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Imagine a podcast about cricket, and you're halfway there. 'Acclaimed' - Financial Times

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  • BillyBobV in Nor-Cal
    Worth the listen
    I enjoy the friendly banter and discussion on all things cricket. They’re doing a great job keeping up on the cricket World Cup.
  • MiamiFriar
    Really good
    I’m an American. I don’t really understand cricket. But I like this pod.
  • DiscworldVimes
  • martypartridge
    Great banter
    I have been listening to this show for about 18 months now. It is fantastic. I look forward to it every week (what have I become?). Adam and Tony are hilarious hosts, with side splitting English wit. Whilst being full of humour, this podcast is also really informative- a great way to keep up with what is going on in the wonderful game of cricket. I highly recommend this podcast!
  • a_shar
    Funny and informative source of cricket analysis
    Especially for those in the US wanting to catch up on the latest in detail
  • Masseysmate
    I know more about these guys lives
    .. than my own. Oh and they talk about cricket as well.
  • bajgrace4u
    Sweet Podcast
    I live in the U.S. and have really got into cricket in the past few months watching the T20 championship and Tri-Series between Australia, The West Indies and South Africa. These guys provide great commentary for a game that isn't covered as well as it should be (especially in the U.S.). Wether its test matches, ODIs, IPL, or anything else, these guys follow it and give the best commentary I've ever heard on a podcast.
  • Francodynamic
    World Cricket Show
    Off beat entertaining review of Tony’s holiday and what’s happening with english cricket direct from the channel islands… good I also picked up their two World tennis show episodes!
  • tuktuk95
    A great cricket podcast
    It's funny, cricket savvy and as two fans discussing the game this podcast is as good as it gets.
  • Archivistdjay
    Personable, knowledgable, entertaining. What more could you want.
  • Creek it
    Best funny accents and hats (probably)
    Cricket !!!!!!!!!
  • Macboer
    I like it.
    I like it.
  • AJ of California
    Very enjoyable and entertaining!
    As an expat living in California I really enjoy the show. The banter between the two is alway fun. I highly recommend the show to anyone interested in cricket.
  • Duncan of Wisconsin
    My favorite informational podcast about Guernsey!
  • Jonny B NYC
    great podcast .. very knowledgable, very funny.
    Been really enjoying the podcast …Not to revel in an Englishmans misery, but Im really looking forward to seeing how the boys handle and try to explain Australias victory . Australian fans .. for great entertainment I recommend listening to the 2 Ashes previews … especially enjoyable is their assessment of Mitchel Johnson. Howzat.
  • Jubish
    Excellent podcast.
    This is the best cricket podcast around. Two very likeable people from Guernsey produce this podcast. They know their stuff about cricket and make cricket punditry sound easy. Highly recommended
  • 1970's Headphones
    Ashes Fever
    Ashes Ashes Ashes! Even USA listeners will love the banter between Adam and Tony, discussing a sport you may not even understand!! Can't wait for the post-Ashes composite XI!
  • LiquidJoker
    absolute hilarity
    This is the "Top Gear" of world cricket! These gentlemen love the game, have a ball talking about it and the show is amazing. As an American, access to cricket is, at best, limited and this show helps fill the void with detailed analysis of the world's cricket events.
  • Harry Van Buren
    US cricket fan
    The World Cricket Show is terrific fun, always funny and insightful. You also get to know Adam and Tony as people, which actually is a good thing. Get the t-shirt from their website; if you're from the USA almost no one else will have it!
  • Stuppers1066
    Love Cricket? You'll love this
    These guys know their cricket and I love that they are very English in their approach to this podcast. If you are like me, an expat abroad, this will give you the world perspective to cricket with a very English sense of humour. Makes the journey to work fly by. Hats off to these gents.
  • Gentlemen of Philadelphia
    I love it
    Wonderful show, funny, witty, informative. A bit too English-centric at times, but I guess is part of the charm. I am from Philadelphia, which used to be the capital of American cricket, but sadly no more. This podcast episodes make the commute more fun and help me think about better times on this side of the world for cricket lovers
  • PapaRomeoTangoCharlie
    iTunes download error
    This podcast cannot be downloaded - errors out.
  • ahohenbr
    Guernsey's finest export
    A splendid overview of all the current events in cricket, presented from an England point of view. Hosts Adam and Tony have a good chemistry and spice up their astute cricket observations with wit and dry humor. Cricket news is not easy to come by out here in the American colonies and this podcast does a great job of keeping me in the loop. My only concern is how they finance the show. There is no advertising and apparently no sponsor. It's great that Adam and Tony are doing this for love of the game, but I fear that eventually they will have to discontinue it because it will be too great a demand on their time. Enjoy The World Cricket Show while it lasts! Given how many subcontinent ex-pats there are here in the U.S. and elsewhere, there is probably room in the market for a similar show pitched from an India/Pakistan perspective.
  • Essex Man in Michigan
    Puts Guernsey on the World (Cricket) Map
    I must admit that I find the show addictive. Adam and Tony work well together, and their light-hearted approach to the game is a lot of fun. Jersey has Geoffrey Boycott (at least some of the time), while Guernsey can boast his absolute opposites in Adam Bayfield and Tony Curr. Every time I listen, I find something to laugh at, and lots of interesting opinions. They even talk about the States occasionally. Highly recommended.
  • NiceblokeSF
    Irreverent and fun
    A nice alternate approach to cricket podcasting for anyone a bit bored of Cricinfo's stiff style. Adam and Tony are very funny but beneath the jokey exteriors are two hardcore cricket fans - they know their stuff. Awesome podcast.
  • Redpandafan
    These guys have momintum!!!
    This is a great podcast and here's why: 1. You can be a diehard cricket worshipper and relate to them. 2. You can be a casual fan, i.e., you only follow certain tourneys or teams and still relate to them. 3. You can know nothing about cricket and still enjoy their banter and enthusiasm about the sport. These guys are pretty objective in their analysis except if England is part of the series, but even then they are respectful of the opposition. I still don't know where exactly Guernsey is, but Adam and Tony: thanks for the podcast and funny commentary and analyses.
  • IantoJones
    Great to hear
    This is a great way to keep up on the Cricketing world, something that is rather difficult here in the States. Listening to these guys brings the spark of the love of Cricket we all share.
  • Nemomeansnoname
    This is a great show. Really.
    As an American it's difficult to find decent cricket shows. I love this show though, it's conversational and fun to listen to. These guys actually keep me awake and they talk about all different outlets for cricket. ODI, English County, International Test, and IPL. Keep up the good work. Really.
  • AndyH3000
    All you need, really
    These fellows know their cricket and they seem hell-bent on making sure the world knows its cricket as well. I'm an American and have few outlets for cricket news and prognostication, but I couldn't have asked for a better pair of hosts to keep me in the loop.
  • Karnubawax
    The Soundtrack to My Life. Really.
    Yes... I am addicted to the World Cricket Show. Living as I do in San Francisco, there's not a whole lot of cricket news options here. Adam Bayfield and Tony Curr provide an irreverent look into the world of cricket, though they are somewhat England-centric, which can be excused since they are in fact English and record the show in England. Besides the usual scores and stats, Adam and Tony also look at the funny and often ridiculous world of professional cricket - the legal problems, the flame wars, the sponsorship battles, the scandals, the rumors. In fact, this makes up the bulk of the podcast. The show is particularly fun to listen to during the IPL season, when listeners can join in the fun by drawing a team out of the hat, and sledging between them and the listeners is not only welcomed, but encouraged. Also fun are the listener competitions; past contests have included a cricket haiku competition, and a strapline competition for their website. Being a lifelong fan of British comedy, it's a nice intro to the world of cricket for me. The show reminds me a bit of "When Saturday Comes" - the comedy football magazine that I'm guessing still exists - that pokes fun at all aspects of the game from the perspective of the average working fan, and not some long-winded sportscaster, statistician, or mumbling ex-pro. Give it a listen. The show is sort of on a low ebb at the moment (sorry guys) but that's really because there isn't much going on in cricket at the moment. The Ashes and the start of IPL4 will no doubt showcase Adam and Tony at their best.
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