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Join hosts Dylan Lewis, Deidre Woollard, Ricky Mulvey, and Mary Long as they cover the day’s top business news and financial headlines with the Motley Fool's team of investment analysts. Tune in on weekends for the greatest investing classes you never got the chance to take in school and perspectives from special guests helping to shape the future.

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  • AMAZingAmazing007
    The highest quality one for fundamentals
    Can you guys talk about the upcoming big events every weekend?
  • Mark10017
    The bitcoin show is just full of half truths and a lack of real understanding. I expected so much more
  • Old F'er
    Nice resource that has provided advice and a challenge to dig deeper into companies before investing. Love the bantering between the Fools.
  • Mike's thought
    Introduce some new companies!
    Hi there! The show is well produced and I've been listening for years but you got to start introducing some new material. You talk about the same 10-15 companies ever cycle. You bring up Mattel and Hasbro like anyone cares or invests in these companies. There's a lot of companies outside of FANG that you could cover.
  • wiccademic
    Sorry fellas
    Money doesn’t have an opinion. Why are you guys still pushing a leftist agenda? I stopped listening to all your shows because of that. I thought that maybe with Biden’s disastrous economy that you would have come to your senses but I see that you haven’t. I’ll check back in another year.
  • ScottVN
    Motley fool Answers
    I so much miss the old show. Rarely do I care about the detailed subject matter in this podcast. You could have kept answers even once a week.
  • rich aesthetic
    Motley Fool One?
    Not sure where or how to subscribe
  • Austeracles
    Really miss Chris Hill
    Last month around this time I’d rate the podcast a 5, but since Chris Hill left as host of the show, my desire to listen in has plummeted. His interesting voice and his ability to guide a conversation in a productive and captivating manner kept me reined in. Not to mention as a listener I could tell that he and whoever the analyst was that given day had a good friendship. The conversation seemed to be endless and it really felt like a CONVERSATION and an educational one at that. Now it feels like contrived remarks between two people acting like friends with no engaging teaching happening. MFM has got to find someone like Chris Hill or I think my interest in this podcast will go completely extinct.
  • not ds fan
    Awesome show, but a sad day
    I started investing and listening to Motley fool in the beginning of pandemic. Since then my portfolio has grown and knowledge of stock market has expanded. Totally devastated that Chris Hill is leaving Motley fool, sometimes I only select and listen to episodes he is on. His last episode made me wanna cry 😮‍💨 Something about he voice is just comforting and reassuring. Hopefully motley fool can find a host with voice as comforting as his and with the same wisdom and wits. Otherwise… I don’t know what I’m gonna do.
  • Mari3698
    This the business we choose
  • markfoollistener
    Bill vs Bear
    Wishing all the best to Chris Hill!! Been a listener of Market Foolery/MF Money since 2014 one of the first podcasts ever listened to, and still the one I never miss! Will miss you Chris!!!!
  • Schwartzzzzzzz
    Make it more like Market Foolery
    I can always tell if I will listen to a particular episode based on whether or not Chris Hill, Jason, Bill Mann, Ron Groes, Jim Gillies, etc appear. Those guys should be on 99% of the time. I can’t listen the Motley Fool Answers team, they are abominable. I usually only listen to the first half of the episode.
  • Retired Brian
    Barker Back?
    Wow. Sure sounded like Bill Barker didn’t want to be back in this episode! Has TMF forced its folks back in the office? Anyways, I continue to be stunned by Chipotle’s stock performance. Their restaurants near me continue to be very below average for service. Maybe the stock will see that in the long run. I’m not a buyer of their product or stock at this point.
  • DeuceIsLoose
    Soooo tired of hearing about Tesla
    Isn’t there anything else to talk about? Used to love this podcast but so lame talking about Tesla. All. The. Time. Let it go guys.
  • MKohanbani
    2 Apr 23 Episode
    Your 2 APR 23 episode was one of the best. Recommend more episodes like this in the future!!
    Good fit for MSNBC
    Sorry but Nell Minnow, ESG, stakeholder philosophy and the likes have become too much to stomach. The second star is because I think you are probably nice enough people.
  • Jeffery hebert
    One analyst continues to be political
    One analyst in particular is consistently political in favor of the left yet consistently berates companies on compensation and cheers layoffs. It’s gross. Remove politics from this podcast!
  • Iowish
    Love it but…
    I love this show but lately it has been struggling for content. In particular, the segments where the analysts debate the merits of two stocks is really boring and belabored. I FF through this debate segment whenever it comes on and you and feel the drudgery in the debaters’ voices. Easy suggestions: more Chris, Jason, Alison and Bro (Awfulizer). Less high school debate team.
  • bc4
    Used to enjoy this podcast
    I miss the depth of insights and analysis of the prior line up of MF podcasts (in particular - industry focus). The analysts barely dig into the details and often it seems like they didn’t even prepare for the show and are just winging it (I stop listening whenever Bill Mann talks). Many times after a show I realize that I literally got nothing out of it. The show has been dumbed down and is trying to do too much all at once. For the average retail investor who buys stocks, there are better shows out there.
  • Just Your Average Ben
    Partisan Guest on Mar 10
    The Friday March 10, 2023 episode with Nell Minow ranting about how people against the new ESG rules are spreading misinformation was just blatant political partisanship. Her propaganda that anyone opposed to ESG was just a minion of oil companies and the Koch brothers is completely inaccurate and quite a disturbing distortion. There is a reason why there is bipartisan concern about how ESG has swelled the the financial world. I am disappointed, usually Motley Fool does better than this. I'm not a Republican or Democrat but I don't like the idea that my financial advisor would invest my money based on their political preferences which is how ESG has been implemented and marketed. Motley Fool should do a better job balancing conversations around the ESG controversy instead of inviting partisan guests to give their opinion as the only voice. If Motley Fool gets too ideologically driven (I know many of the Fool staff are already quite liberal, but I don't know of any conservatives) then I can't trust your stock recommendations and I will cancel my subscription.
  • Chloe4678
    Jamil the G.O.A.T.
    Love seeing Jamil on here! Great investor and even better man. I’m blessed to be an Astro student and staying up to date in the market.
  • macgeek71
    Jamil Damji is a Real Estate GOAT
    This episode of MF(iBuying, Real Estate Investing, and Home Inventory), is packed full of insight on current housing trends and market you won’t find anywhere else. Jamil is an authority in REI and always at the ready with his fresh perspective and hot takes. He provides his community and the public with unmatched value! If you’re not listening to or following him, you’re missing out. This podcast was just a small sample of his genius.
  • KamrunNaharGa
    Great time for investors!
    I’m so happy to get to know what I can do through the recession period. Proud student of Jamil Damji and I can not stretch enough , how much Real Estate can do even when a time where people thinks they should be panicking. Right guides can only be saved. Is your guider greedy or helping, that reflects everything!
  • Fabian R67
    Jamil Nailed It
    I am a fan of the show and was super excited to hear Jamil was going to be on. The education that I got out of this interview was overwhelming and in a great way. As a small real estate investor, a lot of the content hit home for me. I am really rethinking my strategy for success in 2023. The real estate investment climate will forever change and it’s great to get these nuggets that help us navigate the ever changing rea estate investment waters. Motley and Jamil, thanks for creating this podcast and for summarizing a lot of big topics so succinctly and actionable. Much Love!
  • KCampbell168
    Great Insights, Great Heart!
    Jamil point of view of where the market is now, where it's going and how hedge funds are effecting homeownership and long-term rental rates is very interesting. The market has changed significantly in the last 6-12 months. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 18 months. He is so full of heart and compassion for the American homebuyer.
  • sheridan023
    Jamil has provided so much value and he continues to do so! He gives so many gens away for free and everything he shares in our Astro community is priceless! He changed my life! Loved this podcast episode and can’t wait fro more!
  • anon801
    Real Estate Investing / Jamil Damji
    Jamil 's podcast on the current status and possible future for REI on 2/18/2023 was eye-opening... Interest rates, dwindling inventory, private equity money, and more are rapidly changing the landscape of real estate ownership, rentals, and investing. This is a "must listen" for anyone involved/interested in REI.
  • SJENKS72
    This is my most favorite podcast to listen to! These guys are always dropping gems and they make it fun! I’ve learned a lot from them. Thanks guys and Jamil for all you do for your listeners!! LETSSSS GOOOOO!!!
  • RE.Robin
    IBuying. Real Estate Investing, Home Inventory
    WOW WOW WOW… What a guest.. Jamil is the man.. He knows his stuff.. If people want to understand how all this works in the changing climate of Real Estate.. You can’t help but learn from him. His students are Crazy Familiar with the 900# Gorilla… You can’t go wrong learning from him and a few of his besties…. Mondays we can catch them on Wholesale Hotline and Saturday you can see he and Pace Morby on Triple Digit Flip… Give it up for Jamil DAMJI one of the kindest men with a genuine heart and true Integrity!!!
  • Carrie Deschamps
    Carrie Deschamps
    Part of the Astro Family 🚀and found this podcast through the genius himself Jamil Damji…. I love listening to podcasts and this one is by far such an easy one to listen to and follow! The information and guidance is beyond valuable!
  • Michelle Brandao
    Loved the real estate episodes
    Got introduced to the podcast because of Jamil, one of the goats in the real estate space. His episode was fantastic. Really insightful podcasts with a lot of interesting subjects. Already had to my podcast list to listen to. Awesome job!
  • Mikayla Larson 🚀
    Love hearing from a wholesaler!!
    Jamil’s episode has so much goodness. Loved hearing about the housing market as a whole and the observations they have seen. It makes me happy to hear the small mom-and-pop flipper is resilient and steadfast: giving people homes with heart!
  • Wantin More!
    Jamil Damji!!
    As always, Jamil Damji never ceases to amaze! Thanks for the fabulous episode on investing in today’s housing market. 🚀
  • Aldrey#1
    iBuying, Real Estate Investing, Home Inventory
    Jamil’s episode (iBuying, Real Estate Investing, Home Inventory) gave great insight about the moving parts of the current real estate market condition. It open my eyes to a lot. Apparent you Jamil!!! I’m always in tuned with Motley Fools you for deep market insight. Thanks guys!
  • Johnny Gaona89
    Great show
    Astro student here just listens to Jamils episode and I have to say.. sometimes not getting the most out of your deal by selling to hedge funds and looking out for the ma and pa investor could go a long way.. build that relationship and help each other out before we do end up being a renters nation and not own anything because these big companies will take over if we allow it..
  • Thomas Oliver 21
    Jamil brings so much value!
    I listened to the episode regarding the current real estate market on iBuying and home inventory. Jamil had some invaluable insight about how wholesaling and flipping are being affected by inflation and inventory. I can't express my gratitude enough to Jamil gifting such a helpful community and advice from someone who's done the dang thang! ASTRO stand up!
  • Elisha Wintch
    So much value!!
    Just finished listening to the episode with Jamil Damji regarding home buying and the projection of house inventory on the market. I was very impressed with the host and her questions and knowledge regarding real estate and investing. That knowledge led to great questions, discussion and insight into where the housing market has gone in the past few years and where it is going. Jamil is so knowledgeable and what I’m most impressed with is his attention and awareness into the soul and heart of the individual when investing in real estate and who the actual customer is, which is the home buyer that will live, love and breathe in the home. I definitely will need to listen to this episode over again to gain all the true value there is in just 22 minutes! Thank you to all involved in making this podcast.
  • blake bares
    Jamil bringing it!
    Jamil is the man when it comes to real estate! So thankful he was able to speak on the podcast and bring some education to us all! Bring him back for another episode!!!
  • Grow some balls!!
    MOTLEY FOOL and JAMIL DAMJI!!! The real 900-lbs Gorillas 🦍!!!
    I have been a MAJOR fan of Motley Fool since 2005 as a tool to learning how to employ different investing strategies and use a variety financial vehicles to grow and secure my family’s future. At the time I was studying Macro/Micro-economics in school, and since then they have been crucially important in my foundation of knowledge building and application, as well as markets and trends understanding and interpretations. It is this knowledge that has recently led me to both take notice and get involved in real estate investing due to the current shifts in monetary policies and markets. 4 months ago I joined a community of AMAZING investors called AstroFlipping led by my main man JAMIL DAMJI!!! When I say that the brilliance of his ability as an investor (of which his track record speaks for itself) PALES in comparison to Jamil Damji THE PERSON…it’s not even close. All of which can be evidenced by the quality of the community his mentorship provides!! It’s a WHOLE-VIBE!! …and now you are telling me that these TWO TITANS have actually collaborated?!! This is a MUST LISTEN for anyone who is wanting to build financial security and wealth going forward for them and their communities. MOTLEY will ask the important questions, and I promise you that my man Jamil will hit you with all the relevant answers!! Please, please, please….do yourself and your community favor…check out their episode: “iBuying, Real Estate Investing, Home Inventory” Pure, 1,000-lbs Silverback 🦍 Genius!!!
  • builddreams
    Great insights!
    Just listened to the episode about the changes in the housing market. Jamil provided great insights for real estate investors. His experience with different types of investing gave valuable perspectives.
  • REIMel2022$
    Amazing Information
    The episode with Jamil Damji is an eye opener! Why isn’t anyone else talking about this? Great information regarding the housing market and what to do in the coming months.
  • Ernie213themaster
    Here from the Astro Community 💪🏽
    My name is Ernesto Matos and I’m in real estate. If you're anything like me, the idea of diving into the world of finance is about as appealing as a root canal. But thanks to the Motley Fool Money podcast, I've finally found a way to make investing and financial planning not only bearable, but downright entertaining. The hosts are like the financial equivalent of a stand-up comedy duo, bouncing witty banter off each other as they break down complex financial concepts in a way that's easy to understand. They've got a knack for making even the driest of topics seem interesting, and their chemistry is just as entertaining as their insights. As a real estate wholesaler, I wasn't sure how relevant this podcast would be to my business. But after listening to their episode on real estate investing, I was blown away by the wealth of insights and strategies they provided. I feel like I've got a whole new perspective on the real estate market, and I can't wait to put their advice into action. In all seriousness, if you're looking for a podcast that will teach you everything you need to know about finance and investing while keeping you entertained along the way, the Motley Fool Money podcast is the way to go. These guys are the real deal, and their insights have helped me make smarter investment decisions and grow my business. Don't miss out on this hilarious and informative podcast
  • AnaLamYen
    Great show
    Very informative and insightful! Always learn so much from Jamil. Truly enjoyed listening to his perspective on the current housing market. I wish the podcast was longer. Loved it!
  • Jamoris
    Best Podcast
    Jamil Damji told me to leave a review - This podcast is Dope like crack in the 80’s!
  • DIG1968
    Damji on iBuying and other Private Equity
    What an episode! @JDamji peels back the curtain on Private Equity’s strategies, successes, plunders, and provides a riveting opinion on it’s possible affect on the future of American living. Here, and on his YouTube channel, he collects friends, followers, and enemies - staying true to his beliefs and expressed opinions in spite of pressure to the contrary. Then in his signature cool and optimistic tone he brings the conversation back to where he has enjoyed his success and operates day in and day out - back to the neighborhoods in the many cities, states and markets of the American small investor he supports and does business with. You’d be hard pressed to find a seminar, meet up, master mind, podcast, or the like, where Jamil advocacy for us is not worn on his sleeve. And that’s why you’ll always find us, his clients, partners, and investors, wherever he may be, in support of him. And to you, Jamil, I say “Bravo. Very well done, sir”. Darwin Guarderas.
  • thebrittberryman
    Jamil Damji has the best beard ever!!!
    *The fire raises* *Eye of the tiger Intro starts to play* Ladies and gentlemen grab your black t-shirts and remember, "head body head rock!" Clothed in the latest fashion of mens black tees showing the swole muscles he has in those arms and blue jeans sewn from the American flag itself, it is my absolute honor to know and have Jamil “THE BLUE GENIE” Damji as my mentor!!! #AstroFlipping Jamil’s love for his students is second only to his amazing jawline which can be found imprinted and used as a staple of every man on Mount Rushmore. Jamil asks that you bring yourself just as you are but also have a pair of aviators in the back pocket in case a bald eagle flies by while comping properties on the beach. His message to you all, mindset is everything. You deserve the best. Now go get it.
  • A listening fan
    A great podcast
    I’ve been a fan of The Motley fool podcast for some time. I really appreciate how you can get a lot of your investing news and information in shorter, digestible segments and how it’s daily. It helps me make informed decisions when it comes to how I move my money. You should definitely add this show to your playlist!! 🤗
  • Money Spankz
    Jamil is a sex symbol
    I listen to a lot of podcast especially when it comes to real estate but this was definitely a great one to add to my playlist. You guys are awesome and having Jamil drop ASTROnomic gems on the drive home couldn’t of made my day any better. Great stuff guys I look forward to going future and previous episodes.
  • elijahag
    High level
    I could listen to Jamil Damji talk about real estate all day. Great human and glad to see him on this podcast 🤙🏽
  • Zach Santillian
    THIS PODCAST NEEDS MORE JAMIL!!! I got so much insight just from his short podcast that goes over the current real estate market and it’s participants. My biggest takeaway was how he is seeing investors come back into the market after the correction that we had. I also found it very interesting that we are transitioning into a renters market, I am very curious to see what this looks like in the next decade!
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