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Motley Fool Money is a daily podcast for stock investors.
Weekday episodes offer a long-term perspective on business news with The Motley Fool's investment analysts. Weekend shows are a mix of investing classes and longer-form interviews.
The show is hosted by Dylan Lewis, Ricky Mulvey, and Mary Long.

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  • FrancoBidd
    What happened to Deidre Woollard!!?
    Deidre Woollard was literally the only reason why I listened to this podcast. She was so smart and informed and serious about research. The other folks are a little bit too bro-heavy for my taste, or simply too immature or inexperienced to take seriously. What a loss!
  • Jonbsan
    Essential listening for long term investors
    I’ve been listening for years, I’ve been benefiting from the great, down-to-earth discussion. I especially appreciated the recent episode on CEOs, how we are finally waking up to how ineffective old alpha-males like Jamie Dimon and Steve Ballmer can destroy the value of a company, while enlightened leaders like Nadella create and are lead by great teams. Need more Deidre Woolard and less Ricky Mulvey.
  • MemoryCO
    It’s how I keep up with the intersection of technology and business
    This podcast is why I know anything about upcoming lifestyle changes bc of the latest technology. Great interviews about real estate in space, flying taxis, current vs future AI, etc. It’s cool to know which companies are at the forefront, whether I choose to invest or not. Would love to hear more from Tim Beyers and Kirsten Guerra!
  • Dan Clem
    I like it
    Not for everyone, but if you like stocks and investing it’s really well done. Obviously it’s not like some magic investing tool but it’s good for helping you learn and stay up to date on things.
  • VDJ81
    Best Show Ever!
    “More A.I. = More Cyber Threats” was the most informative episode of this podcast thus far. The technical insight combined with practical advice will certainly prove valuable to my career and personal life.
  • TeamObsolete
    Great analysis plus extras
    I have been a service subscriber for many years as well as a listener. Very useful market information plus some unexpected life tips along the way. Dizzy Pig Pineapple Head spice on salmon has been life changing. Thanks for the tip Jason.
  • CincinnatiKid303
    Daily routine
    Ricky, Dylan, Mary and Deidre do a great job. Wished they covered Dillards stock and other buyback stories more though
  • RBMcomments
    Great show
    Love earnings coverage. Love the hosts!
  • allergicbro
    Less stock talk
    Combining shows may have been good for algorithms but not content. Podcast used to talk about stocks, now more commentary and interview snippets. I listened to industry focus religiously for a decade. Now rarely listening to this podcast. More Dylan, Moser, and stocks please.
  • Toddboy79
    The anti conservative sentiment has gotten bad over the years, but the full episode on the Grinder App was disturbing. Do better.
  • JDC Auburn in Beirut
    Terrible show today. Three fantastic stocks?
    Really not into April fools show and it was difficult following this episode. Motley used to produce my favorite podcasts, but since they started combining shows into one, they have really lost something. As much as I can’t stand Cramer they put on a much better show. Sorry guys, you can do better. Investtalk currently the best IMHO. Or value guy.
  • Tallguy79
    Miss Chris Hill
    The quality dropped significantly when Chris Hill left the podcast.
  • Never Miss A Show
    Fallen from Grace
    I’ve been listening to MF for over a decade, but their insistence of interjecting radical politics into the podcasts has convinced me to stop listening. I’ll continue to listen to my other financial podcasts whom remain neutral on political topics. After listening to a recent podcast with the radical Kara Swisher being interviewed I’ve decided to stop downloading and listening to the podcast. Also someone please inform Emily Flippen that CHWY is not a solid company. Their sales is decelerating and there is simply too much competition in that field. Although those who have shorted the stock have been rewarded handsomely. *wink* *wink*
  • Mike's thought
    Stop covering the same crappy companies.
    Why keep promoting TWI? It's done nothing since you recommended it first 10 years ago. Do better.
  • Dsteb29
    Valuable content
    Long term investors providing insights into companies that one might invest in for, yep, long term growth. Added bonus of financial planning content and other interesting tangentially relevant topics. Love the show. Thank you
  • MickeyMillenium
    Great show , shoutout to Jamil Damji
    I expect this year to be **unstable**, but still **good**. Next year could be even **better** for technology and the economy as a whole. This is because it is the first year of the new presidential term, and that is when the government usually **spends** a lot. However, I predict a **downturn** in 2026, which will affect Nvidia and most other **stocks**. Nfa. Shout out to Jamil. He’s the best in his trade by far in my honest opinion. Total rockstar.
  • $;83!).
    Good info
    Great info but some of the hosts pessimistic and sarcastic nature is off putting. There doesn’t always need to be a snide remark
  • AMAZingAmazing007
    Don’t mislead Headline from content
    Can you guys use clear key words on every episode headline to tell the content?
  • jennygdragon
    Amazing Show
    Great content after few months listening, really learned a lot, keep on creating good stuffs! And certainly became a fan of Dylan lol
  • Sillyvalley
    Molds investment mindset
    It is always good to hear what Fools have to say, whether about macroeconomic condition, financial events, or specific companies. What I particularly like is that they are not pundits. Listen and they mold an investment mindset. I have to laugh about the comment on transitioning music. Now that we are on personal peeves, mine is the opening music. Or rather the lyric in it. Every time I open the podcast, I have a physical cringe at “That’s why they call it money.” Oh please!
  • DMac4591
    Great Show
    Been a listener for well over a decade and truly enjoy the show. I am retired and now listen as much to advise my children than for myself as I feel most of your advice is geared towards those who still have a long time before they need their investments. I do wish you would spend a little more time on retirees and in particular those who are not swimming in money. My hope is that the majority of my investments will not be needed for myself and my wife, but can be handed down to my children. That said, I need to make sure we are prepared for the unknown so I don’t feel investing for 20 years from now is not practical. Kee p up the good work
  • Big white boy
    Old investors show
    Should mix it up a little. So old school. Get some young talent in there. Bunch of haters… not a fan. Asid Sharma very biased and political.
  • corey nelson
    Chock full of Information
    I listen and learn from every episodes. The topics are relevant to current market and business in a highly accessible for people of all levels of knowledge.
  • Assdghggc
    Bring back market foolery
    This decision to make this single podcast wasn’t smart. Market foolery was the best. I have officially stopped listening
  • USU Baller, 1
    I have been listing to this Pod for years and it is amazing! Will def keep you informed!
  • Lammk0tt
    Opportunity cost of capital
    This show is usually exceptionally solid with regard to economic principles. However on the 29-Nov-2023 show Dave Meyer refers to zero cost of capital for Berkshire Hathaway since they use mostly money from premiums from the insurance parts of the organization. Money (use of it as capital) from insurance premiums is not free. It's part of the premium. All insurance companies count on that part of the value of the premiums. Your competitors will price their premiums the same way based on the opportunity cost. So you can't count on the insured to give you that aspect of the premium for free. There is no free lunch. So the characterization that this capital is free (0 cost of capital) and hence the notion that you don't "need" a return on that is simply wrong.
  • vvhhhvrhhuyd
    How to lose money hand over fist
    I signed up for a 2-year paid subscription and followed their advice and am DOWN over $7,000. Down! (I have no faith these will ever get back to neutral.) DOCU -73% ASAN -72% AFRM -72% UPST -78% U - 66% And they kept pestering to send them more money to continue my subscription Yeah, no thanks. Horrible investment advice.
  • rdinwiddie
    Lots of personal attacks
    Ben Mezrich is an idiot. Wont read his book.
  • ramjam2011
    Better than Rule Breaking Investing
    This is better than the Motley Fool Rule Breaking Investing podcast. This is only about 20-30 minutes long and it’s daily. Most of the regular contributors provide decent content. I don’t know that I would use this as investing advice, but they offer interesting opinions and ideas. I have the impression that the Fool’s investing approach is mainly to pick a few winners that are multi-baggers. Those outsized gains should more than offset any losers. So, they seem to lean toward growth and more speculative stocks. This approach may not be for everyone. I certainly wouldn’t follow this approach. I’m also not a fan of John Rotonti as a guest. I have heard him a few times, and it seems he tries to sound smarter than his listeners.
  • MGeppu
    Mulvey rockX interview with Isaacson
    Ricky Mulvey’s interview with Isaacson about his biography of Elon Musk is Mulvey’s best interview to date. Don’t miss it!
  • rshields32
    Not what it used to be.
    When this show was hosted by Chris Hill it was brilliant. Guests like Jason Moser and Ron Gross made for a great conversation among colleagues you could tell had a sound working relationship. Since he’s been gone it just feels like they handed the show to interns.
  • Mark10017
    The bitcoin show is just full of half truths and a lack of real understanding. I expected so much more
  • Old F'er
    Nice resource that has provided advice and a challenge to dig deeper into companies before investing. Love the bantering between the Fools.
  • wiccademic
    Sorry fellas
    Money doesn’t have an opinion. Why are you guys still pushing a leftist agenda? I stopped listening to all your shows because of that. I thought that maybe with Biden’s disastrous economy that you would have come to your senses but I see that you haven’t. I’ll check back in another year.
  • ScottVN
    Motley fool Answers
    I so much miss the old show. Rarely do I care about the detailed subject matter in this podcast. You could have kept answers even once a week.
  • TheTicIsTickedOff
    Motley Fool One?
    Not sure where or how to subscribe
  • Austeracles
    Really miss Chris Hill
    Last month around this time I’d rate the podcast a 5, but since Chris Hill left as host of the show, my desire to listen in has plummeted. His interesting voice and his ability to guide a conversation in a productive and captivating manner kept me reined in. Not to mention as a listener I could tell that he and whoever the analyst was that given day had a good friendship. The conversation seemed to be endless and it really felt like a CONVERSATION and an educational one at that. Now it feels like contrived remarks between two people acting like friends with no engaging teaching happening. MFM has got to find someone like Chris Hill or I think my interest in this podcast will go completely extinct.
  • not ds fan
    Awesome show, but a sad day
    I started investing and listening to Motley fool in the beginning of pandemic. Since then my portfolio has grown and knowledge of stock market has expanded. Totally devastated that Chris Hill is leaving Motley fool, sometimes I only select and listen to episodes he is on. His last episode made me wanna cry 😮‍💨 Something about he voice is just comforting and reassuring. Hopefully motley fool can find a host with voice as comforting as his and with the same wisdom and wits. Otherwise… I don’t know what I’m gonna do.
  • Mari3698
    This the business we choose
  • markfoollistener
    Bill vs Bear
    Wishing all the best to Chris Hill!! Been a listener of Market Foolery/MF Money since 2014 one of the first podcasts ever listened to, and still the one I never miss! Will miss you Chris!!!!
  • Schwartzzzzzzz
    Make it more like Market Foolery
    I can always tell if I will listen to a particular episode based on whether or not Chris Hill, Jason, Bill Mann, Ron Groes, Jim Gillies, etc appear. Those guys should be on 99% of the time. I can’t listen the Motley Fool Answers team, they are abominable. I usually only listen to the first half of the episode.
  • Retired Brian
    Barker Back?
    Wow. Sure sounded like Bill Barker didn’t want to be back in this episode! Has TMF forced its folks back in the office? Anyways, I continue to be stunned by Chipotle’s stock performance. Their restaurants near me continue to be very below average for service. Maybe the stock will see that in the long run. I’m not a buyer of their product or stock at this point.
  • DeuceIsLoose
    Soooo tired of hearing about Tesla
    Isn’t there anything else to talk about? Used to love this podcast but so lame talking about Tesla. All. The. Time. Let it go guys.
  • MKohanbani
    2 Apr 23 Episode
    Your 2 APR 23 episode was one of the best. Recommend more episodes like this in the future!!
    Good fit for MSNBC
    Sorry but Nell Minnow, ESG, stakeholder philosophy and the likes have become too much to stomach. The second star is because I think you are probably nice enough people.
  • Jeffery hebert
    One analyst continues to be political
    One analyst in particular is consistently political in favor of the left yet consistently berates companies on compensation and cheers layoffs. It’s gross. Remove politics from this podcast!
  • Iowish
    Love it but…
    I love this show but lately it has been struggling for content. In particular, the segments where the analysts debate the merits of two stocks is really boring and belabored. I FF through this debate segment whenever it comes on and you and feel the drudgery in the debaters’ voices. Easy suggestions: more Chris, Jason, Alison and Bro (Awfulizer). Less high school debate team.
  • bc4
    Used to enjoy this podcast
    I miss the depth of insights and analysis of the prior line up of MF podcasts (in particular - industry focus). The analysts barely dig into the details and often it seems like they didn’t even prepare for the show and are just winging it (I stop listening whenever Bill Mann talks). Many times after a show I realize that I literally got nothing out of it. The show has been dumbed down and is trying to do too much all at once. For the average retail investor who buys stocks, there are better shows out there.
  • Just Your Average Ben
    Partisan Guest on Mar 10
    The Friday March 10, 2023 episode with Nell Minow ranting about how people against the new ESG rules are spreading misinformation was just blatant political partisanship. Her propaganda that anyone opposed to ESG was just a minion of oil companies and the Koch brothers is completely inaccurate and quite a disturbing distortion. There is a reason why there is bipartisan concern about how ESG has swelled the the financial world. I am disappointed, usually Motley Fool does better than this. I'm not a Republican or Democrat but I don't like the idea that my financial advisor would invest my money based on their political preferences which is how ESG has been implemented and marketed. Motley Fool should do a better job balancing conversations around the ESG controversy instead of inviting partisan guests to give their opinion as the only voice. If Motley Fool gets too ideologically driven (I know many of the Fool staff are already quite liberal, but I don't know of any conservatives) then I can't trust your stock recommendations and I will cancel my subscription.
  • Chloe4678
    Jamil the G.O.A.T.
    Love seeing Jamil on here! Great investor and even better man. I’m blessed to be an Astro student and staying up to date in the market.
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