on a deeper level. I really appreciate her wisdom and insights!
  • JennShen
    Piercing, and true
    Rachel is witty, passionate, observant and despite the sad situation of our government and pandemic, amazingly hopeful and inspirational. A news reporter who doesn’t spin, but uses her words to educate and call us to how we can have an active part in our world.
  • MartyM555
    Essential Listening
    Rachel is the one person I always try to listen to. Her coverage of essential segments of our current COVID-19 crisis goes far deeper than just the typical “trump* is terrible” rant. Her deep concern over the state of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities seems at times like a lone cry in the wilderness. The breadth of her coverage of the administration’s failings is crucial to trying to make sense of all of this. I look forward to the time when we can once again gain newfound knowledge due to her deep dives into historical events that twist and turn to tie into current events. Thank you, Rachel! I hope to be listening to you for many years to come.
  • Guy Har
    Great but the ads?
    Been a Maddow fan for over a decade, although she could refine her approach by fewer repetitive explanations pitched assuming her audience was more sophisticated. Also I’ll listen to a lot of ads but when that awful Chris Hayes comes on I yell into my phone and fast forward. Hayes should get “Matthewsed” post haste.
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