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Fiction #17Drama #6

Listen to the entire epic series, which follows Survivors in Los Angeles after the world has been turned upside down. 
It begins with “A Story of Survival” which spans from Chapters 1-48. Our survivors band together, fortify a safe haven known as the Tower, and discover that the Infected are far from the biggest threat they will have to face.
The adventure continues with two mini-series:
“Lockdown” - A small group of inmates and prison guards are trapped in the T-block at Twin Towers Jail. They are forced to work together and find a way to escape while the rest of the world ends around them.
“Goldrush” - Set 17 years after the main events of “A Story of Survival”, this is a recollection story that describes the efforts of the four Soldiers as they attempt a side mission to retrieve a suspected stash of gold bullion.
Our newest season is “We’re Alive: Descendants”:
The story of survival continues; the fight is not over.

18 years after the Outbreak, the world is starting to re-organize and rebuild, but many different forms of humanity are still struggling to survive in the aftermath. Nicholas Tink grew up in the shadow of his father- the late, great, Saul Tink. Little does he know that deep in the places where infected dwell, another descendant lies waiting. 

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  • ekin 360
    I’ve been looking for good and engaging fiction podcasts and they are few and far between… This one though is incredible not a dull moment throughout the entire Descendants series. And lockdown is just good so far! Keep it up! Great work!! It’s a must listen!
  • mjb0411
    Love it but why new episodes since march?
  • Emilsal
    Still, an instant classic!
    Listening to the whole series again, from beginning to end. This audio drama sets the bar high. Descendants series is so sick and engaging. Sooooooooo frick’n good!
  • Hawaiian girly
    Best show ever!
    I cant get enough! Every episode is suspenseful, intense, and keeps you interested. The story lines are better and better. What happens next??? When will the next episode come on??? Don’t leave me hanging best ever!!!!
  • Patrick McCue
    Among the best
    I’ve been listening and relistening to the We’re Alive series since 2012 and it is hands down one of the best audio dramas available on any podcast platform! Team Saul for life! 😎🙌🏼
  • KTiemann1
    Best Audio drama there is!
    I have listened and Re listened to this story so much I have lost count. The SOS, Lockdown, Goldrush and now Decedent's. I love how all the storylines have tied together throughout the multiple series. I would compare this audio drama to LOTR, Star Wars, or Harry Potter as being an instant classic. Thank you for the hard work you put into this incredible series.
  • gwenniepeters
    Excellent Podcast
    Hands down, my favorite podcast. The voice actors are superb and the storyline is very engaging and intriguing. I highly recommend!
  • MrStealyourdad
    Very Nice
    In the words of Borat from “Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit of Great Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”
  • jetnet747
    Nothing compares
    WA is the best audio drama show to ever hit the airwaves. Everything from the writing all the way down to the sound of a squeaky chair is just perfection. Each of the series brings you characters you love and/or hate. I’ve listened to the show a couple times through and each time I learn something new. Best show ever.
  • Room Infinity
    The one that started it all
    My experience with the audio drama podcast community all started with this one. When I was going through one of the toughest school years back in 2019 and my depression was at a high. This was the one audio media that was always there for me every day. The original series was the most I’ve ever been engrossed in a story, with characters I grew to love and the world I got to know every day. Through the highs of lows of the story I would listen to this every chance I get, and I’m currently on my 8th re-listen as I’m preparing for when I start We’re Alive Decedents. (It also was my inspiration to do audio dramas ever since)
  • DriftedByLexus
    A must listen
    If you enjoy audio dramas then you must listen to this show. Long car rides or long days at work will fly by. This show is easily my favorite and I always look forward to new episodes. Excellent writing, and characters put this show in a league of its own.
  • TitoM7
    Best podcast since 2009!
    Been listening for years. The attention to detail and the story telling is top tier!
  • Chancep19
    Out falcon standing
    The top tier Audio drama out there I’ve listened over 10 times since I found it in 2015 and I love everything that goes into this podcast. There’s so many details and the audio quality is amazing.
  • Vamp1108
    High Quality Podcast
    We’re Alive is the best podcast. The story, the acting, and the music is all high quality. This podcast will fill you with dread, anger, sadness, joy, and every emotion you can think of. KC Wayland is an amazing director and writer and weaves each storyline perfectly. Highly recommend this 10/10 podcast.
  • JayyR2
    Nothing Like It
    I will admit I started listening pretty late (in mid-late 2021), but it’s been a great ride so far and it’s exciting to be apart of this journey. I’m one for a good story and this here is it. The editing is great, dialogue is seamless, and it overall just feels like watching a movie. The narrative is engaging and hardly ever misses a point in terms of plot. Keep it up guys, and I highly recommend giving it a listen to anyone on the fence about it.
  • xsisex
    Love love love!!
    Words cannot express how anxious I am for Mondays! This show is one of the greatest pieces of entertainment ever. Update: many, many years later this is still my favorite and the best podcast I’ve ever found. Monday’s have moved to Tuesday’s as my favorite day. The content delivered is the best quality and they never stop surprising me. Prepare to get HOOKED! #werealive I’ve been listening to this show for over a decade and they continue to produce the best quality podcast I have ever found.
  • esssex75
    Hands down the best out there !! Absolutely Addictive!
  • Sinatra117
    My favorite podcast ever!
    I wish I could re-listen to this podcast for the first time! I discovered We’re Alive in 2017 and I’m always replay it a few times out of the years. With everything going on now I can’t wait for the next chapter in descendants and the future for We’re Alive!
  • Remoteraidlimitstinks
    Best Ever
    I love We’re Alive. Every season is detailed and engaging. It is my favorite podcast of all time.
  • Ellisonhughes
    This is the mark
    Great show!! I love the acting, voices, drama….just everything! Please don’t be long with Season 2.
  • DCcrow753
    Still unbelievably Good
    Listening to this the second time years later. This show is absolutely incredible and well written. Do yourself a favor and hit play on ep 1 you won’t waist any time here!
  • Rjcarley
    7 years later…
    I first listened to this podcast series back in 2016, when I was 16, and eventually I stopped, not knowing why. I recently restarted listening on Spotify (can’t leave an amazing review there smh). 7 whole years later and I looked up the show again. It’s still unmatched. It reminds me of how I felt watching TWD for the first time, but it’s so much better. Using your mind to depict your own scenes throughout the series is incredible. A MUST listen if you love zombies, along side incredible storylines. The voice actors are so good, the audio surrounding them makes it feel complete. An absolute masterpiece in audio drama. Who knows, maybe 7 years from now I’ll be back writing another review. Truly S++ tier!
  • LucyLou972
    Nothing Compares!!
    I haven’t found a podcast yet that I have enjoyed more than We’re Alive! Just the best!!!!
  • NoleSemle
    EPICNESS. DO YOURSELF A Favor and listen to the entire series. I MEAN THE ENTIRE THING!!!!
  • (Walter55)
    One character is……….
    The actor who plays Nick, is so annoying, his voice is annoying , his character is annoying, his character needs to shut up and follow orders, the writing makes him the number one character that needs to go Sauls kid or not! Nicholas is so annoying, get rid of this lame character!!!
  • wesley_attaboy
    Amazing Series
    Incredible all of the way through. And please remember, when leaving a review don’t put spoilers in it that will impact the listen for others.
  • johnny420710
    Why did y’all kill Michael next your goin to tell me Burt is goin to die too?
  • cam02cam
    Please give us more
    I have listened to this series 5x. Please give us more or something similar…i need this in my life when i am at work…
  • Nevis82
    Not perfect.
    So, I didn’t know what to do, give it the 1 star I wanted to give and have it never seen. Or give it 5 and have issues never addressed. Never mind all that, regardless of how I feel about this hollow story or how annoying the character Nick is. My biggest gripe is the inconsistency of the release dates. The last episode said we’d be getting a new episode “next week”. The release schedule is always a mess.
  • xavi03x
    My favorite podcast
    This is literally my favorite podcast. I always go back and listen to the whole series I’ve listened through over 10 times.
  • Shadøw0611
    Love this show. The acting get better and better as the story progresses. I’ve listened to this entire thing 2 times now. On my 3rd listen through. Always come back after awhile so it feels fresh again. Just can’t get enough. PS Burt is my favorite.
  • molowry
    Loving it
    At first I wasn’t sure - some of these are hit or miss. But this one hits. I can’t stop listening. I’m still in the first 30 chapters and there’s still a lot of story to go. The only thing I need to know right now though is if that detestable Scratch gets her comeuppance.
  • nvhjkbjk
    More diverse voice actors please.
    I like the show so far, only on season 3 but I just realized that Saul is supposed to be African American. Now I can barely listen to this white voice actor try to sound stereotypically black. I’m sure that you can find black voice actors. Tanya too, can tell they’re white actors trying to sound black. Tanya’s accent is good but Saul is just cringy.
  • nickname🪸🪸🪸
    GREAT Podcast 10/10
    I love this podcast. It’s my most favorite dramatized podcast I’ve ever listened to. I live for each new episode!!!
  • Angie832
    This show is the very best! Not only because the writing is excellent, and the acting is great, but also because the production is fantastic! Plus, we can depend on the creator to continue to put out great content
  • M. Stephen
    An Absolute Gem
    If you love a well written horror audio series with a cast that not only shines but draws you in like a Stephen King novel and leaves you wanting more at the end of each episode then look no further! Series creator KC Wayland has expanded the storyline of We’re Alive by releasing a fantastic array of side stories over the years that have not only enhanced the overall story but drew many more fans into the fold. The latest storyline,”Descendants” has brought back the extended seasons similar to the original “We’re Alive” story which started back in 2009. I cannot express enough the absolute joy this series has brought me and many of my friends over the years. This series is so well done that one could easily see it playing out as a live action televised series at some point. Better yet as an animated version which might work as well because they could use the original voice actors making it the same gem that the audio series has been. One can only hope! if you’ve seen any of the stories online and still haven’t listened to the series you simply must do so because you are missing out so start from the beginning and get listening you’ll be glad you did!!
  • owendaguy123go
    This Podcast/Show is like TWD but without the flaws, I love this podcast and I laughed multiple times and the sound is AMAZING, keep up the good work you geniuses
  • Roshdoll
    Best Podcast
    I have listened to this 3 times already. This would make an excellent show. So well done. If you are not listening, you are missing out.
  • Woozy woowoo
    I’m hooked
    Listened to every episode, I couldn’t stop, normally I only listen a few hours at work but found myself listening everywhere Update….best show I’ve ever listened to, I found myself comparing other shows and nothing is this good
  • JustAnotherOneDude
    My Favorite Show
    I’ve been listing to this sense 2017 and just recently got back into it. I love every aspect of it and think it’s really well put together. I usually listen to scary story type things, but this tops everything I’ve ever found. This is by far my favorite show and any podcast platform. Highly recommend for fans of horror and drama alike.
  • metalmama83
    We’re Alive
    I can’t believe how much I absolutely love this whole entire series!! I listened to the entire show in a few weeks and now I have to wait until Feb 7 for the next episode!! One day before my birthday actually! lol. I’m a huge fan and have become so in love and attached to the characters in this show. Hands down the best podcast I’ve ever listened to!! I can’t wait for more!! You won’t be disappointed!! Nothing else compares to this show! Much love and support! 🖤Tara K.
  • Jay Kansas City
    Original was great, the extra series not so much
    The original we’re alive was one of the best listens ever. Lock up, and gold rush were fantastic in their own right. But decedents is lacking, feels drawn out and bland. Content just seems spread thin and lengthened to make it seem like a longer story. It doesn’t add suspense, just frustration.
  • ackerbat
    It just keeps getting better!
    Each time I see a new episode popping up in my library my heart flutters. I have listened to many audio dramas and this one immerses you in their world while others you’re just an observer. The diversity in cast and sound makes this series the best around. Thank you for entertaining me for years now. I hope they know their work is truly appreciated!
  • Asurius
    Would be better if it stopped fridging it’s female characters
    Alright let me preface by saying I love this podcast, The story and setting are phenomenal, and it’s characters feel real and fully actualized. Except when it comes to a lot of its female characters, who are frequently sidelined into being girlfriends or just end up dead for plot related reasons in ways that wouldn’t happen to the male cast. Spoilers past this point: Burt gets to survive falling off a building Saul gets to survive being shot and potentially turning And Angel also gets to survive fall of a building, even if that ends up being only temporary. Meanwhile Anita only exists to be Puck’s girlfriend and Rhonda’s sister. She is killed by falling off a bridge Lizzie dies in childbirth Samantha gets chosen instead of Kehlana to die in the Arena. Hannah, Kehlani’s daughter, literally only exists to give him a sad backstory so when she’s killed off he gets to die a heroic death. The guys get respect in their injuries and deaths. There’s a weight to it. Meanwhile when the ladies die it’s only to further the plot or make one of them men sad. The only time this happens in reverse is when Angel dies and Riley gets to avenge him. Take for instance in Decendents: 6 people enter the games, Alex, Nic, Vera, Lisa, Dot, and Vincent. Only 1 person dies. Lisa. Who is the main character, Nic’s, girlfriend. This was such an obvious conclusion to the games that there didn’t feel like much of a stake to the rest of it because they were never gonna kill off any of the men, Dot is the mysterious new potential girlfriend for Alex, and Vera is CJ’s daughter, plus she needs to survive to be Nic’s girlfriend in the future 🙄 Yes this is a series where anyone can die at any time and the new world isn’t fair to anyone. But it sure does seem to be a lot fairer for some more than others. It just hurts to keep meeting these otherwise amazing ladies only for them to keep dropping like flies so that one of the guys can be sad for a bit.
  • alexis711007
    Best series ever!
    Not only does the series continue but we get to meet the original survivors kids. I thought we’re alive couldn’t get any better and it continually impresses me. The kids sound and act like their parents too! I love this series and it just keeps getting better.
  • Jojo_Bean671
    Best podcast to start listening to podcasts
    My brother showed me this podcast early December, and I have blown through this since! Finally on Descendants, but wow is this just a roller coaster ride of emotions fantasy, thrilling ideas, everything under the sun you would want in a story. The mystery and suspense in every episode is mind boggling! Trying two piece it all together while you hear everybody else’s pieces in the story was fun when you had those lightbulb moments and put two and two together. listening to something in the later seasons realizing they set it up in the early ones are insanely cool, I love it when people are passionate about their craft and think their story all the way through even before they start it. I’m already all caught up and just waiting for more! The comedy, the worry, The immersion into their world they’ve created is unreal. You have to listen to this! and to the creators if you read this, I am so happy you guys care so much because I absolutely want more! (And more Puck cause he’s my favorite!)
  • Slaocruz
    Love it!!
    Like the best podcast evvvvvveerrrrr!!!!
  • terdcaster
    The best
    Literally the best podcast.
  • K_duke
    Favorite series
    Love the stories. I’ve listened to it serval times. Great story telling.
  • pinkacer
    Was great. Is great.
    Looking forward to next part of this amazing story. Update Loving this next chapter!
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