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The Rachel Maddow Show airs Mondays at 9pm ET on MSNBC, and shortly thereafter in this feed.
**SPECIAL TO THIS FEED: The January 6th hearings and corresponding analysis from Rachel Maddow and other MSNBC panelists is also archived here.

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  • sailinghigh
    National treasure
    Please run for office.
  • midwestBlue
    katy tur just had her arss handed to her on a platter by some freedom caucus nut job. katy let him talk non-stop without giving any pushback to his many lies. y do all those freedom caucus members talk like they did a couple or more lines of coke before they go on the air? katy tur, better get tougher and talk faster if you want to be part of the solution instead of like today, you were part of the mainstream media’s enabling news platform! argghhh f
  • osu218
    Please stop
    I cannot stand listening to the hate anymore. What happened to getting both sides and debating? Americans do it everyday so it’s too bad that the media can’t!
  • eclassmusicgroup
    5days a week
    Glee club? Lol I was on the floor when you said that. Great show
  • Chef Locker
    Rachael Maddow Show
    I love your work and program keep up the good work and I’ll always stay tuned to your show and podcasts. We need more journalists like you to inform us!👍❤️💪
  • sydwms
    May 8 ep | March 28 ep after Nashville gun violence john cooper coward
    May 8 ep: dangerously close? Rachel, this is the moment in history to call all of this what it is; a hard push toward fascism March 28 ep: Honestly when are journalists going to press/shame/insist these politicians do something other than paint an awful gun policy with mental health distractions? A disappointing episode
  • ultimus27727
    There is ZERO integrity in left wing media. Gaslight, lie, everyone has the exact SAME talking points. Wake up people!! There is no true journalism remaining. Every one is biased.
  • tiredofthesehoops
    So frustrated
    As much as I love “All in With Chris Hayes,” I am beyond frustrated at not finding his next day podcast of the show waiting for me in the morning, as it should be. Today is 25 April, 2023. The latest show available to me as the podcast version in from 19April, 2023. This is not an uncommon occurrence. All the other MSNBC content I access as podcast; Maddow, Reid, O’Donnell, Wagner…. are there are always there waiting for me the next morning. I really like Hayes’ work. Extremely frustrating that the staff at this program can’t get his show out on the podcast arena. Someone is dropping the ball at least once a week.
  • ElizaCost
    Good but….
    You do realize that folks listening to your podcasts do not know who “he” is or “she”? We do not see the photos with captions to which you refer. It is frustrating to a podcast listener.
  • mrs mc gonagall's sister
    Glenn Kirschner
    For Our Next President ‼️
  • Churute67
    Socialist should be sent to Venezuela
    The lady should be taken out of the air. First of all, she does not express herself very well on television or in podcasts. She is a bad reporter. She is biased. A reporter should show integrity, be professional and express herself or himself very well, which none of this lady has. She studders. I don't understand why are her ratings high. She lacks communication with the public. She is a “socialist”, she should be sent to Venezuela or Nicaragua.
  • Hbhkfvbj
    Not funny
  • Star_1701A
    Why we must remember the past
    This is a very informative series. I was aware of some detail Rachel spoke about but there was a lot of information I didn’t know about. What’s so striking is how similar and perilous things are now. I would hope everyone would listen to this and then go verify the information. Read, read, read. Excellent job.
  • groovy squirrel
    A light amidst the dark insanity
    Thank You. ❤️
  • pooh4092
    Everyone yes X twice loser Trump time to do whatever the crap he wants to do. He should’ve been arraigned fingerprinted but the day that they fed it this is ridiculous.
  • Nic47372
    It’s refreshing to see someone reporting on the ridiculousness and corruption in politics today. But this validation is not enough, I wish something more can be done to secure our democracy. It’s scary and outrageous the things that are allowed to happen these days.
  • rosallea
    We also need to tax bullets and guns… BRAVO Such a refreshing perspective, prepared piece by piece with evidence and in pursuit of unearthing the truth , bringing to the surface the incredible depth of deception seeping in, degrading us all., manipulating too many disenfranchised, angry, lost people You are a force for good and many are as fierce and inflamed and concerned.and thankful for the work you do !!!!
  • Erika Pliska
  • JudeRanch
    Not funny
    Please refrain from your condescending laughter when reporting. These are not fun times & I find no humor in possibly losing our democracy.
  • Ktaintor1
    Miss her
    I REALLY mis Rachel. Where else can we get great historical perspectives. I thought that Alex Wagner was going to use the same formula. That didn’t happen. You can listen from 6-11 on MSNBC and it sounds like a data loop.
  • 4doglife!
    Love listening to Rachel!
    Great analysis and often humorous!
  • OU812........
    Rachel MadCow
    Fake news
  • irritated126511
    One show a week
    What a bunch of garbage. Why even bother?
  • fnfjrigg
    Don’t let Trump off the hook.
  • Lorin Arnold Hemmila
    Rachel Maddow is Highly Intelligent
    Rachel Maddow is a highly intelligent writer/researcher and speaker! I say that as a Republican, born and raised in so-called “Nixon Territory,” Orange County, California, having served a dozen years in The U.S. Army Reserves and National Guard as an Abrams Tank-Gunner and Military Intelligence Analyst, who got out in August of 2001 because I saw President Bush and his cohorts taking Us to war, which proved to be highly profitable for the Bush mob just as The Soviet Shoot-Down of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 with Congressman McDonald, a potential competitor in the 1984 Election and a harsh critic of CIA Director Bill Casey’s “bogus” balance of power reports. Who called those reports “bogus”? The U.S. Joint Commander of Military Intelligence in Korea, a few weeks before KAL 007 was shot down for flying over a thousand miles over Soviet no-fly areas. “Ike” and George Washington warned us about the dangers of an overly strong military and it’s power in politics.
  • truth will set you free 1984
    This is not news it is mostly democrat spin. So much bias.
  • jhguhhiuoi
    About Alex Wagner
    Alex, you invite some very interesting people over, but you spend your time nervously cutting them off. it's frustrating.
  • B02@
    NM Shootings
    Shocking? Remarkable? Really? I’m shocked that GA, PA, MI, & WI have not had the same. RNC leadership has stated they will do what’s necessary to regain power. They mean it and they are backed by the world’s dictators and rich, a powerful duo. Our inability to hold these leaders accountable will be our downfall. I imagine the money is the reason.
  • Musikgirl12
    SWAT executes search warrants
    SWAT executes legally issued warrants. Word choice matters in journalism. Look up the definition of the word you chose to use instead.
  • 😉💙🙃
    9 November 2022 Red Wave
    Another 50 years? MLK would be 144 years old. You have a dream… 🙄🙃
  • rlangla
    Articulate, well informed, IQ must be way up there. I learn so much from her and I am 70…..
  • g7wz09
    Nothing better!
  • nathanfalke
    Go Rachel!!
    Awesome keep up the good work. Very nice to hear some reports on LGBTQA+ Topic's. #transnation #takepride
  • Tarheel73!
    Miss My Nightly Dose!
    Following Rachel’s extraordinary podcast series makes me realize how much I miss my nightly dose of her in my life!
  • john doe 1 2
    Please Stop Obsessing over Trump
    There are other things worth your time other than The Objectionable Orange Orangutan
  • Hogger87
    Rachel for the win!
    Love Rachel and this podcast. Rachel always keeps me on my toes as she lays out a spiderweb of a story. She and her team are smart, VERY thorough and entertaining. Sad she’s only on Mondays now, but Alex Wagner fills the seat well and makes the show her own.
  • Sheerah-ji
    True political takes: with an enjoyable tone
    I've really been enjoying this podcast. Really smart people giving ideas about how politics works, and ways to contribute to keeping our democracy. It's on my 'must listen to' list!
  • Traceybeth
    Seriously is EXTREMELY BIAS in the least
    I’m a Progressive Dem but this is utterly disgusting
  • rickhinbarrington
    Rachel Maddow
    There is no other podcast I listen to that gives me both context (historical, political, psychological et al) and the vital facts I need to understand an issue or player in our complicated world Commentary that is entertaining, profoundly eye opening and consistently provocative I’m a devoted fan of her show, her podcasts and her books
  • Good Vibes Only 369
    Love her
    I just love Rachel! She’s to the point and so smart in many areas. Her podcast is the only political podcast I will listen to!
  • MasterLukieLuke
    No substance
    Complete trash, this isn’t journalism. Anything but finding truth, more name calling, speculation and opinions instead of the core of journalism finding truth.
  • TBobo
    This show will make you dumber
    Every minute you listen to this show you will grow more misinformed and dumber. Crazy how anyone believes she has anything useful to say about anything.
  • Scmtnr
    really bad, lies alot
  • pinkacer
    Just eww.
  • Helens child
    Great Job..the truth shall set us free
    In this day and age, we need the truth……..the whole truth and nothing but the truth!
  • surfingandsmiles
    Amazing show
    Maddow is an amazing reporter. That’s all.
  • Apache64driver
    Bring back Rachel.
    I have small kids and unfortunately most nights I miss the beginning half of her show because I'm putting them to bed. So, I love being able to download this show the next day and listen to all of it on my drive into work. I feel smarter when I leave my car. Rachel has a knack for comparing past events to our current political news and putting it all in perspective. While these guest hosts are OK, they’re not the reason I watch MSNBC. If Rachel Maddow is no longer on this, I will not be subscribing and only downloading the Monday episodes.
  • Kashyap Patel the 2nd
    Not very objective
    Karine Jean Pierre and other Dems are “Clintony election deniers” but you’ll never hear Rachel Maddow mention that. If this is all the news you listen to, God have mercy on your soul.
  • clyge
    I love all your shows
    But, I am confused. I listened to both ultra and bagman, they were great, no complaints, but when I tried to listen to your show on the pod cast venue, it played in double speed, which is very unpleasant to listen to. I don’t understand why that speed was chosen, it’s like listening to an auctioneer for 30 minutes; horrible! Help
  • MCEasn
    Cannot fault Dr. Maddow for great reporting. Compelling historical narrative. Fascinating vocal inserts from historians and radio broadcasts. Love Rachel's calm,authoritative voice. The only fault I find is the background music? Computer sounds? Annoying for me. Ex: I can imagine the sound of broken glass when Rachel discusses it. Please don't use computer tinkling sounds.
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