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SPECIAL TO THIS FEED: The January 6th hearings and corresponding analysis from Rachel Maddow and other MSNBC panelists beginning Thursday, June 9th.
The Rachel Maddow Show airs Mondays at 9pm ET on MSNBC, and shortly thereafter in this feed.
On Tuesday through Friday, the 9pm ET hour is MSNBC Prime.

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  • elizabbk
    Your TV show (MSNBC) influenced me to get your book, which influenced me to seek this podcast. S You excel amongst the genres- Great podcast!
  • AmberFutch
    Rachel is just boring
    Nothing new…same ole, same ole. Nobody likes leftovers every night.
  • Notorious Coward
    Used to be great. Now just boring.
  • ashcat310
    I SO miss Rachel
    I have a recurring phone alarm set to 8:59 PM on Monday evenings, so I don’t forget to tune in to watch the show. Since she has stopped appearing regularly, I’ve taken to tuning in at 6pm to watch Ari to catch up on the day’s news. I listen to Lawrence’s podcast the following day. So, my viewing has dropped drastically since the beginning of Rachel’s hiatus and beyond. I somehow became dependent on her reasoning during the past, frightful, administration. On particularly bad days, as soon I saw her face on screen I would say out loud to the television, “Rachel, please talk me off this cliff !” She was always able to calm me down enough during that time, even if the news was awful, that I had a prayer of getting some sleep that night. I’d hold my breath over the weekends, and avoided the news all together, until I could tune back in on Monday evenings to get current. I know that Rachel deserves to have a life, especially after she almost lost her partner to Covid during the peak of the pandemic. Time gets more precious in those circumstances. I want that for her. Because of that, I will take what I can get in terms of seeing her when she appears during special reports and on Monday evenings. But, her shoes are extremely hard to fill, if not impossible. Alex Wagner is a consummate professional, her only “flaw” being, she just isn’t Rachel. I’ve watched her grow and I wish her success in her career – but I just can’t commit to turning in every night any longer.
  • B'jane
    Missing Rachel
    I know Maddow gets to have a life but I really miss her shows. Even when the news she's imparting is bad, she's somehow calming.
  • 💙❤️🥰
    Great show
    Still great but Miss Rachel
  • itrnr
    Miss Rachel! Bring her back nightly!
  • The UK USA listeners
    Thoughts on the changes in presenters.
    If Rachel does not come back soon, I am switching off. If Lawrence O’Donnell her cohort in humor goes as well then I will delete! I also miss Brian Williams. His female replacement has an irritating voice and the news coverage is less than adequate! I am a yank in the UK and have been here since Covid prevented travel.
  • Eviews
    Where’s Rachel???
    Not fond of the new Rachel Maddow host. I only listen to this show on mondays now. Ali Velshi was so great as her fill in.
  • Dragonwings121
    Not the same
    I wish you guys would get Rachael back!
  • Derek, Orlando, Fl
    All wrong
    Hasn’t Rachel been proving to be wrong on just about everything she rants about especially her obsessive Trump addiction? Can’t listen sorry.
  • 😉💙🙃
    20 August 2022
    Parents are the number one educator of their children, let the do their job. You need to work together. Your children will be better for it!
  • The mak69
    Alex rocks!
    After having watched Rachel from the start line and also see Alex’s career grow. It’s nice to see another step and recognition for her hard work. As Bon Scott once said “It’s a long way to the top playing rock and roll.”
  • Disappointedmore
    No longer enjoy
    Super sad to see Rachel go, but wish her all the best. Unfortunately, the new host Alex Wagner uses “like…..” far too much for me to keep following the show. 😕
  • Sue me...
  • mkbrew
    Need Rachael back
    Or change the name.
  • nlv3
    Love the intelligent witty reporting.
    My son, an educator in small town Indiana turned me on to your show. I’m hooked! Keep bringing the information we need to hear in your own unique and genuine way. Love it, thank you. 8/10/22 As I listen to the ppl taking Rachel’s spot on MSNBC I realize what I love about Rachel vs everyone else. Rachel talks facts, history and real stories. She doesn’t speculate or pontificate. All the other (talking heads) apparently feel the need for “what ifs” or interviewing ppl who speculate or editorialize. I don’t want your opinion, I want facts and historical relevants. Simple! Watch this space.
  • Heudjejsuxhdndbxhd
    prefer when Rachel hosts
    it’s usually some other dude, and it’s not the same. better than The Beat though.
  • pooh4092
    Wow!!!! tRump’s home raided!!!! Love it!!
  • gordoe72
    Do we know if Trump is being investigated for wire fraud do to fundraising under false pretenses? A few years ago Rachel teported on a secret server in the White House. What happened to it?
  • xooxxoox✌️
    Search Warrant on Maralago
    Hi Rachel, The FBI did not raid the former president’s home. They executed a legal search warrant. Words matter.
  • B02@
    State referendums
    The Kansas vote on abortion rights should show the pro choice proponents a pathway to overthrow the decisions coming down from this radical, out of control Supreme Court. Get state constitutions changed through state referendums. Looks like most or maybe all states want to have abortion rights restored.
  • Zakaria_Iran
    Unsubscribe because of Mehdi Hassan
    Mehdi Hassan is radical Islam apologist and I think one of the greatest problem with liberals today is how they ignore the problem of Islamists.
  • hackasaurus
  • fcd1111
    Lose Mehdi
    I am a long time fan of Rachel. Since way before she had her MS NBC show. But I’m losing interest in this the longer Mehdi Hassan continues as guest host. I look forward to Alex Wagner’s arrival
  • ohno572
    Rude Host
    What was going on tonight with the host of the show?! He kept interrupting Senator Warren and rudely talking over her! I usually love this show, but I couldn’t listen anymore to Him!
  • toots pat
    Former president’s face on your show
    Please please quit showing pix of our worst president EVER!! My husband changes channel as soon as he is pictured! Today one show showed him at 5 (count em) different places How about showing This president more he is working soo hard to keep all together!! Thx for letting me Vent!! I miss u every day. Enjoy ur station thx for all y’all do!! Thx Pat& rich 81& 82 yrs living in worst state for women Texas!! Tootsie pat
  • Oloriondolinde
    We Need Rachel Maddow
    Rachel, please do not leave your show? We NEED you! Really and truly, we do. Now, more than Ever. (Surely you must know that?).
  • e-cooling
    Get rid off JR! She is entirely redundant at best
  • SantaClausIndiana
    She’s truly the best!
    Rachel often leads up to a current story by delving into the history of the situation, sometimes tracing back decades. It’s fascinating. I always learn something.
  • jjjjjjjsbdbehdjdu
    She’s a dike
    She is a muff diver and smells like tuna
  • Naturegal99
    Leaving the U.S.
    Response to another text from person whose daughter is looking for another country. Me too. I flip flop between staying to fight for what’s right and giving up and leaving. I’m afraid it will get more violent in the future. The U.S. is already ranked pretty poorly on the global peace index. I do hope Dems get out and vote in November so that we may have a chance of survival. Thanks to Rachel Maddow for the intelligent yet easy to digest reporting. You are truly brilliant (don’t let that go to your head :). )
  • deraild77
    Lost souls
    Democrats are the source of everything wrong in this country.
  • ExpatAle
    Love the show but hate that Jenna Bush ad
    Please, stop playing that awful Jenna Bush ad at the end of every episode!
  • Nuts-n-Bolts
    Maybe I’ll check back at some point, but Ali Velshi is not what I subscribed to, or what I want to listen to. Hopefully Rachel is doing well in her other endeavors.
  • semom4
    Trump was the “President” of Death
    Trump failed in almost every aspect of his presidency. Politicizing Covid likely cause the death of -130,000 American. His grandfather was corrupt, his father was corrupt, his siblings are corrupt and he is a corrupt, narcissistic sociopath. The sheep that voted for him and support him have blood on their hands. You should be ashamed of the choice you have made and continue to make. This grifter has lied to you so often it sickening to see you blindly being lead off a cliff. Unfortunately, many innocent Americans will be pulled of the cliff as collateral damage. Thanks to informative, factual, and honest reporting by hosts like Rachel, the unblinded Americans can find unadulterated truth!
  • MotherSharifah
    Amazing Hearings, Amazing Analysis
    Although I have watched all of this live, listening to the hearings and analysis again is very helpful! It’s great to know that there were those who actually believed in Trump, finally show their patriotism in these hearings. I look forward to future hearings and MSNBC’s coverage of important information for the Nation. Thank you!
  • Sizemore24
    Biden is the President of Death
    Biden has failed on everything he has tried to do . His family is corrupt. His 50 years in public office and what has he accomplished ? You democrats that voted for him should be ashamed of the choice you made.
  • darcdan13
    Reactionary Not Radical
    Words matter! Reactionary NOT Radical, please!
  • Uslayme2021
    Jan 6 Hearings and Recap
    It’s fantastic to be able to listen to these “on demand” and I appreciate the recaps for the assessment of the very intelligent, informed and funny women. Appreciate the coverage on all media fronts on this important event.
  • Fan of TBD Podcasts
    The best cable news resource
    Sure there’s some bias in most news shows but Rachel brings her intellect and a logical perspective to her brand of news. Brilliant
  • jen ~
    Who are the people who carry out the threats and harassment authorized by Trump et al?
  • loonladymt
    Thank You
    I will repeat what the person above me said; “I could not have survived the last four years without your podcast!! June 20 comment: QUIT INTERRUPTING EACH OTHER DURING YOUR DISCUSSIONS!!!! Thank you for putting all this on the air!
  • PoliticalRefugee
    Shrill Chris Hayes made me turn this off
    Chris Hayes getting more and more shrill and worked up instead of a calm considered analysis that adds to understanding made me turn this off. Sorry. Less Chris, please. And I wasn’t looking forward to all those extra talking heads, anyway, except Nicolle Wallace.
  • W. Livingston
    Jan 6 up coming special
    Thank you for keeping us informed. This is very disturbing news. What has happened to our Republican Party. Our democracy IS in terrible jeopardy.
  • Bwyandt
    Thank you!!!
    Thanks so much for getting these hearings out on your podcast so quickly. I loved Rachel’s show before, now even more.
  • dancer's heart
    Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard! Honestly, one of the most uneducated sounding people purportedly on the news. Boring and she drones on and on…
  • JudyECFL
    Good idea
    Putting Ari Melber into Rachel Maddow’s slot does it justice. Always enjoy his shows and in depth legal analyses. Well done!
    Your the GOAT in my book Rachel
    I Watch you every night. I’ve learned so much from you. And have a t-shirt that says it. Keep doing what you do. #1 fan. Keep telling us the truth! You keep me informed. And your the one who put me onto Ari Melber. He’s a Rock Star. Luv ya MADDOW. WATCH THIS SPACE! :)
  • mjenkns2020
    Please stop talking about the same topic!
    I like this podcast, but lately it’s all about Junuary 6 and trump… which was honestly a year and a half ago. Please come up with new topics to discuss! It gets boring after a while
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