The Leviathan Chronicles


The Leviathan Chronicles is a full cast audio drama about a race of immortals that have been secretly living in a hidden city called Leviathan, deep under the Pacific Ocean. For centuries, the utopian society has existed in peace, gently influencing world events on the surface. But soon, a civil war erupts between the immortals that wish to stay hidden, and those that want to integrate fully with the rest of mankind on the surface. A clandestine division of the CIA known as Blackdoor discovers the immortals’ existence and seeks to eliminate the perceived threat that they represent to U.S. sovereignty. Soon, a three-way war erupts across the globe as each faction fights for supremacy, leaving the fate of the world hanging in the balance. The Leviathan Chronicles is the ultimate science fiction and fantasy audio drama podcast utilizing over 60 actors with professional sound effects and an original soundtrack in every episode.

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  • Coeur de Parisienne
    Excellent Stories, Characters and Well Acted
    This is one fir those who have reservations about jumping on the Audio Drama Podcast train. This specific Audio Drama has it all to pull the listener into an engrossing, high quality drama. The varied stories through history along with the common thread woven throughout all episodes creates entertainment with ok’d radio drama days into our present.
    All-Time Favorite
    These should be the #1 fiction podcast. This got me into audio drama and I have yet to find anything close to comparable. Wish it never ended!
  • Docfurpaws
    So we’ll written and thought out. One of best fiction podcasts out there!
  • Ludas Pittbull
    The Leviathin Chronicles
    This is by far the best science fiction story telling I have heard in a pod cast!!!!!! Amazing!!!!! Great job!!!!!!
  • SidheRa
    I tried
    I tried so hard to like this, but there are just too many issues. The voice acting is often lifeless, and if that were the only problem, I’d just push through. The “history” in episode 8 finally pushed me over the edge. The writer obviously didn’t even bother to scan Wikipedia - Church of England? Vaccines? What period is it even supposed to be? Just glad I won’t make it to the racist voice acting. Ugh.
  • rr818
    Some of the dialogue is sooooo cringey
  • Wtxolf
    Shock and awe
    I have been looking through multiple podcast to hook me, amaze me. I have been looking for a story to be told with multiple characters to make me forget my own world. This is the first podcast im actually making a effort to write a review. I want to find more like this one, now im an addict wanting more like this one. It’s the right balance of calm and ACTION… like cmooon i have to stop what im doing to make sure i dont miss anything. All while i’m so into it, it’s like i’m there and wishing i was there to join on the adventure. Like BRUH WTF…..I WANT MOOOOORE!!!!!!! ….. amazing creation of art and creativity.
  • VinneyVV
    My first Pod Cast…. Wow
    This has been one of my first podcast of my lifetime and I can honestly say I am so grateful to have chosen this one in particular not only is it an awesome story it has great character development and a lot of other things that I love about it. One of my favorite things is it brought together people that listen to it around me and my work so you have definitely grew a Small fan base here in Minnesota where I’m from/working I love listening to every single recording that you made I apologize and I’m sorry for your wife I literally cried when you were talking about her… To go through that and finish that took alott! She would be super proud thanks for helping people like myself helping me make it through many nights of overtime especially the hard nights I was going through. I will continue to listen to whatever you make… and support however I can I am grateful to find leviathan for myself. If you ever personally see this thanks I really appreciate it and I will continue to listen I a few chapters and don’t want it to end 🤧
  • AaronStrix
    Absolutely amazing, keeps me on the edge of my mind wondering what’s going to happen next. Great story, actors and actresses are amazing and I really like the narrative portions because it really helps you set a scenery in your mind. Keep it up everyone! You’re awesome and amazing!
  • K'rul
    Problematic cultural representations.
    Halfway through season 1. Enjoying the story - campy though it may be. My issue is with the representation of other cultures. Oberlyn sounds like the only Irish accent these guys have heard is Lucky the Leprechaun. Toshi, the son of a yakuza boss, is offered teriyaki salmon and mochi; because that’s what Japanese people eat right? The scenes relating the poverty in Mumbai and the accents of the Indian people are borderline offensive. It’s 2021. We can be better
  • Davelhazen
    Leviathan Is a GIANT of a Podcast
    I have been deep down the Leviathan pod for a couple of weeks now. I often listen to podcasts in bed and now I’m rushing through my evening to go “to sleep.” Love the writing, research, characters, music and soundscape. This is a blockbuster movie for the ears!!
  • Alicpa03
    Too much talking
    The creator talks too long at the end. Also his ad at the end is inappropriate. I like to binge podcasts and this is jarring.
  • Killerace3
    Kinda cringe. Mostly standard women good, men bad, science is god.
  • I am Nicole
    Pulled me in, then disappointed me
    The story started off intriguing, with a strong female lead, and then started to devolve. As the plot lines got more complex, the dialogue got worse and some of the characters fell apart. The strong female lead evaporated. Romantic subplots and sexualisation of every. female. character. got old, and just felt immature. What killed it for me were the caricature-like and racist portrayals of a Japanese character. I just couldn’t bring myself to keep listening. The audio production quality and basic plot were good but needed a rigorous editing process to keep it going.
  • vikashscifi
    Not to miss!
    One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. Tough to believe that this story is from 2008. It’s still relevant to 2021. Expecting lots more to come from you guys! : ) Jus finished Season 2, it’s a very intriguing story. Every small detail gets a spotlight, which just adds onto the realism in this fictionalized storyline. YOU GUYS ROCK!
  • singinphil
    Wonderful adventure!!
    I had had only ever listened to audiobooks in the past but thought “what the heck I’ll try a podcast”. I am so happy I found this as the first podcast I have ever really listened to. It was such a great story and the voice acting and sound production was fantastic!! I started from the beginning and couldn’t stop!! Please if you’re looking for a great written and produced story give this a listen from the beginning!!!
  • Duelche
    Where’s my star stone
    Great story really entertaining and if you close your eyes you’re 50,000 leagues under the sea and leviathan. Hope you should get some funding and make some more stories really well done and addicting.
  • DPH111
    Great story and production. Hooked.
    Great adventure. Author comment is an added bonus.
  • Rejekkkkkkkkk
    Locked content
    Story seems to be locked behind a paywall between season two and three. Missing episodes not good. Nice story, until the story is locked away. Maybe it is good, maybe not?
  • LJAnderson16
    Awesome, just awesome
    I drive for a living so podcast are a huge part of my every day, i can definitely say Leviathan is at or very close to the top of most thrilling podcast I’ve listened to so far. Great writing throughout and amazing development of characters/ story line, I’d fully recommend to anyone. I hope badly that they are able to continue the story line and will be looking forward to when those are released!
  • wisebury
    Great Show!
    Lots of fun. Really enjoyed listening
  • MorrSett
    Good show overall.... ahead of it’s time
    Season one is a little painful as, with most podcasts, the creator felt the need to do a ramble at the end of each episode. They got rid of it for season 2. Tully voice actor is subpar but... most of the others do well.
  • Fluffs212
    Love this!!!
    This is my absolute favorite podcast!! Such a great story line! Loved every episode!!
  • Banoony
    Disappointing caricatures
    At first I really enjoyed the story and was willing to just skip the 15 minutes at the end of each episode where the creator joins in to ramble about himself and his creative process. I was even ok with overlooking some of the trope-ey romantic parts because the audio mixing is really good and honestly the story is intriguing. But I just got to season 2 and the racist caricature of the Okinawan fisherman is just too much to sit through. It’s too bad because some of the storytelling is great and it would have been totally possible to tell this story without making the women weak and without stereotyping other cultures. Unfortunately by season 2 it has just gone too far.
  • DarlingCaper
    Amazing Story
    I have totally been consumed with listening to this. It’s completely immersive and I’m always wondering what happens next! A great find and a must listen!
  • arisanthony
    HBO...... Freakin This!!! Make it Happen!
    Straight away, the story is really good. The voice acting and sound effects are amazing! I highly recommend paying at their website to get the one off stories as well. Not necessary to enjoy the main story, but it adds to it incredibly!! It has a satisfying end, with the possibility to carry on. And it seems they will. But the core story and characters and so interesting. It’s a bit of a long binge at this point, but worth it. So, so worth it!! I desperately want HBO to make a show of it so I can get my non-podcast-listening friends to enjoy it with me.
  • Rocshah
    Great audio story
    Totally immersive. Worth listening to.
  • ODST Adrian Fii
    Don’t miss this!
    This is one of the greatest podcasts I’ve ever heard. I joined the fight on episode two and followed through for ten years. I’ve cheered, screamed and cried so much, not just with the story but with the actors. This is a saga that you are cheating yourself if you don’t listen to it. And to Cristoff, thank you.
  • ♥️💛 Lizae
    I’m sooo glad y’all are back !!!
    I’m soooo glad y’all are back I was soooo sad when you guys stopped producing for a while 😭😭 the story is great and I’m relistening to the whole thing !
  • S1rVince
    What an amazing adventure!!
    Such an amazing story that you can’t stop listening to. I’m excited for spin-offs and a future season 4!! This could also be a great tv mini series that AppleTV+ or Netflix should make.
  • moppet_mi
    It’s ok
    The story’s *remarkably* juvenile, and considering this is fiction, the ‘historical’ elements are oddly discordant (either leave them out all together, or do more thorough research). SERIOUSLY cringe-worthy stuff. There are also several illogical narrative leaps, with jarring character shifts. Sound design’s pretty terrific, ‘though, and that definitely helps. Revised down to three stars after I listened to more.
  • blackdoor12
    Love this story, i need more.
    Completely amazing and im waiting to know whats gonna happen next with roberts, lady in white and maddox . Same with the rest of immortals and etc
  • nickanderhoey
    I love Lisette! Great characters!
  • Gabbbbbbbs777
    I play this podcast when I have long commutes. It’s not the best. I feel the character dialogue gets so long and winded it doesn’t come off realistic. Like instead of building up to an explanation of what a weapon does or how the aliens got there etc, one character will ask a question and then the next character responds with a monologue. That throws me off when I’m trying to keep track of the story because it’s not how people talk naturally.
  • Creekxus
    Great show!
    Wow I’ve never heard a show like this. The production is top notch and the storyline is amazing. Hopefully they keep it up. It’s great.
  • derv81
    I’m not even into this kind of stuff but I can’t stop listening!!!
  • GNXgypsy
    Apparently not for ‘woke snowflakes’
    This an an absolutely epic full cast audio drama! I laugh at some of the reviews by people who’s precious little feelings are hurt by “sexist” or “racist” voice actors. Get over yourselves people! Go make your own non gender conforming product and eat your lunch all by yourself.
  • Kathrynjane11
    Can’t Stop
    As a lifetime sci-fi/fantasy lover, I was skeptical about how a podcast could capture the intrigue and imagination like a novel. I cannot stop listening. Character development, new ideas, talented voice acting, entangling storyline— Leviathan has it all.
  • Alpha0071
    I discovered this podcast in 2020 and had been sitting in my library for the longest time. I’m so glad I never listened to it before or read reviews about it. 2020 has been a bad year, but in December, this podcast kept me looking forward to the end of the work day, or the weekend, or taking time off. I’ve looked forward to listening to it. What a great audio drama. Just got through Season 1 and trying not to binge, so I have more to listen to. Love the long detailed episodes!
  • Roland45
    Love it so far
    I just started with season 1. I’m about 5 episodes in and the acting and story line is very engaging. Sometimes when I’m listening to a podcast like this I get distracted and have to rewind. This one keeps my attention. Not sure how the unknown season is but I’m looking forward to trying it out.
  • Podicted
    So glad I stumbled across this pod! I recommend it to anyone who is interested in podcasts. Even if you don’t usually do a audio dramas, give episode one a try you’ll be glad you did!
  • LF Stays Alot
    Uh... We wanted a story....
    It was great until every episode had a dialog from the author. He should have realized his story speaks for him, but I care nothing about his boat tour and hot dogs on New York. Save that for a separate dedicated ‘behind the scenes’ episode. I dislike lots of people that can tell great stories. One doesn’t equal the other dude.
  • With his original
    Not cool that I can’t listen to the finale. Not everyone has Facebook
  • Bratsmacker
    Characters don’t think
    So many choices at the season finale of season 1 made absolutely zero sense. And a ton of their choices completely go against what they’ve been doing throughout the season. The characters are borderline idiots at time.
  • TheMan_todo
    I love this podcast I recommend everyone to listen and enjoy
  • Phjrhu
    Great podcast!!
    My favorite of all time!
  • DavisTheDude
    I have been an avid fictional podcast listener for over 6 years. The Leviathan Chronicles is by FAR the best. Action, mystery, sci-fi, has everything you might want. It also sounds amazing.
  • inu.blu
    I just found this show looking forward a good podcast to watch at work. The actors are amazing. The story is amazing. And I’m just now on season 1 last episode and I have to know what happens 😆 utterly amazing
  • Wertyman789
    Sexist Storylines
    The story would have been assisted by strong female leads, rather than the sexual, submissive stereotypes we are given. Disappointing.
  • Bklyn guy
    Offensive accents
    The Asian voices speaking English in episode 43 make me really disappointed I’ve listened up until now.
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