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Wrestling #28

Solomonster Sounds Off tackles the good, the bad and the ugly from the world of pro wrestling

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  • Fouad349
    Main Event Podcast
    I acknowledge you my tribal chief
  • AfterTheFire111
    The absolute best WWE and AEW recap show out there. Solomonster rules.
  • happygeauxsox34
    Decent show
    The show is good enough.
  • Bwayne617
    Nothing but complaining
    It’s a podcast that just complains and nitpicks. Gets bored really easily with storylines. Doesn’t seem like he enjoy anything about todays wrestling
  • 1/2 percent
    Had to drop Solomonster….
    Why? Because I didn’t know he was a Barber… He must be, Because when it comes to CM Punk he only comes at us with half a story. The Bucks and the ersatz “Cowboy” Have no responsibility in this? Please……
  • KO Fan
    Great show, but…
    LOVE the show and the fair, intelligent assessments made on every show, but I have a challenge for you, Solomonster. I'm curious if you're strong enough to do this. Go ONE entire episode... without mentioning Bret Hart. Good luck!
  • awakened arian
    Best and always getting better
    Been listening since about 2008 or so. The best wrestling podcaster hands down and one of the overall best in the world. Objective, humorous, and insightful. A rare gym of a podcast and human
  • jaywrestlingfan
    Love this show
    Jay from Philly here thank you for May 21st episode of podcast i loss my mother on May 18th felt good to listen to podcast lift my spirits.
  • Kyle Forchetti
    Don’t waste your time
    Typical mark liberal shifting blame to the company always. WWE is racist blah blah blah. Hard pass
  • Invisible227
    Great wrestling podcast
    I’ve been listening to Solomonster for about 9 years. Caught up on his past streams on Podbean, and I think he’s my favorite podcaster. He’s funny, knowledgeable, and serious when he needs to be. He also keeps the podcast fresh by introducing new bits. If you’re a fan of wrestling or if you don’t follow wrestling regularly, but you want stay in touch with the product, I recommend you give “The Sound Off” a try. It’s worth a listen.
  • Cody Saurman
    Great Podcast
    I love the Podcast. I been listening for a few months now and I can’t get enough congratulations on 15 years and here’s to 15 more.
  • Chaddwith2ds
    The Solomonster Sounds Off isn’t your average fanboy podcast. Anyone who has ever listened to this show knows that he sets himself apart in a few ways. First of all, he goes at it “solo”. No one to fall back on or feed off of, which is impressive. You’ll be hard-pressed to hear him ever trip over his words or lose his train of thought. Which brings me to number 2. His professionalism. Audio Quality is top notch. Smooth transitions between segments complete with music and/or sound effects. He’s on time every week no matter what and without fail.. Number 3 THE CONTENT. Once you hear his trademark baritone voice welcoming you to the show, you know it’s 2hrs or more of wrestling reviews, news… opinions.. and predictions. He has his own sense of humor, which is disarming and comforting . From the opening, you feel like you just met up with some friends for drinks, finger food, and some wrasslin talk. This show is a must listen and a must subscribe for any wrestling fan. the best thing about the show is that the host… is a wrestling fan
  • Damon D7
    If I could I’ll give 10 stars
    Love solomonster and the podcast, been a listener for over 10 years, and I’ll be for the next 10. Keep up the good work my man
  • goshamazur19
  • rzzza13
    It’s Boss Time!!!
    The host, Jason “jockass” Solomon, does a STUPENDOUS job recapping and giving his opinions on sports entertainment. Join the Solomonster universe
  • Koji-the8th
    Just here to say that this is one of the most fair, insightful, and honest podcasts I’ve heard. I have been listening since 2017 and you’ve been the most reasonable person in this whole, “IWC” thing the internet has created. I’ve used this podcast to lower my stress when it gets out of control and from someone with epilepsy believe me when I say, that’s the truth. Let’s get a drink one day after a HOG show while I’m still here my man. Best wishes always - Koji
  • EA Emmanuel
    Very interesting, compelling, and funny show.
    This is an amazing wrestling podcast with a very informative host. He is very knowledgeable on the weekly topics and provides a comedic insight as well. One of my favorite podcasts and Jason is a good guy. Keep up the good work and hopefully I land on the mailbag one of these days.
  • Rowdy210
    He pulls no punches on the show. He is #1
  • asjdwf21
    No nonsense and I love it
    I love how Solomonster doesn’t pull any punches and gives it to you like it really is. Great sound and audio quality also.
  • ElMvP
    Listening since 2009
    Longtime listener, always my go to podcast to listen to. Always look forward to the weekly reviews.
  • Jd2gjjk
    I soured on this guy years ago when he did a royal rumble lottery for prizes ...and not only did he have the winner....but the winner in the exact spot he entered the rumble....which is virtually impossible unless you knew in advance. He is on the inside. He takes things that are leaked in fort sheets that are known planned storylines and he pretends like they are his ideas. This podcast is basically if you were a movie critic who got to watch every movie before the masses and then you took that and pretended like you didn’t and made “bold predictions “ based on what you already know is happening ...he’s a joke
  • Jdagre8
    Thank you
    I love you’re podcast and YouTube page . You tell it like it is Mr. Monster
  • CultureMane
    I’ve been listening to the podcast for about 6 years now I was born in Long Island,Ny grew up a WWF/WWE guy (although NWA was superior and Ric Flair is MY G.O.A.T) nevertheless at 35 years old Jason brought me back after not watching for 10 plus years. His insight, humor, and knowledge of pro wrestling is second to none in my opinion he’s the best podcaster in the business better than Jr,Jd,wrestletalk, etc.. thank you for the content sir
  • Savion254
    Greatest podcaster
    Hello Jason I’ve been a fan for about 5 years you are completely awesome and I know raw is god awful but we appreciate you watching the show and giving us the review thank for All the content that you do including this week in wrestling history also I was wondering if I can get a birthday shout out on your next show this Sunday on June 20 since June 22 is my birthday thanks again for everything you do ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
  • BB8 save the day
    The one podcast wrestling fans need
    Solomonster is the best in the business when it comes to all the details you need on the weekly shows and pay per views. His This Week in Wrestling History segment is a favorite of mine. Always tune in for for the AEW Dynamite reviews. Keep up the great work Solomonster.
  • MSU Dave M
    Loyal Listener
    Been listening for about 10yrs when I discovered him on TVTraxx on YouTube and haven’t stop. Since I stopped watching wrestling, SMSO is my primary source. He somehow makes a bland product (especially WWE) interesting.
  • nenrid
    Fan since 2012
    Easily the most thoughtful wrestling podcast I’ve ever listened to. Even with my interest not being as strong in the current wrestling climate as it was in 2012 when I found the show on TvTraxx. Keep it up Jason here’s to a better 2021.
  • sbguy1973
    Thank you
    Thank you for being a true knowledgeable fan who combines humor and strong opinion.I look forward to these shows whether on YouTube or iTunes. Thank you Chris
  • B.Jones2009
    Best wresting podcast period.
    Been listing to Jason forever since 2013 and it’s funny cause you have all these famous wrestlers doing and would rather listen to him then someone just trying to make extra cash. The man has a way with words.
  • Jcoggs
    Fair and intelligent pro wrestling reviews and commentary. Great retrospectives with segments like this week in wrestling history my favorite RSPW REWIND.
  • The Carolina Breadslinger
    He’s The Solomonster Damnit!
    Been listening since late 2013 when I got back into wrestling. Solomonster is very informative and knowledgeable on wrestling, past and present. I listen every Monday morning on my bread route. In 2020, my favorite Solomonster term is “The Covid Coliseum”. Gets a laugh out of me every time. Fantastic show.
  • jeffanders91
    Best Wrestling Podcast
    I have been listening to the Sound Off since Episode 1 on During my time of listening to the Sound Off, I have lived in Atlanta, Queens NY, and currently in Las Vegas. His commentaries and reviews are honest, insightful, and unbiased. I do not have time to watch the weekly wrestling shows, so I rely on the Sound Off on Sundays, Wednesdays, and occasional Thursdays on his Pay Per View previews to find out what happened during the week. My favorite day of the week is Sundays because of two reasons: Football and the Sound Off. Keep up the great work.
  • mjgchick
    Awesome Podcast
    I just like to say it is wonderful listening to a podcast where I don’t feel uncomfortable listening to it. It sounds like someone who knows what they are talking about and smart about how they feel about the sport that is Wrestling. Whether it’s for AEW, NJPW, ROH, TNA or WWE. If you want to listen to a respectable podcaster Solomonster is your guy.
  • sakuyuun
    Best Wrestling Podcast
    Solomonster has a great and informative podcast about nearly every aspect of today’s wrestling field. As someone who doesn’t watch it as much anymore, he does an awesome job in keeping a fan updated on both the shows and news outside the ring as well. At the same time, he has is own flavor through letters, top 10’s, predictions, personal stories and commentary so that it isn’t just a stale retelling of the news from the week. There’s a little bit of everything each week which always makes each new episode different from the week before. Solomonster has done a great job for the past 13 and how good the quality of the show each Sunday proves it.
  • abettencourt1505
    Easy to follow
    Great podcast easy to listen to and very knowledgeable on wrestling. Unfortunately with my work schedule I can’t watch WWE or AEW hardly ever but this podcast keeps me up to date. Thank you!
  • Fodal88
    The b e s t
    I am so happy my friend showed me this podcast a couple of years ago. It’s honestly the best wrasslin’ pod out there. At first I was hesitant because the name was so weird. But, now I can’t get enough! Listen to this if u love wrestling or just love a guy get mad about the little things. Which always pops me for sure! Keep it up Solomonster 👍
    Money grab
    Half the show is nicknames or YouTube super chats
  • Mantis.Tobagan
    Best independent wrestling review podcast out there
    The Solomonster gives you everything you want in a wrestling review podcast. He’s very insightful, knows a ton about wrestling history, really funny, and has a great unbiased opinion. If something’s good or bad he’ll tell you without favoring one product over another.
  • Baken97
    Loving the podcast.
    Hey Solomonster I became a listener 4 years ago after I listen to clips of you on YouTube the found your podcast, keep up the good work.
  • nomorefaith78
    Been a wrasslin fan for over 30 years now. Been a solomonster fan for about 6? Just incredible content, good sir. Kudos! Keep up the AMAZING WORK
  • Tibbar73
    Nothing Better than the SoundOff!
    After listening to the Solomonster since 2015, I couldn’t believe that I had never taken the time to leave him a 5 star rating on ITunes. I discovered the SoundOff after a recommendation from JDFROMNY206. I soon became addicted to Jason’s sense of humor, as well as, his logical approach to breaking down all things wrestling. I look forward to hearing his weekly recaps of Raw, SmackDown, NXT, AEW, & even NJPW which helps me to stay current with all things WWE main roster as I no longer can stomach Raw or SmackDown weekly; so, thanks, Jason for your dedication & professionalism in your work. If you’re looking for a wrestling podcaster or podcast, that truly has a genuine fan perspective & love for this great sport than the SoundOff is or should be your wrestling source!
  • thelitestandard
    He’s brilliant and funny and a genuinely nice person in real life
  • Joseph Conlin
    Already on of my favorite podcasters
    Hey Jason I just started listening to you last week and your facts are legit and you know what your talking about. Can’t wait to listen to you talk more WWE and AEW. Thanks
  • djkid405
    Keeping all the way real
    Man been listening to you since Wrestlemania 35. You keep all the way real never sugarcoat.
  • Ahota88
    Nothing but quality
    I can’t thank Solomonster enough for taking the bullet for all of us by watching Raw and Smackdown each week. On top of that, his podcast is funny and informative. Always a good listen, even if he gets salty about the usage of Canadian Destroyers.
  • Oscar818U
    Best wrestling podcast 👍🏼🔥💯👌🏼
    One of the best wrestling shows out there been a fan since 2014 without a doubt a 5 start show. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • MiguelR82
    Excellent Show
    Simply the best recap show you're going to hear. A must-listen every single week. -Mike "The Professor" Hernandez
  • falsehubris
    Maniac Moderator
    I found this show due to other shows frequently referencing SSO & Jason. So, I gave it a listen and haven’t missed an episode in around 5 years. I enjoy the Facebook group as well. Jason is the closest podcast I’ve found to unbiased news and commentary without being overbearing and somehow he manages to offend no one. It’s a gift.
    Great show
    Been listening for about 6 years now and Solomonster always is entertaining.
  • The Iconic Vincent Blaze
    Best Wrestling Podcast you’ll find
    I been listening for about 5 years and I just randomly found this podcast, took a chance and never looked back. Solomonster does his homework he delivers facts or new correctly and does great at delivering history when speaking on wrestling today. Great series like Dark Side of the Ring, Rewind, mailbag and even a donate shoutout that I look forward to trying to remember all names and call out with him as he list them. Entertaining as hell and the reason I got into podcasting myself.
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