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Welcome to the new home for Adam's rantings and ravings. This is the #1 Daily Downloaded Podcast in the World. GET IT ON as Adam shares his thoughts on current events, relationships, airport security, specialty pizzas, politics, and anything else he can complain about. Five days a week and completely uncensored, Adam welcomes a wide range of guests to join him in studio for in depth interviews and a front row seat to his unparalleled ranting. Let's not forget Bryan Bishop (Bald Bryan) on sound effects.

Check it out as Adam hangs out with some of his pals like: Larry Miller, David Allen Grier, Dr. Drew Pinksy, Dana Gould, Doug Benson, and many, many more.

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  • Big B 65
    The “Mooch” episode
    Great job letting the Mooch have his say. It was hard listening to it at times though. Mooch is not in touch with common folk and it’s obvious most of his opinions are based on his elitist opinions. Definitely not a reliable source of information in my world. The five stars are for Adam, not the mooch.
  • Tara1053
    Been listening since Loveline
    This has to be one of the best episodes! Adam, Godfrey and Kyle-What a trio! I could listen to them every day, it was such a fun listen!
  • dkimster
    i listen every day!
    Adam has kinda evolved into a wise grumpy old man and I love it! The most pragmatic host ever.
  • tomshairpiece
    Stop recommending podcasts “I might like.”
  • arizona1979
    Dennis Prager
    Carolla is on fire. Great combo with Adam and Dennis. Those two together would make a great show
  • pkeel
    Idea for a drinking game
    take a shot every time Sam Tripoli says “100%.” You’ll be drunk in five minutes. Love you, Adam.
  • jmdjackie
    Paul Virzi
    Thank you for introducing m to this guy! Funny and quick. Great episode with him👏🏼
  • stellar lucynda
    Adam Corolla is a genius
    Let me start by saying long time fan, since love line followed your career without knowing, keep up the good work. Hard working in show business and off inspiration to all. We should all tip a page out of corollas book and don’t do your best do Adam’s best get it on.
  • Nijo150
    He’s still at it?
    He was amusing on Love Line in another geological age, but enough is enough. Is there anything worse than a “comedian” who is his own biggest fan? Between his grating loud voice and the insipid banter, this show cannot be tolerated. Thankfully, Corolla is relegated to podcast land where he is easily avoided. I was going to give the show one star. The second star is for pity.
  • rx in pdx
    Where is DFG?
    DFG needs to be a weekly guest. Please make it happen. No one funnier on God’s green earth. Surely he has some insights to share on the patriotic frat boys at NC and Ole Miss.
  • Mouthdoc
    Hilarious……except for…
    I love Adam. Have for years. But please, for all that is holy, no more Erica Rhodes!! Sorry, but her laugh is so grating and cringe inducing that it’s impossible to listen for long!!
  • Justintime79
    Funniest Non-PC Show
    Amazing show, so glad you got rid of those leftist wizards that really slowed the show down ( Bryan and Gina )
  • Dr Doom Jr
    A sad little man
    Not worth the time
  • Noname in particular
    Great comedy
    Please bring back gina and bryan/brian
  • P. Munro
    Loved Orny
    I was laughing out loud. Great show
  • dutchpig
    Go back to 5 per week
    I need Adam Carolla Show 5 times per week. You’re turning into Howard Stern! Dance with the one that brung ya’! “The Adam Carolla Show”
  • flyboy3714
    Love you since the 90s!
    Love what you are doing. I miss Brian and Jeana sometimes they were awesome. However, the show’s still growing and evolving and Love it now as well. Quote you often! Anymore movies other than docs coming out?
  • cect04
    Excellent Podcast
    So happy Brian and Gina are gone. The proof is in the show and how much better this year has been. Thank you Adam for cutting them loose. They were not the other voice you were trying to have on the show to bring both sides together, they were pure resistance and never made arguments that changed my mind. You bring on guests that oppose your views and that is what you were looking for. Max-a-pad-a is much better delivering the news.
  • NickPappa
    You'd think his mom was the Fuhrer
    He entered the world by being pulled out of her gentlewoman parts, and he spends approximately 5 percent of his podcast devoted to hating on her like she was the Fuhrer of Germany. I bet she was the nicest, sweetest woman around. God rest her soul Mrs. Lakers-Carolla
  • 3rdexit
    One in a million wife
    My loves a ceiling fan on and on high. Wife and I and a daughter and two sons all have fans on in whatever room we’re in. Great show thx ACE
  • SheldonGrunwald
    Mitch Green
    Adam, can you please provide a translation of this show. I’d really like to hear what he has to say
  • Josh from Orlando
    The not so new anymore formate is great
    The old show was great, this this newer formate is crushing it. So many great interviews that we never would have been exposed to. Still plenty of time for fun with the regulars and new comics.
  • Laffcat
    Best Podcast In The Business!
    The very best!
  • Bil Mattern
    Clayton is hilarious!
    Clayton is very funny and a great guest with Adam. Make him a regular!
  • ElTeo1234
    The man is still ragging on his mom, posthumously? Alright buddy.
  • BoogieDMC
    Get it on!
    Gotta get it on.
  • Garyolaf
    Orny brings it again
  • wheejo
    Today's guest gives me a headache. Thirsty for talking and yelling….stop it! Stop the loud angry consistently noise.
  • Clamshell614
    Stop talking over each other
    Adam yelling over his guest and these guys just keep talking over each other is BRUTAL. Love hearing Adam’s rants but when everyone is talking over each other - Have to turn it off most days.
  • Harry33RQS
    I erase and don’t listen when damashek or tortorich or especially Orny Adams!
  • RobBird08
    Love the pod-cart ;) and the Dr. Phil interview is worth a listen
    Keep up the great work and entertainment!
  • 123456$&@"
    Stop arguing with your employees
    Adam I love the show and have been listening for years. Please stop calling out your producers on the air. I feel like a kid in the backseat when the parents are arguing and immediately forward over or shut it off.
    Miiiiijooooo… mijo. Mijo? Mijooo. MIJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Been here since the beginning. All you newbies better show some respect.
  • Auntpatrice
    Closed eyes
    What happened w Ace & David Allen Greer? Ba bye DAG What ever did Donnie do to piss off Aceman Ba bye Donnie Ray refused to do things Adam’s way…. *wouldn’t take improv classes *wanted to be paid to do the podcast *was completely unaware of Adam’s sudden “I’m better than you Ray” attitude Ba bye Rayzo! Alison wasn’t working hard enough outside of the podcast Ba bye Alison Lynette has never properly contributed to anything Adam suggests Ba bye Lynette Gina and Bald gave Adam everything he loves-blind adoration, unpaid time, food, they would look bad so Adam could be the shiny boss man smartest person alive. They played Adam’s game as though they were completely aware that one false move and he’ll cut them from the team. Turns out they’re right! Ba bye Bald! Ba bye Gina! Is he still truly friends w Jimmy? If so it’s because Jimmy feels sorry for him And also, what’s w the closed eyes during his rants, or even just a plain speech? It’s as though he physically cannot see in order to understand that which stands directly in front of him. I used to love this guy I do not stand alone
  • OlafLickataint
    RFK Jr? Seriously?
    You used to have some common sense now you’re promoting this moron? No thanks Carolla!
  • Healthybasket
  • buckkky
    Show has gone down hill.
    I’ve always loved the show, but it has become increasingly harder to listen to; unenjoyable to listen to really. The producers and staff seem to be unaware of what’s going on constantly, the mistakes are not even that reasonable, so the show appears so cheap. Adam’s views and thoughts are often so unrefined that they make little sense, he views himself as an intellectual titan and that has severely clouded his view on himself. It’s really so unfortunate because I have always loved this show, and how topical it is.
  • gonzo150413
    Not good
    Not good
  • hgfkfkdirjgjdjw
    Perry Farrell is Awesome
    The episode with Perry Farrell was awesome! I don't know much about him and his music, but his history was so interesting! His personality is great and he def sounds like a surfer dude. lol! I really want him to come back and tell the rest of his story. I could tell that Adam was also really surprised at how likeable Perry was.
  • StaciaMia
    Morton’s Wife
    The only whiny, nasally voice I want to listen to is Adam’s. Norton’s wife spoke frequently and was difficult to listen to. I appreciate the variety of guests regardless. Wishing the show continued success.
  • altsh1
    Stuck on Repeat
    Man Adam has become really boring. He stuck on repeat . Over and over on same story almost daily his views on Covid. That is yesterdays news in rear view mirror . Please get back to funny
  • not a persuadeable
    Family and education
    You don’t have either, and you claim it’s the solution.
  • D the reviewer in my own right
    My favorite podcast over any other
    Hi Guys!!! Just had to to write to tell you how much I looooved the Kyle Dunnigan and Erica Rhodes episode, I was exploding w laughter!!! The skits u do are insanely hilarious, You and Chris are perfect!!! Ty for bringing so much happiness as I start my work day❤️
  • kgzlydlyslys
    Lots of common sense
    Plenty of funny with the occasional veer into some common sense political and social commentary. Don’t miss it!
  • MrDuke76
    Still good but not as good
    I’ve been a fan since his klsx radio days back in 06’. It’s still a great show with lots of awesome guests but the show has changed a lot. I really really still miss Bryan and Gina . They added so much comedy and mirth to the show. I miss the old drops and improv bits. It’s all under the guise of progress and growing but not all progress is good as Adam once said.
  • Dismayed art
    Big Fan
    Love ya Adam and crew, always. Through thick and thin. More Jiaoying Summers please. Adam, Drew and Jiaoying was bliss. Cheers.
  • althea72
    Peace out everyone who just cant handle 😩 one of the few media outlets that doesn’t bow to the trash, hypocritical ‘woke’ agenda. You certainly have almost every other podcast, news outlet, tv show, movie, advertisement etc. available to you. I especially love the palestinian supporters, they support a terrorist organization pretending theyre a government but even the ‘civilians’ treat women, children, gays etc. HORRIFICALLY! All the groups the ‘woke’ claim to champion? But are we really surprised? Everything these mouth breathers & circus freaks say, do is such hypocrisy & bullsh*t. Then people who say it’s repetitive, the same stupidity keeps happening over & over & its puts a spotlight on that🙄 Adam KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Love the show & cant get enough!
  • rwb2022
    on air arguments! as a person under 40, i am living for this content.
  • SinCitySly
    Ace Man to Space Man
    Adam’s humor always seemed to be from a place of someone who the average person could relate too…just stories about his childhood and friends and his ability to point out things that common sense made funny. Over time he started to lose his friends, get way too political and after taking a break from the show it looks like he got divorced and lost the people who helped build the show…not surprised…I just don’t get the political anger and swings in people…started slowly with his friends Donny and Ray…snowballed…sad.
  • J lovato
    Fun listen
    I enjoy the ACS, it is repetitive at times but the humor and insight make up for it. I do miss Gina a bit, but change is necessary so I am okay with the new format. Absolutely love the Rotten tomatoes game!
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