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Rachel Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Join her every weeknight as she provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders.

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  • sarah in san francisco
    Edward R Murrow of our day
    Smart ethical reporting essential to my understanding of the times we live in. Rachel Maddow’s genius, courage and energy are a gift to us all. Best podcast out there.
  • garbergh
    A true professional
    One of the hardest working journalists in the business.
  • Menicus7275
    Love Her!
    I absolutely love everything about this show. Her choices of words are always spot on and she gives props where and when props are due and she will make sure and ask her guest if her interpretation of the news at hand is accurately described (99% of the time it is). If I want to catch upon current events I can always count on her to provide any and all updates. Definitely not “FAKE NEWS!”
  • SPR- A/TX
    Rachel is the best!
    Rachel always explains what is happening in ways everyone can comprehend. Much needed in this crazy political time
  • veronicathecat
    Rachel,Rachel, Rachel....“according to the transitive property?” 😂🤣
  • msbono77
    Ad placement
    I love that I can listen when I miss the show. However, the ads constantly interpreting in the middle of conversations is not working. Fine, have commercials, but use the breaks that were on TV.
  • DarrylPurpose
    Best cable news show
    Rachel is the best story-teller, ever.
  • Thomas R H.
    Rachel Madow.
    To whom it may concern.I “USE TO” listen to Rachel Madow,comedy central et all no longer You have spead them up so much I can no longer understand what I’m listening to. Bye!!
  • blau1202
    I always look to this podcast for intelligent and insightful points of view. The background information and depth of reporting make this program a beacon of light in dark times.
  • teeberg
    NYTimes culpability
    Rachel Maddow -- thank you. Finally, someone acknowledges what anyone paying attention has known for quite some time: the New York Times has had it in for Hillary Clinton for years. It's not a figment of Hillary's imagination, and never was. Journalists cannot convincingly poo-poo criticisms that coverage of Hillary and the Clintons generally has been unfairly and sometimes irrationally slanted. Now that someone -- Rachel -- has had the bravery and honesty to call out the NYT, its ownership and editorial leadership need to answer. No quibbling. No mealy-mouthed excuse-making -- we know how that goes, after witnessing the dodging the EIC did after the Times came down on the side of no Russian collusion following the 2016 election. The Times does too much good work for someone to keep pooping in the punch bowl there. Because these days, we're all forced to drink the sewage.
  • AuntMishy
    Rachel is my very favorite !! Love the pod because I can’t always catch the show
  • LennyandBubzy
    Friday news
    Can somebody take a step Out of the picture and look at the big picture , who Is benefitting from Trump decision !!!! Trump is an idiot and a traitor to say the least , he just follow orders from his single and the only man he admires and needs , the person who had him elected in spite of all the negative odds ..... This whole derailing news and chaos , beyond the very high possibility of costing millions of lives, is about redrawing the map of this area and shifting the world power to Russia and China Natanyahoo has his own bloody role in that ... Not sure why no body is looking at that ... Iran is a strong power but not as strong as Russia where they get all their army ... I hope I am wrong , but just looking at the present map and knowing that playing chess and winning is Russia and China forte, it can give a better outlook and strategy , instead of diving heads on to Iran only , risking a Third World War Playing a better chess and diplomacy is what America needs , if at all is possible now ... I bet Nancy Pelosi ( please excuse my spelling ) Sees that already , the news should help her not fuel this horrible very dangerous created chaos, no need to say it again “ by whom” .... Racheal , I love your show , it’s always very historian and factual and amazing , please look at the possibility of what my own reading about hystory , map changing , power hunger and the madness of genius dictator can do .... Thank you Friday Jan 10 2020 I love your show, and wait everyday to listen to your historical factual analysis of it , and learn from your very relevant news. Today ( which is not in the podcast yet ) you attacked the New York Times around Hillary Clinton emails ???? Why ? How much historically is it relevant ???, or maybe it is in your opinion , I don’t think so , they are your colleagues in reporting , its for the readers to see that their attack was not fair or in place , and make comments ( which already happened in 2016 ) to a great news paper!!! Not sure why you went after them....???? Pamela Harris lost a big part of her campaign momentum when she attacked Biden in a very cheap shot , I loved Pamella Harris, she is amazing , and I was praying for her to win , but after this cheap shot , lots changed in my feelings toward her , I understand totally the pain she went through we all do ( or us who are fighting for equal human right ) , Obama would have never picked Biden if he had thought he had any racist feelings in him , so why on earth she had to show she has muscles toward probably the only contender who has any chance to win against Trump. It is one of the many reasons she is not in the race anymore , I don’t like cheap shot just to win and score .... this is What Trump does .... Also all the Democrat contender should unify over one goal “ get this very dangerous president out “ , I don’t understand the way MSNBC is reporting on the presidential race , instead of emphasizing , what is the most important problem now . America is in danger of loosing its identity, freedom and its amazing constitution , for god sake wake up .... I stopped listening to CNN When Tump won , for the same reason , although they have great reporters , but because of the nonstop , loud , comments on the contenders . This had lots of input on the end results, ( beside the interference..., ) So please please please , all the news media should focus on backing up who can remove Trump , avoid Cheap shot on our colleagues and others who are in the same arena , Think of a way to get the correct news , not twisted Fox news , to the crowd that listen only to Fox News ... Sorry Racheal, as much as I love and respect your reporting , and show, I can’t give you any rating toward it tonight . I hope you read my comments Thank you
  • Bubbajoy2222
    Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • _zmc
    It’s Rachel Maddow.
    The antithesis of all things Trump. She will be revered when history is written of this dark era.
  • Liz7309
    The best
    She is simply a “National Treasure.”
  • Alfred W K
    Sold out
    Listened to Rachel since air America days thought her intelligent. Reading progressives like Chomsky Nader Chris Hedges Max Blumenthal I can see Rachel sold out to the corporations. The debunked Russia conspiracy nothing on Yemen genocide or regime change wars. Still ok for civil rights but still a democratic machine tool
  • meg13n
    Thank you
    One day, Rachel deserves to relax somewhere uninterrupted catching brookies in a glimmering stream; until then she is my guiding light and teacher. I would be lost without her and her team’s hard work. Thank you!!
  • ShelleyBri
    Thank you
    Thank you for being an educated woman and skilled journalist. I always learn so much.
  • SageBeforeBeauty
    An American Treasure
    I hope my review gives you the five-star you so rightly deserve. I can recognize projection in the few negative comments, none of which carry any weight. Thank You! for your fearless reporting!
  • czrny 26
    Libtard propaganda
  • simpkj1
    Where are this week’s episodes???
  • Henry37
    Jealous of Ivanka’s brains and beauty
    This awful women looks like a man and talks like an idiot. Barf.
  • CaptainP75
    A Simple Thank You
    Thanks Rachel to you and your team for all the great reporting you do.
  • Wxrvyeb
    I learn so much each time I listen
    Like Eviews review I'm also getting strange behavior with this podcast. For the last 3 months or so, I need to go to the I'tunes store and manually download the new podcast. I've rechecked all settings on my device they are all correct. The latest podcast available been getting a message saying podcast not found despite sitting in my library. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • Marlena OxTxRx
    Always following the threads
    It’s difficult to express just how much I appreciate the Rachel Maddow show—it’s a “must listen“ podcast every single day. TRMS is so incredibly informative; I love how she has been able to follow the Trump administration’s ties to Russia since the beginning, and explain things in ways the layperson can easily comprehend. I’m so grateful for all those who contribute to this vitally important fact-based newscast. It's a real beacon of hope in these troubled times.
  • Tin GG
    Always saves my sanity at the end of long Trump days!
    Love you Rachel!! My only ever disappointment with you was giving Bernie Sanders air time, without hard questions . You have always been extraordinary at connecting dots but while the rest of MSM is giving Bernie a pass, I was hoping you would have asked Sanders about Tad Devine, his vote against Russian sanctions, his 2016 campaign being supported by the Kremlin noted in the Mueller report and most of all , he isn’t a democrat. Where are his “ small dollar donations “ really coming from?
  • Eviews
    The only news podcast you need...
    I subscribe to The Rachel Maddow show, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and The 11th hour with Brian Williams. Suspiciously they have all been unsubscribing themselves without my approval. Hmmm? Careful out there.
  • h_h_h
    The very best
    Maddow is a beacon of sanity during these times. Our entire country is like a narcissistic family now, beaten down by constant abuse by the patriarch followed up by scapegoating, victim-blaming, obfuscation, gaslighting, etc by the patriarch and his flying monkeys. Being able to return almost every day of the week to Maddow’s voice of sanity, reason, clarity, fairness, humility, and good humor keeps me from giving up. I’m so grateful to the whole team of hardworking geniuses behind this show. ❤️
  • need rational thinking
    Look forward to Rachel’s analysis
    I follow the news relatively closely nowadays and yet I still look forward to hearing TRMS everyday. She always adds interesting insight to our daily overwhelming onslaught of news. I’m so thankful for Dr. Maddow’s perspective and explanations - she helps me feels sane during these painfully crazy times.
  • stlperson
    If Rachel can laugh about it...
    Somehow, when Rachel Maddow explains what the GOP is doing, it’s always worse than I thought, but it makes me feel better that she can still laugh about it.
  • kojack girl
    Great News Delivery
    Rachel makes sense when she tells the news
  • Eeymann
    Nothing else compares
    By far the most insightful, most informative and most factual news broadcast
  • linzdel
    Make America Great Again
    Giving this podcast 👎👎👎
  • Great1msg
    One of the best.
    Definitely one of my favorite podcasts available.
  • Pug72
    Insightful and broken down
    I love the way she starts with something you think is completely unrelated and suddenly it’s insightful context to the story of the day! I’m Mexican and until Mr Trump never really cared about American politics, now I have to ge my daily dose with Rachel.
  • GiorgosTheodorakis
    Rachel is brilliant. A great journalist. I never miss her podcasts. But Rachel, for English teachers out here, could you use possessives before gerund phrases? That quibbling request stated, Rachel, you’re incredible. I love you. You make living through this Trump trauma comprehensible, and you help me more deeply understand and appreciate my patriotism. Merci!
  • Kris King in Michigan
    Rachel always knew
    A bright and informed light during a dark time in history. Thank you for your constant vigilance and PATRIOTISM! You’re truly inspiring Rachel.
  • honeyoliv
    Very very informative, more information i didnt know.
  • Ihatedthisgamethemosttever
    I look forward to this every day. I’m generally cynical when it comes to single-person narrative type shows, but Rachel is authentic, witty, and is always covering topics that I am both concerned and very interested in.
  • michlfelix1
    My favorite political analysis, she’s great! I always want to listen to TRMS and the story broken down with her. Question: What can citizens outside of Georgia and Wisconsin do to help right the wrong with purging voters?
  • tyranasaurus rexxi
    It’s so painful.
    Thank you Rachel Maddow for shining your very intelligent light on the creepy crawlers of trump and his enablers. Listening to you today about how this basically stupid, greedy, immoral, disgusting bundle of grievances and self aggrandizement can destroy the careers of good people with the good of our country at heart is so painful. Continue fighting the good fight, please.
  • bojopata
    Best tv show
    Rachel is the best TV journalist hands down. Every time I hear a news I can’t wait for it to be covered on the show. Thanks
  • mngLV
    To better understand DJT communication style ; he exaggerates,misleads and if these don’t work he LiES,
    I don’t know in what parallel universe you get the info... I am sure not in earth...
  • vuwere
    Thank you Rachel for your disclosures of the naked truth!
  • lizmeister7
    True Crime
    I’m reduced to 24/7 reality true crime binging. Thank you, Rachel.
  • Laura@inwhatworld2🐦
    One more very long book please!!
    I am obsessed with podcasts, and in particular yours. Please tell me that you are putting your show into searchable text! My grandkids will need to reference your awesome history nuggets someday!!
  • chains us
    I hope Democrat can explain the issues as Rachael Meadow.
    Keep up your excellent work. Thank you
  • Awilliams711
    Rachel Maddow is a gem of a human.
    I listen to the show every morning, and I’d rank it up there with coffee as far as importance. I only wish it was longer. Blowout is so good too!
  • fortyacresAcres
    Can you get the real names of the Ukrainian that died
    Please get the names of the people that died, when Trump held up the money. Tell the House and the Senate to read their names out LOUD, every time they think that Trump did no wrong.
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