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Spiritual Teachings, where Tami Simon, Founder and Publisher of Sounds True interviews spiritual teachers, visionary writers, and living luminaries about their newest work and current challenges—the growing edge of their inner inquiry and outer contribution to the world.

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  • anandastar
    Sah D’Simone
    I have been listening to Tami’s interviews for over 25 years and have enjoyed them all. However, this was my favorite by far! Both Sah and Tami felt very present, connected and vulnerable. Sah is an example of how the core truths are coming through the great wisdom of the young people. I have a deep sense that it is where we’re going as a human race. Thank you so much for this beautiful interview. Love and blessings, Christine (70 and youthing)
  • law_javagirl
    Very uplifting and inspiring interviews
    I’m very grateful for Tami and all the sounds true staff bringing this podcast as well as all the other sounds true books, audios and courses into the world. They are a true blessing on my journey! Thank you for the interesting guests and the open, authentic conversations and questions!
  • human from ME
    That interview with Sah was soooo fun. I was smiling the whole time and just wanted to dance and fist pump the air. Keep them coming Tami, you rock.
  • Ann Sheppard
    Thank you
    I enjoy your thoughtful questions, honesty, vulnerability and your willingness to be authentic, Tami. Thank you for being you.
  • Vusjade
    Narcissism podcast
    While I have enjoyed other podcast episodes this one is harmful in my opinion. I understand the attempt to dissect and explain narcissism ~ I feel this podcast is harmful to those who have been seriously traumatized by an extreme narcissist. Narcissistic abuse causes significant mental and emotional damage ~ not just physical and financial damage. The NPD person often has NO remorse or empathy for the people they are hurting. I feel this podcast episode was making light of narcissism in way that is harmful. I would caution anyone who has experienced the severe, harmful effects of being raised by or being in a relationship with an extreme narcissist not to listen to this particular podcast episode because of possibilty of being re-traumatized.
    Can't find episode
    Heard an awesome episode whilst falling asleep now can't find it. If I remember correctly the podcast started with sadness by a enigma
  • Susie SK
    Life changing
    Tami - thank you so much for these wonderful podcasts. You are an amazing interviewer - with insightful and thought provoking questions and guests. The teachings / topics are life changing for which I am truly grateful. I appreciate you and Sounds True. Thank you.
  • Lindsay Ishman
    Have you thought about interviewing Lisa Dion who wrote the book Aggression in Play Therapy? - it’s a game changer in the world of play therapy and therapy for children. Her book, podcasts and teachings have changed everything for many therapists around the world
  • Dollardan1
    General Observations
    I have listened to several podcasts and have some positives: 1- the guests are good for different perspectives 2- often the questions are very good and probing/insightful 3- Recent Michael Singer interview was excellent. Not so good: 1- Tammy talks very slow. I think the show should work on pacing. It detracts to have to wait for great dialogue. I run at 1.5 X’s and fight that’s better. 2- One recent podcast was with a psychiatrist RE “emotional inflammation.” At first I was excited to hear this perspective. But then the whole podcast revolved around the evils of global warming. The interviewer stated that most modern day stress/anxiety was solely due to the lack of progress on global warming. Which is ridiculous to ignore other substantial concerns in society like: political divisions, financial challenges (I.e. personal debt, student debt, volatile net worth, financial calamities), international terrorism and public safety, international conflicts, and declining real wages and good paying jobs over last 20-30 years, and drug abuse. It was a real bait and switch and the author’s credibility flew out window. I wish Tammy would have challenges such obvious diatribe.
  • mmarbles
    Really interesting
    These interviews are consistently high quality. I appreciate your questions Tami. What about the viewer that... great awareness. Really appreciate the damien echols interview. So powerful. Thank you.
  • CAM904
    Damien Echols Interview
    Thanks to Tamil for this intriguing interview. At first I thought to skip past it because I’ve never been interested in learning about angels. Wow, this interview and Mr. Echol’s experiences changed my mind and I will be reading his new book as soon as possible. I’m grateful for this podcast.
  • MultitaskingDriver
    Life changing
    I absolutely love these podcasts. Tami is a powerful and very adept interviewer. She asks challenging questions that help me understand how to better understand and apply these concepts. I really appreciate that! I’ll be thinking, “ok, but what does that actually look like in practice...” and it never fails- Tami will ask (and keep asking if necessary) questions until the guests get to that in a clear way. It’s not hyperbolic to say this podcast has changed my life!
  • Arnonemt
    Tami takes the podcast to new heights
    The Podcast June 30, Heidi Smith, Bringing People to the Flowers blew my mind int he best way possible. Thank you Tami for the courage to feel the power and admit it. I am right there with you. Time to go to new heights. I appreciate your leadership and integrity.
  • Sacred Rebel
    A legacy of awesomeness!
    I have been a long time fan of the work of Sounds True and Tami Simons. I am also a huge fan of the podcast venue and listen to them daily. I was thrilled to discover the mergence of these two! Thank you for your continued contribution to an amazing legacy of awesome education, information, support and discovery that you have constructed.
  • Maris*star
    These insights have opened an avenue of teachings I would never have met otherwise. I’m so very grateful and to think there is no charge- this is generosity. Thank you so much Tami, and by the way your skill as an interviewer brings out phenomenal connections I never would have thought to ask. You are doing valuable work here. I appreciate you.
  • Margaret Gennaro
    Wonderful and inspiring
    I always come away from listening to Tami’s soothing voice and perceptive questions feeing uplifted and knowing there are wonderful people doing wonderful things to help the world. Thank you.
  • Sirius7
    What inspires us
    Tami Simon = the Carl Sagan of the Innerverse.
  • Lisa in Doylestown
    God Bless You Tami Simon
    Feeling so grateful to you Tami Simon and your entire team for bringing the particular programming that you've organized these past several months. I'm a deep practicioner of the emotional Inquiry work of Elizabeth Lavine which is an offshoot of The work of Byron Katie. I've just listened to the interview with Karla McLaren. The fact that different brave and measured voices are in the soup... out there, available to us all right now... well it can't be over stated just how meaningful it is by way of supporting us all toward willingness to stay in the flow. Thank you sweet heart for these gifts you've given so gracefully and skillfully! In your questions, I hear your obvious devotion to humankind; how you ask what you believe listeners will need to hear. "If you knew how beautiful you were, you'd fall at your own feet." (Byron Katie).
  • Meese Keeten
    spot on
    i just listened to the interview with astrologer jennifer freed from jan 7 2020 and her account of this year's planetary challenges are chillingly accurate. this podcast (and all episodes of insights from the edge) was helpful for finding direction in a world of pandemic chaos. thank you tami and jennifer.
  • Betsy1212
    James Hollis
    ‘Teas great. Thank you
  • bookishami
    Every time I listen to this podcast
    Every time I listen to this podcast, I feel lifted up and inspired.
  • Sasha097!764?896
    You were born for this work Tami 🙏
    Your insightful ability to ask All the great questions is just pure magic!! I am so impressed with your show, your amazing interviews and of course the caliber of your guests, so interesting!!
  • CharityNoelW
    Hi Tami! I started listening to you when I heard an interview with you and Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I have since followed many of your interviews and always appreciate how mindful and clear your questions are to the interviewees. For me your questions are inspiring! Thank you for sharing this beautiful work in the universe - sending you abundant gratitude!
  • Kathidwy
    Dr. Wooten
    As I walk my dogs, I look forward to listening to all of the podcasts presented in Insights at the Edge. I especially was touched by Tami’s interview of Dr. Wooten. I have no teacher and there really aren’t teachers in this area. My partner was diagnosed with cancer. On my own I stumbled on Green Tara and her story. Every day I walked the dogs chanting the mantra. I prayed for a particular outcome, for the cancer to be gone, but it didn’t happen, and she passed away in March 2019. In retrospect, I believe I did get help...not the outcome I wanted, but as time passed I recognized I received the strength I needed to be present for the final months and the many months of sadness that have followed. Dr. Wooten seemed to validate my feelings on this. I’ll be buying her book since “stumbling”on Green Tara seems like synchronicity. Hearing Tami’s voice at the beginning of each podcast and her questions (always insightful) makes me feel like I’m visiting an old friend. Thanks to Tami and Sounds True for such insightful podcasts.
  • JWL-fla
    I love Tami and I love Sounds True!
    From my first purchase of a cassette (yes that long ago) from Sounds True, I have been grateful for this wonderful heart -filled company. Now after many purchases later, I get the pleasure of hearing Tami’s lovely voice and insightful interviews on this fascinating podcast. Thank you for all you have done to make the world a better place , and to lift us all up during this especially challenging time. 🙏💕
  • nico.integral.5
    Tami high consciousness
    If you define consciousness by the amount of view you have , then Tami should be considered as one of the highest consciousness nowadays as she had had the bless to ask and understand more deep the view of the highest consciousness teachers in the world. Nico
  • BClaire22
    Stellar interviews
    I have been a fan of Tami ever since I first heard her interviewed by Krista Tippett on Speaking of Faith (now On Being). I still listen to the interview on my little ole' iPod, to which I now add Insights at the Edge episodes. Tami's sincerity, intelligence, kindness and just plain honesty continually touch my heart and soul. You are a true addition to our World/Universe, Tami!! Sincerely, Barb in St. Louis.
  • Jmb0810
    I’m so grateful
    About to go back to work tomorrow providing mental healthcare during these challenging times. This has grounded me. His words are as profound and relevant as ever. Thank you for sharing!!!
  • DecadeSurferChild
    So special.
    Tami, Thank you so much for releasing this as a podcast!!! It is perfect for the world and apparently at the perfect time... what is the reason for taking so long to release it? I am also grateful for the last insight at the end— that definitely fills me with a sense of liberation. I am glad this is released. Throughout the interview, I had so many of my own insights that have changed me at a very deep level. Listening to him talk creates sense in everything, suddenly— everything that seemed out of place in my life with no foreseeable solution. Now, I have a brighter perspective. This brings me back to my roots, and my core. 🙏
  • mommamindful
    Thank you Tami and Sounds True
    Listening to these thoughtful conversations are deepening my own spiritual practice and my understanding of the ways I can take my growth and healing out into the world. I’m so grateful to have found this podcast and look forward to listening to and sharing many more! In light...
  • all about care
    Justin Michael Williams
    Very well explained I am so moved by the efforts to make available and relate to all. Incredible leap forward for all. Thank you for this podcast. I just want to donate some money to wherever this man will go to help our young people.
  • Mary4430
    Such a beautiful and rich conversation. Thank you.
  • healer annie
    Conscious Expanding
    So many wonderful topics and thought provoking ideas!
  • Daily Mindfullness
    Audio Sound Needs Improving
    In my opinion She’s not the best interviewer and it’s actually a struggle to keep my focus during her interviews with guests like Mark Nepo & Echart Tolle who I really admire. The quality of the audio sounds like a bad phone connection.
  • Natalie-iracu
    The best podcast
    Tammy is so good at interviewing people! When I listen and I have a question in my head, she will ask this same question. She invites people who are helping us to grow and make the world a better place.
  • jeannemarieaz
    With much gratitude
    I have been listening to Sounds True for many years and would hope I could thoroughly express my appreciation for this project you took on Tami.... it truly has changed my life in many ways, mostly by so expanding my consciousness across many topics, exposing my mind to the magic that often silently exists out there.... thank you immeasurably!!!
  • joyful joni
    Being True to myself
    Your interview with Chip Conley was full of divine insights for me and ThankYOU for seeking out this topic and demographic. It touched my heart and soul. I’m 69, partner on a 40 acre farm with my adult kids, and have much to add to the inter generational topic. ThankYOU again Tami🙏
  • TOT - Tired of Trump
    Jennifer Freed
    I’ve been studying astrology for a few years. It is such a complicated study. Jennifer gave some very good and practical ways to see astrology and being a Capricorn, everything must make sense and be practical. I find that astrology helps me navigate this very difficult world right now. I have ordered the book and can’t wait to delve further into me and how I can best navigate the turmoil. I’m also looking forward to the freebie workbook....Become Your Best Self. Gladys Hutson
  • IamJudyH
    Bronnie Ware
    Brilliant & generous interview by Tami with the luminescent Bronnie Ware who teaches us that all of Our regrets stem from a lack of courage. This podcast unfolds so organically & companionably I felt I was in the room with them (even though they were thousands of miles apart). Tami always brings her own relatable vulnerabilities & questions and it was especially true and meaningful here. Thank you Tami & Bronnie!
  • floflofloage
    Ram Dass
    Thanks for this interview. For many years I tried to connect with Ram Dass’ message and it was very difficult for me. This interview though reveals that I just couldn’t process at the speed required in the old days before his stroke. Personally appreciate his reflection on love and it helps me have compassion for myself and my gurus who regularly piss me off😎floflo
  • MakaiSailing
    Interview w/Brother David—wonderful
    Thank you for these words of wisdom. I’d not heard of Double Realm, and found it insightful and inspiring. Also, that virtually everything is an “opportunity”, even if only to learn and grow from pain and suffering, left me hopeful.
  • Cathryn K
    Gratitude for this sharing
    Thank you for a deep and appreciative interview with Brother David, one of our treasures of wisdom. I listened to it on Dec. 20, 2019, as a rebroadcast. It was a lovely way to help draw this very difficult and very wonderful year to a close.
  • seedquiet
    Wonderful interview with David Steindl-Rast!
    What a beautiful interview and it really helped me! Hearty thanks to Brother David Steindl-Rast, Tami Simon and Sounds True! By the way, the day I listened to this interview, December 29, 2019, is the 93rd anniversary of the death of Rainer Maria Rilke (Dec 4, 1875- Dec 29, 1926,) who coined the German word, Doppelbereich, translated by Brother David Steindl-Rast as Double Realm. You can read Rilke's (wondrous) Sonnets to Orpheus, from which the word came, for free on the internet at Internet Archive. (
  • David Gerken
    Love me my Tami Interviews
    Sounds True does a lot of great work but Insights at the Edge is my favorite. Tami Simon is a world class interviewer. The woman could work on "60 Minutes" and be as good or better than anybody there. Just listened to the Micah Mortali interview and loved it. Such a cool topic -- how and why being outdoors is so important and life affirming. I eagerly await the next one!
  • lorilooooo
    My first podcast and still my favorite
    Tammy is the best interviewer. Not only does she ask the right questions but her voice is very soothing.
  • AmyEliz333
    Insights at the Edge
    I deeply appreciate the work of Tami and the team at Sounds True on making this Podcast. To have free access to this content (although it feels trivial to describe the soul-level wisdom and insights in this podcast as mere “content”) is an incredible gift to seekers and healers. Thank you for bringing us these wonderful conversations that connect us deeper to ourselves and to others.
  • Bob1961sc
    practical and inspirational
    Over the last few months, I've heard several of Tami's podcosts that have had a big impact on my life. Notablably: Richard Schwartz IFS and James Clear, Tiny Habits plus many others. She is a discoverer of key insights that anyone can benefit from. I plan to use these insights in my work and personal life.
  • gotbliss
    Insights indeed
    Tami Simon, you are a masterful interviewer! You bring depth and curiosity to every interview. The depth of questioning is a reflection of how curious, engaged, and insightful you are. I’m continually inspired by the questions asked and the conversations initiated. The podcast title is a perfect description of what you get from each and every marvelous interview. I’ve been listening and been inspired for several years. My book collection is expanding because of well as my mind and heart. Thank you Sounds True team and Tami Simon for all you do to help wake up the world.
  • FranLLove
    with Christian Conte
    Very inspirational. I'm a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, and Dr. Conte's method of working with anger is masterful. I haven't heard anything like it before, but I'll be teaching it to my students.
  • Roscoe_Man
    Wonderful podcast for the inquiring mind
    Such a wonderfully insightful podcast with insightful guests. Just heard the interview with Loch Kelly, really well done.
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