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  • Rob Hunter
    If you aren’t ultra liberal you are a RACIST!!!
    SWF was doing RETRO long before Conrad came along and yet Conrad made it profitable. Then as everyone jumped to shows on YouTube SWF continued to beg and do everything that wasn’t getting them over. Is it an audience thing? Did you think your podcast audience isn’t large enough to profit from a show onYouTube? What about building an audience? Live-streaming? Anything to adapt? Not just churn out more shows for an audience that doesn’t make you enough money. The only thing that’s changed is less funny bits, more complaining, and more ostracizing half the audience with your SJW. Joe gets angrier every week that he’s stuck in this dying business model. He hates anyone who doesn’t agree with his politics. The awful is really outweighing what little they still do well. Now complaining about stolen ideas. Ideas are worthless. It’s the effort put into an idea that makes money!Larry gives less fcks every week.
  • @Joe Negron
    lol why
    Why listen to this show , it’s a week late and they are totally aew neck beards
  • This maker should die
    The wrestling news
    If you want a week late news and rumors stay right here , if you want a daily dose of wrestling news on the spot check out( THE WRESTLING NEWS ) an every day podcast and they don’t HOND YOU FOR $$$$$$$$$$$$
  • Joe Negron 1
    Slowly turning
    I just listen to hear joe try to slowing turn back to wwe mark , seeing how god awful aew is becoming , it took a little longer than expected lol aew fans
  • D-NICE 348945
    Great show!
    I really like this show but I think Joe takes it a little to seriously. I understand that his job is to review the products but he reads into the storylines way to much
  • 16th Level Bricks
    The Very Best!
    A show that is timely and accurate and honest. You won’t get that with shows that don’t know which Uso is which.
  • tammiogilbee
    Great recaps and information!
    I don’t get to watch all the bajillion wrestling shows each week so Smart Wrestling Fan is a great way to get detailed recaps but Joe and Larry make it super entertaining! They really know what they’re talking about and you can tell they’ve been wrestling fans for years.
  • Superluke23
    Best wrestling podcast ever
    Joe Negron and Mr. mutant Larry make even the worst wrestling shows of the week sound so entertaining. Keep up the good work guys. Best and most entertaining podcast of its kind out there. Nothing else is even close. All you folks complaining about them asking for $5 to get the show u realize the idiocy in this? If it’s not worth the $5 to you, than why is it a problem to wait to get it free? Joe spends hours and hours creating content for SWF and $5 for a month is waaay less than most would charge. Joe, Larry, and the gang also give honest feedback. When it’s good they give credit. When it’s not they say it’s not. Best wrestling podcast out there by far. Hands down.
  • leprosydog
    Show way too long
    Your show is longer than Monday night Raw nd and is unbearable
  • Cav manning
    Too long for a weekly show
  • Distortion1
    No Job Joe & Whiny Failure Of A Dated Podcast
    If you like AEW & NXT reviews 10 days old, Smackdown reviews 7 days old, and Raw reviews 5 days old....well this podcast meets that critea. Ever meet a person who is the perfect balance of deadbeat and egomanic? Meet Jobless Joe Negron: an unemployable, marxist, always whining, always offended and 40-something year old boy who needs his girlfriend to provide for him. He begs his audience weekly for money to "continue to do the podcast" and is just straight up jealous of everyone more successful of him. He will say "how dare you" about 5 times an episode. Forever he's made claims he knows industry people and knows what will happen, but with zero proof and thinks he always knows what is best for wrestling. He doesnt, he's a joke and he can't get work, he doesn't get along with anyone outside of his girlfriends condo. There are literally hundreds of better wrestling podcasts that offer more recent reviews and better insight, hosted by actual likeable people who are not deadbeats. The "longest running" wrestling podcast is also the saddest, and no-job Joe Negron is pathetic.
  • Anon2345322
    Great podcast
    Thanks for all the effort you put into this Joe and Larry, it shows on every episode! The guy below who called you lazy needs to go torture himself/herself with wwe programming for 10 years.
  • HueyDayLewis
    Revised review.
    I initially posted a very positive review for this podcast because I do genuinely wish to see people succeed and I had been a long time listener, but unfortunately I’ve just lost interest in the show and stopped listening regularly months ago. I’m sure no actual criticism will be taken to heart, despite it attempting to be constructive, so I won’t waste anyone’s time going through the whys because as far as I know other people love the things that I just don’t like that are aspects of the show. But I’m personally done with it for now.
  • SDGeekMan
    With it for 10 years!
    A podcast for anyone with an interest in what’s happening in the world of wrestling today. I love that they actually take the time to describe what happens every week. They spend hours making sure not to miss anything in today’s world of over saturated WWE production and multiple choices to love. Also, providing SWF extra to deep dive into even more from the past, and I’m sure in the future. Thanks, Joe!
  • Ozzy1981
    The best, unbiased wrestling review show on the internet. Joe Negron is knowledgeable. Executive Moonbeam gives perspective. Larry is drunk.
  • Pishko the Most
    Joe and The Gang
    I remember the big countdown to number 500 as a huge landmark never guessing you all would be pushing past 700. I believe I started listening around episode 200, so I feel it’s time to rate you all. Most weeks are really fun and entertaining and the rest are superb. When Larry isn’t there it just feels off. Joe has really allowed himself to finally shine through after years of “I told you so’s” and Amy is good when she keeps to the show she’s covering. For those who are looking for a review show that is fun and has a good cast of people, choose Smart Wrestling Fan. Oh, join one of their awesome premiums like monthly crate baskets or patreon or Smart Wrestling Fan Extra...where the extra means more!!
  • JimmyKing99
    Bring wiggly back
    This was my weekly listen back in the day. I remember logging on to stickcam and listing to the show live. When it was Joe and Wiggly the dynamic was right. I try to listen again every now and then but it’s just not the same.
  • Tiger Mask VI
    Updating a review from 2013 because the whole tone of the show changed
    Have you seen the episode of The Office where Dwight finds a joint in the parking lot? You know the part where he talks to Ryan about getting a search warrant? That is the inflectionthe host (Joe) speaks with all the time now for some reason. It sounds like he is doing an impression or a bit.
  • KavesTX
    an entity of its own world
    Love this homegrown wrestling podcast that apparently has been on forever and you can tell because Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas have gotten their rhythm down really well. Its not flashy and its certainly not cool but its a way better discussion than most of the whining rassle-casts out there and really would you expect any less from such decorated and experienced SCTV alumni as these? A worthy, super-dense parody follow up to The Great White North/Strange Brew and man is it fun to listen to!
  • Markstuffrburg
    673 episodes and you guys still haven’t included timestamps? Maybe that can be a Patreon goal...
  • OddoRocket
    Longest running weekly episodic podcast in history. One of the best out there. Joe Negron, Amy, and Mr. Mutant Larry strive to bring you hours of fun, and entertainment while talking about professional wrestling. The show is packed with not only news,and reviews, but hours of laughter. Definitely everyone should check out this, and the many other podcasts they do. along with wrestling they do podcsts that appeal to everyone. podcasts such as as Smart Movie Fan, Smart Movie Fan, Chat Biscuit, and Smart BOJACK FAN. Definitely check out every podcast Joe and company do
  • falsehubris
    Larry’s Sobriety and Tech Savvy
    Funny stuff. I can’t bear to watch wrestling for the most part (except Braun and Lucha) but I don’t feel like I’m missing a thing. I enjoy the brief visits to Booker’s brain. I know Owl blows but it is a weekly televised wrestling show so sorry Guys and Gal, but it should be recapped at least. Same with RoH.
  • McBookert
    Great,awesome,perfect,muy bueno ...well you know
    I been listening to this podcast for nearly 4 years and is just great, Larry is the man he sometimes can be a jerk & sometimes can be a....jerk but great show guys. Oh and joe relax dude is just wrestling you whine too much but after all you guys rock Keep doing a great job. We need more parody songs
  • Miz2651
    A little disappointed
    I've listened to SWF for six years and haven't missed an episode since. I've been an extra subscriber for two years now and have recommended the show to several friends. However, I've been a little disappointed in the product recently. I appreciate all the work that Joe and his cohosts put into the show, but it seems like the show has really declined. It has gotten away from a lot of the creative segments, humor and banter that made the show unique. Instead, it just sounds like fans complaining about wrestling and agreeing with each other for 2+ hours. In addition, the show has gotten way too preachy and political. While I agree with the vast majority of the show's political views, the occasional reoccurring comments about politics gets annoying. I don't want to see the show go away and will continue supporting it for now, but I really hope it gets better.
  • Drewcifer Jones
    Best wrestling podcast there is
    Title says it all
  • Mouth surgery needed
    The best.
    Once you have searched through the countless low quality audio/content/insight wrestling podcasts on the internet.... you start to feel dumb. Once you start listening to the hilarious high quality content and audio of smart wrestling fan..... you get your smarts back.
  • S8djw3
    Still one of the best wrestling podcasts
    Joe is full of references and smart humor. Larry is hilarious and one of the most creative sidekicks in a podcast. There are funny news bits and songs, great show reviews and more! This show is entertaining despite Amy.
  • Bob Dahlstrom
    Joe lost me.
    I have listened to this podcast for quite a while, but I can't do it anymore. Let me say, I really like Amy and I love Larry. But Joe...he just has gone off the rails. Constantly insulting to fans when they have a different opinion than him, always saying "I thought of that first" for every. single. thing. That gets mentioned. Picking on the hosts when he makes a joke they ignore. Loudly yelling dumb things into the mic. I could go on, but that all says enough, doesn't it? Sorry guys, it's been a while, but you lost me!
  • Rexsoma
    Best Wrestling Podcast
    As a 26 year wrestling fan I couldn't recommend this podcast enough. Unlike other wrestling podcast out there, SWF reviews all main show with a funny twist that will leave you laughing out load.
  • Displaced pillow
    Best wrestling podcast
    I love listening to this podcast every week!
  • OctopusMask
    Soothing Balm for Terrible Wrestling
    The best part of wrestling every week is not watching it, but listening to it interpreted through the minds of smart people on Smart Wrestling Fan. WWE and TNA treat you like an idiot. These guys make it tolerable. I hate that I love wrestling. But I love that I love Smart Wrestling Fan.
  • Pgist
    The best
    By far the best wrestling podcast!!
  • Very Educational!
    I listen every week!
    This is more than a show. It is a community and way of life. This show make wrestling even more fun!
  • khura
    Consistently entertaining
    Week in, week out, this podcast has provided an entertaining and enlightening review for over 12 years. Definitely worth a listen for "smart" fans and those not familiar with professional wrestling.
  • Yeahpppppp
    This podcast is the longest running weekly episodic podcast in wrestling
    I've been a listener since 2007, and a paid supporter for much of that time, for a reason. The hosts have changed over time, but the humor remains. The fact that they've willingly watched TNA/Impact wrestling for that long a stretch, among all of their other reviews, should qualify them for sainthood. No, not the hip hop hippo.
  • DL87539
    Best wrestling review show ever?
    I've been listening to this show for like 10 years, so yeah it's pretty good. Who has time to watch all the wrestling every week, just listen to this instead. This show is as cool as a mule.
  • Not that Deuce
    The fanciest wrestling podcast ever!
    Simply awesome. If you aren't listening, you're missing out on the fun!
  • The Internet Sweetheart
    One of the highlights of my week
    I've been a listener for over 8 years, and this show is straight-up great. Don't let the title fool you, it is about a lot more than pro wrestling. Comedy, social commentaery, and, yeah, pro wrestling too. They are super responsive to their fans, and despite the fact I've never met any of the cast, I'd be proud to call them my friends. I don't rate a lot of shows, but this one deserves it. Impeccable audio and editing, congenial hosts and second-to-none professionalism.
  • Rod1918
    Give it a shot, its worth it
    Decent podcast but it's had better days.
  • CommonMansHero (Jeff B.)
    An Excellent wrestling podcast
    Joe, Larry, and Amy put on an excellent show. They seems to be the only show that I can get my TNA fix as many others do not cover it.
  • iteinpace
    Fun and comprehensive
    They actually get it!
  • Sscreen
    Best wrestling review podcast!
    This podcast is the best there is for reviews, insight, and humor about the wrestling industry. The host are delightful. You gotta give this podcast a listen if you love wrestling!
  • thatkid86ed
    The only reason I look forward to work.
    The quality and quantity of content SWF puts out is amazing. Every time I see a new episode or new content added to Extra I get a smile on my face because I know I'm in for a treat. Thank you so much for everything you guys do and the work you put in.
  • Suit Williams
    Very Good Show - Not Without Some Flaws
    Up front, this show is a week behind. They are Patreon-supported, so patrons get the show on Tuesday. This is the free feed which updated on the weekend. It's annoying, but doing the Patreon gets you a lot more content. Pros: -The hosts have a really good chemistry with each other. -There is really good discussion about wrestling. -The hosts take very good notes. They don't do the "Ah, who cares?" thing a lot of wrestling podcasts do where they don't know something and don't care enough to look it up. Personally, that's what makes this show stand out a lot more than others. Cons: -It is a week old. They do consistently promote the fact that you can get the show sooner, but if you don't have money to spend, you're out of luck. -There is a TON of nitpicking. I know it's a review show, but good grief. I don't care that a commentator stumbles over some words or an interviewer says something wrong. -It usually takes twenty minutes for them to plug all of their stuff. I understand why they do it first (so people don't skip it), but I would prefer them at the end. OVERALL, it is a very good show. It is better than a large amount of wrestling podcasts. But there are just a few minor things that I personally don't like. 4/5 stars.
  • Merlin_y2k
    Really bad
    Thats it simple really bad. Try to listen if you want but you have been warned.
  • ClaudBong
    Solid show
    I enjoy the host and having a woman w out an annoying voice who is clueless about the product is a welcome surprise. Would be higher rated if the show didn't go up a week after raw airs.
  • Moorbrnt
    Constant Sighing
    This was at one time my favorite wrestling podcast but I just can't take it anymore. Joe is constantly whining, sighing, complaining, annoyed and griping. Maybe it's time for Joe to stop watching for a while. I don't think he enjoys wresting anymore. He hates that the story lines aren't perfect. He somehow expects wrestlers to be award winning actors. Joe, relax and enjoy the ridiculousness that is professional wrestling. The misspeaks and crap story lines are part of the fun. Laugh a little. Life is way too short to be this serious about pretend fighting. The mutant known as Larry is funny and enjoyable. He complains but he doesn't whine like Joe.
  • Stephen Toole
    Best wrestling podcast out there!
    I love this podcast. They may have started to charge to get the show early. But it's only 5$ a month and you get so much more the the regular show.
  • TooCheep
    Hilarity ensues
    This is by and large the best wrestling podcast you can listen too. Humor and insightful. Thoughtful discussions and off the wall random thoughts. Peanut butter and jelly. Somethings were meant to go together. Your ears and this podcast are just seconds away from a match made in heaven.
  • D-Riz
    Excellent Wrestling Review Show
    Entertaining. Informative. Consistent. This is a quality podcast. I've enjoyed listening to Joe and Larry for several years now. They do a great job covering the world of professional wrestling week in, week out.
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