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Rachel Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Join her every weeknight as she provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders.

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  • sarae628
    Best show/ podcast !!
    Look forward to this podcast on the to work !
  • Abigail 82
    Adore Rachel!
    I love her dedication to truth, and her upbeat, energetic way of delivering it. Love the history lessons, the honesty, the professionalism, and the humanity. Love everything about this show! Except the ads. Wish there were a way to listen ad-free. I’d pay for it!
  • OMWestcott
    Facts can be hard and cold, but they’re still facts.
    Yes, truth may be tough to handle for some, but Maddow and her guests tell you nothing but facts every night on every show, always. Her research is impeccable, clean and precise, her delivery very much worthy of your attention. We love you Maddow for keeping us appraised in these mucky, troubled times.
  • Marshall Power
    This podcast is an absolute joke
  • laughing in utah
    Love Rachel
    I love Rachel but the Hoda and Jenna ads drive me crazy!! Please stop playing them.
  • Ben Cbus
    Trump trolls
    Trump trolls are the only reason this average isn’t 5 stars. Rachel is always at the top of her game.
  • B02@
    What lie? You did not give a single example? I think you are full of horse dung.
  • nicknamesaredumb1
    I love Rachel and have listened to her for years!! A trusted voice for sure!! Today Ali was doing the show and missed an opportunity, in my opinion, for a joke. He was talking about the new MAGA, again! (gagging just to type that) and saying people could just add exponent with a sharpie…should have followed with “we all know how much Trump likes a sharpie” 😂
  • Popion
    Rachaels show
    She has a way of taking you through the entire process of a news story. I love the journalist on MSNBC, but she is truly one of my favs. So happy to hear that she would not be leaving the show. We need her walk us through this tornado. I’m serious!
  • ttss2211
    Total Karen
  • DamiunD
    Seriously anyone that listens to this crazy lady, let me give you a few things to consider. She is a straight up embarrassment to her profession. She could not tell the truth if it jumped out of the air and slapped her in the face. And the bubble she lives in only proves she couldn’t find her way out of a wet paper bad. Such a disgrace to those she claims she cares about. My opinion of crazy Lady.
  • appleuser20212021
    Partisan. Condescending. Hard to listen to.
    Expected actual facts, but highly disappointed with her condescending tone and clear disdain for anyone who is not an extreme liberal. Sad MSNBC used to be a reliable source for neutral news, and now it’s come to this.
  • skycarm
    If I could give negative stars I would
    I wish I could give this lady b**** a nice review but I can’t. Agenda pusher
  • Brandi Amanda
    Rachel is amazing!
    I never miss a show of Rachel’s. She is superb at building up a story. She takes you on journey into the past to remind you of what is happening now is not new. If it is new and unprecedented she puts a spotlight on it. She is a true journalist and I look forward to watching more.
  • guero1121
    Let’s discuss current relevant topics. Trump is old news. Need to move on. Can’t face the reality of the new administration?
  • COCO Kershul
    Big Pharma Shill
    I used to love Rachel Maddow. But as a social psychologist who has worked as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster children and an advocate for victims of sexual assault, I have to say his stance on vaccine mandates and passports is disgusting. I have worked for years to convince shattered children and women that NO ONE has a right to control their bodies, that they are whole, sovereign people, whose bodily autonomy was given to them by God and protected by the US Constitution. Just as an abuser’s anger doesn’t give them the right to strike a child, and a rapist’s desire does not give them the right to assault a woman, so too, a hypochondriac’s fear does not give them the right to inject other people with a substance against their will. Forcing people to prove they’ve taken this jab to be “allowed” freedom of movement is fascism (literally, the government in cahoots with corporations are now demanding “papers please”). And the fact that Rachel stays silent when it is delivered by men in white coats carrying hypodermic needles, is grotesque. If we don’t have bodily autonomy, we are nothing but slaves. Shame on you. This country was founded on LIBERTY FIRST, SAFETY SECOND. Moreover, denying other healing modalities including native medicines, Ayurveda, etc. you are behaving like a patriarchal, neocolonial, racist. Have you stopped to ask why 75% of Washington DC’s black population has refused this jab? Do they not know what’s best for their bodies? What about the 99% of some native populations? Do they need to be forcibly injected with white man’s poison to alleviate your fear? This entire charade is just shameful. And I’ve followed you for years, so I know you’re not a thoughtless person. I must conclude that you are bought and paid for by the same big Pharma companies that fund the rest of the media and our politicians. Cheerleading the rise of fascism and apartheid in America will be your legacy.
  • Eviews
    What happened??
    In the past your podcast was very timely from day to day. Why the long wait now?????
  • northerngroove
    The crazy part is that Rachel seems to actually believe the intensely flawed narrative she is paid to push. I wonder how long she will last in media if she keeps making false claims, probably quite a while, but at least she has been outed as a pusher of incorrect information and media loyalist. I really hope people will more broadly start looking past the illusion of governmental dysfunction and realize that the issue of controlling the population more thoroughly is a true bipartisan effort. Keep using your brain, fellow free thinkers!
  • pooh4092
    Report on finding
    Wonderful reporting on any and all News! Mostly if it’s about tRump And his crimes against the people Of America!! Keep up the awesome work!!
  • Southiemama
    Fully realizing the stupidity of listening to this woman for the last several years.
  • hazelbnr
    A sad demise
    I was a fan before I began reading the CDC reports, the WHO documents that recommend Ivermectin as a go to medication worldwide. Before I read the Fauci emails myself. 30 million a year for two shows a week is her new contract from what I understand. RM has been bought, and maybe always was since joining this corporate owned and run cable network. I have learned a great deal since the shutdown by this government, and the top lesson is turn off the television set. Do not rely on these personalities for a critical discourse concerning the pharmaceutical companies that pay their salaries.
  • Guy Har
    Great but the ads?
    Been a Maddow fan for over a decade, but c’mon MSNBC STOP delivering me ads for Times Radio UK. Really - you’re taking Murdoch cash now? Disgusting.
  • Senorita Anitala
    The Rachel Maddow Show
    The best show ever. Rachel is informative and brilliant at explaining what can be, so often,difficut at times. But why can’t the show be downloaded in a timely manner? It in part, defeats the purpose of the broadcast.
  • guyfromSdakota
    I understand Rachael is a little overworked I think msnbc should throw some money behind her and she should set up a stable of investigative reports like the tmz model for serious investigation reporting. You know so she can get some breathing room and we get more great reporting from her and her friends!
  • Mooj58
    My #1 choice in TV news
    My daily must watch. And when I can’t Rachel on tv (like this week staying in a rustic cabin), I’m so happy to have her via podcast!
  • Bremerbnj
    What taking so long?
    Love you, Rachel. But why is it taking forever to get your show posted for the podcast?
  • Climbtosafety
    This is fake news
    How does anyone take her seriously?
  • TWSurf
    Get rid of the advertisements!
    5 stars for the show, 1 star for MSNBC for adding ads across the podcasts AGAIN. Please remove them. It ruins the experience.
  • Swingchat
    This lady spills lies.
    A lot of her lies are conscious lies, intentional lies. She’s the representation of the untrustworthiness of the media.
  • 2021imafan2
    Delay in downloads
    What the heck? Do they want us to use a different service? Is someone suppressing what I can listen to? Other podcasts download immediately but MSNBC is 3 episodes behind so far! What’s up? I love Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams and intend to listen daily to many of the podcasts but need to use a laptop instead of my iPhone.
  • Allene L
    Totally love Rachel Maddow
    I love how Rachel Maddow always present her story, her news Clips! She makes sense and you hear clearly what she is projecting. She is a phenomenal reporter and I love her for being real! Some stories and the way she expresses them to her audience moves you to tears of joy and even sadness!
  • Dragonwings121
    J&J booster
    I’m a Corrections Officer, and our Jail employees were given J&J during the second phase of vaccination, we had to wait and go to our private physicians if we wanted a different shot, so most of us rushed to get the J&J. I’m concerned about not getting a booster when we have Delta raging in my work. It’s not fair essential workers aren’t hearing more about J&J and when boosters will ever happen for us, since you can’t mix with mRNA vaccines.
  • 11dalya
    Love the show, but downloads are a day+ late
    Love how Rachel’s history background surges to the forefront night after night to remind viewers of what happened, and when. She always uses videos of the main characters to support her views. I just miss that the podcasts aren’t showing up the next day. Please help get this show uploaded quicker. Then 5 stars will be my rating. Thanks.
  • Knickckick
    NOT updated daily
    Slobs at MSNBC don't upload regularly. Who wants yesterday's papers? Change your copy to "updated sporadically because we can't be bothered."
  • Kilmersnyder
    Download timing
    My fav show. So frustrating that the download of the episodes is not timely.
  • kport listener
    Grateful listener
    Unfortunately Rachel needs to inform her listeners when it’s time to read ANOTHER indictment or report on continued fallout that’s in the news due to the former administration. Her commentary is without manipulation or dog whistles. Her guests are qualified to inform us of the facts, fallout and action necessary to solve the challenges ahead for our country. Five stars for bringing us the truth… and letting her audience form their own opinions.
  • HolS34
    Rachel Maddow
    Well, thankfully Rachel’s podcast is here and labelled correctly. I hate it that the MSNBC podcasts are starting one by one to arrive ONE DAY LATE. That is NOT good. Rachel, Nicolle, Lawrence, Ari and Chris and the rest need to be heard the evening of the day of their shows. JUST LIKE THEY WERE LAST WEEK. PLEASE correct this. I want to hear them tonight, not yesterday’s tomorrow. Thanks.
  • Rlment
    Needs credible content
    Sorry Rachel. Can’t listen anymore. Rachel needs to fact check content. Can’t listen to someone spinning the truth to benefit their own point of view.😞 IMO, most people just want the truth, not the spin
  • Isaac417
    Trying to still make up stuff on Trump to distract everyone from the truth of how bad Biden and dems are screwing this country.
  • ughhhallnicknamesaretakenn
    Appreciate the top notch journalism
  • Mrs. Sheppy
    Best investigative journalist ever
    I cannot say how much Rachel and her staff are appreciated for finding the truth and real information behind the headlines. Politicians and administrations are kept in line with her questions. Thank you for keeping the mediascape real.
  • iSayitoutloud
    Post podcasts not posted daily
    Please post podcasts on the same day they’ve aired. It’s Sunday and Friday’s podcast still hasn’t posted. Otherwise Rachel is awesome. 1 star goes to the podcast team.
  • gordoe72
    Obviously, ivermectin is a democratic conspiracy for voter suppression! Haha🦉
  • /ru
    Great show. I listen often.
    Interesting stories and good content. I listen to this show often and enjoy it. The only downsides I have with the show is many of the guests are boring or annoying. Most of the stories are interesting and put together well, but sometimes some of the information appears to be partial.
  • gf6"uig8ohihigg
    Quick and easy. Please be cool but safe.
    Need help butt kicking to get out of town. USA come home
  • I Love Utah!!!
    This lady pushed my grandma in front off a bus and threw my dog into the grand canyon. Then she shaved my head and punched my uncle in the face. Its her fault im big sad
  • Kraft 1991
    Sad state of country
    Coming from someone as reputable as Rachel and a voice for the left, it’s sad to see her focused on Trump in August of 2021. 13 of her last 24 shows have Trump in the headline. 54%. Think of what’s gone on in the last month. Wake up people!
  • slimyfox47
    More liberal brainwashing trash.
    Don’t waste your time. This is pure liberal garbage.
  • NordMinimal
    Smart, superb, careful, listens, checks assumptions. She can explain long, complicated, but urgently and critically important issues even to a rock. Maddiw is the very best reporting and in depth. Nobody else comes close.
  • the gooose
    Rachel is the goat
    Does her job well. If there’s one news source you should be watching and listening to it’s her‼️💯
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