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Mormon Stories is an attempt to build understanding between and about Mormons through the telling of stories in both audio and video formats.

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  • Jaxyankee2
    Smart and factual
    Great podcast exposing the reality of the church. Search for episodes with John Larsen.
  • Reindeer2695
    Non-Mormon Listener
    Moved to Utah years ago as a non-Mormon. I have never understood the religion and can be very frustrated by the way it runs the state of Utah. This podcast is excellent. It has given me a deeper appreciation for the people and hope for the great state of Utah. Keep it up!
  • 123kbean
    Obsessed with this podcast
    Thank you for all the work put into this! Life changing and amazing! Love John Larsen & Carah!!
  • sharleeritz
    Love this new thrive idea
    This was an amazing podcast with Margie. I related on pretty much all the levels. Thank you Margie for being so transparent. It really was therapeutic to listen💕
  • So so so frustrated
    Highly biased with an agenda
    I have a really hard time taking their information as objective when they show such a strong dislike for the lds church. They come across as a group that’s looking for any possible thing to jump on and exploit. Completely looses their credibility with their hunger to point out anything negative. If they talked about the actual positive impacts the lds church provides and the negative as a balanced mix I could trust their view more but you get a near 99% focus on everything they can find and they seem overly eager to make a twist on anything less than perfect. Almost never giving a benefit of the doubt. So no to this. Problems all over the place.
  • Motherbuttars
    The VERY Best!
    I first found John Dehlin in 2017. I was very ill and his intelligent conversations and remarkable guests really helped me deal with anxiety, panic, etc. I had been a devout TBM for most of my life. In 1998 I read No Man Knows My History and was completely shocked by what I read, a history that was VERY different from what the Church presented. By 2000 I had completely quit attending and divorced myself from the Church. But John was discussing a lot more information and explaining it so clearly. I love this podcast!
  • Ashley Jillian
    Gentile in Utah
    I don’t even know how I found this podcast, but as a never mo in Utah, it has really helped me get a better understanding of what my neighbors believe in, very eye opening.
  • Gradioactive
    Good but Overly Cautious
    Excellent hosts that sometimes speak with too much trepidation. Excellent history and questioning with guests, yet also very confusing—there is no explanation for why one thing is evil or bad or icky and another is not. Child brides are bad, deception is bad, patriarchy is bad, but why? It seems that “good and evil” is a matter of common consensus or opinion.
  • Ivy29206
    Such a great podcast
    I’ve learned so much hearing the stories of people coming out of religious trauma. I’m not Mormon, but have gotten so much from this. I love the compassion that John and Jen have for their guests.
  • WyomingJill
    Healing and Fair
    The pain and trauma that is associated with a faith transition is hard to capture with words. As a queer person being re-assaulted by the church in 2022, it makes this shared community of brave people willing to live with integrity all the more important. I find hope and encouragement and validation in the stories that are bravely shared on this podcast. John is able to go deep in his interviews and offers a richness and depth in the stories that other podcasts or shorts aren’t able to get into. People share their truths and vulnerabilities as well as their hopes and dreams. This community has been profoundly helpful for me as I continue to navigate this life in all its difficulty and joy. A fabulous resource for all in the post Mormon world. Don’t listen to the haters— they speak from fear and ignorance. John speaks respectfully about hard issues the church would rather bury but more importantly he gives voice and community to our kind of Mormon (questioning, progressive, ex)and an avenue to heal.
  • Asciguy
    Scientology Lite
    With polygamy!
  • dalexhouston
    Insightful, Compassionate, Informative
    I’ve followed Dr. Dehlin’s work since before he was excommunicated. I discovered him from his TED talk. As a former Mormon I find that he’s unwaveringly accurate and unbiased. His depth of understanding not only of Mormonism and Mormon culture but of the mind and heart is unique among those trying to come to grips with faith and identity. He’s not afraid to tackle difficult and problematic issues. If you want to understand Mormons as humans with real struggles in their personal and spiritual lives you should listen to this podcast.
  • Renee5230
    Informational Insightful Podcast
    I heard about Mormon Stories through a Facebook group suggestion, and I feel so grateful for the recommendation. I am not a Mormon nor have connections to the religion, but I believe the discussions on this podcast relates to how we need to stay informed and curious about beliefs, history, and content that is dumped on us everyday. Thank you John and guests!!
  • TaikiStrick88
    Terrible podcast
    Listened to one podcast to see what these guys were about since they were talking about a bishop in my ward. All they did was manipulate things that were said, put things out of context, and try to tear down the character of a Bishop who is one of the most Christ-like people I know and anyone who knows him personally would say the same. These are just people who are offended by Gods Laws and Commandments and try to justify their actions by convincing themselves and others that the church isn’t true. What these guys don’t understand is that there is no such thing as a perfect people and they try to take advantage of that by slandering on individuals who make mistakes.
  • Definitely_Unbiased
    Highly Recommended!
    This podcast is a great way to stay informed and hear real people’s stories.
  • J.E.Sanders
    A Must-Listen To!
    I have been listening to Mormon Stories Podcast for the last year and a half. Each episode is amazing and I love the long form interviews. John takes criticism seriously and seeks to change what need to be changed. I love the panel of hosts and cohosts. They all do an amazing job!
  • lundgren consulting llc
    Very Informative and Honest
    This podcast takes an honest and informative perspective, both Mormon’s and non-Mormon’s will appreciate the approach and content.
  • Lazerwolf07
    Treasure Trove
    Of course it’s not a flawless and perfect show but over time this podcast has proven itself to be a life changing treasure trove of content and guest interviews. It has provided me with more than I could ever financially give in return.
  • TT 2point0
    Interesting content
    I listened to the Jared Dobson episode. It was very interesting but the host interrupted often. In addition he would finish his stories and then say ‘is that right’? What, why can’t he tell his own story? Very strange.
  • weeshaus
    Let the guest speak!
    I don’t know if all the episodes are like this, but the couple I’ve listened to are driving me crazy because the male interviewer WILL NOT let the guest finish a thought without interrupting them! Really rude and makes the listening experience almost unbearable.
  • nattyg1978lovespodcasts
    Cult Girls gives this 5 stars!
    Excellent content! I’m the author of the new release graphic novel CULT GIRLS (on Amazon & Barnes) by Natalie Grand. It’s a light hearted comedy, based on a true story of 4 women born, raised in the Jehovah’s Witness cult. If you are looking for an anti-cult activist special guest my Twitter is Natalie Grand.
  • Ijenlyn
    I just listened to your podcast with Diane and repressed memories from like the Satanic panic movement in the 80s. I am always astounded and feel blessed that your guest are so brave courageous and strong. They give 100% of themselves as do you. I know very little about the Mormon faith I am learning more every day of the truths and I thank you for that as well. From a lifelong Catholic listener. Keep up the good fight
  • Gailz42
    This work is wonderful
    What Mormon Stories is doing these days is supporting some long overdue scholarship that has been missing from a person’s faith journey. Thank you so much for bring these episodes to us.
  • pdog.newb
    Real and Raw
    I really enjoy 98+% of the content put out by Mormon Stories. It was vital to my sanity and mental health during my journey out of the LDS church. I enjoy the long-form interviews as well as the more scholarly episodes.
  • crozzie94
    A much needed podcast to inform people about the church
    For years as an active member, I had heard the whisperings to stay away from people like John Dehlin. An “anti-Mormon” who would absolutely destroy my testimony. NOT TRUE. I’m absolutely loving listening to the deep dive into church history (with authentic sources, Mike is always calling out hearsay or poor sourced quotes and I love it). Keep it up John and co. I’ll make a monthly donation because I’m loving this content.
  • Biker Dad of all Daughters
    Saved my marriage, my relationship with my kids, and probably my life. I’ve been able to process the many years of rain washing and have become a much kinder and accepting person. Thank you!!
  • CaseyJude
    Mormon Stories Saves Lives
    Once you listen to a few episodes you learn you’re not alone. This podcast features stories of real people living real lives-lives that were upended & had to be rebuilt from scratch. Dr Dehlin & The Open Stories Foundation provide a platform so we can all learn from the journeys of others. It is amazing.
  • nan gio
    I am not Mormon, but have worked with people of that faith, and my children have had Mormon friends. I find the discussions interesting and informative. I enjoy the hosts and the guests and the many and varied topics. I feel the topics are treated fairly and the guests speakers are treated with kindness and diplomacy. John is an excellent interviewer and I am impressed with his wife and her contribution is something I have been able to identify with. Thank you.
  • FroWhite
    A Great Source of Truth
    In a day where opinions are rampant, your podcast is a breath of fresh air and clarity. Your hard evidence and new perspectives are invaluable to myself, a life-long Mormon. I am more interested in Church History now than I ever have been in my 26 years of membership.
  • nfykbv123
    LDS discussions eps.
    Great that’s the end of carahburrell here. Mikes discussions are making for very good listening. Nemo and Gerardo are knowledgeable participants while JD is frequently cringe.waifs and strays gravitate
  • kinnecat
    Perfect for Friends of LDS, exmormons, PIMO members, and those going through a faith crisis
    I grew up in the church and left shortly after turning 18. Aside from family get together, I never thought about it again. Recently this podcast came into my view and it had allowed me to process all of the de-construction that I have been holding off on for 11 years. I am now more interested in the teachings and history of the LDS church than I ever had been, even while being an active member.
  • I dance.
    Informed Consent
    You cannot make an informed decision without hearing both sides of a story. John and his podcast is the other side to the information I was basing ALL of my life decision on. He provides information in a very respectful and kind manner. I’m especially fond of the LDS Discussion episodes. The information that is shared on Mormon Stories has brought a lot of peace to my heart and mind because it has answered questions I’ve had since I was a teenager in the Church. Thank you for this podcast. It strengthens my faith in God and humanity.
  • Joshthebold23
    A lot fairer than you’d think
    Unlike the stereotypical “apostate” podcast, there’s so much care taken to keep arguments and accusations grounded. The only complaint I’ve found to experience was that several episodes go several hours longer than a standard 60-90 minutes, so I often lose track of what’s going on when I revisit episodes. It’s a forgivable issue- you’re not wasting time with filler.
  • FlaxenBird
    A vitally needed show
    Please make shows on 116 pages, treasure hunting, and all the episodes to come on exposing the truth claims as long as can be with multiple historians and experts. That's my vote. I really really wish there was a way to just listen to these episodes in order like John said, like year of polygamy. Maybe create a new podcast or something. Or maybe list which ones we should program into podcasts like (episode 15xx, then 15xx, 15xx, etc)
  • profit_sneer_and_relevate
    Amazing podcast for those looking for truth about Mormonism
    This is one of the best podcasts for anyone who wants to know the truth about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints, more commonly known as the Mormon church. Church history is a never ending deep dive that is far more interesting than anything I ever found going to church. I desire all to receive it.
  • Firmeenlafe
    Never-ending fountain of lies and negativity
    For those who don’t know, John Dehlin is probably the most prominent anti-“mormon” out there. This podcast does nothing but break other’s faith and trust in God. John, you will answer to God for the hundreds/thousands that you have led astray, mark my words. You are a perfect example of those who leave the church but can’t leave it alone. You have nothing better to do with your life.
  • nuancebro
    Vital, Important, Heartfelt, Life Changing, Life Line
    Very thankful for this podcast. I stopped believing in Mormonism before ever listening to this podcast. If I had listened sooner (I knew about it) I probably could have reclaimed 5-10 more years of life back! If you are not a literal believer in Mormonism, this podacst is for you now or in the future. Good luck!
  • soapnbaths
    I clicked on this podcast thinking I would find some great information on LDS history which I am doing research on. All I got was screeching morons. If screeching and hate is your thing, this might be the podcast for you. Too bad I can’t give a negative star rating.
  • jacoybrinna
    Thank you!
    Have loved the LDS discussions series so far! Very respectful to both sides and simply seeking to explore the truth! Excited to hear more!
  • AB_28_MoMoNoMo!
    Life-saving content
    This podcast is awesome! It’s been very helpful while navigating and processing my faith transition.
  • azlizzie
    Fantastic podcast
    I love John Dehlin's interview style. I am a never Mormon but love listening to the stories!
  • G'Rock
    Loving this pod
    I am a never Morm and I LOVE this pod! Long form is definitely my jam and I have been listening for years/ hours. Thank you all for your honesty and vulnerability. It really is a beautiful way for people to process and tell their stories. Thank you for creating this platform; for your people to discuss, process, and heal. It is beautiful to be able to listen as a fly on the wall. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
  • Mega Blinky
    Immensely helpful
    Thank you for these 🙏 Especially enjoy guests LDS Discussions, and RFM.
  • UMass1988
    Love It
    I’m a never Mormon, but my husband has LDS history. I love this podcast. Hearing other peoples stories and experiences is always so inspiring! Well worth listening.
  • KitKat_4life
    I have so much respect and gratitude for this podcast!
    This podcast has Lovely, Honest, & Authentic people talking about personal and sensitive topics in a vulnerable and non-judgmental way. Every episode leaves me feeling more hope and love for my fellow humans. I am so grateful for the wide array of topics that get discussed, and I look forward to every new episode!
  • billfranks
    Saved my life.
    I think the title says it all.
  • hussypants
    Uncomfortable with Mormonism? You’re not crazy
    These deeply human personal accounts normalize doubt and and offer a path through grief. What you’ll find here that’s not so common in official Mormon sources: Intellectual honesty Financial transparency Gender equality LGBTQ+ affirmation
  • jayrad3678
    Love this
    LDS Discussions episodes are super great!!
  • Nat the Maker
    A Necessary Voice
    Thank you for this forum. Necessary voices strengthening those struggling with their faith.
  • valleyviewabode
    Eye-opening and so helpful
    This podcast has helped answer so many questions for me. I appreciate all the time that is spent sharing such important topics.
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