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Tennis #22

Improve your inner game of tennis quickly with mental game expert Dr. Patrick Cohn, sports psychology for tennis expert at Learn how to play to your potential in matches using powerful sports psychology strategies for tennis.

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  • GT1only1
    Great Mental Tennis podcast. No one is more on target nor as succinct
    Each episode is very focused, explains the problem, impact, need and solution in a crisp bite-sized time frame with clear actions to take. I love it. It has really helped me.
  • Filly Bu$ter
    Enjoy this so much
    Enjoy listening to these tips whenever they come out! I wish they came out more often!!!
  • jaggedflower554
    Great insight!
    Easy listen
  • fedfan1967
    Too Vague
    The author doesn’t get into any proven methods or key words, phrases. Some may find this podcast helpful, but I did not find enough detail to call this useful to me.
  • tennis pro 12
    I have learned so much about my mental game in tennis in this podcast, thank you!
  • Msoarixay
    On The Go
    Great fundamentals for on the go advice! Lets hear some more!
  • BBQ Maniac
    Good tidbits of advice. Image training has worked a lot for me (hope Patrick does a segment on it). Example: if I watch the 2001 Goran/Rafter final, and imagine that I'm Goran (with that determined serve) during a tourney, I ace A LOT. If not, I choke. It works. Good Podcast but wish the advertising would be toned down.
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