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History #58

From public radio producer, Nate DiMeo, comes The Memory Palace, a finalist for the 2016 Peabody Award and one of iTunes Best Podcast of 2015. Short, surprising stories of the past, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hysterical, often a little bit of both.

"The most potent pieces of audio being produced today." - The AvClub

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  • LetsBInformed
    Storytelling magic
    I look forward to new episodes of The Memory Palace like no other podcast. Nate writes and narrates these stories with deep insight and genuine grace, casting warm light into all kinds of surprising little corners of history. This is beautiful work.
  • PodFan032021
    Listen - now!
    Bringing humanity to history - utterly unique and enthralling. I love this podcast!
  • Rich Cl
    Use to like it but don't anymore
    I really liked the podcast and was listening to the first casts but starter to just go with the most recent ones. I listen to a few and I couldn’t help but notice the passive interjection of race into them. He chose to inject race into the stories. Technically that could be considered racist which would be defining a person by the color of their skin. It does not effect the story at all, other than pushing a social issue he may want to take which is fine. But I don’t have to listen which is fine too. I thought I would give it one more and then started the white horse and right out of the starting gate ( a horse reference) it was about a social issue. Sorry I wish him success but not my cup of tea.
  • Mcdanics
    Middle of the night…
    Thank you for the gift of your story telling in the middle of the night… The story about the young woman on the island recovering from drugs and facing island people’s judgements … I hope she makes it as a nurse… she’ll be a great one… She will care deeply about the people who will come under her care and impel them on their way to healing … and the healer will be on her path to healing… Hope she makes it on her tough but rewarding path!!!!! Gratitude, x7, for the many stories I’ve heard by you and your team!!!! You’re the Ken Burns of radio … Thank you so much Mr. Nate Dimeo!!!!! Cheryl ( retired nurse)…
  • Groking
    Nate’s podcast just fills me in a way I don’t know how to describe, but thank god for that filling❤️❤️❤️
  • Brittiefofo
    One of my favs
    I’ve been a listener for a few years now and recently went back and re-listened to all the old episodes. So many gems. Always beautifully told even when the subject matter is heavy. You can hear (and feel) the time and care out into each episode. Thanks Nate. Excited for the book
  • libero30
    Astounding Stories
    Nate is an incredible story teller and expert and finding the interesting historic tales that have been overlooked in history. I enjoyed listening to his recent podcasts so much that I went back and listened to every single episode created. Download and please donate if you enjoy (I did) so that we can all continue to enjoy these amazing stories, so very well told.
  • Miz Luv
    Lovely show. Iconic.
    Simple, compelling human stories, beautifully told. Definitely one of the best of the best. This podcast has been among my favorites for many, many years.
  • PeasOrCarrots
    The xibe
    In love with this. Every episode a gem.
  • asfl;djjl anhs
    Just perfect
    Each episode is a delightful, bite-sized morsel for the brain.
  • BonnieKarpay
    Absolutely stunning!
    This pod is clearly a work of art and a love project for Nick. I physically break out in a smile when I see a new episode drop into my feed. I never know where his attention will bring me and I’m always grateful for where we end up. His soothing tone of voice and his wonderful language choice… It’s all a tonic for my soul and my brain.
  • Zosine823
    Love it
    The most meaningful podcast I listen to
  • amberesque
    A Jewel 💎✨💎✨💎✨💎
    Love these podcasts. Stories and memories lost to time. Profound, thoughtful and kind. Oh and did I mention original and creative? What Nate has created here is a jewel. Can’t recommend highly enough.
  • FrankTampa
    Intelligent and thought provoking
    Awesome podcast.
  • JFC I don't want a nickname
    Ahhhhh. Great listening
    Excellent storytelling. Nate’s research and voice bring random and compelling historical events to life in such a vivid and literary style. Great, great listen, especially when life’s stress gets to be a lot.
  • Eli13
    Go in cold.
    Nate is a national treasure. This is a memorial to out great country. Good and bad, happy and sad, triumph and tragedy. Don’t look at the show notes. Don’t worry about which episode to start with. Start anywhere and listen.
  • gbmodelr2
    I love this podcast, the music is so good and his voice is outstanding!
  • prescarterhall
    First episode I clicked ruled it as a no for me
    I listed to the recent episode about a bronze statue in Gettysburg. While the podcast is well narrated, researched, and edited, I can’t imagine I’ll listen again. His philosophy on history is what bothers me. While I understand the people of the past were imperfect, I also recognize that no human is imperfect. Should we only remember the worst deeds and beliefs of historical people? I think the context is important. Many of the white men who are represented in statues at Gettysburg died to make America truly free, to finally fulfill the bill of rights for what it was meant to be. For everyone. Don’t forget slavery was not a uniquely American concept. We didn’t start it, but (though much bloodshed) we did end it. And I think the history of how and why that happened should be remembered in great detail. And that includes remembering the leaders of both sides and what they did to each other in this great struggle. Whether a battle for state’s rights or to end slavery, it is a dramatic and pivotal piece of American history that should be remembered as vividly as possible.
  • cherrypeach9
    What a podcast!
    I just discovered Memory Palace . I’m listening to episodes while doing chores & at the end of every episode I think of some friend who’d love it. So I’m slow on the chores but lots of folk are getting texts with links to Memory Palace. Very skillfully mix of interesting stories, music & script, told from a empathic perspective. Bravo!
  • MisterMellow001
    Just right
    I appreciate that the pre-story ad length was trimmed to a minute and a half in the latest episode about Hazel Scott. It was a very interesting and well-told story. I stayed for the credits (so to speak) at the end because I love hearing the guy say “Radiotopia.”
  • Bdawg1983!!
    If there is a heaven I hope there will be an endless number of episodes. Nate is a truly unique story teller.
  • sk1885
    The host is very well informed and extremely easy to listen to. I really feel like he takes you back in time to feel what it would have been like!! Highly recommended!!
  • sue from kalamazoo
    I got caught by the memory palace one night when I couldn’t sleep. It popped up…”Betty Robinson”…and I started to listen, hoping it would lull me back to sleep…but no, I listened through it all, now wide awake, enthralled and then listened again, and then, at 1:40 am, I sent it off to 10 friends. It was that good, that encouraging, and now, I have started back at the beginning, to listen to all the stories. So good, captivating…..
  • Steve29
    Would be better if the producer wasn't friends with a frustrated composer. Adds nothing but distraction and makes it harder to listen to. Turned it off.
  • Picky podcast reviewr
    Stop the music
    Couldn’t listen to because of the constant background “music.”
  • rosallea
    Perhaps Radiotopia can set a ceiling that supporters can reach by enough chipping in 50$ a year (or ?) to lessen the promotions.,, or some such system that eases the displeasure some express and to keep it pure and creative for Nate and his followers. And to educate listeners of how we can do this and collectively accomplish true listener supportive programming, within Radiotopia b/c , as it is, people may be left with a sour taste for RTopia because it gets old and worn. Just saying and seeking ideas. Notwithstanding, the innovative ideas and offerings promoted sound fabulous. Simply beautiful AudioArt,! Masterful , rich, storytelling, reminding us to appreciate everything. Told with an astonishing wonder that speaks to shared humanity in such perfect pitch , humorous and profound !! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift.
  • Boneroni
    Really great presentation of historical happenings and the through line that connects them.
  • Shyer why
    Great Podcast
    Excellent stories and so eloquently told. Great job.
  • wdrows
    top notch…
    truly. among the very finest creations of recorded audio storytelling.
  • Hoit Shrimply
    Keep coming back to this
    I listen to a lot of podcasts, usually in long-form but there’s something about these poignantly succinct, expertly narrated and beautifully scored short stories that keeps me coming back every time for years.
  • tuiggf
    If I could express in words the transcendent value these presentations I would be able to, perhaps, make an equally great podcast. But I’m thankful for my short coming so that can in faith lay my conciseness back in the buoyant current of each production.
  • Szusxi
    One of the very best. And his voice!
  • gtzme
    I give one star only because the amount of adds and the frequency of said adds are RIDICULOUS!!! I am an avid podcast listener and normally don’t mind and add or two here and there but geez! I have never heard so many adds on one single episode as I have heard on this podcast. The stories are great but the adds are a TOTAL killer!!!
  • britperson1377337
    Fantastic podcast! Thanks
    Love this podcast, completely love listening
  • Listener846294
    Love this show so much
    So original and thought provoking. One of my favorites to listen to!
  • enteringanicknameisretarded
    Tmr memory palace
    Telling a 5 five minute story in 16 minutes….
  • katy.sss
    Loved the Great Gatsby!
    I loved that in lieu of reruns, you read the Great Gatsby! Please keep this up!
  • Firefighterntx
    I get it
    I get that you want the story to “take you there” but I HATE that there are no episode notes. So mostly I don’t go there. I’m sorry.
  • Dogpatch Hostage
    Sure beats a rerun!
    Thank you for reading Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. I’ve always loved the book and your reading was perfection.
  • AKtoNV
    The perfect podcast
    Beautifully eloquent, relaxing yet invigorating, passionate, thought-provoking and nostalgic, all at once. I adore this podcast.
  • Helen from Dallas
    Immersive storytelling, now less cluttered!
    Not only is the Memory Palace an amazing work of what can only be described as radio art, but it now has fewer adds than I’ve ever heard on the show! Finally, These wonderful stories aren’t clogged by a bulky frame of sponsorships and ‘brought to you by’s, and the episodes’ true beauty can be fully appreciated! Thank you to Nate and everyone who makes the show possible. I recommend this podcast to anyone who loves thought provoking narratives.
  • awaywithit
    Fact inaccuracies
    Nate, Betty Robinson died in 1999 not 1997.
  • Proud return user
    Masterful storytelling
  • MBMinMN
    Masterful storytelling
    ThAnk you for your research and for sharing the stories of our shared past.
  • Danny Boy100
    The Betty Robinson story
    Beautifully told as only Nate can do, and there is a lovely lesson: if you’re lucky you can have 15.5 minutes of Andy Warhol’s fame.
  • the Queen of Fort Greene
    Nuf Respect.
  • shellbellexx
    I so wanted to give 5 stars...
    The stories are really entertaining, I love the way they are presented and I find Nate’s voice soothing, he draws me in ( even subjects I normally find boring he makes interesting). It’s hard to be critical when I like him & his stories immensely. I like that the episodes are short and sweet (usually less than 10 minutes) but what I can’t get over is how long it takes to get to the actual story. I understand the ads -someone has to pay to keep the lights on, however, the longwinded intro is overkill especially when it’s longer than the whole story 🤦🏻‍♀️. Supposedly the podcast is just the way he decides -there are no “corporate” demands & the show is just as he wants it etc...however the time spent spelling that out EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. contradicts that sentiment. Also, someone else mentioned the fluctuation in volume being problematic-I agree wholeheartedly!!! The long ads and 3 minute diatribe of an intro should reel in enough revenue to ensure volume continuity. My 10 year old daughter listens to a podcast produced, written and performed by a preteen whose sound level is impeccable across the podcast so it can’t be that hard to correct. My issues with this podcast are not singular complaints according to prior reviews I hope they will be resolved. This podcast should be in the top 10 because it’s so good but I’m afraid the issues raised in the comments/reviews are keeping it from drawing in the masses and preventing it from being heard by more listeners which is a shame. 😢
  • Moocow14
    This is just a beautiful show. I’m always swept away into another world. Thanks Nate.
  • ajcj22
    I cry, almost every time I listen. He does change a part of my day with each story. Congratulations.
  • Earchel
    Totally awesome!
    Great, quality podcast. You will want to listen to all of them back to back, I can't seem to get enough. Highly recomend! Nate you are killing me with the constant COVID talk. But I forgive, still love you.
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