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We’re living through a climate emergency; addressing this crisis begins by talking about it. Host Greg Dalton brings you empowering conversations that connect all aspects of the challenge — the scary and the exciting, the individual and the systemic. Join us.

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  • Joseph Hoydilla
    Great upbeat podcast about a very serious issue. Keeps me in the loop
  • bluetortilla
    If all Republicans were like Jon Curtis!
    Looking at the Republicans holding office today, I would have never guessed that a reasonable leader like Rep. Curtis existed. My question is, why doesn’t your faction publicly break from Trump and admonish and punish lunatics like Lindsey Graham in the Senate and Marjorie Taylor Greene in the House? Besides the point, perhaps, but with distractors, extremists, and disruptors like these, how does Rep. Curtis propose we get any bipartisan enviornmental done with a shill that has declared she hates “green energy” and that Democrats (like me) are pedophiles. So you guys missed the elephant in the room, which is MAGA obstructionism. We don’t have time, by the way, to let all the kinks work themselves out. Good Republicans like Rep. Curtis need to work with their colleagues to get their house in order if we are going to make progress. in that hope, I give 5 stars. A final note- ‘the climate movement’ as Rep. Curtis calls it (fair enough), does consist of a majority of young people, the humans who are going to be the most greatly impacted by climate. I’d argue that they’re not just a bunch of stubborn yelling leftists. Have a great day Congressman Curtis!
  • cmcbrooks312
    Blue Carbon episode
    So many benefits from mangrove restoration!! Amazing episode - getting caught up on my podcasts - this one from 1/27, worth playing and replaying.
  • Westeringho
    Great episode! Geothermal next?
    Great discussion. Very informative and rational Would love to hear an episode on closed loop geothermal approaches. Is it also a technology ready to hit the big time?
  • 21 lovebirds
    So important
    I love listening to this show and learning different jobs in this topic that I am passionate about. Highly educated people speaking inspires me so much to continue my journey towards environmental justice.
  • Noopness
    I learn so much
    I hear topics covered that aren’t necessarily redundant with other podcasts but they’re important often leaving me thinking, so glad I listened to that episode.
  • princess1953
    A Top-Notch Source of Climate Information and Discussion
    I try to take in as much as I can on the climate and oceans crisis. I’ve come to trust Greg Dalton and Climate One for unbiased, comprehensive information and discussion, as I try to sort out the climate landscape.
  • Guy Har
    Inappropriate Ad
    A great podcast but today I got served an ad for a new VW Tourag diesel. Really? Can you not set your ad choices up to absolutely not serve climate concerned listeners ICE sales pitches. Yuck.
  • gaylynn06
    Trusted Source
    This podcast provides real-time, reliably sourced information on the state of our changing climate, updated requirements, corporate and national commitments, and industry participation. As a 25 year environmental consultant, I heartily recommend it.
  • wjm5107
    Well intended
    A well meaning and thoughtful show, but did not meet expectations. I was hoping for more pragmatic and meaningful discourse perspectives framing data and realistic, sustainable actions. Searching for new dialogue hoping to break the current status quo philosophy and polarized camps.
  • mngolferguy
    Smart folks with a blind spot
    Although this show is stacked with some incredibly smart folks, hearing their weekly blind spot to how we should be treating the environment is maddening. There are greater contributing factors to climate change that we should be addressing and just aren’t. Namely, the major polluting countries and fixing the global taboo attitude towards nuclear energy.
  • caffc
    This show gives me hope
    Despite all the terrifying and enraging info presented, the guests and the subjects give me hope. It feels like I’m getting the truth, bad and good.
  • drehikjd st
    Climate one
    This station is amazing and very thoughtful in every conversation
  • NikAndreas
    Not what you might be expecting (better!)
    If you think this is going to be a knee-jerk reaction to whatever is supposed to be “pro-environmental”, you’ll be surprised. It’s really thoughtful and I always learn a lot. I appreciate that the guests have different kinds of backgrounds, and that they keep it focused on the practical (but they get the theoretical grounding in there too).
  • TimyT
    Solid, challenging content
    Don’t be deceived by the episode titles, which in my opinion can be a little dry up. I found the content itself to be well conceived, clearly presented and full of surprises that made me see environmentalism in a whole new, much more holistic and thoroughly engaging way. Whether educating the listener about how traditional environmentalism is rooted in white supremacy due to its founders’ embrace of eugenics, or challenging them with the mutually beneficial value of offering financial support to developing nations, this podcast is a must for anyone who claims to be serious about a comprehensive approach to climate change.
  • Contraryan
    Very good at tackling climate in equitable ways
    Very good podcast that discusses how to address or reduce climate change while making the world more equitable.
  • BlackLivesMatterGirl
    5/5 lol 😝
    This podcast helps me feel better about the changing climate. I always scares me to think that we are actually abusing the earth that has sustained life for so many sentries. It with the help of this podcast I’m calming down and brainstorming ways to help or protest. -Thank you
  • auroarmnietlipe
    Review of the Climate One podcast
    By far the best podcast in regards to climate change, centrist well-informed as well as well thought out.
  • LMacDonaldDC
    My Go-To Source for Climate Information and Inspiration
    Greg Dalton has just the right touch and all the right guests for understanding the climate emergency and building the courage and spirit to keep on fighting to address it. I listen when I am out walking and come home refreshed and ready to do more.
  • Avesnovuelan
    Really powerful conversations
    I love that this podcast goes beyond the raw science of climate change to address the human impact and the way that intersects with things like racism, sexism, poverty and colonialism. I also appreciate that the conversation is not all gloom and doom but also highlights solutions that are achievable. This gives me hope.
  • ecvancouver1986
    Give the mic to a woman or person of color. Do not give air time to utilities who actively silence and fail to acknowledge the implications of their actions
  • The PA PR
    Making the climate crisis real
    A must listen podcastIt as it brings context and clarity making the problem understandable.
  • SheriffMoose
    Stumbled upon a great show!
    I found this podcast by chance on the radio playing the episode “Jay Inslee, BP and Washington’s Climate Story”. I made it a point to remember the name of the podcast so I could subscribe to it when I got home. It had excellent depth and a very thoughtful interview.
  • Arlie K
    Excellent insights!
    Climate One is simply unmatched in the quality of guests, depth of information, and variety of content that they create. I learn something from every single episode - Greg and the Climate One team are doing incredible work here!
  • wgreenspan
    Consistent quality
    Essential topics, knowledgeable, interesting guests, excellent interviewer. The BEST climate podcast out there!
  • Kathy Philly
    Excellent programming
    I’m so thankful my 8 month old puppy starting waking me up before 7am ET on Sunday morning :) This schedule change has given me the opportunity to listen to Climate One each week,which I now look forward to each week. (Followed by On Being, great way to start the day!).
  • LAexplorer
    This is one of the very best climate response podcasts I’ve heard! Recent interview about the role the church can play was incredibly informative and inspiring.
  • Rob C
    Great Podcast that has found a new gear
    This podcast has been terrific for a long time. Recently, it seems to have gotten even better-the questions sharper, and the arc of the stories are better tied together.
  • windyfeet
    Take Notes!
    I have loved the natural world, and the environment my whole life, being an American Indigenous Person, I’ve been in close contact, been a witness to all the changes over time, 50+ years. I’ve been an avid listener of this podcast for a long time. I treat it like a college course and take notes, and do research on all of the diverse interviewees from the show. It gives me hope. There are a lot of great things happening to focus on, instead of gloom and doom. This knowledge helps me to communicate much better with all kinds of people.
  • Suz CNPS
    Have been listening for years. I love the diversity of perspectives and bringing in business and CA leaders.
  • @&$&@&$&&&
    Entrepreneurs Creating Inclusive ..Transition
    Love Climate One. Never miss an episode. This one was especially good. Karelas very thoughtful and book sounds useful. Many helpful insights. Kwak and Baird were fantastic, brilliant, inspiring. A glimpse into a future that might just get us where we need to be going. Greg’s moderating also part of what made it such an electric (!) engaging and informative conversation. Kudos.
  • Killersingsong
    Great information
    I appreciate the mix of climate and human condition conversation. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to delve deeper into climate science and human relationships with the planet.
  • Glennthecampbell
    Consistently strong
    Edifying and informative both for veterans of the climate issue and for newbies. Always thoughtful and interested in going beyond the obvious and basics.
  • RI-kevin
    Highly recommend
    A consistently great podcast. If you care about climate change you will find this thoughtful and informative.
  • Padimalo
    Thank you for putting this wonderful podcast together. It is varied, smart, enlightening and fun, a combination that is hard to beat.
  • Global Patriot
    Inside Information on Climate Change
    Appreciate the range of experts who share their wisdom and insights on the main topic for the 21st century. From cause and effect to the technology and political scenes, I came away with a fresh perspective on how we can get out of this mess.
  • Reneeta R.
    All episodes
    Engaging, relevant, educational, and inspiring. Everyone needs to listen to these sessions.
  • LumpySpace P.
    Awesome podcast
    Insightful and interesting!
  • kkp McDoogle
    A consistent authority on the need to know
    Informative, and ahead of the curve. Long time fan.
  • Mimjo
    Upside of Covid19
    Today’s program featured people in three separate locations discussing climate change as it affects cities. Conversation went smoothly without delays, demonstrating as they talked a way to meet without having to fly.
  • rxsurfer
    This is not simply an activist show but…
    An intelligent enjoyable examination of the many aspects of climate change. Each show is an interesting discussion of different issues related to climate led by a world class host with articulate guests with expertises in a a wide range areas. Each show focusing on an insightful aspect related to climate change.
  • MelanieHD
    I really value the information and creative approaches to difficult topics about climate change. I listen while walking the dog. Great stuff! Provides me with important facts to discuss w family and neighbors.
  • Sargasso C.
    The most important show you’ve never heard
    Great interviews for going a level deeper than newspapers do on the most important issue of our time—and that of future generations. Would love to see the show attract increasingly wide audiences. Job one for that—get some better theme music! :)
  • J. Barshop
    Love discovering new ideas here
    Greg is honestly world-class at expertly extracting those bits of gold listeners are looking for. He and his guests share some incredibly compelling content and I genuinely feel completely at home here. This is quickly becoming one of my go-to podcasts - thanks so much for spreading the good word here Greg! 🙌
  • License2gill
    Existential Dread Aloe
    These our important conversations that need to be had if we’re going to save our planet.
  • Brian Ettlaing
    One of the most informative climate podcasts you will find!
    I have been following Climate One since December 2011 when a friend took me to see a Climate One interview that Greg Dalton did with climate scientist Dr. Richard Alley. I have been hooked ever since. The host Greg Dalton interviews the top climate scientists, innovators, news makers, activists, etc. I have learned so much over the years from this podcast.
  • ST REK
    Refreshing and urgent dialogue
    Nice to get out of the echo chamber and hear real discussions about climate from diverse stakeholders.
  • cclyakima
    February 2nd Climate1 Episode
    Just what we need to hear. Informative, practical information on how we need to solve this climate catastrophe. More like this would be great!!
  • Big Sky Thinker!
    PhD Ecopsychology student
    I have been immersed in books and talks about on our planet as a matter of the love of the learning and my PhD, and I needed these diverse outlooks! I feel like an otter with a chest of orchids to consume.
  • xainabkahn
    Glitch - The podcasts aren’t playing for some reason
    Great people and content :)
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