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SPECIAL TO THIS FEED: The January 6th hearings and corresponding analysis from Rachel Maddow and other MSNBC panelists beginning Thursday, June 9th.The Rachel Maddow Show airs Mondays at 9pm ET on MSNBC, and shortly thereafter in this feed.On Tuesday through Friday, the 9pm ET hour is MSNBC Prime.

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  • truth will set you free 1984
    This is not news it is mostly democrat spin. So much bias.
  • jhguhhiuoi
    About Alex Wagner
    Alex, you invite some very interesting people over, but you spend your time nervously cutting them off. it's frustrating.
  • midwestBlue
    Rachel, please discuss how the armed bundy’s & co took over that federal wildlife refuge in Oregon and held federal employees hostage yet they got off of all charges! how that action of no accountability of the court emboldened groups like the oath keepers, proud boys, those men that plotted to abduct mi gov whitmer and on and on of these types of people. thank you
  • B02@
    NM Shootings
    Shocking? Remarkable? Really? I’m shocked that GA, PA, MI, & WI have not had the same. RNC leadership has stated they will do what’s necessary to regain power. They mean it and they are backed by the world’s dictators and rich, a powerful duo. Our inability to hold these leaders accountable will be our downfall. I imagine the money is the reason.
  • Musikgirl12
    SWAT executes search warrants
    SWAT executes legally issued warrants. Word choice matters in journalism. Look up the definition of the word you chose to use instead.
  • 😉💙🙃
    9 November 2022 Red Wave
    Another 50 years? MLK would be 144 years old. You have a dream… 🙄🙃
  • rlangla
    Articulate, well informed, IQ must be way up there. I learn so much from her and I am 70…..
  • g7wz09
    Nothing better!
  • nathanfalke
    Go Rachel!!
    Awesome keep up the good work. Very nice to hear some reports on LGBTQA+ Topic's. #transnation #takepride
  • Tarheel73!
    Miss My Nightly Dose!
    Following Rachel’s extraordinary podcast series makes me realize how much I miss my nightly dose of her in my life!
  • john doe 1 2
    Please Stop Obsessing over Trump
    There are other things worth your time other than The Objectionable Orange Orangutan
  • Hogger87
    Rachel for the win!
    Love Rachel and this podcast. Rachel always keeps me on my toes as she lays out a spiderweb of a story. She and her team are smart, VERY thorough and entertaining. Sad she’s only on Mondays now, but Alex Wagner fills the seat well and makes the show her own.
  • Sheerah-ji
    True political takes: with an enjoyable tone
    I've really been enjoying this podcast. Really smart people giving ideas about how politics works, and ways to contribute to keeping our democracy. It's on my 'must listen to' list!
  • Traceybeth
    Seriously is EXTREMELY BIAS in the least
    I’m a Progressive Dem but this is utterly disgusting
  • rickhinbarrington
    Rachel Maddow
    There is no other podcast I listen to that gives me both context (historical, political, psychological et al) and the vital facts I need to understand an issue or player in our complicated world Commentary that is entertaining, profoundly eye opening and consistently provocative I’m a devoted fan of her show, her podcasts and her books
  • Good Vibes Only 369
    Love her
    I just love Rachel! She’s to the point and so smart in many areas. Her podcast is the only political podcast I will listen to!
  • MasterLukieLuke
    No substance
    Complete trash, this isn’t journalism. Anything but finding truth, more name calling, speculation and opinions instead of the core of journalism finding truth.
  • TBobo
    This show will make you dumber
    Every minute you listen to this show you will grow more misinformed and dumber. Crazy how anyone believes she has anything useful to say about anything.
  • Scmtnr
    really bad, lies alot
  • pinkacer
    Just eww.
  • Helens child
    Great Job..the truth shall set us free
    In this day and age, we need the truth……..the whole truth and nothing but the truth!
  • surfingandsmiles
    Amazing show
    Maddow is an amazing reporter. That’s all.
  • Apache64driver
    Bring back Rachel.
    I have small kids and unfortunately most nights I miss the beginning half of her show because I'm putting them to bed. So, I love being able to download this show the next day and listen to all of it on my drive into work. I feel smarter when I leave my car. Rachel has a knack for comparing past events to our current political news and putting it all in perspective. While these guest hosts are OK, they’re not the reason I watch MSNBC. If Rachel Maddow is no longer on this, I will not be subscribing and only downloading the Monday episodes.
  • Kashyap Patel the 2nd
    Not very objective
    Karine Jean Pierre and other Dems are “Clintony election deniers” but you’ll never hear Rachel Maddow mention that. If this is all the news you listen to, God have mercy on your soul.
  • clyge
    I love all your shows
    But, I am confused. I listened to both ultra and bagman, they were great, no complaints, but when I tried to listen to your show on the pod cast venue, it played in double speed, which is very unpleasant to listen to. I don’t understand why that speed was chosen, it’s like listening to an auctioneer for 30 minutes; horrible! Help
  • MCEasn
    Cannot fault Dr. Maddow for great reporting. Compelling historical narrative. Fascinating vocal inserts from historians and radio broadcasts. Love Rachel's calm,authoritative voice. The only fault I find is the background music? Computer sounds? Annoying for me. Ex: I can imagine the sound of broken glass when Rachel discusses it. Please don't use computer tinkling sounds.
  • Thirbo
    I was on the edge of my seat and carried these podcasts wherever I was. I couldn’t get enough. I felt I was listening to what is real and not fake today. Could I compare the 2? Both are equally bad. I felt as if Trump and MAGAs got their calling from this period. I wondered how Rachel knew this.
  • frizzy31#
    Don’t like the music on Ultra.
  • Faierekiss
    I love Rachel and her show! You make me feel like the world can continue to be on the right side of history and that there are still good people out there.
  • MCC in Houston
    Why can’t I get this daily anymore? Not worth it anymore.
    I understand that Rachel Maddow is off to do Ultra, but there are still *almost* daily A-block only Video podcasts, so why are the “you can still hear the podcast in its entirety…” only released once a week???? This is getting to the point where it’s hardly worth subscribing - and that’s saying quite a bit since I have been a fan since before 2008; following Rachel Maddow since she was a guest on Keith Olbermann’s show, Countdown, and then served as regular guest host for Countdown when Olbermann was absent. Alex Wagner is “ok” but I not good enough to deal with these technical problems.
  • 46xander
    Can’t complain!
    So far, she’s honest, extremely modest, incredibly well informed, passionate, diligent, humane, and usually brings something unique to the news, information we’ve never heard before. Her guests show similar depth of character and intellect. Thus, Monday night is not enough. Alex is sweet and attractive, but so bland in comparison, l’ve lost interest and long for Rachel to return to us more often with her obviously brilliant support staff. There’s nobody like her! That said, I would like to see her wearing SOMETHING different, if only a variation of color ONCE in a while. Does that seem petty? The indecent trolls who reveal their nasty personalities in their critiques of Rachel sound like they’ve never watched her show. She is about the most fair minded, kind spirited soul one could wish for on a news/talk show.
  • Valvane Jim
    Spent 3 years covering a Hillary lie
    The really dumb viewers still haven’t figured out they were duped
  • pooh4092
    2 five stars
    Pure brilliant, I gave it a 2 five stars!! The way you tell a story is just amazing!! Take the time to listen to this podcast and her new podcast ( Ultra)
  • Jesseo8
    Wasn’t paying attention to 1/6 events till now
    Extremely useful to summarize January 6th events from the committee. Can’t watch them, but dang. Terrifying.
  • betsy miller
    Rachel and collegues exellent, music distracting from content!
    Podcasts : Rachel you and your collegues are exellent. I notice though that for my taste and the iphone, the music is mixed too loudly, pushing the drama tension too far over the story, thus distracting from voices and content! Being a musician and voiceover artist, I really must comment that more silence or less volume would help keep focus upon the voices, which are at times over-shadowed by the music. Also too many dramatic sound effects are quite irritating when one listens to these important stories at night. One wishes to focus upon your show’s message, and diverse overdubs. Thank you for the most important thing: your exellent historical parallels, informing us, your wonderful voice and writing! Fascinating…you are arty enough.
  • seckybra
    Rambo 3
    Why does a news show have music and sound effects like an action/war movie?
  • Griffis1969
    Why I stopped listening
    This was my go to podcast every morning. There is simply no one better at longform journalism than she is. I always wished that she would be more impartial as a journalist and her declarations of being a liberal on air always seem to taint her impartiality and credibility in my opinion.But now I think she’s actually gone too far. She’s actively fundraising for the Democratic Party with commercials on her podcast clearly endorsed by her. While I totally agree with her political views, I need my journalists to be impartial during a broadcast and she has completely abandoned any pretense of doing so.
  • 538fan
    Thank you, Rachel
    To listen to Rachel Maddow is to attend a seminar in how to participate in a democratic republic and how to learn the lessons history teaches us.
  • SoulMan!
    Alex Wagner is Amazing! Wow!
    I love Alex approach to quickly getting us up to speed without exaggerating her speech or using extra sentences like Rachel does. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Rachel but sometimes she’s hard to follow and I often have to play the episode twice. But with Alex, I don’t miss a beat! She’s not too slow and not too fast. Alex is absolutely amazing! *smiles*
  • odjfofmflc
    Left wing garbage
    The left is the biggest joke In the world.. I used to be a dem but people like this made me switch sides. Pure garbage, lies, and deceit.
  • PuzzlesLady
    I’ll listen and see.
    Rachel is awesome at threading a needle and sewing a beautiful, sturdy fabric of historical tales that relate to current events. Black Americans, however, have not seen activism ever fully solve the problems of race disparity or discrimination in this country. Journalism nor government nor judicial practices have ever been corrected or held accountable to the extent necessary to make serious strides in those area nor sedition against the country. Failure to hold accountable emboldens the criminals, as we have seen. I will see if Rachel can convince me of her proposition by the end of her podcast.
  • Avid Listenr
    Rachel Maddow is tops
    Kudos to Rachel on her podcast Ultra. This is something that we needed to be reminded of. Very well done.
  • Mike_check27
    Maddow links history to current events
    Maddow points out in every episode how we have forgotten history and that there is a lot to learn from our countries past. Alongside coverage of todays events you get the perfect news show.
  • Dougleman
    Please cancel this rating I love her!
  • aleve123
    Why less Rachel?
    I think because she was about to lose her mind delivering all the insane news since 2016!
  • theoriginaldadamgi
    Why less Rachel?
    I love The Rachel Maddow Show and no hate on Alex Wagner but why less Rachel?
  • elizabbk
    Your TV show (MSNBC) influenced me to get your book, which influenced me to seek this podcast. S You excel amongst the genres- Great podcast!
  • AmberFutch
    Rachel is just boring
    Nothing new…same ole, same ole. Nobody likes leftovers every night.
  • Notorious Coward
    Used to be great. Now just boring.
  • ashcat310
    I SO miss Rachel
    I have a recurring phone alarm set to 8:59 PM on Monday evenings, so I don’t forget to tune in to watch the show. Since she has stopped appearing regularly, I’ve taken to tuning in at 6pm to watch Ari to catch up on the day’s news. I listen to Lawrence’s podcast the following day. So, my viewing has dropped drastically since the beginning of Rachel’s hiatus and beyond. I somehow became dependent on her reasoning during the past, frightful, administration. On particularly bad days, as soon I saw her face on screen I would say out loud to the television, “Rachel, please talk me off this cliff !” She was always able to calm me down enough during that time, even if the news was awful, that I had a prayer of getting some sleep that night. I’d hold my breath over the weekends, and avoided the news all together, until I could tune back in on Monday evenings to get current. I know that Rachel deserves to have a life, especially after she almost lost her partner to Covid during the peak of the pandemic. Time gets more precious in those circumstances. I want that for her. Because of that, I will take what I can get in terms of seeing her when she appears during special reports and on Monday evenings. But, her shoes are extremely hard to fill, if not impossible. Alex Wagner is a consummate professional, her only “flaw” being, she just isn’t Rachel. I’ve watched her grow and I wish her success in her career – but I just can’t commit to turning in every night any longer.
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